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[Middle Column] Watch: Life-long enviro Kim Iversen now questions climate narrative due to Great Reset: ‘Historically I’ve been an environmentalist…& yet it’s even making me say I am now questioning the motivation of all of this’

Kim Iversen: "We're seeing the climate crisis being used -- which has made many of us who have been -- historically I've been an environmentalist that's really where my first foray into politics was in the environmental movement and yet it's even making me say I am now questioning the motivation of all of this. I'm not so sure certain that things are as bad as they're claiming because I've seen them claim a lot of things are really bad and they're not. They were exaggerated greatly in order to use those to make us afraid and to control us. ... This is the future that they envision; that everything will move to robotics; that everything will be monitored; that we will be scanned; that we will be doing this in the name of saving climate; climate disasters; disease."

Published:9/20/2022 12:04:19 PM
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