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[World] If you value human life, you must vote for Donald Trump

In this election season, one thing becomes more evident every day. If you value human life, you have no choice but to vote for Donald Trump. 

“How can you say that,” you shout. “How can anyone claim that only one man or one party stands for human life and the ... Published:12/6/2019 7:13:59 PM

[World] In Defense of the Noble Freelancer

Big media outlets claim to speak for the powerless, so why do they treat their own employees like trash?

The post In Defense of the Noble Freelancer appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:12/6/2019 11:40:45 AM
[World] Commodities Corner: Here’s what Trump’s plan to ‘restore’ Brazil, Argentina steel and aluminum tariffs mean for the metals Steel and aluminum prices have suffered steep declines this year, and planned tariffs on the two metals that Brazil and Argentina ship to the U.S. aren’t expected to provide a lasting lift. Still, concern over the tariffs on steel is likely to outweigh those on aluminum, as Brazil accounts for the largest share of U.S. steel imports.
Published:12/6/2019 11:13:11 AM
[World] Economic Report: U.S. sees hiring surge in November as economy adds 266,000 new jobs The economy produced a robust 266,000 new jobs in November and the unemployment rate returned to a 50-year low, reflecting the resilience of a rock-solid U.S. labor market.
Published:12/6/2019 8:10:27 AM
[World] Hit by fires and droughts, California voters call climate change their top priority

Pummeled by the impacts of severe weather, California Democrats list climate change as the top issue they want their presidential nominee to tackle, outstripping healthcare reform, a poll finds.

Published:12/6/2019 7:11:33 AM
[World] A secretive corporation won't let Pete Buttigieg talk about three years of his life

Pete Buttigieg has a nondisclosure agreement that keeps his consulting work for McKinsey & Company a secret.

Published:12/6/2019 6:10:47 AM
[World] China Revolutionizes World Trade While Washington Dozes

The Belt and Road Initiative has come to Turkey and Greece while the U.S. cannibalizes the system that made it great.

The post China Revolutionizes World Trade While Washington Dozes appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:12/5/2019 9:37:07 PM
[World] D.C. lawmakers consider robbing PTAs and PTOs

Spreading Christmas cheer is what we do this time of year because, well, the spirit moves us.

Three D.C. Council members — David Grosso, Vincent Gray and Brianne Nadeau — hastened Tuesday to be the initial bearers of glad tidings by introducing the D.C. Public Schools Family and School Community ... Published:12/5/2019 9:07:03 PM

[World] Nancy Pelosi's hostage video

Nancy Pelosi, American Psycho.

These are hard times for anyone trying to cling to a shred of sanity in politics. The lying, the distortion, the projection, the dual personalities, the anxiety, the obsessive-compulsive disorder and the schizophrenia.

Mental illness is real and it is on full display in Washington every ... Published:12/5/2019 7:06:54 PM

[World] ATR Joins Coalition Warning of New Railroad Price Controls Published:12/5/2019 5:06:52 PM
[World] Impeachment hearings are indulgent chicanery, but they're necessary

There’s a significant chunk of Americans who, when the topic of impeachment is brought up, shrug their shoulders with the sort of ambivalence typical of spouses who can’t decide where to eat for dinner. In the ever-polarized conversation surrounding the hearings last month, these are the Americans with whom I ... Published:12/5/2019 4:39:45 PM

[World] Project Syndicate: Central banks must regain their credibility before the next recession Without effective tools and the public’s confidence, central banks will be unable to rise to the occasion when the next recession arrives.
Published:12/5/2019 1:35:01 PM
[World] Democrats' Trump impeachment could cost them the 2020 election

Liberals are overreaching with impeachment, just like they did in my recall. It could cost them the 2020 election.  

On Nov. 2, 2010, I won the first of three elections for governor in Wisconsin. That same day, someone registered the domain name They were out to get me ... Published:12/5/2019 12:38:16 PM

[World] Peter Fonda Says We Got ‘Easy Rider’ Wrong, Man

The late actor disagreed that his film was about a lack of freedom in 1960s America. Quite the opposite.

The post Peter Fonda Says We Got ‘Easy Rider’ Wrong, Man appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:12/5/2019 12:07:37 PM
[World] Key Words: Uber office has a unique bathroom situation — Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t like it The congresswoman responds to a story about how Uber’s Greenlight Hub office in Providence, R.I., has separate bathrooms for ”partners” and “employees.” She’s been critical of Uber in the past.
Published:12/5/2019 9:38:27 AM
[World] Bond Report: U.S. government bond yields extend recent climb after jobless-claims report U.S. Treasury yields climbed Thursday morning after a report on jobless claims came in better-than-expected, reflecting health in the labor market ahead of a key reading of employment on Friday that could offer further insight on the state of the domestic economy
Published:12/5/2019 8:05:56 AM
[World] General News: France’s general strike will test Macron’s drive to reform the economy Union protests against pension reform hit the unpopular president amid social unrest
Published:12/5/2019 7:04:17 AM
[World] Market Snapshot: Dow futures rise as China says trade representatives are in ‘close contact’ with U.S. U.S. stock futures are higher for a second straight session early Thursday, with investors optimistic about prospects for a partial U.S.-China trade deal after Chinese officials indicated that delegates remain in “close contact”, but stocks are still on track for a weekly decline,
Published:12/5/2019 6:37:56 AM
[World] Elizabeth Warren, making a loon list, checking it twice

"Medicare for All." The disappearance of private health insurance. A Planned Parenthood pink scarf at her inauguration. An end to the Electoral College. These are just some of the promises Sen. Elizabeth Warren is bringing to the presidential table, vowing to put into effect should she make it to the ... Published:12/5/2019 4:35:53 AM

[World] Autotrader: Why I own a Dodge Durango muscle-SUV It’s the perfect combination of fun and function. And you can’t have a muscle minivan.
Published:12/5/2019 4:03:58 AM
[World] The Wall Street Journal: Huawei files legal challenge to overturn FCC ban on its equipment Huawei Technologies Co. filed a fresh legal challenge against the U.S., seeking to block a Federal Communications Commission decision last month that further restricts the Chinese telecom giant’s ability to operate there.
Published:12/4/2019 9:32:12 PM
[World] The Shadow Game Around Trump is Still Booming

Despite impeachment and unclear re-election prospects, presidential favor is in as much demand as ever.

The post The Shadow Game Around Trump is Still Booming appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:12/4/2019 9:32:12 PM
[World] Democratic presidential race still wide open

One month ago, I thought Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts was the front-runner to be the Democratic presidential nominee, thinking she had an excellent chance to win Iowa and New Hampshire and run away with the nomination, carried by momentum and enthusiasm.

Now, I think the Democratic primary is as ... Published:12/4/2019 8:30:57 PM

[World] Impeachment professors meet Judiciary Committee class clowns

Never in the history of public schooling has a regiment of substitute teachers been so disappointed in their rowdy new pupils as the impeachment professors were Wednesday.

Inside the chambers of the House Judiciary Committee, the great professors were interrupted, dismissed and ignored by the very worst goof-offs ever seen ... Published:12/4/2019 6:41:00 PM

[World] NewsWatch: Seeing America again through new eyes In 2011, at 50, I took early retirement from my job as an air-traffic controller, left Texas and began traveling the world.
Published:12/4/2019 4:02:52 PM
[World] Amazon Web Services pivots to the future with a flurry of features A series of product announcements highlighted Amazon’s intentions to weave its services more closely with on-premises data centers, an area where Microsoft is particularly strong.
Published:12/4/2019 3:02:24 PM
[World] 'Run, Hillary Clinton! I dare you!'

