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[Right Column] National security expert: Biden must revive Trump’s ‘energy dominance’ to put Putin in his place

"If you look at 50 years of Russian history, every time oil prices are low, the Russians hunker down," McFarland told Fox News Digital. "Every time they're high, the Russians rebuild their military, they fight proxy wars, they invade countries." "A year and a half ago when oil was $40 a barrel, [Putin] didn't have the money to launch an invasion," McFarland said.
Under former President Trump, the price of crude oil fell to below $25 per barrel and averaged $52.99 per barrel. Under President Biden, the price has skyrocketed from $53.25 per barrel when he assumed office to a high of $123.70 per barrel and closed at $92 per barrel on February 24, the day that Putin invaded Russia. At the time this article was written, the price of oil was approximately $104.

Published:5/2/2022 11:54:00 PM
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