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[World] Yemen’s Houthis undeterred by U.S. campaign to halt Red Sea attacks Recent attacks by Houthi fighters on commercial ships in the Red Sea have underscored the group’s ability to pose a sustained threat. Published:6/22/2024 1:06:20 AM
[World] [Josh Blackman] Can an Amicus ask the Supreme Court to Overrule a Case Where the Parties Don't? The ACLU successfully asked the Court to reverse Wolf v. Colorado in Mapp v. Ohio. Published:6/21/2024 8:28:24 PM
[World] MASSIVE Fine Levied Against Salon Owner After Muslim Woman Refused to Wax a Dude's Bean Bags Published:6/21/2024 8:02:57 PM
[World] [Josh Blackman] Moore Money, More Problems Justice Barrett once again places the burden on lawyers to make their case. Published:6/21/2024 7:29:23 PM
[World] Trump cranks up false, inflammatory messages to rake in campaign cash Democrats say fundraising emails falsely suggested he could be executed were tempting more violence. Published:6/21/2024 6:56:44 PM
[World] [Josh Blackman] NFIB PTSD I'm still not over by Chief Justice Roberts's discussion of direct taxes. Published:6/21/2024 6:47:45 PM
[World] ‘Her world is rocked’: A friend hit the jackpot, but her old friends are abandoning her one by one. Is there a cure for jealousy? “Is this jealousy or a change in perceived status that has upended her friendships? Any ideas or cures?” Published:6/21/2024 5:01:58 PM
[World] Coincidence? Chinese-Owned Farmland Mostly Near Military Bases Published:6/21/2024 4:36:28 PM
[World] Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift’s Dad Share Cute Moment at London Eras Show Travis Kelce Long live the bond between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's dad.  The Kansas City Chiefs tight end was spotted sharing a heartwarming moment with Scott Swift during the "Cruel Summer" singer's June...
Published:6/21/2024 4:01:24 PM
[World] Supreme Court upholds gun ban for domestic-violence restraining orders The narrowly tailored 8-1 Supreme Court ruling does not address how the court’s 2022 Bruen decision may impact other gun laws being challenged in lower courts. Published:6/21/2024 2:51:42 PM
[World] [Steven Calabresi] More Thoughts on Unpublished Opinions Empirical study of the impact of unpublished opinions on socially disadvantaged people. Published:6/21/2024 2:19:12 PM
[World] Oil prices post weekly gain as traders weigh impact of growing Middle East tensions Oil futures ended lower on Friday but scored a solid weekly gain as investors gauged the potential for a wider Middle Eastern conflict that could endanger crude flows from the region. Published:6/21/2024 2:19:11 PM
[World] The Kremlin's bid for global dominance The Cold War, as we are taught, was an existential struggle between two irreconcilable systems: Communism vs. democratic capitalism. Published:6/21/2024 12:35:47 PM
[World] U.S. restrictions put key Russian air bases out of firing range, officials say Letting Ukraine hit targets in Russia with U.S. weapons has reduced missile attacks on Kharkiv but not stopped planes that drop deadly glide bombs. Published:6/21/2024 12:35:47 PM
[World] The S&P 500 and its biggest stocks are showing cracks and fissures Bulls are hanging on even as the market looks increasingly overbought. Published:6/21/2024 12:35:46 PM
[World] The many battles of Benjamin Netanyahu The consummate political survivor, Benjamin Netanyahu is now facing battles on many fronts with groups that he once counted on as allies. Published:6/21/2024 10:20:55 AM
[World] RIP Washington Post? Published:6/21/2024 10:09:11 AM
[World] State Dept. expert on Israel-Palestine resigns amid Gaza crisis Andrew Miller, a top State Department official, becomes the most senior U.S. official to resign whose portfolio focused on Israeli-Palestinian issues. Published:6/21/2024 10:09:11 AM
[World] The Biden Administration Has No Definition of Victory in Ukraine That is just one of the reasons to start negotiations. Published:6/21/2024 9:16:25 AM
[World] Antonio Guterres is a modern day Wizard of Oz; but who is pulling the strings behind the curtain? To "not pay attention to the man behind the curtain" is exactly whats happening at the UN, with Antonio Guterres as its leader. Published:6/21/2024 9:16:24 AM
[World] Live updates: Supreme Court could decide cases related to Trump, abortions and more The Supreme Court nears the end of its term and could decide on 2024 cases related to former president Donald Trump, abortions, social media, guns and more. Published:6/21/2024 9:16:24 AM
[World] Apple offers a bullish lesson for Nvidia, even as the chip stock heads for a dip “Just because market value is transferring quickly, doesn’t make it wrong,” an analyst says. Published:6/21/2024 7:11:31 AM
[World] Beleaguered aid pier functional again in Gaza; Netanyahu slams U.S. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blasts Washington over slow weapons deliveries, drawing a puzzled response from U.S. officials. Published:6/21/2024 7:02:39 AM