It seems that every single time we’ve been forced to hear from Hillary Clinton over the past few months, she’s informed us that people are encouraging her to run for president again.

In a recent BBC Radio interview, the former secretary of State said about running, “I, as I say, ... Published:12/4/2019 2:34:29 PM

[World] Chesapeake Energy’s stock soars as debt deals buy time for troubled company Shares of Chesapeake Energy Corp. soar on heavy volume, after a series of debt financing moves that were announced help provide the struggling oil and natural gas company with additional financial flexibility.
Published:12/4/2019 2:34:29 PM
[World] How Emmanuel Macron Co-Opted the French Right

By winning over both Gaullist and liberal conservatives, he's rewritten France's political calculus yet again.

The post How Emmanuel Macron Co-Opted the French Right appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:12/4/2019 12:30:59 PM
[World] In One Chart: Here’s how much stock could’ve been bought with all the QE central banks have done One of the major stories of the last decade was central bank enthusiasm for what’s called quantitative easing, or in simpler terms, buying bonds. Chris Bennett, director of index investment strategy at S&P Dow Jones Indices, decided to add it all up.
Published:12/4/2019 7:58:09 AM
[World] Niall Horan Sets the Record Straight On Those Selena Gomez Romance Rumors Selena Gomez, Niall HoranThere's one thing that Niall Horan wants you to know: He's very single. Sitting down with Australia's Hit 90.9's Brekkie Crew podcast, the One Direction alum declared his...
Published:12/4/2019 7:27:28 AM
[World] Bond Report: Yields rise on trade optimism ahead of U.S. data Yields on U.S. government debt rose Wednesday as Treasury prices gave back some of the previous session’s large gains following a news report that said the U.S. and China remained on track to complete a phase-one trade deal before a Dec. 15 deadline despite President Trump’s comments about a delay on Tuesday.
Published:12/4/2019 6:59:37 AM
[World] Do Walmart, Amazon, McDonald’s and IBM match employees’ donations to charity? The answers may surprise you Matching gift programs help maximize charitable donations.
Published:12/4/2019 4:57:35 AM
[World] Joe Biden 'malarkeys' along, stoking the swamp

Former Vice President and now 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joseph R. Biden made the news again over this last weekend for all the wrong reasons. Coming to light in a resurfaced clip of a 2017 appearance at the renaming of a park and pool in Wilmington, Delaware, are comments that ... Published:12/4/2019 4:29:34 AM

[World] Europe Markets: European stocks charge ahead amid fresh hopes for U.S.-China trade deal European stocks are jumping higher after a report said the U.S. and China are working toward a phase one agreement, despite downbeat comments from President Donald Trump a day earlier.
Published:12/4/2019 4:29:34 AM
[World] Next Avenue: 5 people on why they keep working past age 65 Many Americans are shunning traditional retirement and continuing to work, for very different reasons.
Published:12/4/2019 3:59:12 AM
[World] Woke Parenting Eats Its Own

'OK Boomer': teach your children not to respect traditions and eventually they'll turn against even your watered-down ones.

The post Woke Parenting Eats Its Own appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:12/3/2019 9:57:06 PM
[World] Jack Evans to get the boot for scratching his own back

The comeuppance for the incestuous nature of City Hall politics finally came calling Tuesday afternoon — and aims to boot D.C. Council member Jack Evans out the door.

It's the price he has to pay for using his power on the council for personal financial gain and getting caught. (I ... Published:12/3/2019 9:26:42 PM

[World] ‘The Irishman’ Remembers When Unions Gave Capitalism Its Ballast

The latest Scorsese film portrays organized labor pulling Americans up, before big capital busted them down.

The post ‘The Irishman’ Remembers When Unions Gave Capitalism Its Ballast appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:12/3/2019 9:26:42 PM
[World] Flummoxed Joe Biden fumfering his way right out of the 2020 nomination

What the @#$%^&* is going on with Joe Biden?

The guy who was supposed to sweep to the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination is flummoxed and flustered, floundering and fumfering his way down to fourth place in Iowa, one of the states where Democratic voters start the process of picking their ... Published:12/3/2019 8:30:33 PM

[World] Why Jason Momoa Just Called Out Chris Pratt--and His Water Bottle Jason Momoa, Chris PrattH20h no! Earlier today, Chris Pratt took to Instagram and announced an exciting new project. Just in time for the holiday season, the actor launched his very own Amazon...
Published:12/3/2019 5:55:34 PM
[World] Key Words: AT&T says it was ‘required by law’ to turn over the call records featured in the House Intelligence impeachment report Spokesman for the telecom giant says the company ensures that such requests for data are valid before releasing information about calls and text messages.
Published:12/3/2019 4:24:20 PM
[World] Toward faith and good lifestyle choices

Do you spend much time reading the Journal of the American Medical Association? I must say I do not. Perhaps that is because I exercise regularly, eat nutritious meals, avoid drinking to excess, put in a 40-hour week — well, actually a bit more than that, but I enjoy my ... Published:12/3/2019 3:29:41 PM

[World] The Ratings Game: This is the only FANG stock that isn’t a buy, according to Citi Netflix Inc. needs to implement significant price hikes to justify its lofty valuation, one analyst says, but the company won’t have that sort of pricing leverage for “many, many years.”
Published:12/3/2019 9:22:14 AM
[World] Trump campaign is right to block Bloomberg News

Bloomberg News, one of the English-language media's largest (with some 2,700 journalists) and most well-capitalized (its owner is quite literally a $58 billion man) news outlets, announced last month its intention to essentially sit out the 2020 presidential election.

In late November, owner Michael R. Bloomberg, a former New York ... Published:12/3/2019 6:24:19 AM

[World] Michael Sincere's Long-Term Trader: The fear of missing out will punish you once the stock market starts to make a ‘blow-off top’ Keep your money close when Wall Street and surging stock prices tempt you to buy, writes Michael Sincere.
Published:12/3/2019 5:21:57 AM
[World] Lisa Page is no Monica Lewinsky

Lisa Page, the now-famous former FBI lawyer who was outed as an adulterous anti-Donald Trumper during the now-defunct — nothing to see there, go home, folks — Russia collusion-slash-conflict-of-interest investigation into the president, has come forward, finally, to publicly speak.

And of what does she choose to speak? Of how ... Published:12/3/2019 4:23:06 AM

[World] Mainstream media bungles reporting on conscience rights

Three different federal judges recently blocked the Trump administration from implementing a regulation that would give the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) additional resources to enforce more than two dozen laws related to conscience rights. The regulation had been scheduled to go into effect Nov. 22.

The rule ... Published:12/2/2019 10:05:15 PM

[World] Community service benefits young students and athletes

On Sunday afternoon, prior to the Washington Redskins, ahem, emerging victorious over the Carolina Panthers, a teen named Mayce Wood and several other Carolina student-athletes drew cheers and applause.

Mayce is an example of how young people, especially those in high school mandated to perform community service, simply see a ... Published:12/2/2019 9:19:25 PM

[World] This Isn’t Over: Time for the NBA to Go on Offense Against China

The league is uniquely positioned to dunk on the People’s Republic’s human rights atrocities.

