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[Middle Column] The Great Energy Non-Transition: Fossil fuels still more than 80% of global energy despite Trillions spent on expensive, unreliable energy

Bruce M. Everett: "The last hundred years have seen increasing emissions of carbon dioxide – a benign gas.  In reality, this slight increase in atmospheric CO2concentrations (from 0.03% in the nineteenth century to 0.04% today) has brought nothing but beneficial effects, including increased crop yields and greater drought resistance." ...

"In 2019, despite forty years and trillions of dollars of subsidies, wind energy contributes about 2% of total global energy use and solar just over 1%.  Fossil fuels accounted for 84%, down just two percentage points over the last 20 years." ...

"The US private vehicle fleet is currently on the order of 250 million vehicles, of which approximately 1 million or 0.4% are battery electric vehicles.  Electric cars are at present about twice as expensive to produce as comparable gasoline models, and, like renewable power generation, depend on massive subsidies for their viability." ... 

"The world may someday transition away from fossil fuels, but it’s not happening yet.  All we have so far are predictions, wishful thinking and the waste of large amounts of money for a small impact on a non-problem."

Published:10/16/2020 8:53:31 AM
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