[World] Thinking of buying in 55+ community? Wait until winter for the best price. ‘Active-adult’ communities are attracting younger buyers who are looking closer to home Published:6/21/2024 7:02:39 AM
[World] Picture virtual stores, robot helpers and drone deliveries. That’s how you’ll shop in 2035. Tech-savvy Gen Z consumers are forcing retailers to adapt to their digital life. Published:6/21/2024 6:25:41 AM
[World] Wall Street’s favorite strategist discusses how to be a better investor Morgan Stanley’s Michael Mauboussin has cultivated a loyal following over his nearly four decades on Wall Street. He joined MarketWatch for a brief interview earlier this week. Published:6/21/2024 6:00:49 AM
[World] Taliban’s opium ban imperiled by climate change as alternative crops struggle Prolonged droughts attributed to climate change are making it hard for Afghans to grow other field crops and fruits, but hardy opium poppies can still thrive. Published:6/21/2024 1:09:43 AM
[World] Israel’s Netanyahu is at war with almost everyone The Israeli leader is locked in battle — many battles. Published:6/20/2024 11:07:15 PM
[World] Trump pledges green cards for college grads, reviving a Hillary Clinton idea “You’d turn colleges into visa mills,” one advocate of restricting immigration said. Published:6/20/2024 9:42:40 PM
[World] WATCH: Donald Trump is in a strong position to win in November Washington Times commentary editor Kelly Sadler and former special assistant to President Trump Marc Lotter discuss on this week's Politically Unstable. Published:6/20/2024 5:31:59 PM
[World] Boyd Gaming approached Penn Entertainment for deal: report Casino operator Boyd Gaming Corp. has approached Penn Entertainment Inc. with an eye towards an acquisition, Reuters reported Thursday, citing people familiar with the matter. Published:6/20/2024 4:27:31 PM
[World] [Samuel Bray] The Ratio for the Importance of Legal Questions An aphorism attributed to Edward Jacob QC: The importance of questions was in this ratio: first, costs; second, pleading; and third, very far behind, the merits of the case. That's quoted in Ben Kremer, The Origin of the Usual Undertaking as to Damages When Obtaining Interlocutory Injunctive Relief, 17 J. Equity 211, 225 (2024). Kremer's… Published:6/20/2024 4:10:42 PM
[World] The stock market’s volatility gauge remains subdued. What that may say about rest of 2024. The Vix ticked up as tech shares faltered Thursday, but remains well below its long-term average. Published:6/20/2024 4:10:42 PM
[World] Not all semiconductor ETFs are the same. What investors need to know before betting on Nvidia and other chip stocks. Semiconductor ETFs were among the top-performing U.S.-listed funds so far in 2024 as Nvidia has leapfrogged Microsoft and Apple to become the most valuable public company in the world. Which is the best ETF to own? Published:6/20/2024 4:02:19 PM
[World] Los Angeles Public Schools Ban Cell Phones During School Hours Published:6/20/2024 2:55:19 PM
[World] Nvidia’s stock turns sharply lower with a $230 billion swing in market cap A Mizuho analyst says investors shouldn’t flee big momentum plays like Nvidia, and a BofA analyst says the Nvidia rally still has juice. Published:6/20/2024 1:07:48 PM
[World] Vatican charges pope critic Carlo Maria Viganò with the crime of schism Viganò, who once called for the resignation of Pope Francis, is a former Vatican ambassador to the U.S. and the pope’s most ardent internal critic. Published:6/20/2024 12:35:11 PM
[World] GLP-1 drugs and other constraints in Kroger’s pharmacies are crimping profits Grocery-store chain Kroger Co. on Thursday reported better-than-expected first-quarter results, helped in part by more enthusiasm from wealthier shoppers, but executives warned that difficulties in the company’s pharmacies would hit second-quarter profits. Published:6/20/2024 12:28:16 PM
[World] Another Biden Success: Iran Producing Enough Enriched Uranium for 'Several' Bombs a Month Published:6/20/2024 11:57:16 AM
[World] [Josh Blackman] Handing Down The Final 19 (or 17) Opinions With a Presidential Debate on June 27! Published:6/20/2024 11:49:59 AM
[World] Blood and treasure wasted: US sacrifices and Iraq's war on religious freedom In the heart of the Middle East, a legal debacle is unfolding that strikes at religious freedom and the core principles of democracy. Published:6/20/2024 11:07:11 AM
[World] Gold and silver futures on track to finish at two-week highs Gold and silver futures climbed Thursday, with prices for both metals headed for their highest settlements in two weeks, as U.S. economic data raised prospects for Federal Reserve interest-rate cuts later this year. Published:6/20/2024 11:07:11 AM
[World] Reported rape of Jewish girl linked to rising antisemitism in France Police indicted two 13-year-olds and a 12-year-old in the alleged rape in Courbevoie, a suburb of Paris. Published:6/20/2024 10:54:11 AM
[World] Supreme Court sides with government on tax case, but that doesn’t mean wealth taxes are coming Wealth tax supporters still see a green light on taxing the wealthy, even though the court refused to weigh in on the issue. Published:6/20/2024 10:54:11 AM
