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[Left Column] Bill Nye anxiously waiting for ‘climate deniers’ to die: ‘There’s an old saying — ‘science proceeds one funeral at a time’, … but it’s not happening fast enough’

"According to Nye, both him and Mann are frequently asked two common questions: “What can I do about climate change,” and “What can be done to convince someone who’s a climate denier?” Nye calls these the $10 trillion questions, because climate deniers are so “dug in” to their beliefs, which only makes it harder to convince them of what the science suggests.

The only definitive way to see significant action to prevent climate change is to simply wait for deniers and contrarians to “age out,” according to Nye. “There’s an old saying — ‘science proceeds one funeral at a time,’” Nye said, “but it’s not happening fast enough.”


2017: Watch: Morano on Fox News slams Bill Nye for wanting skeptics dead: Older people are ‘less susceptible to Nye’s propaganda’ - Morano on Fox: "This is in line with the debate of intimidation and science, and Bill Nye is the leader of that now, unfortunately, and a big influence with young minds and that’s why he’s so confident he can convert the young people to climate action but he is having trouble with anyone his age and older because frankly they’re wiser and they have experienced a lot, so they are less susceptible to his propaganda.”

Bill Nye says skeptics will die off. Instead young gullibles grow up to be old skeptics

Bill Nye: Old People Have To Die For Us To Stop Global Warming

Bill Nye: Older ‘climate deniers’ need to ‘die’ before climate science can advance

Published:5/2/2021 1:28:47 PM
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