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[Politics] The Thing About Trump and Abortion

Do you want rhetorical purity, or do you want to win?

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Published:9/22/2023 11:11:08 PM
[Politics] DUDE: Rand Paul mocks dress code, shows up to the Capitol in a housecoat and barefoot! Jeff Charles posted a photo of Rand Paul tonight mocking the new Senate dress code. He posed for a photo on the Capitol steps in a red housecoat and t-shirt while barefoot. . . . Published:9/22/2023 9:06:49 PM
[Politics] As Shutdown Looms, Questions Mount About Exactly How Much Leverage House GOP Holds
House GOP efforts to advance government funding vehicles that would exert the leverage of the party that controls just one half of one-third of government have thus far failed, and with a Sept. 30 deadline just days away, several top conservatives are concerned that the Republicans might have blown it.
Published:9/22/2023 7:18:17 PM
[Politics] Turns out the last guy who bribed Menendez for political favors was pardoned by Trump Dr. Salomon Melgen was convicted of defrauding Medicare to the tune of over $40 million dollars by convincing his patients to undergo unnecessary eye exams. According to North Jersey, Melgen was found . . . Published:9/22/2023 6:51:59 PM
[Politics] With Lachlan Murdoch in charge, Fox Corp. shakes up board of directors

Anne Dias, who raised questions about Fox News coverage following the Jan. 6 insurrection, will leave the board in November.

Published:9/22/2023 6:51:59 PM
[Politics] Teen who intentionally murdered retired police chief on his bicycle believed he’d just get a ‘slap on the wrist’ The teen who was behind the wheel in that awful video, in which 64-year-old retired police chief Andy Probst was murdered while riding his bicycle in Las Vegas, thought he’d just get . . . Published:9/22/2023 4:24:30 PM
[Politics] Bob Menendez seems to think he has a license to loot: Voters should take it away Federal prosecutors announced charges of bribery against Sen. Bob Menendez and his wife, Nadine Arslanian Menendez, on Friday, Sept. 22, 2023. Published:9/22/2023 4:17:26 PM
[Politics] HORRIFIC: Abortion advocates discuss idea of an abortion fetish OnlyFans (watch) Published:9/22/2023 3:11:46 PM
[Politics] [John Ross] Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions Music theory, cell phone seizures, and gratuitous strip searches. Published:9/22/2023 2:51:34 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: Dallas mayor switches to Republican Party The mayor of Dallas has just switched to the Republican Party after being longtime Democrat who also served in the Texas legislature. Mayor Eric Johnson believes in “supporting law enforcement, lowering property . . . Published:9/22/2023 2:36:42 PM
[Politics] Democrats Shred Senate Dress Code Into Rags

As if Bidenflation, collapsing school test scores, a demolished “border,” vagrant encampments, stool-stained sidewalks, blood-soaked streets, juvenile genital mutilation, surging sex slavery, and mounting foreign threats were not enough, Democrats just trashed the majesty of what has been... Read More

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Published:9/22/2023 2:36:42 PM
[Politics] Let a Hundred Schools of Thought Contend

State of the Union: A new contestant emerges in the competition to define the post-Trump Right.

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Published:9/22/2023 1:49:39 PM
[Politics] BOOM! Corrupt Sen. Bob Menendez just indicted for selling influence and taking bribes and here’s what we know… The corrupt Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey was just indicted for selling influence and accepting hundreds of thousands in bribes. This comes years after Menendez was tried for accepting illegal gifts . . . Published:9/22/2023 1:29:30 PM
[Politics] PBS, NPR Dismissive of GOP Grilling of Garland

Attorney General Merrick Garland offered a “fiery defense” in a “grueling hearing” of a House Judiciary Committee “stocked with far-right stalwarts,” as The New York... Read More

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Published:9/22/2023 1:29:30 PM
[Politics] Katie Pavlich points out how Sen. Menendez MIGHT have been able to avoid trouble Published:9/22/2023 12:45:51 PM
[Politics] UH OH BREAKING: Joe Biden’s illegals arriving at the border test positive for Tuberculosis It turns out that the illegal immigrants who just arrived at Joe Biden’s open border in El Paso brought Tuberculosis with them. According to Customs and Border Patrol, they’ve already found three . . . Published:9/22/2023 10:55:27 AM
[Politics] WATCH: Joe Biden admits he’s trying to bring in MORE illegals from Latin America Joe Biden admitted last night to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus that he’s trying to bring more illegals in from Latin America, saying he’s directed his team “to make historic increases in the . . . Published:9/22/2023 9:53:37 AM
[Politics] Bob Menendez live updates: Bob Menendez, NJ senator and Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, has been indicted on charges of bribery, along with his wife, Nadine Arslanian. Published:9/22/2023 9:53:37 AM
[Politics] New Jersey Sen. Menendez and his wife are indicted on bribery charges WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey and his wife have been indicted on charges of bribery. Federal prosecutors on Friday announced the charges against the 69-year-old Democrat nearly six years after an earlier criminal case against him ended with a deadlocked jury. The latest indictment is unrelated to the earlier charges... Published:9/22/2023 9:06:45 AM
[Politics] [Josh Blackman] Today in Supreme Court History: September 22, 2005 9/22/2005: Senate Judiciary Committee votes 13-5 to send Judge John Robert's nomination to the full Senate. Published:9/22/2023 6:45:24 AM
[Politics] HBCUs brace for flood of applications after Supreme Court affirmative action decision

School administrators say the ruling opens a door for HBCUs to fill a gap for students seeking an educational experience in which Black identity and culture are celebrated.