[World] A beach buried by the Mount Vesuvius eruption 2,000 years ago just reopened The Herculaneum archaeological park in Ercolano also contains the remains of 330 people who died fleeing the volcano, which engulfed the ancient city and Pompeii. Published:6/20/2024 10:24:21 AM
[World] I’m being pressured to buy an immediate annuity although I’m in poor health. Is this a bad idea? The potential for loss makes buying an immediate annuity scary, especially for people with health issues. Published:6/20/2024 10:24:20 AM
[World] [Josh Blackman] Counting The Votes In An Unusual Per Curiam Opinion in Gonzalez v. Trevino We know the identity of four members of the majority, but who else joined? Published:6/20/2024 10:06:42 AM
[World] A new Fox poll shows Biden up. Their primetime hosts didn’t mention it. When the new numbers did merit coverage, it was often with caveats. Published:6/20/2024 10:00:50 AM
[World] Trump’s Latest Tariff Idea Is Dangerously Foolish Terrible economics aside, there’s simply no possible way it could work. Published:6/20/2024 9:03:19 AM
[World] Gilead’s HIV prevention treatment found 100% effective in late-stage trial Gilead Sciences Inc.’s stock jumped early Thursday after the company said its experimental injection for HIV prevention was found 100% effective in a late-stage trial. Published:6/20/2024 8:44:58 AM
[World] This indicator suggests unloved small-cap stocks may be poised for a turnaround It is no secret that small-cap stocks have struggled this year — and last year, too. In fact, they have underperformed their large-cap peers for more than a decade now. Published:6/20/2024 8:33:13 AM
[World] Dollar rallies after Swiss National Bank quarter-point rate cut The dollar rallied against the Swiss franc after a quarter-point rate cut from the Swiss National Bank, its second of the cycle. Published:6/20/2024 8:15:26 AM
[World] Housing starts fall to a four-year low Construction on new U.S. homes fell 5.5% in May, the Commerce Department said Thursday. Published:6/20/2024 8:03:37 AM
[World] Philadelphia Fed’s factory gauge barely grows in June Index slips to 1.3 versus forecast of 5 Published:6/20/2024 7:32:17 AM
[World] Accenture’s stock jumps 7% as AI bookings boost offsets an earnings miss Accenture PLC’s stock rose 6% early Thursday, after the consulting firm posted fiscal third-quarter earnings showing more than $900 million in bookings from generative AI, offsetting a profit and revenue miss. Published:6/20/2024 7:20:00 AM
[World] Outgoing Dutch leader Mark Rutte looks set to become NATO chief Known for his direct manner and pragmatic approach, Rutte was seen by allies as the right leader to potentially work with Trump should he be elected. Published:6/20/2024 7:13:42 AM
[World] Once esoteric, liquid-cooling technology will become essential in data centers with Nvidia’s newest AI chips Liquid cooling, a term once only associated with the earliest mainframes and the most powerful supercomputers in the world, is quickly becoming an essential technology for data centers in the era of artificial intelligence. Published:6/20/2024 7:13:42 AM
[World] Aurora Cannabis stock rises in premarket on narrower loss from the year-ago period Revenue rises 5% to C$67.4 million. Published:6/20/2024 7:07:35 AM
[World] Combating disinformation and preserving truth in modern conflicts The boundaries between truth and lies are increasingly blurred in our 24/7 digital and media environment. The strategic manipulation of information continues to be a threat in today's conflicts. Published:6/20/2024 7:01:18 AM
[World] Despite fentanyl crackdown, Chinese sellers are open for business A booming online marketplace in shipping small but potent packages of the chemicals used in the production of fentanyl from China to Mexico remains largely unhindered. Published:6/20/2024 7:01:18 AM
[World] U.S. lawmakers support Dalai Lama amid questions over Tibet’s future The U.S. delegation gave the Dalai Lama a framed copy of the Resolve Tibet Act that was passed by Congress last week and represents a shift in U.S. policy toward Tibet. Published:6/20/2024 6:55:25 AM
[World] Winnebago’s stock slides after earnings fall short of estimates Winnebago Industries Inc.’s stock fell 4% early Thursday, after the recreational vehicle maker’s fiscal third-quarter earnings fell short of estimates. Published:6/20/2024 6:55:25 AM
[World] Biden plans Latino organizing, advertising push around Copa América A multi-million dollar spending plan during the international soccer tournament aims to connect with hard-to-reach voters. Published:6/20/2024 6:30:18 AM
[World] AI drone fighters; robot cells, cows combating climate change — this fund manager focuses on life-altering technology Aging, health and environmental challenges could get help from these innovations. Published:6/20/2024 6:24:25 AM
[World] Virgin Galactic lines up customer for its new Delta spacecraft Three space travelers from the International Institute for Astronautical Sciences to fly on Delta craft in 2026. Published:6/20/2024 6:18:05 AM