The post This Isn’t Over: Time for the NBA to Go on Offense Against China appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:12/2/2019 9:19:24 PM
[World] How Aaron Rodgers Found His Perfect Teammate in Danica Patrick--and Where They're Headed Next Danica Patrick, Aaron Rodgers, Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports 2018If you'll excuse us the pun, Danica Patrick has no intent to race toward matrimony. When assessing the strength of her relationship with Aaron Rodgers, the retired race car driver...
Published:12/2/2019 6:19:16 PM
[World] Caving to bullies over religious belief

As we head into the Christmas season, religious liberty in America continues to be under attack, and it's not just about whether people can say "Merry Christmas" in public places. With the recent controversy over Chick-fil-A bowing to pressure to end its financial support of charities the far left has ... Published:12/2/2019 4:20:01 PM

[World] The Tell: Stock-market volatility finally ‘springs to life’ after weak factory data Long-subdued stock-market volatility, as measured by the VIX index, sees its biggest one-day rise since early October as stocks decline in response to a tweet by President Donald Trump re-imposing tariffs on Brazil and Argentina and a round of disappointing manufacturing data.
Published:12/2/2019 4:20:01 PM
[World] The Margin: Peloton’s viral ad captures a ‘116 lb woman’s YEARLONG fitness journey to becoming a 112 lb woman’ It’s the classic feel-good Christmas tale: A husband wants his wife to work out more, so he gives her some exercise equipment she clearly doesn’t need. Wife is thrilled but also scared. She captures her journey on social media for a year, then the happy couple celebrate the following Christmas by reviewing her progress.
Published:12/2/2019 3:48:28 PM
[World] BOOK REVIEW: 'Three Days at the Brink'


By Bret Baier, with Catherine Whitney

William Morrow, $28.99, 434 pages

At a time when our country seems in the process of forgetting who and what we are and how we got here — how we literally ... Published:12/2/2019 3:18:33 PM

[World] Target, Best Buy and Lululemon were Thanksgiving weekend retail winners, analysts say Thanksgiving weekend sales broke online shopping records, according to Adobe Analytics.
Published:12/2/2019 2:48:21 PM
[World] Gahan Wilson Stood Tall Among Subversive Cartoonists

His BS meter enabled him to slyly—but laughingly—project the idiocy of politicians, the war state, and the elite.

The post Gahan Wilson Stood Tall Among Subversive Cartoonists appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:12/2/2019 12:18:07 PM
[World] The Tell: Don’t be so bullish, this economist says — the trade news isn’t that good Investors may be “over-interpreting” some mildly positive developments on trade, this economist says, and he doesn’t see much upside for growth from here.
Published:12/2/2019 11:17:29 AM
[World] 30 momentum stocks that are actually cheap enough to buy Look at the holdings of the Hennessy Cornerstone Mid Cap 30 Fund.
Published:12/2/2019 7:49:31 AM
[World] Liam Hemsworth Just Learned He's a "Thirst Trap" With Adorable New Picture Liam HemsworthWarning: Thirst traps ahead. On Sunday, Liam Hemsworth was called out for posting an unsuspecting thirst trap on Instagram by none other than his Isn't It Romantic co-star Adam...
Published:12/2/2019 6:15:55 AM
[World] Chick-fil-A needs saving in battle it's losing from within

Several years ago in driving by a Chick-fil-A, a question on its marquee was so striking that I turned around, drove back and took a picture. It said: "The battle is coming. What side are you on?"

Every loyal Chick-fil-A patron knew what that question meant. We had stood with ... Published:12/1/2019 9:14:21 PM

[World] China gets 'woke' in disingenuous new anti-U.S. tack

Is Zhao Lijian, as his Twitter handle says, the "Deputy for Director General in the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China" — or is he just the latest candidate to enter the race for the Democratic presidential nomination?

Last week, in response to Congress passing a ... Published:12/1/2019 8:12:59 PM

[World] Welcome to the ‘Potemkin Village’ of Washington Power

Don't be misled: elected officials are subjugated to the national security firmament. Trump is just exposing it.

The post Welcome to the ‘Potemkin Village’ of Washington Power appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:12/1/2019 5:02:25 PM
[World] Column: Alexander Hamilton saw this coming

Defining an impeachable offense isn't easy. Just ask Alexander Hamilton.

Published:12/1/2019 6:11:39 AM
[World] Distinguishing between human sexuality and human ontology

This past week, a Facebook “friend” and former student, asked me why I’m so relentless in criticizing progressive sexual politics, and more specifically, why I persist in challenging “LGBTQ sexuality.”

More specifically, here’s what my newly minted alumna said, “The majority of the agenda you’re pushing is sexuality driven ... Published:12/1/2019 12:40:48 AM

[World] Congress bans short-term lending, the poor pay a high price

Washington do-goodism almost always fails to help the people it is supposed to because politicians ignore the Law of Unintended Consequences. Nowhere is that more evident than when it comes to a congressional plan to put payday lenders and other short-term lending institutions, such as the burgeoning online lenders, out ... Published:11/30/2019 6:37:59 PM

[World] Martin O'Malley: A ball of crazy fit for a Democratic Party

Democrats are crazy. How crazy? Martin O'Malley crazy. And the fact that phrase probably requires little explanation says all that needs to be said about the Democratic Party and its acceptance of insanity as proper politicking.

In a scene that was more "Straight Outta Compton" than civil society, O'Malley, former ... Published:11/30/2019 5:36:31 PM

[World] Thanks for Reading
This blog is no longer being updated.

Thanks for reading, please enjoy the archives!
Published:11/30/2019 12:37:49 PM
[World] Upgrade: My wife is 61 and earns $50,000; I’m 65 and earn $400,000 — should she take Social Security next year? Doing this right could yield this couple $150,000 extra.
Published:11/30/2019 12:37:48 PM
[World] Beat the System: This couple gave up making $200,000 at hedge funds to live on a 36-foot yacht Bill and Grace Heaton, both in their 30s, say they’re living the dream: ‘Don’t go chasing things that you think will buy happiness.’
Published:11/30/2019 8:38:50 AM
[World] BOOK REVIEW: 'Someone is Out to Get Us'

The hardest job for a critic is reviewing a flawed but enjoyable book. It’s like trying to praise a play with lots of clever, catchy dialogue but a hopeless plot.

Leafing through Brian Brown’s “Someone Is Out to Get Us” – an engaging popular history of the Cold War – ... Published:11/29/2019 8:31:15 PM

[World] Here’s one thing you should be shopping for this holiday season: a house A new analysis shows the benefits of buying a home when there’s a chill in the air.
Published:11/29/2019 3:00:54 PM
[World] People attending major incident on London Bridge Police in London said on Friday they are “dealing with an incident” in central London, after they were called to a stabbing at premises close to London Bridge at the edge of the financial district.
Published:11/29/2019 9:28:24 AM
[World] London Markets: Online grocer Ocado shines in otherwise lackluster London markets Double-digit percentage gains for Ocado came after it announced a partnership with Japan’s biggest supermarket Aeon Co.
Published:11/29/2019 7:58:57 AM
[World] Democrats as complacent about Trump in 2016 as Republicans are about socialism in 2020

Nobody as far left as socialist Sen. Bernard Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth "I'm not a socialist" Warren can possibly win a U.S. general election, right?

Probably true.

But here's thoughts from the other side of the pond — the side that gave us the Magna Carta and the industrial revolution ... Published:11/29/2019 7:29:29 AM

[World] Dow Jones Newswires: U.K. Court of Appeal upholds injunction against Royal Mail strike ballot Earlier this month, the High Court ruled a postal ballot of Royal Mail employees for industrial action was unlawful and granted an interim injunction against the strike, the postal service and courier company said.
Published:11/29/2019 12:00:25 AM
[World] Who Exactly Is The ‘Parasite’?

