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[Middle Column] No need for Green New Deal or UN treaties! We’re all doomed! New Yorker: ‘The climate apocalypse is coming. To prepare for it, we need to admit that we can’t prevent it’

New Yorker Mag. goes climate bonkers: "Every day, instead of thinking about breakfast, Americans have to think about death."

"Overwhelming numbers of human beings, including millions of government-hating Americans, need to accept high taxes and severe curtailment of their familiar life styles without revolting. They must accept the reality of climate change and have faith in the extreme measures taken to combat it. They can’t dismiss news they dislike as fake...They have to be permanently terrified by hotter summers and more frequent natural disasters, rather than just getting used to them."

"Call me a pessimist or call me a humanist, but I don’t see human nature fundamentally changing anytime soon."

Climate Depot Response: "Fantastic! If there is no hope, then there is no need for Americans to allow government to centrally plan our lives and impose the Green New Deal, the UN Paris pact, banning meat, regulating the SUV out of existence, turning to socialism to 'save us.'  Luckily, the UN’s Paris climate agreement,  EPA regulations and the GND can’t control the climate or even influence it in any way -- even if we actually faced a climate catastrophe (which we don't). University of Pennsylvania Geologist Dr. Robert Giegengack, a skeptical scientist, told Climate Depot: 'None of the strategies that have been offered by the U.S. government or by the EPA or by anybody else has the remotest chance of altering climate, if in fact climate is controlled by carbon dioxide.'

All Americans should rejoice that the climate fear activists are finally admitting its time to give up! The New Yorker thinks we should be 'thinking about death' instead of breakfast when we wake up. Now that we know its futile to control the climate, we can go back to just thinking about breakfast when we wake up. Another pancake please."

Published:9/9/2019 8:19:29 AM
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