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[Markets] Ukraine Is Already Fading On Television News Ukraine Is Already Fading On Television News

Authored by Kalev Leetaru via RealClear Politics (emphasis ours),

How is Ukraine being covered on television news?

The timeline below shows total daily mentions of the country across BBC News London, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News since the start of this year, showing a sharp pivot away from the country immediately after the invasion. Only CNN has maintained nearly the same amount of daily coverage as it did on the day of the invasion, with BBC News exhibiting the largest decrease in mentions.

This can be seen even more clearly in the streamgraph version of the same timeline below, showing the steady decline in mentions over time.

BBC News has mentioned Ukraine the most this year, followed closely by CNN, with Fox News mentioning it far less.

Looking at the total seconds of airtime in which Ukraine was mentioned somewhere in the onscreen text, CNN has barely decreased its mentions since the start of the invasion, while the other channels have sharply pivoted away.

CNN has mentioned Ukraine the most in its onscreen text this year, totaling 586 hours, followed by BBC's 459 hours, MSNBC's 440 hours and Fox News' 429 hours.

Worldwide online news coverage has also sharply pivoted away from Ukraine since the invasion, though the decline has leveled off to some degree over the past few weeks.

Tyler Durden Tue, 04/12/2022 - 05:00
Published:4/12/2022 4:20:18 AM
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