This new genre-bending film from South Korea delivers a sophisticated upstairs-downstairs with a macabre twist.

The post Who Exactly Is The ‘Parasite’? appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:11/28/2019 7:57:10 PM
[World] Thanksgiving postscript

Thanksgiving is one of those days on which gratitude is front and center — even though marking (and mocking) it with such terms as "Friendsgiving" and "Black Friday" is commercially trendy.

Still, as the turkey's roasting — or frying, if that's your thing — and the family's trying to keep ... Published:11/28/2019 6:26:53 PM

[World] Private sector has a big role in the cybersecurity wars

Cyberspace, the human-made fifth domain, has proven to be a great force multiplier for free expression and commerce.

But it has also proven to be an unregulated playing field vulnerable to exploitation by bad actors like China, Russia, Iran and North Korea as well as criminal cartels and international terrorists.

Published:11/28/2019 5:24:52 PM
[World] Should Twitter and Facebook be punished through government regulation?

When Twitter announced its recent ban on political advertising, the Trump campaign leveled heavy criticism at the platform, suggesting in an official statement that walking away from “hundreds of millions of dollars of potential revenue” was “a dumb decision for their stockholders.” And when Facebook recently rejected a blanket ban ... Published:11/28/2019 2:27:12 PM

[World] Project Guardian will enforce current gun laws to combat gun crime

Like George Orwell’s “newspeak” from his brilliant novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” the left has exchanged words and phrases they use in the public debate. They hope the euphemistic changes will better sell their ideas than the tired old ones. For example, liberals became progressives, global warming became climate change, quid pro ... Published:11/28/2019 1:24:36 PM

[World] Weekend Sip: Just in time for Thanksgiving: cranberry-flavored beer New England brewer pays homage to the region with this fruity offering.
Published:11/28/2019 10:52:32 AM
[World] Thanksgiving, Rick Perry style

Outgoing Energy Secretary Rick Perry sparked some seriously shocked conversations among the high-brow, eyebrow-raising leftists and secularists of the media and political worlds when he recently said on national TV that President Donald Trump was "ordained by God" to take the White House and lead the ... Published:11/27/2019 11:22:11 PM

[World] Impeachment farce boomerangs on Democrats

House Democrats have a new motto: "If you can't beat 'em, impeach 'em."

With this week's announcement that the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence will complete a majority report on impeachment and send the issue to the House Judiciary Committee to draw up and pass articles of impeachment, the ... Published:11/27/2019 7:23:25 PM

[World] BOOK REVIEW: 'The Case for Nationalism'

Rich Lowry, named editor of National Review in 1997 by Bill Buckley, is author of “Lincoln Unbound: How an Ambitious Young Railsplitter Saved the American Dream — and How We Can Do It Again” and “Legacy: Paying the Price for the Clinton Years.”

As the successor to a legend who ... Published:11/27/2019 12:18:46 PM

[World] Caroline Baum: Stock market’s optimism about trade deal amounts to just a hill of (soy)beans The stock market’s optimism about a U.S.-China trade deal is overblown, says Caroline Baum.
Published:11/27/2019 10:18:57 AM
[World] Economic Report: U.S. consumer spending climbs again in October even as incomes fall flat Consumer spending rose in October for the eighth month in a row, a potentially good sign for the U.s. holiday shopping season that gets underway after the Thanksgiving holiday with Black Friday shopping to come.
Published:11/27/2019 9:18:19 AM
[World] Market Snapshot: Stocks open modestly higher after another round of stock-market records, economic data U.S. stocks opened flat to slightly higher Wednesday ahead of the last full trading day of a holiday-shortened week, building on a record finish for major indexes as investors remain upbeat about prospects for a partial U.S.-China trade deal.
Published:11/27/2019 8:48:32 AM
[World] Coca-cola and quacks: how Kenya's restrictive abortion laws fuel infanticide Published:11/27/2019 6:16:34 AM
[World] Michael Bloomberg's icky plunge reveals Democratic desperation

How serious is the destruction of the Democratic Party? The entrance into the 2020 presidential race by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg confirms the party essentially doesn't even exist anymore.

Mr. Bloomberg officially launched his campaign with an ad and is proceeding to spend $34 million in a ... Published:11/27/2019 5:15:42 AM

[World] Losing Their Religion, Really?

Contra the media, religious affiliation and churchgoing hasn't fluctuated dramatically over the last decade.

The post Losing Their Religion, Really? appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:11/26/2019 9:13:32 PM
[World] Giving thanks in contentious times

Thanksgiving has always held a very special place in my heart and the hearts of all Americans who celebrate this day to thank God for the blessings He has bestowed upon our lives and our nation.

But for many of us, this year's Thanksgiving has even deeper meaning for our ... Published:11/26/2019 6:12:58 PM

[World] The Margin: Melania Trump speaks to kids about the opioid crisis, endures ‘worst booing she has received at a public event’ President Trump is probably used to it by now, having been met with a chorus of boos at a couple of high-profile sporting events in the past month before he found relief in the warm embrace of Crimson Tide fans in the Deep South. But for Melania, this is something new, according to CNN’s Kate Bennett.
Published:11/26/2019 5:13:43 PM
[World] Amanda Makki Makes “No New Taxes” Commitment in FL-13 Race Published:11/26/2019 3:46:01 PM
[World] Drug-pricing proposals threaten to derail the pace of biomedical advances

Americans are the envy of the world when it comes to accessing the medicines that save, extend and improve lives. Consider that 90 percent of the new drugs approved in the United States, Europe and Japan and launched in any country between 2011 and 2017 are available in the United ... Published:11/26/2019 3:13:37 PM

[World] Outside the Box: 4 reasons why this bull market in stocks will keep going in 2020 It’s time to focus on “quality” companies.
Published:11/26/2019 3:13:34 PM
[World] Congress must pass the Non-Opioids Prevent Addiction in the Nation Act

When it comes to ending the opioid crisis, not all Trump administration officials are on the same page. 

As a record number of Americans die from drug overdoses — fueled primarily by opioids, including heroin and fentanyl — the administration rolled out a new website to help people find addiction ... Published:11/26/2019 2:12:19 PM

[World] The Tell: The most heavily shorted stocks on Wall Street — and how they’ve performed, in one chart The most shorted stocks in the large-cap Russell 1000 have turned in solid returns in 2019, but trail the S&P 500 and the least-shorted stocks. That means shorts have “done OK” on a relative basis, note analysts at Bespoke Investment Group.
Published:11/26/2019 2:12:18 PM
[World] The Ratings Game: Nutanix stock swings 15%, because that’s what it does after earnings Nutanix Inc. shares tend to make huge swings after earnings, and the cloud computing company is keeping that streak alive Tuesday.
Published:11/26/2019 11:11:32 AM
[World] Homeland Security watchdog investigates whistleblower complaint over lapses in bioterrorism program

A former information security manager alleged he was retaliated against for complaining that sensitive BioWatch data were vulnerable to hackers.

Published:11/26/2019 9:13:08 AM
[World] California officials side with marijuana company in new fight over home deliveries

Escalating its legal battle with California cities and counties over where marijuana can be sold, the state is seeking to intervene in a second court to uphold its rules allowing home-delivery of cannabis in communities that have banned pot shops.

