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[Right Column] Climate lockdown: ‘It’s Time To Ban The Sale Of Pickup Trucks’ – ‘Shift away from relying on private vehicles entirely’

Self-described "Aspiring Marxist" Davide Mastracci, the managing editor of Passage, "a Canadian publication of thoughtful political, economic, and cultural ideas from a left-wing perspective." Mastracci is a former reporter for Huffington Post and Vice.

July 13, 2021: "Drastically cutting emissions from the transportation sector is of the utmost importance for a successful climate strategy. One way to help do so is to ban the sale of pickup trucks to all consumers unless they’re able to meet strict requirements to prove it will be used primarily for work purposes."

The transportation sector’s problems go well beyond the pickup truck — we need to shift away from relying on private vehicles entirely, regardless of if they’re a Toyota Prius or a Ford F-250. ... "They put us all in danger due to their emission levels." ... "I’ve moved once every couple years or so for the past decade, but I haven’t purchased a moving truck. I just rent one when I need it. There’s no reason these drivers can’t do the same." ...

"Reducing further climate destruction and harm from needlessly fatal road accidents is more important than corporate or consumer freedom." ...

"It’s time to ban sales of pickup trucks for non-work purposes, for all of our sakes."

Published:7/16/2021 10:59:44 PM
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