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[Left Column] Scientist holds ‘funeral’ for Oregon glacier: ‘Inside the casket was not a body, but a vial of meltwater’ – Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore mocks stunt: ‘Glaciers are not alive’

Uk Guardian: "The funeral, a stunt held by worried glacier researchers on the steps of the state capitol in Salem...Worried researchers hold ceremony for Clark glacier to illustrate how the climate crisis is eroding icepacks. ‘It’s like a rotting carcass of its former self’: funeral for an Oregon glacier.

"The funeral was a suitably solemn affair. The small casket was placed on a table covered in a black drape, a maudlin yet defiant speech quoted a Dylan Thomas poem, a moment’s silence was held. Inside the casket, however, was not a body, but a vial of meltwater."


Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore responds: "Ridiculous, a requiem for melting ice. Glaciers are not alive. Now some trees will be able to grow where the glacier had rendered the land lifeless. There is nothing “good” about glaciers except perhaps their scenic appeal. When they advance they gouge massive scars in the landscape, destroying all life before them. Would the 'greens' prefer that the glaciers were advancing into what is forest and farmland today? Or do they think glaciers can just freeze in time and never shrink or advance again? Given the choice between advancing versus retreating I say let them melt in peace to expose new land for greening. Our CO2 emissions will accelerate the greening so the Earth will be more bountiful as it was before this Pleistocene Ice Age set in 2.5 million years ago, ending 250 million years of a much warmer climate during which life flourished from pole-to-pole."

2019: Media still hyping melting glaciers despite historical context of faster melting in 1930s– Study finds glaciers in Glacier National Park retreated up to 6 times faster during the 1930’s than the past 40 years — Paper published in Quaternary Science Reviews

Published:5/3/2021 3:34:38 PM
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