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[World] TikToker Cat Janice Dead at 31 Cat Janice The TikTok community is gonna dance in honor of Cat Janice. The singer—whose track "Dance You Outta My Head" recently went viral on TikTok—died Feb. 28 following a battle with sarcoma, a...
Published:2/28/2024 6:30:46 PM
[World] Meet Sirius XM’s new odd couple: Warren Buffett and John Mayer Berkshire Hathaway and other Liberty Media shareholders are getting a “free money” play on the satellite-radio company. Published:2/28/2024 6:30:46 PM
[World]’s stock pops after earnings show growth accelerating “The enterprise market is on fire,”’s CEO said. Published:2/28/2024 6:16:40 PM
[World] Fighting Chinese communists and American elected officials in Ohio Earlier this week, there was a public meeting in Pataskala, Ohio - a small town east of Columbus - focused on a new factory in town. Published:2/28/2024 6:01:45 PM
[World] Mapping the Texas Governor’s effort to control the border at Eagle Pass Since 2021, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has been using state resources and national guard to patrol the border, with many of his efforts focused on Eagle Pass. Published:2/28/2024 5:19:22 PM
[World] More Election Rigging: Biden Admin Now Using Financial Aid to Pay Students to Aid Voting Published:2/28/2024 4:54:35 PM
[World] Supreme Court will hear Trump's claim of immunity from Jan. 6 prosecution, delaying his trial

The Supreme Court gave Trump a partial victory by delaying his trial to consider the former president's claim of immunity.

Published:2/28/2024 4:47:42 PM
[World] [Eugene Volokh] S. Ct. Will Hear Presidential Immunity Question in Trump v. U.S. Oral argument is set for the week of April 22. Published:2/28/2024 4:47:42 PM
[World] Duolingo’s stock soars more than 20% after ‘record’ bookings, quarterly profit for company Duolingo swings to a quarterly profit and calls for better-than-expected current quarter and 2024 sales. Published:2/28/2024 3:51:08 PM
[World] Apple’s buy-now-pay-later service will report customer data to Experian, in a ‘very positive first step’ for consumers Users of Apple’s buy-now-pay-later platform will soon have their payment history reported to one of the major credit bureaus, but it won’t affect their credit scores — at least not yet. Published:2/28/2024 3:43:39 PM
[World] Snowflake’s stock plunges as outlook misses and CEO steps down Snowflake’s stock was tumbling more than 20% in Wednesday’s extended session after the company underwhelmed with its outlook and announced that its chief executive has left that post. Published:2/28/2024 3:29:10 PM
[World] Shoplifting may have given Macy’s an excuse to close iconic San Francisco store, union says ‘I think it gives them the excuse to do what they wanted to do for the last few years,” union official says Published:2/28/2024 3:21:36 PM
[World] Four maps explain how Sweden and Finland will alter NATO’s security The countries also offer key geographic advantages, which would enhance NATO’s defenses. Published:2/28/2024 3:21:36 PM
[World] Odysseus has ‘fundamentally changed the economics of landing on the moon,’ says Intuitive Machines The success of Intuitive’s Odysseus moon lander will have a huge impact on the commercial space economy, according to Chief Executive Steve Altemus. Published:2/28/2024 1:54:31 PM
[World] French Senate votes to enshrine abortion in the constitution Officials and activists predict the bill will successfully secure the backing of three-fifths of lawmakers from both houses of parliament in a special congress next week at Versailles. Published:2/28/2024 1:24:16 PM
[World] Why traders are focusing on this obscure, but crucial, part of the financial system Investors and traders are paying close attention to a part of the nation’s financial plumbing that has implications for the banking system and Fed policy. Published:2/28/2024 1:24:16 PM
[World] Supreme Court leans in favor of upholding ban on bump stocks that work like machine guns

Supreme Court appears to favor upholding a Trump-era rule that outlaws rapid-fire 'bump stocks' on guns that allow a shooter to spray hundreds of bullets per minute.

Published:2/28/2024 1:03:10 PM
[World] Russia seizes more villages in Ukraine, raising fears of growing momentum The three villages, though strategically minor, still indicate that the Russian army is advancing while the Ukrainians are retreating. Published:2/28/2024 12:47:13 PM
[World] Personal wealth of just $1 million lands you in China’s top 1%. In the U.S., you’ll need $5.8 million. Barriers to one-percenter status are lowest in China and Japan, according to the annual Knight Frank Wealth Report, and highest in Monaco. Published:2/28/2024 12:03:35 PM
[World] Fed’s Williams said he’s ‘very focused’ on getting inflation back to target “While we’ve seen great progress toward achieving our goals, the journey is not yet over, and I am very focused on making sure we complete this mission successfully.” Published:2/28/2024 11:48:16 AM
[World] Ask Dr. E: Where are tomorrow's adults? Where are our leaders? When I watch the nightly news, I sometimes feel like I'm watching a nation of perpetual adolescent children. It's as if we live in a nation of teenagers whose only goal is to be popular. Where are tomorrow's adults? Where are our leaders? Published:2/28/2024 11:12:11 AM
[World] In Israeli-occupied Hebron, Palestinians describe living in ‘a prison’ Israel has intensified its military occupation of Hebron in the West Bank — through arrests and crippling restrictions on the movement of Palestinians. Published:2/28/2024 11:12:11 AM
[World] Niklaus Wirth, software developer who saw power in simplicity, dies at 89 “The art in engineering is not so much to make something very complicated,” Dr. Wirth said. “The art is to make a complicated problem simpler.” Published:2/28/2024 10:43:46 AM
[World] Rebecca Ferguson Says She Confronted “Idiot” Costar Who Made Her Cry Rebecca Ferguson, World Premiere of Dune: Part Two, 2024 Rebecca Ferguson is standing her ground. The Dune: Part Two actress reflected on a difficult experience on set with an "absolute idiot of a costar," that she said ultimately left her in tears.  "I...
