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[Middle Column] Bill Gates brags: ‘I drank water made from human feces’ – Watch Morano on Ezra Levant’s TV show: ‘You’ll own nothing. & You’ll be happy. Eat poop burgers & drink poop water’ – Great Diet Reset

Morano: "There's a guy a few years before this that was claiming that he could make a poop burger (from human feces) so this is not in isolation and they're actually talking about all these burgers they actually did a youtube video and then other people said it was a hoax but after now seeing Bill Gates bragging about drinking poop water why would a poop burger be a hoax?" 

"I think it's just an ideology of central planning and they're always looking for justifications. The COVID lockdowns have been a great one to advance central planning as we've seen the last year. But the climate is an enduring one and I'm sure COVID will be too. But it's an enduring one of what their natural instinct is — they don't like the idea, the messiness of human freedom and living. They want to put us all in cities, they want to pack us in, they want to have us own nothing... and they want... to regulate literally every aspect of our lives.”

Published:2/22/2021 11:38:37 AM
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