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[Right Column] Epoch Times: Biden’s 2030 Carbon (Dioxide) Goal Will Fail—and Bankrupt America

Jason Isaac: "The best solution for preserving the natural beauty of our nation, contrary to the president’s pontificating, is to fully embrace domestically produced energy. Long-term environmental quality is a product not of big-government mandates, but of freedom and economic prosperity...Energy is a necessity, not a luxury; because of this, even the most draconian federal emissions rules won’t exterminate fossil fuels. The American people won’t stop using the resources that give us 80% of our energy. They’ll just be forced to import more from overseas, ceding economic and political power to unstable nations instead of supporting responsible American energy producers.

Ironically, this means Biden’s emission mandate will actually increase, not decrease, global carbon dioxide emissions. American energy companies have developed such rigorous emission controls that natural gas shipped to Europe from the United States produces far less greenhouse gas emissions than gas imported half the distance from Russia — or even a quarter of the distance from North Africa."

"If President Biden really wanted to protect our environment — plus fight poverty and boost our economy — he would embrace, not penalize, American produced fossil fuels." 

"America isn’t leading the world in environmental quality despite our use of fossil fuels — we’re leading because of them."

Published:4/29/2021 11:45:03 AM
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