Published:2/28/2024 10:29:49 AM
[World] ‘I’m devastated’: Alabama IVF patients turn to GoFundMe for help after state ruling halts fertility services Some Alabama IVF patients and their families are scrambling to raise money to ship their embryos out of state. Published:2/28/2024 10:29:49 AM
[World] Israeli filmmaker engulfed in backlash after anti-war speech in Berlin Yuval Abraham also criticized his government’s treatment of Palestinians at the Berlin film festival. He said ensuing death threats made it unsafe for him to return home. Published:2/28/2024 10:00:07 AM
[World] Oil prices rise, buoyed by bets that OPEC+ will decide to extend its voluntary output cuts Oil futures climb, buoyed by expectations that OPEC+ will extend its voluntary production cuts into the second quarter. Published:2/28/2024 10:00:07 AM
[World] PETA says it ‘rescued’ racing pigeons from King Charles, urges end to sport PETA is urging King Charles III to cut ties with pigeon racing. A Sandringham spokesperson said the royal pigeon loft “adheres to all standards.” Published:2/28/2024 9:20:22 AM
[World] Stripe’s $65 billion valuation by Goldman Sachs, Sequoia shows fintech appetite is back Stripe’s valuation has climbed by $15 billion in the past year, having been valued as high as $95 billion in 2021. Published:2/28/2024 9:13:26 AM
[World] ‘Everything going to plan’ for Virgin Galactic as ticket prices rise, Truist says Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc., which reported fourth-quarter results Tuesday, is set to reap the benefits of rising ticket prices, according to Truist Securities analyst Michael Ciarmoli. Published:2/28/2024 9:06:22 AM
[World] Breaking generational dysfunction: How to be a good dad when you didn't have a good father If you grew up dysfunctional, like me, you had to guess at normal male behavior -- and that includes how to be a great dad. Published:2/28/2024 8:51:55 AM
[World] Supreme Court Case Is about More than Regulating Social Media. Can You Comment? Maybe Not. Florida, Texas laws on content moderation mean that they won’t just impact social media but also review sites, comment sections on articles and even online listings. Published:2/28/2024 8:51:54 AM
[World] It Wasn't Only the High 'Uncommitted' Vote in Michigan That Worries Democrats Published:2/28/2024 8:44:32 AM
[World] Direct Line shares surge following Ageas offer to buy out U.K. insurer at 43% premium Shares in the British insurer rallied on Wednesday following a tough few years for the stock in the wake of plunging profits Published:2/28/2024 8:44:32 AM
[World] U.S. economy’s growth in the fourth quarter downgraded to 3.2%, GDP report shows The growth of the economy in the fourth quarter was downgraded slightly to a 3.2% annual pace, but the U.S. is still expanding at a rapid clip and shows few signs of slowing down. Published:2/28/2024 8:36:12 AM
[World] Prince Harry will not receive special security protection, court says Harry has tried to keep the same level of security in Britain that he had when he was a “working royal,” which included blanket protection by specially trained police officers. Published:2/28/2024 7:48:41 AM
[World] U.S. trade in goods deficit widens 2.6% in January The U.S. trade deficit in goods widened 2.6% to $90.2 billion in January, according to the Commerce Department’s advanced estimate released Wednesday. Published:2/28/2024 7:48:41 AM
[World] As Beyond Meat’s stock heads for its best day ever, analysts still feel cautious Bernstein is taking the forecast for dramatic gross-margin improvement “with a grain of salt” in light of this year’s performance. Published:2/28/2024 7:31:29 AM
[World] Everything you need to know about renting your home as a film location Published:2/28/2024 7:24:27 AM
[World] TJX’s stock heads for record as better-than-expected quarterly sales offset soft guidance The Framingham, Mass.-based company also said it expects to increase its dividend by 13% and buy back $2.0 billion to $2.5 billion of stock in fiscal 2025. Published:2/28/2024 7:10:17 AM
[World] Venezuela Homicide Rate Lowest in 22 Years As Its Gangs Migrate Here Published:2/28/2024 7:03:11 AM
[World] Opinion: Dump Biden? Here's why nominating another Democrat for president would be a mistake

Despite concerns about his age, polling against Trump and the "uncommitted" movement in the Michigan primary, the party has no other viable option in the 2024 election.