[World] Bank of England keeps rates steady, eyes August for inflation review The Bank of England on Thursday decided to keep interest rates steady, possibly the last meeting it does so after inflation returned to its target. Published:6/20/2024 6:12:07 AM
[World] Putin seeks support from old ally Vietnam amid Russia’s growing isolation Russia and Vietnam have been close allies since the Cold War era, but Hanoi in recent years has cultivated warmer relations with the United States. Published:6/20/2024 6:06:08 AM
[World] Oil futures hover near 7-week highs ahead of U.S. inventories data Oil futures were little changed early Thursday, hovering near their highest since late April, as U.S. traders returned from a midweek holiday break and awaited official data on inventories. Published:6/20/2024 5:53:49 AM
[World] AI mania is creating opportunities elsewhere, says money manager, who has three stocks to consider. A “singular focus” on AI is creating a lot of opportunities for investors right now, if they will just look, says this money manager. Published:6/20/2024 5:47:44 AM
[World] Rift grows between Netanyahu and Israeli military over Hamas elimination Differences are emerging as the Israeli army says Hamas is an idea that cannot be eliminated, while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to seek a “total victory” over the group in Gaza. Published:6/20/2024 5:35:49 AM
[World] America 2024: Of the politician, by the politician, for the politician Today's politicians take to the point of expecting, to the point of demanding, to the point of considering themselves a class above and beyond that of the ordinary citizen. It's not a partisan issue. Republicans as well as Democrats do it. Published:6/20/2024 4:57:24 AM
[World] Treasury yields rise ahead of weekly jobless data Bond yields rose early Thursday, as U.S. investors returned from the Juneteenth holiday and eyed the latest update on the health of the jobs market. Published:6/20/2024 3:05:00 AM
[World] Stonehenge spray-painted orange by protesters calling for climate action Activist group Just Stop Oil took responsibility for the incident, which occurred a day before the summer solstice is expected to draw thousands to the ancient site. Published:6/20/2024 1:46:28 AM
[World] Conflict in Lebanon displaces vulnerable Syrian refugee communities The plight of Syria’s refugees was already dire in Lebanon. Now conditions are worsening, as fear of a potential war with Israel looms. Published:6/20/2024 1:04:41 AM
[World] U.S. stocks remain a sweet spot at the half-year mark, but investors need this extra protection, says Société Générale There’s no reason to flee U.S. stocks, but investors should start broadening out that equity exposure to China, for one, say Société Générale strategists. Published:6/20/2024 12:28:14 AM
[World] Ukraine claims to be winning its war on corruption. The West wants more. Washington and its allies repeatedly say Kyiv isn’t doing enough to fight corruption. In fact, experts say Ukraine may be overcorrecting to please backers and obscure accountability. Published:6/20/2024 12:03:56 AM
[World] How to stop radical secularism from turning America into a dystopian nightmare Global religious persecution, by all discernible accounts, is worsening. The latest example seems otherworldly: An Iraqi court is forcing a woman named Elvin Joseph to leave behind her Christian faith and convert to Islam. Published:6/19/2024 6:15:33 PM
[World] ‘My peers have 10 to 20 times more set aside for retirement’: I’m 67 and have $100,000 saved. I want to retire in three years. Can I do it?  “I’m estimating an income of $3,500 to $3,700 per month from Social Security, and around $750 a month from a pension.” Published:6/19/2024 4:01:08 PM
[World] Hundreds of Hajj pilgrims reported dead amid extraordinary heat Temperatures reached 125 degrees Fahrenheit during this year’s pilgrimage to Mecca, through the desert of Saudi Arabia. Published:6/19/2024 1:55:15 PM
[World] Guess Who Is Funding 'Body Positivity' Movement... Published:6/19/2024 1:14:39 PM
[World] 7 reasons why Christian leaders fall Why do Christian leaders like Robert Morris and Tony Evans fall? They fall for the same reason that all Christians fall. Published:6/19/2024 12:30:38 PM
[World] Israel’s air defense caught off guard by Hezbollah’s low-tech drones As Hezbollah drones hit military sites and homes, they are resurfacing debates over Israel’s decade-old air defense system, which many worry provides an imperfect shield. Published:6/19/2024 12:30:37 PM
[World] Just Stop Oil Paints Stonehenge Orange, and For Some Reason Nobody Killed Them Published:6/19/2024 11:36:49 AM
[World] Biden's job-growth disappearing act Throughout last year, countless polls showed widespread disapproval of the state of the economy, especially regarding inflation. In response, the Biden administration hung its hat on supposedly blockbuster monthly job gains. But new data show those numbers grossly overestimated job growth by almost 800,000 in 2023. Published:6/19/2024 10:36:27 AM
[World] Go ahead MAGA inflencers, trash L.A. for likes. We'll always beat you at the fame game