Published:11/26/2019 7:11:08 AM
[World] Mark Hulbert: These 2019 stock market winners are your ticket to ride Wall Street’s ‘Big Mo’ in December Momentum strategies typically are strongest in year-end trading, writes Mark Hulbert.
Published:11/26/2019 7:11:08 AM
[World] Futures Movers: Oil gains on trade-talk optimism, forecasts for slower U.S. production Oil prices edged modestly higher Tuesday amid market optimism that the slow-moving trade talks between China and the U.S. will ultimately result in a deal that keeps these giant energy customers buying enough oil to at least soak up production.
Published:11/26/2019 6:45:05 AM
[World] Cannabis Watch: ‘CBD has the potential to harm you,’ FDA warns consumers The U.S. Food and Drug Administration updated its stance on CBD late Monday, saying that the cannabis derivative may have the potential to harm people.
Published:11/26/2019 6:11:08 AM
[World] 'Cult of Trump' infects minds of left

The left has a new anti-Donald Trump trend, and it's one that goes like this: If you like this president, if you support this president, if you regard this president through any other lens than "impeach, impeach, impeach" — well then, that means you're part of a cult.

Of all ... Published:11/26/2019 4:45:39 AM

[World] Michael Bloomberg and Donald Trump, meet Gladys Henderson of Nebraska

Republicans, Democrats, independents: Lend me your eyes and ears — and if Michael Bloomberg and President Trump are paying attention, here's the American voter you both need to court.

Her name is Gladys Harrison, and she lives in Omaha, Nebraska, where she runs a restaurant called Big Mama's Kitchen and ... Published:11/25/2019 9:38:03 PM

[World] Don’t Blame Trade For Static Living Standards

The real culprit is the trillions we pay in defense and medical costs each year.

The post Don’t Blame Trade For Static Living Standards appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:11/25/2019 9:38:03 PM
[World] Elizabeth Warren is a contemptuous liar and patronizing hypocrite

In this constantly roiling sea of lies coming from Washington, it sure is helpful when a politician says something that is obviously false and reveals all you need to know about that particular lair.

House "intelligence" committee chairman Adam B. Schiff is one of those people, as he has demonstrated ... Published:11/25/2019 6:38:44 PM

[World] Some British lessons on 'single payer' health care

Congressional sponsors of Medicare for All single-payer legislation — bills abolishing virtually all existing public and private health insurance — routinely promise that all Americans will get equal access to higher quality care and enjoy superior medical outcomes.

Performance, however, is the acid test of sound policy. While the U.S. ... Published:11/25/2019 4:45:55 PM

[World] The FCC must fast track 5G technology

“Impeachment!” may blare from headlines and lead cable news shows, but there is another matter of far-reaching importance that should interest every American who uses technology to communicate. It is a matter that affects millions of jobs, trillions of dollars and the national security of our nation. Yet, it languishes; ... Published:11/25/2019 3:39:02 PM

[World] The Margin: That’s ruff: White House mixes up hero dog’s gender But we can all agree that Conan, the Belgian Malinois injured during the al-Baghdadi raid, is a very good dog
Published:11/25/2019 3:39:01 PM
[World] Review/Preview: Hellier The following is a review of the documentary series "Hellier" from Planet Weird Productions, with as few spoilers as possible, though some minor spoilers may be unavoidable.

Back in 2017, paranormal investigators Greg & Dana Newkirk, Karl Pfeiffer, and Connor Randal found themselves on the back roads of Appalachia, heading]] Published:11/25/2019 3:06:49 PM

[World] The Margin: Sacha Baron Cohen’s rebuke of history’s ‘greatest propaganda machine’ draws response from Facebook The comedian who gave us such controversial hits as “Borat” and “This is America” was in no mood for laughs last week.
Published:11/25/2019 2:37:41 PM
[World] The Number One: Bloomberg eclipses Obama with record-breaking advertising buy Michael Bloomberg is making a splash on the airwaves this week, if not in the polls, as the newest Democratic presidential contender spends nearly $35 million in a record-breaking advertising buy.
Published:11/25/2019 1:05:50 PM
[World] If the presidential election depends on Wisconsin, Trump supporters are ready

Trump supporters in the Midwestern states who will decide whether President Donald J. Trump will win a second term next November are organizing, undergoing training and preparing to begin knocking on doors this winter.

Last weekend nearly 250 volunteers gathered in West Allis, Wisconsin, to prepare what they all see ... Published:11/25/2019 12:35:47 PM

[World] T.I. Breaks His Silence After Controversial Hymen Comments T.I.T.I. is speaking out about his controversial comments regarding his daughter's hymen. In early November, the 39-year-old rapper said on the Ladies Like Us podcast that he goes to the...
Published:11/25/2019 12:07:32 PM
[World] Upgrade: Kathie Lee Gifford was ‘dying of loneliness,’ and here’s what she did to fix it — it could be worth a shot for you, too Former ‘Today’ host now says she is “having the life I could’ve only ever dreamed of.”
Published:11/25/2019 11:36:59 AM
[World] Project Syndicate: Roubini explains why the stock market’s new exuberance may be irrational Investors would do well to remember that the fundamental risks to growth remain, and are actually getting worse.
Published:11/25/2019 7:40:14 AM
[World] Uber shares hit after losing license to operate in London over safety fears Major blow to the global ride-hailing app after being refused the right to operate in its biggest market in Europe, but Uber is likely to appeal the ruling and will continue to operate during any legal challenge.
Published:11/25/2019 6:07:36 AM
[World] NerdWallet: Loopholes and tricks you should know about airlines’ basic economy fares Airlines don’t actually want you to book this fare. Here’s how to beat basic economy at its own game.
Published:11/25/2019 4:03:28 AM
[World] LVMH Moët Hennessy reaches $16.2 billion deal for Tiffany & Co. Ending weeks of speculation, LVMH announces Monday a definitive agreement to buy U.S. jewelry giant Tiffany for $135 per share.
Published:11/25/2019 2:03:28 AM
[World] The Wall Street Journal: Ukrainian energy official details how Giuliani associates tried to recruit him Two associates of Rudy Giuliani tried to recruit a top Ukrainian energy official in March in a proposed takeover of the state oil-and-gas company, describing the company’s chief executive and the then-U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch as part of “this Soros cartel” working against President Trump.
Published:11/24/2019 10:32:14 PM
[World] TAC Bookshelf: Of Christians and Liberals and Greeks

Here's what our writers and editors are reading this week.

The post TAC Bookshelf: Of Christians and Liberals and Greeks appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:11/24/2019 9:05:19 PM
[World] What today's educational ruling class gets wrong

“I believe that raising a child is the responsibility of the community and that parents should not have the final say. Let’s be honest; some of you don’t know what is best for your kids. Parents believe they should be able to storm the school in the name of political ... Published:11/24/2019 6:36:22 PM

[World] Market Extra: Why are markets ignoring escalating conflict in Hong Kong? Investors are betting that U.S.-China trade relations can survive Congress’ protest against Beijing’s policy toward Hong Kong
Published:11/24/2019 8:04:18 AM
[World] How America can still win the race to 5G wireless technology

The Federal Communications Commission has thrown a curve ball into the global race for deployment of 5G — the much-anticipated fifth generation of cellular and wireless technology. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has announced his support for a government-run auction of an underutilized 500 megahertz space on the electronic spectrum that ... Published:11/23/2019 5:27:45 PM

[World] Impeachment hearings leave Americans hungry for national healing

Forty-five percent of self-identified independent voters said in a survey conducted this week by Emerson College that they're against impeachment of this president — and that's after a Marquette University poll a conducted couple days earlier found 53 percent of Wisconsin voters want Donald Trump to stay.