Published:2/28/2024 5:51:42 AM
[World] It turns out, the U.S. is one of the least concentrated stock markets in the world For all the talk about the Magnificent Seven and the ultra-reliance of just a handful of companies to drive stock-market returns, it turns out the U.S. is in fact one of the least concentrated markets in the world. Published:2/28/2024 5:51:42 AM
[World] ERISA killed defined-benefit pension plans, Yale Law School expert argues How important was the 1974 legislation compared with other factors? Published:2/28/2024 5:22:30 AM
[World] Is leap day lucky for the stock market? Here’s what history says. Investors look for insight into market performance as leap day approaches. Published:2/28/2024 5:15:36 AM
[World] Russian opposition leader Navalny’s funeral set for Friday in Moscow Navalny spokeswoman Kira Yarmysh said a funeral will take place at the Church of the Icon of the Mother of God in Navalny’s home district of Maryino. Published:2/28/2024 5:08:23 AM
[World] How much money do you need to buy a $400,000 house with a 7% mortgage rate? Mortgage rates are over 7% as the Federal Reserve is not likely to cut interest rates until later on in the year. Published:2/28/2024 5:01:34 AM
[World] Reckitt Benckiser profits slump on sales slowdown and Middle East accounting issue The Durex owner saw its sales volumes plunge following its decision to hike prices by 7.8% over 2023 Published:2/28/2024 3:50:43 AM
[World] Middle East conflict live updates: Israel and Hamas downplay progress toward cease-fire deal President Biden, under domestic political pressure over his handling of the war in Gaza, had said he hoped a weeks-long cease-fire could start as soon as next week. Published:2/28/2024 3:16:02 AM
[World] South African city copes with climate change by chopping down trees Cape Town is running low on water, so conservationists are clearing invasive species that are sucking it dry. Published:2/28/2024 1:10:17 AM
[World] Irene Camber, grande dame of women’s fencing, dies at 98 At the 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki, she became the first Italian woman to win a gold medal in foil fencing. Published:2/28/2024 12:12:18 AM
[World] Foreign troops in Ukraine? They’re already there. Stories of foreign nationals from Syria, Cuba, Nepal, India joining in Ukraine chart the tangled, tragic global fault lines of the war. Published:2/27/2024 11:11:48 PM
[World] ‘Dreadful’ Wonka-themed children’s event leads some guests to call police An underwhelming Willy Wonka-themed children’s event in Glasgow, Scotland, went viral after guests said they were misled by advertisements. Published:2/27/2024 9:55:32 PM
[World] Apple reportedly ends its longtime plans to build a self-driving EV Apple Inc. is scrapping an ambitious, decade-long effort to develop an electric car with self-driving capabilities, according to reports Tuesday. Published:2/27/2024 7:56:21 PM
[World] UN Expert on Trans Issues Plugs Bondage, Bestiality, and Being Buzzed on Drugs Published:2/27/2024 7:39:24 PM
[World] Dating app Bumble to lay off about 37% of its workforce as it looks to drive growth Online-dating company Bumble Inc. will lay off approximately 350 workers — about 37% of its workforce — as part of a restructuring plan. Published:2/27/2024 6:50:41 PM
[World] Warner Bros. Discovery, Paramount shares rise on report that merger talks have halted Shares of Warner Bros. Discovery Inc. and Paramount Global Inc. rose Tuesday after a new report said merger talks between the media giants have stopped. Published:2/27/2024 6:03:39 PM
[World] Vizio’s earnings show Wall Street why Walmart wants to buy the smart-TV maker Vizio Holding Corp., the TV maker being bought by Walmart Inc., reported fourth-quarter results Tuesday that beat expectations, helped by a jump in advertising and smart-TV platform sales. Published:2/27/2024 5:18:57 PM
[World] Office prices still need to drop 50% for housing conversion projects to work, says Goldman Prices in San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles and Seattle need to fall at least 30% more Published:2/27/2024 5:11:20 PM
[World] Lemonade warns that increased spending will hurt its near-term profit Lemonade Inc., a tech-powered insurance provider, said Tuesday it would spend more on growth this year, a move it said would hurt profits in the months ahead following a year of “extraordinary challenges” in the insurance industry. Published:2/27/2024 4:51:47 PM
[World] Macy’s Closing 30 Percent of Its Locations Published:2/27/2024 4:25:31 PM
[World] Surge pricing is coming to Wendy’s. Here’s how it already affects bigger purchases, like concert and plane tickets. The fast-food chain with a red-headed mascot is leaving some people red-faced after the news that it plans to test “dynamic pricing” starting as early as next year. Published:2/27/2024 4:17:34 PM
[World] Ukraine's war is not Israel's to fight Almost two weeks after Palestinian terrorists attacked Israel, President Biden addressed Americans and attempted to link the Oct. 7 slaughter of Israelis to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Published:2/27/2024 4:03:51 PM
[World] ‘I still can’t be sure if it’s a scam’: I lost $240,000 after a ‘friend’ I met on Instagram encouraged me to invest in crypto. Can I write off my loss? “They now say I need to pony up $150,000 — 15% of my ‘profit’ — to pay taxes. The company said this would be reimbursed.” Published:2/27/2024 3:26:16 PM
[World] Are U.S. stocks in a bubble? History says no. The S&P 500’s torrid and top-heavy advance over the past year has convinced some bearish investors that U.S. stocks are in a bubble. But history says otherwise. Published:2/27/2024 2:56:22 PM
[World] Federal Reserve chief Powell should go fly-fishing and leave interest rates alone Economic news has been good lately. Gross domestic product grew 3.3% in the fourth quarter, and inflation has come down. Published:2/27/2024 2:20:26 PM
[World] Even a rare Alphabet non-bull says Wall Street has overreacted on Google AI woes A Bernstein analyst with a neutral rating on Google doubts the company’s latest AI blunder will erode trust in its search brand. Published:2/27/2024 2:20:26 PM
[World] Biden hails cease-fire developments, but Hamas, Israel downplay progress Biden’s optimistic take on the state of negotiations was quickly contradicted by Israeli and Hamas officials, as people stuck in Gaza yearned for an end to the fighting. Published:2/27/2024 12:45:35 PM
[World] Antarctica was one of the few places without bird flu. Not anymore. A highly pathogenic bird flu strain reached mainland Antarctica for the first time, leading scientists to worry about the fate of its penguins and other species. Published:2/27/2024 11:57:27 AM
[World] [Stewart Baker] Google's Gemini Tells Us Exactly What's Wrong with Silicon Valley Episode 493 of the Cyberlaw Podcast Published:2/27/2024 11:37:55 AM
[World] Palestinian Authority gets a shake-up, but Abbas clings to power Even a clean sweep of ministers would make little difference to the Palestinian Authority, analysts said, if it continues to be dominated by Mahmoud Abbas. Published:2/27/2024 11:37:55 AM
[World] Why Caitlin Clark could make more money staying in college — than going to the WNBA The most Clark can make in WNBA salary is $76,535. She makes over $900,000 now in NIL deals. Published:2/27/2024 10:42:59 AM
[World] Sony cuts 900 PlayStation jobs after PS5 sales fell short of expectations Sony became the latest video-game business to reduce its workforce, as it announced plans to cut 900 jobs, representing 8% of its workforce. Published:2/27/2024 9:30:32 AM
[World] Supreme Court Should Affirm First Amendment with NetChoice We don’t protect free expression by having the government compel social media companies (or anyone else) to host and share the speech with which they disagree. Published:2/27/2024 9:16:18 AM
[World] Russian activist from Nobel-winning organization gets prison term The new penalty for Oleg Orlov comes as backers of deceased Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny say no venue will host his funeral because of government pressure. Published:2/27/2024 9:16:18 AM