Right-wing media never misses an opportunity to "report" on the nation's alarming rise in crime (though rates are in fact dropping), especially in blue states, and particularly on the left coast.

Published:6/19/2024 10:36:27 AM
[World] U.N. says Israeli use of bombs in civilian areas probably violated laws of war Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the Biden administration of “withholding weapons and ammunitions,” a claim the administration disputed. Published:6/19/2024 9:08:00 AM
[World] THIS Is Why San Francisco Is Dying Published:6/19/2024 8:19:01 AM
[World] Iran signals a major boost in nuclear enrichment at key site Hundreds of new centrifuges would triple Iran’s uranium enrichment capacity at a deeply buried underground nuclear facility. Published:6/19/2024 8:19:00 AM
[World] Russia sentences U.S. soldier to almost 4 years in penal colony Prosecutors accused U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Gordon Black of stealing 10,000 rubles ($120) from his Russian girlfriend and threatening to kill her. He plans to appeal. Published:6/19/2024 6:31:06 AM
[World] Stocks down 40% would pop this market bubble — but slow deflation is more likely than a quick crash The U.S. market’s current bull run will end with a whimper, not a bang. Published:6/19/2024 6:13:29 AM
[World] Philippines says sailor lost finger in sea clash, accuses China of ‘piracy’ Chinese personnel used knives and machetes to puncture Philippine dinghies attempting to resupply an outpost in the South China Sea, Philippine officials say. Published:6/19/2024 6:01:43 AM
[World] $5 for locals, $30 for tourists: Japan tourist boom prompts pricing divide Visiting Himeji Castle in Japan could soon cost foreigners six times as much as locals. Published:6/19/2024 4:07:10 AM
[World] John Fetterman: Senator for life On Thursday, Sen. John Fetterman adjourned the Senate. Sitting on top of the podium, with all eyes on him, the Pennsylvania Democrat said: "Under previous order, the Senate stands adjourned until 3 p.m. on Monday. Bang gavel." Published:6/19/2024 2:14:57 AM
[World] [Steven Calabresi] Unpublished Opinions that Cannot be Cited A growing threat to the rule of law Published:6/19/2024 2:14:57 AM
[World] Futures on hold, dreams of escape For World Refugee Day, we see life through the lens of several youth in Dadaab refugee camp, home to 380,000 refugees from eastern Africa. Published:6/19/2024 2:14:57 AM
[World] Scorching heat waves test a climate-changing world’s resilience In many ways, the climate disaster is already here. Published:6/18/2024 11:02:24 PM
[World] Cease-fire won't end Israel's long war The Nova Music Festival was billed as a celebration of "friends, love and infinite freedom." Last Oct. 6, attendees from more than two dozen countries gathered in Israel's Negev Desert, just 3 miles from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, to sing, dance, and celebrate peace through the night. Published:6/18/2024 8:19:05 PM
[World] Thailand passes landmark bill legalizing same-sex marriage The vote puts Thailand on track to become the first in Southeast Asia to legalize same-sex marriage. Published:6/18/2024 8:19:05 PM
[World] Russia’s Putin, ‘desperate’ for ammunition, arrives in North Korea The U.S. and its allies are concerned about the growing military cooperation between the two states as Moscow is hungry for munitions to use against Ukraine. Published:6/18/2024 6:58:51 PM
[World] [Eugene Volokh] "Unpublished" or "Noncitable" Opinions This issue arose in the Adams v. Gulley thread ("California Judge Orders Removal of Reddit Criticism of Scientist/Consultant Who Publicly Criticized English Lucy Letby Murder Trial"), but I've also seen confusion about it in other places as well, so I thought I'd write briefly about it. In federal appellate courts and many state appellate courts, many court… Published:6/18/2024 6:18:17 PM
[World] White House announces plan to aid longtime undocumented immigrants President Biden’s policy will clear the way for hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants married to U.S. citizens to apply for legal residency. Published:6/18/2024 6:18:17 PM
[World] Seattle Is Masking Again! Published:6/18/2024 4:56:13 PM
[World] Israel says Rafah attack near completion, in potential shift for war A shift from the widespread ground and air attacks that have leveled much of the enclave would represent a significant milestone in the war. Published:6/18/2024 2:59:46 PM
[World] Higher taxes, more inflation and lost benefits: Americans pay the price for supersized U.S. debt Growing deficit puts dollar’s global dominance and U.S. living standards at risk. Published:6/18/2024 1:33:20 PM
[World] As Kyiv celebrates first Pride since invasion, LGBTQ troops demand equality Pride month in Ukraine is also about resisting Russia, and demanding better in Ukraine where LGBTQ+ soldiers do not enjoy the same rights or benefits as heterosexual troops. Published:6/18/2024 1:10:44 PM
[World] Nvidia now largest U.S. company — and five years ago it wasn’t even in the top 20 Nvidia’s blistering rise through the ranks of the largest U.S. companies is set to culminate Tuesday with the chip maker taking over the title of most valuable. Published:6/18/2024 1:04:53 PM
[World] This hasn’t happened to restaurant spending since the pandemic A sign of financial stress? Sales at bars and restaurants in the U.S. have fallen in four of the past six months for the first time since the pandemic. Published:6/18/2024 11:02:47 AM
[World] Trump has unveiled an agenda of his own. He just doesn’t mention it much. Dubbed “Agenda 47,” Donald Trump’s plans should he return to the White House are documented by his campaign website. Published:6/18/2024 10:44:14 AM
[World] Scams against seniors are on the rise: ‘There’s no magic wand to get that money back’ How older adults can avoid cybercrimes and financial scams Published:6/18/2024 10:33:08 AM
[World] Technology sector’s valuation hits highest since 2002, based on this popular metric Technology stocks are giving off big dot-com era vibes, based on one popular valuation metric, but this doesn’t mean the sector is overdue for a decline. Published:6/18/2024 10:24:34 AM
[World] Oil prices head higher as traders gauge global demand outlook Oil futures edged higher Tuesday, on track to notch back-to-back gains. Published:6/18/2024 9:33:58 AM
[World] Anthony Fauci got a last-minute glimpse into Trump’s 2020 state of mind Two days before the 2020 election, Trump was insistent he would win. Was it bluster — or foreshadowing? Published:6/18/2024 9:26:38 AM
[World] Kroger’s stock upgraded, as an Albertsons deal or no deal would be a good thing Kroger’s stock got a nice lift on Tuesday, after BMO Capital’s Kelly Bania turned bullish on the supermarket chain, and not just because she’s upbeat about earnings due out in two days. Published:6/18/2024 9:26:38 AM
[World] Life lessons I learned from my battle with cancer I had the privilege of spending this Father's Day weekend with my children and grandchildren. We played with the dogs, barbecued, caught up and laughed. Times like these are the ones you look forward to your whole life. Published:6/18/2024 9:07:17 AM
[World] A Glaring Error in Trump’s Hush Money Trial However one feels about Trump, he has the same right to due process and an impartial jury as the rest of us. And he was denied that right by instructions that falsely advised his jury that it had no discretion to acquit him for reasons other than a failure of proof. Published:6/18/2024 8:35:14 AM
[World] USDA suspends avocado inspections in Mexican state over security fears The USDA’s avocado inspections in Michoacan are suspended until security issues are resolved, the AP reported. Mexico makes up 89 percent of U.S. avocado imports. Published:6/18/2024 8:35:13 AM
[World] CBDCs Are Instruments of Control–and They’re Here CBDCs are very real, and very dangerous. Published:6/18/2024 7:29:51 AM
[World] MAGA-hating Dems scurry to tag Trump as 'convicted felon' President Biden sucks at pretty much everything, and has, since Day One in the White House. But since he's the apparent pick of the party for the Democrats' hoped-for 2024 presidential win -- well, they gotta do something. So bumper sticker branding it is. Published:6/18/2024 6:57:26 AM
[World] BlackRock launches more active ETFs, ramps up lineup amid ‘tremendous’ demand BlackRock is launching two more exchange-traded funds that are actively managed by the firm’s professional stock and bond pickers amid rising investor interest in active ETFs. Published:6/18/2024 6:57:26 AM
[World] Protesters and police clash in Jerusalem over holding early elections Israeli police said they used force after protesters attacked officers, set fires and breached fences in Jerusalem on Monday. Published:6/18/2024 6:49:36 AM
[World] Six Flags to pay a special dividend, to imply a yield of over 5% Six Flags’ stock was climbing toward a two-year high on Tuesday, after the theme park operator said it would pay out a special dividend to shareholders, once the deal to buy Cedar Fair L.P. closes. Published:6/18/2024 6:49:36 AM
[World] Nvidia’s stock packs 50% more upside, says Wall Street’s new biggest bull Many analysts have yet to update their Nvidia price targets to account for the stock’s rally over the past month, but a Rosenblatt analyst just did so in a bold way. Published:6/18/2024 6:30:28 AM
[World] ‘Long Magnificent Seven’ is now one of the most crowded trades on record, new poll shows Bank of America said there’s “only been a handful of time” that a single trade was more crowded Published:6/18/2024 6:24:37 AM
[World] Biden helps immigrant spouses of U.S. citizens: What to know

