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[Middle Column] Michael Shellenberger: Why Biden’s Attacks On Energy Are ‘Absolutely Insane’

: Some say there's nothing Biden can do to increase energy production but my sources say that Biden could significantly increase oil/gas production within 12 - 18 months. How? First, they say, he should invoke the National Defense Act for Oil and Gas. This will enable the acceleration of required permits for oil and gas projects, they say. Second, he should announce a national commitment to purchase oil to fill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) at a floor of $80/barrel. That will, they say, be a powerful incentive for the oil guys. Third, he should announce trade agreements with the international community to supply them with LNG (liquified natural gas) Doing so will incentivize natural gas production and create a surplus of energy for exports with an "American-First asterisk (keep nat gas storage full while exporting).


Published:6/17/2022 11:51:20 AM
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