[World] Confidence confidence falls to 106.7 in February from 110.9 Published:2/27/2024 9:01:41 AM
[World] Beauty vs. the AI beast: The company that beat Nvidia over a five-year period. The maker of Poreless Putty Primer has outperformed the maker of advanced microchips. Published:2/27/2024 8:53:28 AM
[World] Macy’s to close 150 stores as part of plan to boost growth and revitalize brand Shares of Macy’s fell Tuesday after the department-store chain announced a plan to revitalize its business that includes closing 150 stores and resulted in a $1 billion charge. Published:2/27/2024 8:19:32 AM
[World] I grew up in a broken home, now I lead a ministry that helps families thrive My childhood is full of some tough memories. Memories of a broken home, broken promises and dreams that just didn't come true. Published:2/27/2024 8:05:38 AM
[World] Indigenous people accuse radiologists of secretly studying their organs In a lawsuit, dozens of Pictou Landing First Nation members accused two radiologists of conducting MRI scans of their livers without their consent in Nova Scotia. Published:2/27/2024 8:05:38 AM
[World] Home prices hit a new all-time high in December, Case-Shiller says Home prices in the 20 biggest U.S. metros rose for the 11th month in a row and hit a record high amid a persistent shortage of resale homes for sale. Published:2/27/2024 8:05:38 AM
[World] At Europe’s sauna marathon, schvitzing is a sport Estonia hosts the annual European Sauna Marathon, a steamy competition that sends teams of costumed revelers through 18 saunas in one afternoon. Published:2/27/2024 7:17:05 AM
[World] Citigroup’s stock wins another upgrade as analysts cheer turnaround plan One analyst sees Citigroup “executing its strategy to streamline the bank and drive growth.” Published:2/27/2024 6:59:25 AM
[World] An underground campaign is transforming the monuments of Mexico City With unauthorized installations dotting Mexico’s power corridor, Paseo de la Reforma, activists are trying to exert control over who and what gets remembered. Published:2/27/2024 5:37:51 AM
[World] Meet some of the biggest donors shaping California's U.S. Senate race

Here are the biggest donors in the 2024 California Senate race, both for and against the top candidates: Adam Schiff, Katie Porter, Steve Garvey and Barbara Lee. Donors include unions, Native American tribes, cryptocurrency billionaires, Hollywood players and other wealthy interests.

Published:2/27/2024 5:23:54 AM
[World] South Korea needs more doctors. A massive strike shows it won’t be easy. Surgeries are delayed as residents and interns protest a plan to increase medical school slots. The country faces a doctor shortage and an aging population. Published:2/27/2024 5:16:58 AM
[World] Sweden is set to join NATO: What to know about the military alliance Sweden is on the verge of becoming the alliance’s 32nd member, after approval by Hungary. The historic expansion was set in motion by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Published:2/27/2024 3:40:39 AM
[World] Middle East conflict live updates: Biden says Israel would halt fighting during Ramadan if hostage deal is reached A deal to release hostages from Gaza is “close,” the president said he had been told by his national security adviser. Published:2/27/2024 1:22:46 AM
[World] Taliban sets sights on making Afghanistan a global cricketing power The national team is making history, sign-ups at cricket academies are on the rise, and the government has ambitious plans for a new stadium. Published:2/27/2024 1:06:36 AM
[World] What a lab-made meat-rice hybrid says about the future of food Researchers grew animal protein cells on top of rice. The result: A pink grain with a beefy aroma that they hope can boost sustainability and food safety. Published:2/27/2024 12:25:46 AM
[World] Netanyahu’s ‘day after’ plan for Gaza is unviable Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has signaled a blanket rejection of any solutions that empower the Palestinians. Published:2/26/2024 11:12:32 PM
[World] Joe Biden's bloody hands "The idea that anyone will be deported without actually having committed a felony or a serious crime is going to end in my administration," Joe Biden promised while campaigning in December 2019. Published:2/26/2024 9:55:37 PM
[World] Super Micro’s stock price may already fully reflect the AI boom — but even that still has legs Shares of Super Micro Computer Inc., the once little-known server maker that has rocketed higher over the past year, may already fully reflect the company’s ability to cash in on the artificial-intelligence craze. Published:2/26/2024 8:47:15 PM
[World] Cori Bush is a victim of hubris, not racism Rep. Cori Bush is in trouble in more ways than one. The outspoken Missouri Democrat is not only getting blown out in her primary, but is also facing a Justice Department investigation into alleged criminal behavior. Published:2/26/2024 7:14:45 PM
[World] [Orin S. Kerr] Remembering the Proper Role of the Supreme Court, As Taught at Harvard in the 1990s A thought on the old days. Published:2/26/2024 7:14:44 PM
[World] Fed is ‘not out of woods’ on inflation, new regional bank president says The battle against rising prices is not over, one of the newest top Federal Reserve officials said Monday. Published:2/26/2024 7:04:43 PM
[World] Zoom’s stock jumps 10% on strong results, guidance amid AI push Zoom Video Communications Inc.’s stock surged in extended trading Monday, after the videoconferencing company topped expectations across the board with its financial results and forecasts. The company also authorized a $1.5 billion buyback. Published:2/26/2024 5:52:41 PM
[World] Trump promises to protect Christians from persecution Evangelical Christians who believe government is necessary to defend their faith are getting their marching orders from somewhere other than the Scripture they claim to revere. Published:2/26/2024 5:13:42 PM
[World] A Recall of Gavin Newsom Is Underway. Again. Published:2/26/2024 4:15:13 PM
[World] iRobot narrows its loss, and shares jolt higher Shares of iRobot Corp. initially jumped 10% in after-hours trading Wednesday after the company posted quarterly results that topped analysts’ revenue and earnings estimates. Published:2/26/2024 4:03:40 PM
[World] CarGurus had a better quarter, but all eyes focus on weaker guidance A lower-than-expected current-quarter guidance for the online car platform sends CarGurus’ stock tanking. Published:2/26/2024 3:42:51 PM
[World] Hamas leader hiding in Gaza, but killing him risks hostages, officials say Israeli officials say they are closing in on Yehiya Sinwar, the accused architect of the Oct. 7 attacks. Whether his death would help end the war is up for debate. Published:2/26/2024 2:42:01 PM
[World] Why international stocks may be an ‘inexpensive hedge’ as S&P 500 outperforms rest of the world The S&P 500 has been beating the rest of the world for years, but diversifying geographically may now be “an inexpensive hedge” against a potential correction in U.S stocks, according to Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. Published:2/26/2024 1:57:54 PM
[World] ‘I want to do what is right’: My father died without a will. His wife moved out of state — and left me paying the mortgage.  “She can’t afford the monthly payments. I am second in succession as his only child.” Published:2/26/2024 1:43:58 PM
[World] Tech stocks likely headed for a pullback. These 5 charts show their momentum is starting to fade. After looking past the index-level performance, there are signs that the momentum that has propelled the sector higher over the past year is starting to fade. Published:2/26/2024 1:14:34 PM
[World] Canada Awarded $4 Million to Remove Land Mines in Ukraine in a 'Gender Inclusive' Manner Published:2/26/2024 11:56:31 AM
[World] Zac Efron Reacts To Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce HSM Comparisons Zac Efron, Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift Does Zac Efron like those Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce High School Musical comparisons? You can bet on it. In fact, the Disney alum finally learned about the parallels the Kansas City Chiefs...