The takeaway? Voters ... Published:11/23/2019 2:32:17 PM

[World] Bill Gates-backed Heliogen’s solar ‘breakthrough’ could replace fossil fuels in steel and other big-polluting industries Heliogen, a Bill Gates-supported clean energy company, claims it has achieved a breakthrough in concentrated solar energy that could replace the fossil fuels used in heavy-emissions processes such as making cement, steel, glass and petrochemicals.
Published:11/23/2019 11:55:24 AM
[World] Outside the Box: Companies’ core earnings are more crazily distorted than investors realize, and that puts stocks at risk Look at Northrop Grumman as an example.
Published:11/23/2019 9:25:55 AM
[World] Americans are taking ‘disturbing’ action when they seek mental-health coverage Affordable mental-health coverage grows more difficult to access, according to a new study.
Published:11/23/2019 7:22:34 AM
[World] Sen. Elizabeth Warren's wealth tax will not unify Americans

Sen. Elizabeth Warren made another pitch for her “2 cents” wealth tax plan during the fifth Democratic debate in Atlanta on Wednesday night, this time with the added bonus that it would help “build an America that works for the people, not just rich folks.”

Ms. Warren went so far ... Published:11/22/2019 2:18:50 PM

[World] Indicted Netanyahu Channels Trump in Defiance

Israel's longest serving prime minister is down, but far from being out.

The post Indicted Netanyahu Channels Trump in Defiance appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:11/22/2019 12:18:33 PM
[World] Outside the Box: Soaring student debt is keeping people of all ages from a stable retirement. Here’s how to help Navigating student loan debt is our collective responsibility.
Published:11/22/2019 10:51:02 AM
[World] Gifts That Pay Off: The best presents to buy your presents — the hardest people to shop for For starters, don’t buy them a reminder of their age.
Published:11/22/2019 8:16:27 AM
[World] Divisive Democrats in D.C. City Hall?

The field of Democrats running to kick President Trump out of the White House was as divisive as ever Wednesday in the Land of Tyler Perry, whose newly minted entertainment compound in Atlanta hosted the presidential candidates' debate.

"The Generals" — Sen. Bernard Sanders and Elizabeth Warren — took on ... Published:11/21/2019 10:15:01 PM

[World] Gender-Neutral Barbie and the Progressives Who Attack Her

Believe it or not, some on the left think the crazy new toy doesn't go far enough.

The post Gender-Neutral Barbie and the Progressives Who Attack Her appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:11/21/2019 7:47:32 PM
[World] Modernized conservation easement laws can benefit landowners, environment and IRS

Even the best-intended government policies can sometimes cause unintended consequences. When the government protected the spotted owl as an endangered species, for example, it became illegal to work the land this owl called home. So when farmers saw spotted owls on their land, they shot them. Measures to save the ... Published:11/21/2019 5:15:21 PM

[World] The AMA declares war on vaping and public health

Amid an unprecedented percentage of teens reporting that they had vaped at least once during the past month, the Trump administration was poised to announce a ban on flavors in all nicotine vaping products earlier this month. Yet after the White House met with endorsers, like the American Medical Association ... Published:11/21/2019 3:12:57 PM

[World] BOOK REVIEW: 'The Siberian Dilemma'

Investigator Arkady Renko is a popular series character enjoyed by crime aficionados ever since readers were first introduced to the Moscow detective in Martin Cruz Smith’s 1981 thriller “Gorky Park.” A fine film based on the novel and starring Lee Marvin and William Hurt as Arkady Renko came out in ... Published:11/21/2019 2:17:19 PM

[World] Macy’s should become more like TJX and focus more on off-price retail: CFRA Macy’s off-price banner Backstage was a bright spot in the third quarter.
Published:11/21/2019 1:15:14 PM
[World] The Popular High School Textbook That Writes Off Conservatives

American Pageant trumpets Democratic presidents while sneering at Trump and ignoring Republicans.

The post The Popular High School Textbook That Writes Off Conservatives appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:11/21/2019 12:43:06 PM
[World] Investors have already priced in a U.S. - China trade deal, according to these indicators ‘Markets think this pie is baked, cooled and ready to serve,’ Colas said. ‘If you aren't as sanguine, ‘you need to be lightening up on risk exposure right now.’
Published:11/21/2019 11:41:24 AM
[World] The Fed: Fed’s Kashkari says some data suggests caution on economy Some of the recent U.S. economic data that give hints about future activity are raising a bit of concern about the outlook, Minneapolis Federal Reserve President Neel Kashkari said Thursday.
Published:11/21/2019 10:42:50 AM
[World] Economic Report: Existing-home sales rebound 1.9% in October as low mortgage rates continue to provide a lift Inventory remains a concern as the supply of homes for sale fell.
Published:11/21/2019 9:41:11 AM
[World] Economic Report: Philly Fed manufacturing index improves in November The Philadelphia Fed manufacturing index in November rose to 10.4 from 5.6 in the prior month.
Published:11/21/2019 7:46:41 AM
[World] As Democratic primary heads toward an all-white top tier, debate underscores risks of losing black voters

Democrats likely "Final Four" candidates offer an important measure of diversity: A woman, an openly gay man; two of the oldest men ever to run for president, and the youngest. But missing is any candidate of color, one of the most important constituencies of the Democratic Party.

Published:11/21/2019 7:11:42 AM
[World] Burisma shows double standard of Democrats

If anything concrete has come from the Democrat-fueled impeachment hearings being spearheaded by House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, it's this: Witnesses acknowledge Hunter Biden's Burisma Holdings' post came in at "less than comfortable" on the old ethics scale.

So why isn't Capitol Hill and the media more focused on this ... Published:11/21/2019 4:46:29 AM

[World] Dynamite White House Witness Blows Up in Republicans’ Faces

Sadly, it was the GOP's own lawyer who coaxed the damning statements from Gordon Sondland today.

The post Dynamite White House Witness Blows Up in Republicans’ Faces appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:11/20/2019 8:09:01 PM
[World] 'America First' should mean prioritizing collection of foreign debt

The Trump administration has been advancing an "America First" platform, with a focus on immigration, trade and economic development. Now three years in, the results have been positive for the country.

The administration has justifiably put America's trading relationships and fair treatment in the international economy under great scrutiny, whether ... Published:11/20/2019 7:45:30 PM

[World] America is at war with China

Picture this: The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and its battle group are conducting a freedom-of-navigation exercise in the South China Sea. The Reagan approaches one of the many artificial islands that China has created and weaponized in its attempt to cement its claim to sovereignty over the contested waters. ... Published:11/20/2019 4:43:24 PM

[World] 'Deep state' coup of Trump presidency doesn't seem so far-fetched

For most of the last three years, Donald Trump’s critics have scoffed at supposed “conspiracy theories” that claimed a “deep state” of bureaucrats were aborting the Trump presidency. We have been told the word “coup” is hyperbole that reveals the paranoid minds of Trump supporters.

