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[Comedy] What to Watch on Streaming This Week: March 1-7 With marquee names like Adam Sandler, Kate Winslet, Joaquin Phoenix, and Emma Stone, there are plenty of big movies and shows to watch and enjoy this week. Published:2/29/2024 4:02:28 PM
[Comedy] Published:2/25/2024 6:06:10 AM
[Comedy] ‘Such Brave Girls’ Review: Daddy Issues & Depression in a Darkly Funny Sitcom Brutal honesty and bracing humor make this six-episode sitcom worth watching. Published:2/9/2024 8:03:18 AM
[Comedy] New ‘Peanuts’ special will finally let Franklin sit by White friends A TV special about Franklin Armstrong, the first Black ‘Peanuts’ character, will capture his origin story. Published:2/3/2024 12:47:18 PM
[Comedy] ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ Review: Edgier, Funnier, More Interesting Than The Movie This series is as much about intimacy as it is about espionage, as each episode sends Donald Glover and Maya Erskine's spy couple on a specific mission with its own stakes and targets. Published:2/1/2024 3:24:46 PM
[Comedy] Sam Song Li on ‘The Brothers Sun,’ Action Sequences, and Michelle Yeoh For his first leading role, Li takes on a story that's close to his heart—and one he hopes can be universal. Published:1/2/2024 8:06:45 AM
[Comedy] @tony_ferraro7 the existence of post nut clarity and pre nut confusion implies that there is mid nut learning Published:12/4/2023 7:51:33 AM
[Comedy] From TikTok to the Stand-up Stage: Connor Wood at the New York Comedy Festival  Conor Wood—known as Fibula to 777.4K followers on TikTok—talks about his path from digital fame to the stand-up stage. “There’s more on the line with stand-up because there’s no editing," he says. Published:12/1/2023 11:01:21 AM
[Comedy] ‘The Treasure of Foggy Mountain’ Review: Please Don’t Destroy Go Long With Mixed Results On a laughs per minute level, this feature film is a better time investment than an SNL episode. But it's still a trifle. Published:11/17/2023 10:06:19 AM
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