Published:2/26/2024 11:02:21 AM
[World] What to know about Palestinian Authority as government offers to resign Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh and the cabinet offered to resign to make way for a new technocratic government as the war in Gaza continues. Published:2/26/2024 10:17:20 AM
[World] Supreme Court hears 1st Amendment clash on whether Texas and Florida can regulate social media

The conservative Supreme Court will consider whether Texas and Florida, the two largest Republican states, can regulate what appears on social media sites.

Published:2/26/2024 10:00:43 AM
[World] Hungary approves Sweden’s NATO bid, unblocking historic expansion After the vote in Hungary’s parliament, Sweden is set to become NATO’s 32nd member, possibly within the week, completing an effort catalyzed by Russia’s war in Ukraine. Published:2/26/2024 10:00:43 AM
[World] Palestinian government resigns in step toward post-Gaza war overhaul The United States and Arab countries are pushing a plan for Gaza to be administered by the Palestinian Authority — an initiative not backed by the Israeli government. Published:2/26/2024 9:39:46 AM
[World] 9 stock tips hiding in Warren Buffett’s latest letter to Berkshire shareholders ‘Make a couple of good decisions during a lifetime and avoid serious mistakes.’ Published:2/26/2024 9:31:56 AM
[World] Alabama IVF ruling: Is a frozen embryo a person? The Christian view is that human beings are persons no matter where they are located -- whether inside of the womb or out. Published:2/26/2024 9:14:58 AM
[World] Bond yields steady ahead of two government-note auctions Rates on 1-month through 30-year Treasurys were little changed Monday morning ahead of two large auctions and key U.S. economic data later in the week. Published:2/26/2024 9:14:58 AM
[World] New homes sales tick up in January New home sales at 661,000 annual rate in January versus 651,000 in prior month. Published:2/26/2024 9:05:05 AM
[World] Google's Gemini Failure: An Analysis Published:2/26/2024 7:39:31 AM
[World] Fresh Del Monte’s stock falls as lower banana sales lead to downbeat earnings Fresh Del Monte’s stock fell Monday, after the fresh fruit and vegetable producer missed fourth-quarter earnings expectations, as lower banana sales were offset by higher prices of most products, such as avocados and pineapples. Published:2/26/2024 6:36:03 AM
[World] Here’s what Gen Z wants employers to know about how they work Gen Z’s distrust of institutions puts it on a collision course with management. Published:2/26/2024 6:21:06 AM
[World] Navalny aide says prisoner swap was in the works before his death According to Alexei Navalny’s associate, the deal was to exchange Navalny and two imprisoned Americans for Russian agent Vadim Krasikov, imprisoned in Germany. Published:2/26/2024 6:14:16 AM
[World] Why Amazon and Uber investors might wish the stocks hadn’t joined the Dow Stocks deleted from an index often outperform their replacements. Published:2/26/2024 6:14:16 AM
[World] Stocks are heading up and inflation is coming down as this ‘Roaring 2020s’ market rolls on Ed Yardeni: The market in the 2020s mirrors the 1920s and the 1990s — but those melt-ups were followed by meltdowns. Published:2/26/2024 6:07:01 AM
[World] New Biden order would stem flow of Americans’ sensitive data to China The effort aims to forestall foreign adversaries’ use of data to identify, target and surveil Americans. Published:2/26/2024 6:07:01 AM
[World] Oil prices extend slide as traders assess demand outlook Oil futures edge lower, building on last week’s decline. Published:2/26/2024 5:52:06 AM
[World] Migrant arrests are up along the border in California and dropping in Texas. Why?

Migrant arrests near Texas plummeted in January compared to the same month a year ago, but they soared at entry points in California and Arizona.

