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[Middle Column] EU officials trained to meditate to fight ‘climate crisis’ – Try ‘deep listening’ & ‘inner transitions’ – Practice ‘applied mindfulness’ to overcome climate ‘despair’

UK Guardian: The courses incorporate woodland walks near Brussels and meditation sessions, including one that invites participants to feel empathy for trees and animals to boost “environmental compassion”. ... Overcome personal despair that little can be done.

Now advocates of “applied mindfulness” believe it could accelerate consensus-building between climate decision-makers. A recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) highlighted the need for “inner transitions” and the potential of meditation to encourage lower-carbon lifestyles. ... It has drawn criticism that it has become a “religion of the self”, with one critic warning of “McMindfulness." ....  It calls urgently for policy attention to “the neglected inner dimension of the climate crisis” and argues for “the importance of mindfulness and compassion practices in restoring the conscious connection fundamental to human and planetary health”. ... 

Former UN climate chief Figueres: "I chalk up a lot of the Paris accord to deep listening.”

Published:5/6/2022 2:54:12 PM
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