President Biden's action will shield those without legal status who are spouses of U.S. citizens and have lived consecutively in the country for at least 10 years.

Published:6/18/2024 4:41:20 AM
[World] [Josh Blackman] On 12th Anniversary of DACA, President Biden To Announce New Executive Action For Spouses of U.S. Citizens Parole in Place for Spouses -- Call it PIPS? Published:6/17/2024 9:56:24 PM
[World] Biden to waive penalties for undocumented spouses of U.S. citizens President Biden will announce plans to clear the way for hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants married to U.S. citizens to apply for legal residency Published:6/17/2024 7:14:15 PM
[World] In photos: Scenes from the extreme hot weather around the world The National Weather Service issued a heat watch for parts of the United States, predicting a “prolonged period of dangerously hot conditions.” Dozens of heat-related deaths have been reported this summer in India, where temperatures have surged to 120 degrees. In Greece, authorities are concerned as tourists have gone missing amid the high temperatures. Published:6/17/2024 6:52:20 PM
[World] Donald Trump in Washington Fight Club: Most dangerous man alive Washington today is designed to be president-proof. And Congress-proof. Ultimately, citizen proof. Published:6/17/2024 6:29:06 PM
[World] Key Democrats approve major arms sale to Israel, including F-15s Under pressure from the Biden administration, Rep. Gregory W. Meeks (D-N.Y.) approved the multibillion-dollar sale despite concerns about the Gaza death toll. Published:6/17/2024 6:29:06 PM
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[World] "No Place In The Public Discourse": The Connecticut Bar Association Warns Critics Of Trump Prosecutions "No Place In The Public Discourse": The Connecticut Bar Association Warns Critics Of Trump Prosecutions