Yet oddly, many people brag ... Published:11/20/2019 4:06:39 PM

[World] Kaitlyn Bristowe Says Shawn Booth Almost Broke Up With Her After Nick Viall Became The Bachelor Shawn Booth, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Nick Viall It's been a year since Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth shocked Bachelor Nation by announcing their split. The former Bachelorette looked back at her relationship with her former...
Published:11/20/2019 4:06:38 PM
[World] Democrats get desperate in 2020 presidential election

Michael Bloomberg and Deval Patrick’s presidential runs clearly signal Democratic establishment desperation with its 2020 field. What is unclear is whether their runs are the cause or the effect of establishment desperation. Simply, the Democrats’ contest is spiraling out of control and toward November 2020 defeat.  

The Democrats’ nomination ... Published:11/20/2019 2:06:13 PM

[World] Key Words: ‘It’s all over!’ — because Trump’s notepad says so, in big Sharpie strokes “I would say that means it’s all over,” Trump said, suggesting Sondland’s testimony exonerates him. “If you weren’t fake news, you’d cover it properly.”
Published:11/20/2019 1:36:52 PM
[World] BOOK REVIEW: 'C.S. Lewis: A Very Short Introduction'

Clive Staples Lewis wrote “about 40 books” in his lifetime, according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. How many of them can you name without assistance?

This reviewer gave it a go and came up with 19 books, including six of the seven Narnia books, two of the space trilogy novels and ... Published:11/20/2019 1:07:01 PM

[World] The Margin: Millennial bets most of his savings on one of the stock market’s riskiest plays — and he’s about to cash in $1.5 million In the spring of 2010, when the stock market was picking up the pieces after the Great Recession, one 29-year-old with a law degree and a penchant for flipping stocks was busy licking his wounds from one bad trade after another.
Published:11/20/2019 12:07:05 PM
[World] Capitol Report: House panel passes bill aiming to legalize marijuana, but top Democrat concedes ‘Senate will take its own time’ The Democratic-controlled House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday voted in favor a bill that decriminalizes marijuana at the federal level, with a couple of Republicans supporting the measure.
Published:11/20/2019 11:37:44 AM
[World] Why investors in U.S. stocks shouldn’t underestimate Hong Kong as a big risk The Senate’s support of democracy in Hong Kong could become a wedge issue between the U.S. and China.
Published:11/20/2019 11:06:27 AM
[World] Outside the Box: This common — and preventable — mishap can ruin your retirement, and maybe kill you Ask an aging expert about the top three risks that retirees face and the answer may surprise you.
Published:11/20/2019 9:38:15 AM
[World] Trump Today: Trump heads to meet Apple CEO Tim Cook at $1 billion Apple plant in Texas President Donald Trump will get a tour the new Apple manufacturing plant in Austin, Texas from CEO Tim Cook on Wednesday.
Published:11/20/2019 9:04:53 AM
[World] Microsoft Teams is making Slack investors nervous with its growth Microsoft Teams, which grew 54% since July to more than 20 million daily active users, is on a trajectory to double Slack’s customer base by early next year as more corporations adopt group chat.
Published:11/20/2019 7:05:18 AM
[World] Chick-fil-A ends support to Salvation Army, other Christian-based nonprofits after bullying by left

Chicken restaurant chain Chick-fil-A has become beloved among many Americans who appreciate the fast-food operation for its commitment to community and proud support of Christian nonprofits through its Chick-fil-A Foundation.

But all of that may be changing after years of being bullied by the gay rights machine accusing it of ... Published:11/20/2019 5:04:37 AM

[World] Both sides are nervous about what Sondland will say at today's impeachment hearing

Gordon Sondland, U.S. ambassador to the EU, has emerged as a pivotal link between Trump and a shadow foreign policy led by Rudolph W. Giuliani.

Published:11/20/2019 5:04:37 AM
[World] NerdWallet: Experts offer up some Black Friday shopping strategies Don’t get sucked in to the hype: not everything is a great deal on Black Friday.
Published:11/20/2019 4:04:38 AM
[World] Dow Jones Newswires: Sage Group profit falls 9.3% and plans capital-return Sage Group said that it expects recurring revenue growth to be between 8% and 9% in fiscal 2020, with an organic operating margin expected to be around 23%.
Published:11/20/2019 1:40:50 AM
[World] The Outrage Industry’s Latest Child Soldier

Nick Fuentes shouts and slurs and makes us wonder—how did we get here?

The post The Outrage Industry’s Latest Child Soldier appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:11/19/2019 9:04:13 PM
[World] Alexander Vindman should have left his uniform at home

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, thank you for your service. Now, please remove your Army Service Uniform.

You may be new to partisan politics so perhaps you can be forgiven for your naivety. From your testimony, it is hard to tell whether you even realize how badly you are being used ... Published:11/19/2019 7:34:46 PM

[World] Donald Trump impeachment hearings change zero minds

President Trump is being impeached by Democrats, who control the House of Representatives. And after three days of contentious testimony — with breathless headlines deemed BREAKING! every five minutes — you know how many minds have been changed?

Zero. Zero minds. Zippy the chimp.

Here's why. Republicans believe Mr. Trump ... Published:11/19/2019 7:04:31 PM

[World] Newsom blocks new California fracking pending scientific review

Gov. Gavin Newsom wants an independent scientific review of all new proposals for hydraulic fracturing by California's oil industry.

Published:11/19/2019 6:31:59 PM
[World] America's early apologists for Islam

The good, just and chic of the United States consistently fulfill the role of Islam’s patron. The establishment emphasizes several benign and simplistic themes, as I outlined in 2002: There is no clash of civilizations. Terrorism is not Islamic. Islam is compatible with American ideals. It adds to American life. ... Published:11/19/2019 4:30:43 PM

[World] The Conservatives' plan to wreck Brexit again

So, it’s official, the Conservative Party wants to wreck Brexit. Why else is it fielding candidates in Labor-held seats that it has not won in more than 100 years, which will split the Brexit vote and increase the chances of Remain candidates winning?

Last week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson spurned ... Published:11/19/2019 3:32:03 PM

[World] Mark Hulbert: Stocks are likely to slide in coming weeks because market-timers are too bullish Investors’ ‘wall of worry’ to climb is giving way to a downward ‘slope of hope,’ writes Mark Hulbert.
Published:11/19/2019 3:32:02 PM
[World] Defending illegal aliens that commit crimes

In many ways, California is a fine place to live, work or visit. I lived in California for a year when I was in the Navy many years ago and I recently visited the Golden State. Unfortunately, the current governor is so unlike a previous resident of the Governor’s Mansion ... Published:11/19/2019 2:30:52 PM

[World] Why is the Fed Muscling in on PayPal’s Business?

The government agency is launching its own payment system which will kill competition while hiking costs to taxpayers and consumers.

