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[Middle Column] Italy to Pilot Social Credit System for ‘Climate-Friendly’ Behavior

The city of Bologna, Italy, has announced a pilot program to reward “virtuous” citizens for recycling, taking public transportation, and curbing energy usage. The program, which has been likened to China’s social credit system, is slated to go into effect in September, 2022, using a “smart citizen wallet” app for cell phones.

“In September, we will start with a pilot project for the city: at the center is the virtuous citizen, the one who, for example, separates waste well or does not waste energy, or uses public transport and does not receive fines, or actively uses the Bologna Welcome Card,” announced Massimo Bugani, councilor for the city’s digital agenda and civic use of data, at a press conference late last month. “The municipality will assign such citizens a score as part of a reward system with economic benefits to individual users,” Bugani explained.

Published:4/26/2022 4:25:47 PM
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