Published:2/26/2024 5:37:33 AM
[World] U.S. stock futures steady ahead of busy data week as investors look for fresh catalysts U.S. equity futures point to a flat start on Monday as a busy data week looms and investors look for a fresh catalyst to push the S&P 500 higher. Published:2/26/2024 5:30:06 AM
[World] Boeing’s delays could see Ryanair hike prices by 10%, says CEO O’Leary: report The Ryanair CEO said the delays could see the low-cost carrier force to cut its schedules Published:2/26/2024 4:20:16 AM
[World] Welcome to China’s Cat Island, where lucky strays wait for a new home Ginger cats, tabby cats, cow cats, calico cats — the Shanghai streets are home to them all. Now animal advocates are getting creative to curb feral populations. Published:2/26/2024 4:05:13 AM
[World] Middle East conflict live updates: Israeli delegation expected to head to Qatar for talks, Israeli media says A White House official said the U.S. hopes to firm up a deal in coming days. Talks over hostages and a potential cease-fire took place in Paris last week. Published:2/26/2024 1:12:58 AM
[World] Why would young Americans defend a nation that needs to be 'dismantled'? Recently, Ashish Vazirani, the Pentagon's acting undersecretary for personnel and readiness, testified to the House Armed Services Committee that the U.S. military missed its recruiting goals in 2023 by 41,000. Published:2/25/2024 7:19:06 PM
[World] Sister Wives' Meri Brown and Amos Andrews Break Up Meri Brown, Instagram, 2024 Meri Brown is a single woman again. The Sister Wives star has confirmed that her romance with Amos Andrews recently ended, four months after it started and about a month after she made it...
Published:2/25/2024 6:15:32 PM
[World] [Josh Blackman] Part I—A Response to Professor Jed Shugerman on Slate in 2017, and his most recent 2024 Tweet Thread(s), About The 1793 Hamilton Document! Professor Shugerman's argument that the 1793 Hamilton Document, that is, a list of "every person holding any civil office or employment under the United States, (except the judges)," was intended to ensure compliance with the Constitution's Sinecure Clause lacks support. Published:2/25/2024 5:17:45 PM
[World] Alcoa offers $2.2 billion in takeover bid for Australia’s Alumina Aluminum producer Alcoa has agreed to an all-stock deal to acquire Australia’s Alumina that values its equity at some 3.35 billion Australian dollars (US$2.20 billion). Published:2/25/2024 5:17:44 PM
[World] [Eugene Volokh] Mome The Google Gemini fiasco (one of the outputs I got when I heard about is reproduced above) reminded me: If there ever is a female Pope (a term that is a derivative of the Latin Papa), shouldn't she be called a Mome? Published:2/25/2024 2:30:51 PM
[World] Sunday Smiles Published:2/25/2024 2:10:15 PM
[World] What does it mean to be a Christian nation? What does the Bible say? Describing the United States as nation influenced by Christians rather than as a "Christian nation" underscores the distinctions between the Church and the state made in the New Testament. Published:2/25/2024 10:49:15 AM
[World] Zelensky says 31,000 Ukrainian troops killed since Russian invasion The figure was the first official estimate provided by Ukraine’s president on his country’s military losses during the conflict with Russia. Published:2/25/2024 10:49:15 AM
[World] Clothing and electronics retailers report this week, analyst caution endures In the week ahead, results from retail chains like Macy’s Inc., Urban Outfitters Inc., TJX Cos. and Best Buy Co. will offer an update on whether consumer appetites might get any more discretionary this year. Published:2/25/2024 9:01:00 AM
[World] Trump could deliver lower oil prices but ‘mixed’ performances for oil and gas stocks With a Biden-Trump rematch looking likely, here’s what the 2024 presidential race could mean for fossil fuels. Published:2/25/2024 8:01:56 AM
[World] U.S. struggles for influence in West Africa as military juntas rise Officials detailed their efforts to partner with the military governments in a region where Islamic extremism is surging and Russian influence expanding. Published:2/25/2024 1:04:58 AM
[World] As Lebanon teeters on the edge, a war with Israel would be catastrophic A slow moving economic disaster has hobbled Lebanon for years, making it acutely vulnerable to a potential war with Israel. Published:2/25/2024 12:06:15 AM
[World] U.S. and U.K. carry out fresh strikes against Houthi targets in Yemen It was the largest military action in weeks against the militant group, which is attacking shipping vessels to target Israel’s economy over the war in Gaza. Published:2/24/2024 11:46:29 PM
[World] Ira von Fürstenberg, socialite princess of the jet set age, dies at 83 Ms. von Fürstenberg mingled with royalty, rogues, celebrities and fashionistas. When artist Salvador Dalí asked her to pose nude, she turned him down. Published:2/24/2024 6:01:52 PM
[World] South Carolina primary: Trump beats Haley, but here’s why she’s staying in the GOP race There are expectations among political analysts that Nikki Haley will do as promised and not drop out of the 2024 Republican primary in the near future. Published:2/24/2024 6:01:52 PM
[World] Authorities name mother's boyfriend as person of interest in slaying of 3-year-old boy

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said Rena Naulls, the mother's live-in boyfriend, is 'a person of interest' in the murder of toddler David Hernandez.

Published:2/24/2024 4:03:23 PM
[World] Barry Keoghan Praises Sabrina Carpenter After Taylor Swift Duet Taylor Swift, Sabrina Carpenter, Barry Keoghan, 2024 Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter's love story just became Instagram official. After the "Feather" singer shared a video of herself performing with Taylor Swift onstage at the Grammy winner's...
