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[Middle Column] Watch: Biden Commerce Sec. declares ‘existential threat’ of climate more important than clothing kids -‘Forget about clothes on their back, they’re not gonna be able to have a life if we don’t deal with climate change’

Biden's Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo answered questions from Congress about the budget for Fiscal Year 2023.

Virginia congressman Ben Cline asked: "A 24% increase over FY21 levels for NOAA doesn't really help families put food on the table or clothes on the back at a time when inflation is at a forty-year high. Can you talk about how this massive allocation of funds helps to combat inflation, or deal with supply chain issues that you say are so important?"

Sec. of Commerce Gina Raimondo: "Look, we believe climate change is an existential threat," Raimondo replied, "so, you know, children won't–forget about clothes on their back, they're not gonna be able to have a life if we don't deal with climate change." "My constituents can't forget about the need to put clothes on their kids' backs right now," Rep. Cline said, and climate change, as you say, being an existential threat, is not going to solve the problem of making sure that kids are clothed and fed and off to school."

Published:5/15/2022 1:53:20 AM
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