The post Why is the Fed Muscling in on PayPal’s Business? appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:11/19/2019 2:30:51 PM
[World] This is not your grandfather’s utility sector, T. Rowe Price says Utilities aren’t just a defensive play, they will offer among the best return of any sector over the long term, one asset manager says.
Published:11/19/2019 2:30:51 PM
[World] WaPo: Vapers Are "Astroturf" and Should Probably Die in Darkness Published:11/19/2019 2:01:29 PM
[World] The Number One: This investment has beaten Warren Buffett by 200X over the past 30 years — but good luck grabbing a piece of it Would you invest in a fund that charges a 5% management fee and a 44% performance fee? Sounds like a bad idea, a ripoff, a fleecing of the sheep by some greedy Wall Street master of the universe. Until you look at the numbers.
Published:11/19/2019 2:01:29 PM
[World] How I beat the Republican establishment in deep-red Georgia

Following the nail-biting race between Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams last year, the equally nerve-wracking race between Karen Handel and Jon Ossof in 2017, and the Democrats’ escalating plans to turn Georgia blue in 2020, my home state has found an increasingly significant place in American politics over the last ... Published:11/19/2019 1:31:50 PM

[World] Key Words: Former Goldman boss Lloyd Blankfein, with a net worth of $1.3 billion, says TV reporters make too much money “Do you think CEO’s make too much money?” CNBC host Scott Wapner asked ex-Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein during a Tuesday afternoon interview.
Published:11/19/2019 1:00:30 PM
[World] The Moneyist: I’ve lived with an elderly friend for 16 years and he made me his executor — I’m not a gold digger, but now I suspect he’s broke ‘I took him at his word because he’s been so dependable forever and now we are nearly broke.’
Published:11/19/2019 12:00:13 PM
[World] Key Words: The woman who nailed 2018’s stock-market drop says ‘China is kind of a sideshow’ — the big Trump trade is Europe Nancy Davis, the chief investment officer and founder of advisory firm Quadratic Capital, says much of the markets focus has been on the U.S.’s trade confrontation with China but speculated that increasing trade tensions with Europe could deliver an unexpected blow to Wall Street.
Published:11/19/2019 10:00:41 AM
[World] Market Snapshot: Dow seen opening higher despite doubts about China trade deal, Home Depot outlook U.S. stock-index futures on Tuesday drift higher as investors look to extend a record rally for stocks despite uncertainty about progress for a partial China trade deal and headwinds from an influential Dow component, Home Depot, which delivered quarterly results that disappointed on sales.
Published:11/19/2019 6:58:43 AM
[World] Impeachment fatigue a real risk for Democrats

Rep. Jeff Van Drew, a Democrat from New Jersey, told a Fox News "Sunday Morning Futures" audience that his Capitol Hill colleagues were expressing "concern" about the ongoing, never-ending nature of the impeachment look-sees at President Donald Trump — and that worse, word on the street is that ... Published:11/19/2019 4:30:13 AM

[World] The Enigma of the Arab World

A new book unlocks a magisterial history of three millennia—and language is key to understanding the Middle East.

The post The Enigma of the Arab World appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:11/18/2019 10:28:47 PM
[World] Mauldin: China's Grand Plan To Take Over The World Mauldin: China's Grand Plan To Take Over The World

Authored by John Mauldin via,

When the US and ultimately the rest of the Western world began to engage China, resulting in China finally being allowed into the World Trade Organization in the early 2000s, no one really expected the outcomes we see today.

There is no simple disengagement path, given the scope of economic and legal entanglements. This isn’t a “trade” we can simply walk away from.

But it is also one that, if allowed to continue in its current form, could lead to a loss of personal freedom for Western civilization. It really is that much of an existential question.

Doing nothing isn’t an especially good option because, like it or not, the world is becoming something quite different than we expected just a few years ago - not just technologically, but geopolitically and socially.

China and the West

Let’s begin with how we got here.

My generation came of age during the Cold War. China was a huge, impoverished odd duck in those years. In the late 1970s, China began slowly opening to the West. Change unfolded gradually but by the 1990s, serious people wanted to bring China into the modern world, and China wanted to join it.

Understand that China’s total GDP in 1980 was under $90 billion in current dollars. Today, it is over $12 trillion. The world has never seen such enormous economic growth in such a short time.

Meanwhile, the Soviet Union collapsed and the internet was born. The US, as sole superpower, saw opportunities everywhere. American businesses shifted production to lower-cost countries. Thus came the incredible extension of globalization.

We in the Western world thought (somewhat arrogantly, in hindsight) everyone else wanted to be like us. It made sense. Our ideas, freedom, and technology had won both World War II and the Cold War that followed it. Obviously, our ways were best.

But that wasn’t obvious to people elsewhere, most notably China. Leaders in Beijing may have admired our accomplishments, but not enough to abandon Communism.

They merely adapted and rebranded it. We perceived a bigger change than there actually was. Today’s Chinese communists are nowhere near Mao’s kind of communism. Xi calls it “Socialism with a Chinese character.” It appears to be a dynamic capitalistic market, but is also a totalitarian, top-down structure with rigid rules and social restrictions.

So here we are, our economy now hardwired with an autocratic regime that has no interest in becoming like us.

China’s Hundred-Year Marathon

In The Hundred-Year Marathon, Michael Pillsbury marshals a lot of evidence showing the Chinese government has a detailed strategy to overtake the US as the world’s dominant power.

They want to do this by 2049, the centennial of China’s Communist revolution.

The strategy has been well documented in Chinese literature, published and sanctioned by organizations of the People’s Liberation Army, for well over 50 years.

And just as we have hawks and moderates on China within the US, there are hawks and moderates within China about how to engage the West. Unfortunately, the hawks are ascendant, embodied most clearly in Xi Jinping.

Xi’s vision of the Chinese Communist Party controlling the state and eventually influencing and even controlling the rest of the world is clear. These are not merely words for the consumption of the masses. They are instructions to party members.

Grand dreams of world domination are part and parcel of communist ideologies, going all the way back to Karl Marx. For the Chinese, this blends with the country’s own long history.

It isn’t always clear to Western minds whether they actually believe the rhetoric or simply use it to keep the peasantry in line. Pillsbury says Xi Jinping really sees this as China’s destiny, and himself as the leader who will deliver it.

To that end, according to Pillsbury, the Chinese manipulated Western politicians and business leaders into thinking China was evolving toward democracy and capitalism. In fact, the intent was to acquire our capital, technology, and other resources for use in China’s own modernization.

It worked, too.

Over the last 20–30 years, we have equipped the Chinese with almost everything they need to match us, technologically and otherwise. Hundreds of billions of Western dollars have been spent developing China and its state-owned businesses.

Sometimes this happened voluntarily, as companies gave away trade secrets in the (often futile) hope it would let them access China’s huge market. Other times it was outright theft. In either case, this was no accident but part of a long-term plan.

Pillsbury (who, by the way, advises the White House including the president himself) thinks the clash is intensifying because President Trump’s China skepticism is disrupting the Chinese plan. They see his talk of restoring America’s greatness as an affront to their own dreams.

In any case, we have reached a crossroads. What do we do about China now?

Targeted Response

In crafting a response, the first step is to define the problem correctly and specifically. We hear a lot about China cheating on trade deals and taking jobs from Americans. That’s not entirely wrong, but it’s also not the main challenge.

I believe in free trade. I think David Ricardo was right about comparative advantage: Every nation is better off if all specialize in whatever they do best.

However, free trade doesn’t mean nations need to arm their potential adversaries. Nowadays, military superiority is less about factories and shipyards than high-tech weapons and cyberwarfare. Much of our “peaceful” technology is easily weaponized.

This means our response has to be narrowly targeted at specific companies and products. Broad-based tariffs are the opposite of what we should be doing. Ditto for capital controls.

They are blunt instruments that may feel good to swing, but they hurt the wrong people and may not accomplish what we want.

We should not be using the blunt tool of tariffs to fight a trade deficit that is actually necessary.  The Chinese are not paying our tariffs; US consumers are.

Importing t-shirts and sneakers from China doesn’t threaten our national security. Let that kind of trade continue unmolested and work instead on protecting our advantages in quantum computing, artificial intelligence, autonomous drones, and so on.

The Trump administration appears to (finally) be getting this. They are clearly seeking ways to pull back the various tariffs and ramping up other efforts.

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Tyler Durden Mon, 11/18/2019 - 20:25
Published:11/18/2019 7:27:26 PM
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