Published:2/24/2024 4:03:23 PM
[World] [Michael Abramowicz] Legal Productivity, the Cost Disease, and AI It has been a while since my last post on the Volokh Conspiracy. In 2021, I became associate dean at George Washington and did not have time to write. Last year, I switched associate dean roles and my portfolio became smaller, so I was fortunate to have some time to return to scholarship and to… Published:2/24/2024 3:56:13 PM
[World] U.S., Britain hit dozens of targets in new wave of strikes in Yemen The action marks the latest effort by the United States to end the Houthis’ wave of attacks against commercial shipping. Published:2/24/2024 3:31:51 PM
[World] With U.S. aid in doubt, Europe struggles to rearm Ukraine European defense manufacturers are racing to produce artillery and other weapons Kyiv needs. But they may come too late. Published:2/24/2024 2:53:04 PM
[World] Demographic winter is coming: Procreation needs a foundation in faith Once renowned for its high birthrates, Asia is leading the march into the frigid wasteland of demographic winter. Published:2/24/2024 1:09:33 PM
[World] We want to retire to somewhere our kids and grandkids would want to live too. Our budget is $7,000 a month — where should we go? Looking for ideas on the best place for you to retire? Email Published:2/24/2024 12:30:50 PM
[World] Which drink is the budget killer at your coffee shop? (Hint: It’s not your morning latte.) Go with the cheaper coffee options and you can save hundreds of dollars over time. Published:2/24/2024 10:36:44 AM
[World] Russian authorities turn over Navalny’s body to mother for burial The mother of Alexei Navalny, the Kremlin’s most prominent critic, struggled for a week to recover his body after officials said he died suddenly at an Arctic prison. Published:2/24/2024 10:26:23 AM
[World] I’m 73 and my financial adviser told me to buy $1.5 million in annuities — should I do this?  “I have $1.5 million in my 401(k) and $1.1 million in my IRA.” Published:2/24/2024 8:50:31 AM
[World] Amazon’s stock could lose to Walgreens’ this year if the Dow jinx holds The keepers of the Dow Jones Industrial Average have been very good at making sure the changes they make to the venerable stock market barometer are seamless to investors, but nobody’s perfect. Published:2/24/2024 6:43:29 AM
[World] After Nvidia’s latest blowout, here are 20 AI stocks expected to rise as much as 44% With Nvidia Corp. reporting another set of amazing numbers, it’s time for a broad look at the artificial-intelligence landscape to see which stocks are most favored by analysts. Published:2/24/2024 4:55:52 AM
[World] Some investors switch direction as Nvidia and AI stocks soar Coverage of the stock market has been dominated by Nvidia Corp. this week, as another eye-popping set of numbers has made the case that we are still in an early phase of the infrastructure rollout to support artificial intelligence technology. Published:2/24/2024 4:22:37 AM
[World] U.N. experts urge embargo on Israel for arms that would be used in Gaza More than two dozen U.N experts said such transfers of weapons and ammunition could violate international humanitarian law. Published:2/24/2024 3:29:04 AM
[World] A Gaza doctor’s fear: Displacement, detention or death Israel says doctors and hospitals provide cover for Hamas militants. More than 100 medical professionals have been detained since Oct. 7, according to the Gaza Health Ministry. Published:2/24/2024 1:11:03 AM
[World] Three Ukrainian soldiers. Two years of war. How their lives changed. When Russia attacked Ukraine, they joined the military to help defend their country against the invaders but over two years of war their lives were altered forever. Published:2/24/2024 12:50:43 AM
[World] Bobi, once named the world’s oldest dog, stripped of title after review A year after Guinness World Records named Bobi the oldest dog ever, his title was posthumously stripped due to a lack of evidence. Published:2/23/2024 8:18:18 PM
[World] White House reverses West Bank policy, calling Israeli settlements illegal The decision was in response to reports that the far-right government of Netanyahu was planning further settlement expansion, an official said. Published:2/23/2024 7:16:38 PM
[World] Mike Pompeo is obvious and best choice for Trump's running mate Everyone seems to have an opinion about whom former President Donald Trump should select as his running mate. The easiest and best answer is obvious: former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Published:2/23/2024 6:59:13 PM
[World] Pregnant Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon Reveal Sex of Baby No. 2 Ashley Iaconetti, Jared Haibon Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti aren't just adding another baby to their family—they're adding another boy.  After announcing the Bachelor alum's pregnancy in January, the couple revealed their...
Published:2/23/2024 6:50:50 PM
[World] What Does Funding Bad Movies Have to Do With Reducing Inflation? Published:2/23/2024 5:28:52 PM
[World] Gallup: Boy O Boy Is Brandon in Trouble Published:2/23/2024 4:45:39 PM
[World] Land mines return to Europe as front-line states fear Russian invasion As policymakers reckon with Russia’s advances in Ukraine and Trump’s comments about defending NATO, the tools of 20th-century warfare are coming back in vogue. Published:2/23/2024 3:49:23 PM
[World] 3 University of Wyoming Swim Team Members Dead in Car Crash University of Wyoming Students, Deaths, Instagram, 2024 The University of Wyoming community is in mourning. Three students who were members of the college's swimming and diving team were killed in a single car crash in northern Colorado Feb. 22. The...