Authored by Jonathan Turley,

This week, I have received emails from Connecticut bar members over a message posted by President Maggie Castinado, President-Elect James T. (Tim) Shearin, and Vice President Emily A. Gianquinto warning them about criticizing the prosecutions of former President Donald Trump. The message from the bar leadership is chilling for those lawyers who view cases like the one in Manhattan as a raw political prosecution. While the letter does not outright state that such criticism will be considered unethical conduct, it states that the criticism has “no place in the public discourse” and calls on members to speak publicly in support of the integrity of these legal proceedings.

The statement begins by warning members that “words matter” but then leaves the ramifications for bar members dangling on how it might matter to them. They simply note that some comments will be viewed as “cross[ing] the line from criticism to dangerous rhetoric.”

According to the Connecticut Bar, it is now considered reckless and unprofessional to make analogies to show trials or to question the integrity of the legal system or the judges in such cases.

For example, criticizing Judge Juan Merchan for refusing to recuse from the case is considered beyond the pale. Many lawyers believe that his political contributions to Biden and his daughter’s major role as a Democratic fundraiser and activist should have prompted Merchan to remove himself (and any appearance of a conflict). I have been more critical of his rulings, which I believe were both biased and wrong.

Yet, the Bar is warning lawyers that such comments can cross the line. The letter assures members that they are free to criticize but warn that attacking the ethics of a judge or the motivations behind these cases is dangerous and could spark violence.

I have previously denounced overheated rhetoric and share the concern over how such rage rhetoric can encourage violence. After the verdict, I immediately encouraged people not to yield to their anger, but to trust our legal system. I believe that the verdict in New York may ultimately be overturned. I also noted that I do not blame the jury but rather the judge and the prosecutors for an unfounded and unfair trial.

Of course, the concern over rage rhetoric runs across our political spectrum. While rarely criticized in the media, we have seen an escalation of reckless rhetoric from the left. For example,  Georgetown Law Professor Josh Chafetz declared that “when the mob is right, some (but not all!) more aggressive tactics are justified.”

My concern is not with the plea for lawyers to take care that their comments do not encourage such “aggressive tactics.” The problem is the suggestion that lawyers are acting somehow unprofessionally in denouncing what many view as a two-tier system of justice and the politicalization of our legal system.

Like many, I believe that the Manhattan case was a flagrant example of such weaponization of the legal system and should be denounced by all lawyers. It is a return, in my view, to the type of political prosecution once common in this country.

