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[Markets] UK College Orders Students To Wait In Room, 'Let Others Out First' If Fire Breaks Out UK College Orders Students To Wait In Room, 'Let Others Out First' If Fire Breaks Out Tyler Durden Fri, 10/16/2020 - 02:45

Self-isolating students at the University of York, located in the city of York, England, have been instructed by school officials to wait at least one minute in their rooms in the event of a fire and let others out first, reported BBC

York University's guidance is absolutely insane, which reads: "If you are self-isolating and the fire system in your accommodation building is activated, please follow these procedures to ensure your safety:" 

"When the alarm sounds; stay in your room for one minute then make your way to the nearest refuge (this will allow non-isolating individuals to exit the building)."

York University's New Guidance:

The new guidance comes as 288 students at the university have tested positive for coronavirus. The surge in virus cases prompted the university to "updated and changed" its policies. 

The instructions were distributed to students via email. It said the "additional guidance" had been developed to "maintain social-distancing from non-isolating residents."

Blue checkmark Twitter user Stephen Canning tweeted:

"The University of York's fire alarm advice - that those self-isolating wait a bit before leaving a potentially burning building - surely can't be safety compliant?" 

York University's official Twitter account responded to Canning's tweet by saying:

"Hi Stephen, this was reviewed earlier this week, and new guidance will be issued today. In the event of a fire alarm, all students should evacuate as normal. Where possible, they should wear a mask and keep a safe distance from others." 

Canning responded:

"It's good to hear new guidance is coming, but I think it's fair to be shocked that you ever advised students to stay put during a fire!" 

Some Twitter users said whoever on the campus "devised that policy should be sacked!" 

Another Twitter user said: "That is shocking that you would put students lives at risk - whoever wrote that should be prosecuted." 

Here are some of the Twitter comments that responded to York University's absurd new fire policy: 

As for the hundreds of self-isolating students at York University - well - in the event of a fire, they must allow all healthy people to evacuate a burning building first before they can exit. 

Published:10/16/2020 1:48:10 AM
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