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[Left Column] Analysis: Biden’s 50% emissions reduction target for 2030 (if achieved) would have a ‘nearly unmeasurable’ impact on overall global CO2 emissions

Dr. Roger Pielke ran the numbers and found that, even if it achieved Biden’s 50% emissions-reduction target for 2030, which it almost certainly won’t, the impact on overall global emissions would be nearly unmeasurable.

Climate Depot's Morano comments: Biden is pushing for utterly meaningless climate-based emission reductions of CO2 that would have no potential impact on the climate -- and even if fully achieved, would have no impact on global emissions! All of this as we further hammer America. Biden should have listened to his climate envoy John Kerry has admitted this publicly several times.

See: Flashback: John Kerry explains climate futility: If U.S. zeroed out CO2 emissions, it ‘still wouldn’t be enough to offset the carbon pollution coming from the rest of the world’

Published:7/28/2022 4:08:50 PM
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