For those lawyers who view such prosecutions as political, they are speaking out in defense of what they believe is the essence of blind justice in America. What is “reckless” to the Connecticut Bar is righteous to others. Notably, the Bar officials did not write to denounce attacks on figures like Bill Barr or claims that the Justice Department was rigging justice during the Trump years.

Likewise, the letter focuses on critics of the Trump prosecutions and not the continued attacks on conservative jurists like Justice Samuel Alito. It has never published warnings about those calling conservative justices profanities, attacking their religion, or labeling them “partisan hacks” or other even “insurrectionist sympathizers.” Liberal activists have been calling for stopping conservative jurists “by any means necessary.”

In Connecticut, Sen. Richard Blumenthal has warned conservative justices to rule correctly or face “seismic changes.” That did not appear to worry the bar. Likewise, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer also declared in front of the Supreme Court “I want to tell you, Gorsuch, I want to tell you, Kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price.”

The letter goes further and suggests that lawyers should speak publicly in support of trials like the one in Manhattan, a view that ignores the deep misgivings over the motivations and means used in New York to target an unpopular figure in this city. You have the top Bar officials calling on lawyers to take a public position that is opposed by many lawyers and citizens in defending the integrity of these prosecutions. Imagine the response if the Idaho Bar called on its lawyers to speak out against these cases and declared that it is reckless or unprofessional to defend them.

I expect that, in the very liberal Bar of Connecticut, the letter is hardly needed. Indeed, this letter is likely to be quite popular.  Yet, I would have thought that Bar officials would have taken greater care to respect the divergent opinions on these trials and the need to avoid any statements that might chill the exercise of free speech.

Ironically, the letter only reinforced the view of a legal system that is maintaining a political orthodoxy and agenda. These officials declare that it is now unprofessional or reckless for lawyers to draw historical comparisons to show trials or to question the motives or ethics underlying these cases. They warn lawyers not to “sow distrust in the public for the courts where it does not belong.” Yet, many believe that there is an alarming threat to our legal system and that distrust is warranted in light of prosecution like the one in Manhattan.

As discussed in my new book, The Indispensable Right: Free Speech in an Age of Rage, critics of political prosecutions under the Crown and during the Adams Administrations were often threatened with disbarment or other legal actions for questioning the integrity or motives of judges or prosecutors.

It is not enough to say “well that was then and this is now.” The point is that the Bar Association also has a duty to protect the core rights that define our legal system, particularly the right of free speech.

Again, these officials are not threatening Bar action against critics of these cases. However, as evidenced by the emails in my inbox, it is being taken as a warning by many who hold misgivings over these prosecutions.

Our legal system has nothing to fear from criticism. Indeed, free speech strengthens our system by exposing divisions and encouraging dialogue. It is orthodoxy and speech intolerance that represent the most serious threats to that system.

Here is the message in its entirety:

Dear Members,

Words matter. Reckless words attacking the integrity of our judicial system matter even more.

In the wake of the recent trial and conviction of former President Donald Trump, public officials have issued statements claiming that the trial was a “sham,” a “hoax,” and “rigged”; our justice system is “corrupt and rigged”; the judge was “corrupt” and “highly unethical”; and, that the jury was “partisan” and “precooked.” Others claimed the trial was “America’s first communist show trial”—a reference to historic purges of high-ranking communist officials that were used to eliminate political threats.

These claims are unsubstantiated and reckless. Such statements can provoke acts of violence against those serving the public as employees of the judicial branch. Indeed, such statements have resulted in threats to those fulfilling their civic obligations by sitting on the jury, as evidenced by social media postings seeking to identify the names and addresses of the anonymous jurors and worse, in several cases urging that the jurors be shot or hanged. As importantly, such statements strike at the very integrity of the third branch of government and sow distrust in the public for the courts where it does not belong.

To be clear, free speech includes criticism. There is and should be no prohibition on commenting on the decision to bring the prosecution, the prosecution’s legal theory, the judge’s rulings, or the verdict itself. But headlines’ grabbing, baseless allegations made by public officials cross the line from criticism to dangerous rhetoric. They have no place in the public discourse.

It is up to us, as lawyers, to defend the courts and our judges. As individuals, and as an Association, we cannot let the charged political climate in which we live dismantle the third branch of government. To remain silent renders us complicit in that effort.

Respect for the judicial system is essential to our democracy. The CBA condemns unsupported attacks on the integrity of that system.


Maggie Castinado


Connecticut Bar Association

James T. (Tim) Shearin


Connecticut Bar Association

Emily A. Gianquinto

Vice President,

Connecticut Bar Association

*  *  *

Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University. He is the author of “The Indispensable Right: Free Speech in an Age of Rage” (Simon and Schuster, 2024).

Tyler Durden Sun, 06/16/2024 - 18:40
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