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[Markets] Store Brands Which Require Immediate Cancellation Store Brands Which Require Immediate Cancellation Tyler Durden Fri, 07/31/2020 - 17:10

As the list of companies, organizations and institutions experiencing a racial awakening grows after decades of un-wokeness, it seems that some brands just aren't taking this national enlightenment seriously.

Sure, Aunt Jemima, Eskimo Pie, and the Washington Redskins may have been successfully banished from the national consciousness - but institutions such as Yale University - founded by slave trader Elihu Yale, the Atlanta Braves, and Squaw Valley Ski Resort at Lake Tahoe have chosen to remain racistly named despite incalculable levels of insensitivity.

That's not all. There are dozens of commonly sold grocery store items which also lack sufficient wokeness, and must be canceled immediately so that they no longer offend.


What else has escaped the woke reckoning?

Published:7/31/2020 4:29:01 PM
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