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[Middle Column] COVID has Replaced Climate Change as the Religion of the Left

"For decades, communism was the primary religion of the left. The fall of the Soviet Union and socio-economic failures of Cuba, Venezuela, and other communist dictatorships steered the left toward a new god, mother earth or, simply, the environment. This religion morphed from global cooling in the 1970s to global warming a decade later, now to climate change or extreme weather -- normal cyclic events that have been a part of life on Planet Earth since long before humans existed.

While climate change has been the excuse for massive tax and spend schemes of wealth redistribution and top-down population control, the movement was stalling as the fear-mongering became less credible to much of the population. Time for replacing an environmental god with a deadly virus, whose treatment and control may achieve what global warming and climate change could not. The left treats both climate and COVID with the religious fervor of jihad."

Published:10/6/2021 1:06:27 PM
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