Published:2/23/2024 2:25:02 PM
[World] Former VP Mike Pence Creates a New Organization 'Bigger Than One Moment, Election, or Person' Published:2/23/2024 2:17:42 PM
[World] Frontline Ukrainian commander pleads with Senate leader Schumer for aid The Senate majority leader was in western Ukraine on an official visit when a phone interview with the Post turned into a conversation with the head of a drone unit desperately short of ammunition. Published:2/23/2024 1:42:39 PM
[World] Nasdaq 100 rose 3% for the first time since the dot-com bubble era. Why it brings up old memories of this ‘scary’ period The tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 index on Thursday scored a daily advance of over 3% to close at its all-time high for the first time since March 2000, a scene in some ways reminiscent of the dot-com era which led up to the bursting of the bubble preluded the recession, according to Bespoke Investment Group. Published:2/23/2024 1:21:46 PM
[World] Russian authorities threaten to bury Navalny in prison colony, aide says The Russian opposition leader’s mother, Lyudmila Navalnaya, is rejecting a demand that she hold a small, private funeral for her son, who died suddenly in prison last week. Published:2/23/2024 1:06:37 PM
[World] Reddit’s IPO filing names WallStreetBets’ ‘popularity’ as risk to stock price “Short it,” wrote one WallStreetBets user, referring to Reddit’s planned initial public offering. Published:2/23/2024 1:06:37 PM
[World] Russia faces new sanctions, but they’ve all looked like ‘more bark than bite’ The U.S. and its allies have rolled out fresh sanctions against Russia this week, but the effort is sparking new discussion about how all of the unprecedented sanctions haven’t been hurting the country as much as expected. Published:2/23/2024 12:59:10 PM
[World] Self-Entitled Portland Trans Activist Refuses to Apologize for Murder Because He Felt Unsafe Published:2/23/2024 12:27:04 PM
[World] Washington Times ForAmerica: Who will be Donald Trump's running mate? Barring a history-altering incident, Donald Trump is set to be the Republican nominee for president. But what does he need to ensure victory against whoever the Democrats nominate? Published:2/23/2024 11:48:27 AM
[World] I’ve been diagnosed with dementia. I suddenly could not spell or write legibly: ‘I don’t want my wife to lose everything.’ “I am getting worse, so I want to protect my wife of 24 years, and our finances.” Published:2/23/2024 11:48:27 AM
[World] Cruise operator Viking Holdings files confidentially for IPO Viking Holdings Ltd., a travel company that specializes in cruises, said Friday it has filed confidentially with the Securities and Exchange Commission for an initial public offering. Published:2/23/2024 11:40:41 AM
[World] Trump merchandise sales are 80% below their peak at this year’s CPAC, vendor says Donald Trump is cruising toward the Republican nomination once again. But has the luster gone from his golden throne? Published:2/23/2024 11:31:55 AM
[World] Private Company Lands First American Spacecraft on the Moon in 50 Years Published:2/23/2024 11:25:05 AM
[World] [Sasha Volokh] The First Amendment Right to Affirmative Action How private universities can use Boy Scouts v. Dale to get out from under Students for Fair Admissions Published:2/23/2024 11:10:33 AM
[World] How to write a memoir, according to retirees who have actually done it Collect compelling life stories, organize them around a theme and finish what you start. Published:2/23/2024 11:10:33 AM
[World] Sleep Number’s stock could see a massive bump, but analysts see risks ahead There are some challenges that the company faces, including subdued consumer sentiment, slower new-home purchases and continued high interest rates. Published:2/23/2024 11:03:27 AM
[World] A new Rivian bear emerges after rare two-notch downgrade; EV maker ‘heading off-road’ “We had been optimistic” that Rivian’s product and brand would win out, UBS says after a stock downgrade to sell from buy. Published:2/23/2024 10:30:44 AM
[World] 30% of Medicare Advantage subscribers aren’t using any of the extra benefits they are paying for Medicare Advantage programs often tout their supplemental benefits such as hearing, vision and dental care as enticements for customers. Yet, many people aren’t even using these benefits. Published:2/23/2024 10:15:58 AM
[World] Netanyahu presents hard-line ‘day after’ vision for Gaza for the first time The new plan, which came as a surprise, reflects Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s views on the conflict and has been dismissed by the Palestinians as a reoccupation of the Gaza Strip. Published:2/23/2024 9:36:00 AM
[World] The MSM Is Corrupt Beyond Repair Published:2/23/2024 9:27:27 AM
[World] Failures in America's wartime leadership loom over Ukraine anniversary On Saturday, the Russia-Ukraine war will reach its second anniversary. As America enters a third year of proxy war with Russia, the leadership failures that have defined our engagement in this war cannot persist. Published:2/23/2024 9:20:30 AM
[World] How Carvana caused a Wall Street whiplash, as the stock soars to a 2-year high The stock’s big rally reflects how stunned many were about record profit by one measure and upbeat outlook. Published:2/23/2024 9:20:30 AM
[World] Rob Kardashian Returns to Instagram With Rare Social Media Message Rob Kardashian Rob Kardashian is back on social media for a milestone occasion. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum returned to his Instagram feed for the first time in eight months to share a message to...
Published:2/23/2024 8:59:13 AM
[World] Go long producers, short consumers, says Bank of America The Bank of America team advise investors to, in their words, be “long producer, short consumer.” Published:2/23/2024 8:59:13 AM
[World] Javier Milei and the Spanish Tradition of Liberty The Spanish tradition of limited government is older than the Magna Carta. Argentina will do well to revive it. Published:2/23/2024 8:30:40 AM
[World] Trump Is Blunt and Right About NATO Donald Trump’s limitations are obvious, but he understands Europe, its addiction to U.S. military welfare, and the resulting cost to this nation. Published:2/23/2024 8:22:32 AM
[World] When the loneliest place on earth is inside your marriage, home Could it really be true that "loneliness" has the same devastating effect on your health as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day? Published:2/23/2024 7:45:41 AM
[World] Scientists have studied a peculiar fossil since 1931. It was a fake. European researchers said in a new study that a vital reptile fossil believed to be about 280 million years old was forged with paint. Published:2/23/2024 7:45:41 AM
[World] Bidenomics? More like Mr. Magoo, says hedge-fund manager Dan Loeb Third Point founder and chief executive Dan Loeb, in a colorful way, isn’t a believer that the current economic growth will be sustained. Published:2/23/2024 7:30:28 AM
[World] Fewer migrants are crossing into Texas. Gov. Abbott is claiming credit. Illegal border crossings into the United States have fallen 50 percent since the end of December Published:2/23/2024 7:06:44 AM
[World] Bloomin’ Brands’ adjusted Q4 profit beats estimates but it lowers its Q1 view on impact from bad weather Owner of Outback Steakhouse and Carrabba’s Italian Grill says winter took a bite out of same-store sales in early 2024. Published:2/23/2024 6:52:39 AM
[World] ‘AI bubble is not in trouble.’ History shows Nvidia’s blistering post-earnings rally won’t fade, says Citi. A new study from Citigroup finds that even when large cap stocks rally hard into earnings, they tend to keep on rising, meaning Nvidia investors may get to keep those gains. Published:2/23/2024 6:38:08 AM
[World] Two years of war in Ukraine, seen through its leader’s biggest moments Since Russia invaded Ukraine two years ago, Volodymyr Zelensky has stayed, fought, cajoled and pleaded for his country. Here are the most important moments. Published:2/23/2024 6:31:19 AM
[World] Markets are underpricing risks of populist politics in the U.S. and abroad, Larry Summers says The former U.S. treasury sector said populist politics threaten to hinder global economic growth. Published:2/23/2024 6:10:37 AM
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