Published:9/22/2023 5:42:19 AM
[Politics] EXCLUSIVE--Coach Tommy Tuberville Fights Pentagon Wokeness, Mainstream Media ‘Marketing Arm’ Senator Tommy Tuberville, a Republican from Alabama, speaks to reporters at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, US, on Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2023. Lawmakers have acknowledged theyll need to rely on a stopgap measure to keep the government running beyond the September 30 funding deadline, which could also be a vehicle for supplemental funds for disasters or Ukraine aid. (Photographer: Graeme Sloan/Bloomberg via Getty Images)
Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) spoke with Breitbart News about his fight against woke policies in the government amid a barrage of attacks from the Democrats' mainstream media allies.
Published:9/21/2023 11:37:30 PM
[Politics] Third IRS official testifies that Weiss was road-blocked from charging Hunter Biden Another IRS official has now testified that U.S. Attorney David Weiss was hindered by Joe Biden-appointed prosecutors and unable to charge Hunter Biden. Here’s more via DC Examiner: A third IRS official . . . Published:9/21/2023 10:05:49 PM
[Politics] Biden to give hundreds of millions to Ukraine in military aid and he’s making sure it happens even during government shutdown Joe Biden has agreed to give Ukraine a whopping $325 million in military aid after today’s meeting with President Zelenskyy. And his chiefs at the Pentagon are making sure that a potential . . . Published:9/21/2023 7:05:04 PM
[Politics] Senate finally confirms Marine Corps, Army top officers after bypassing Tuberville hold After months of delays, the Army and Marine Corps finally have senior officers to represent their service branches on the Joint Staff. Published:9/21/2023 6:36:59 PM
[Politics] Will Biden's new American Climate Corps match the success of the California Conservation Corps?

The president's just-launched work and training program will accelerate America's climate resilience and its transition to sustainable energy — and make the rest of country more like California.

Published:9/21/2023 3:49:00 PM
[Politics] White House KJP shuts down Fox News Peter Doocy, refuses to answer his question [VIDEO] White House hack spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre refused to answer a question from Fox News reporter Peter Doocy today after calling on him. Doocy asked her “what do you call it here at . . . Published:9/21/2023 3:36:31 PM
[Politics] UNREAL! KJP shows her nasty TRUE colors when Peter Doocy DARES ask about the southern border (watch) Published:9/21/2023 2:31:40 PM
[Politics] California is suing clinics over alleged false advertisement of 'abortion pill reversal'

California Atty. Gen. Rob Bonta is suing antiabortion clinics for advertising 'abortion pill reversal.'

Published:9/21/2023 1:58:36 PM
[Politics] “If you’re going to leave your country, go somewhere else” Kathy Hochul sure isn’t sounding like an open borders Democrat anymore. She said on CNN last night that if illegal immigrants are going to leave their country, they should go somewhere else. . . . Published:9/21/2023 1:51:54 PM
[Politics] Joe Biden to give work permits and deportation protections to nearly HALF A MILLION Venezuelans here illegally It was announced yesterday that nearly half a million Venezuelans illegally here will get work permits and protection from deportation from Joe Biden. This announcement comes, of all days, when thousands of . . . Published:9/21/2023 12:33:09 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: This is the leaked ID Card Joe Biden is planning to give illegals Instead of shutting the borders down and stopping the flow of illegals into this country, Joe Biden is creating new ID cards to give illegals who they release into the country. New . . . Published:9/21/2023 11:22:09 AM
[Politics] Trevor Noah squirms and WUSSES out interviewing trans woman 'athlete' about men in women's sports (watch) Published:9/21/2023 9:35:43 AM
[Politics] [Josh Blackman] Today in Supreme Court History: September 21, 1981 9/21/1981: Justice Sandra Day O'Connor is confirmed by the Senate, 99-0. Published:9/21/2023 6:28:05 AM
[Politics] Trump team changes obscure GOP rules in hopes of clinching presidential nomination early

Critics argue that former President Trump's success in changing state party rules, including in California, to benefit his candidacy harms voters.

Published:9/21/2023 5:35:56 AM
[Politics] [Eugene Volokh] Thursday Open Thread What's on your mind? Published:9/21/2023 3:14:11 AM
[Politics] BOOM: Gov DeSantis absolutely SCHOOLS reporter on how horrible the CDC has been since COVID – [VIDEO] Governor Ron DeSantis did an interview today with ABC News and absolutely schooled a reporter after she suggested the CDC would disagree with him. DeSantis asserted that big pharma hasn’t demonstrated the . . . Published:9/20/2023 8:49:35 PM
[Politics] Child dies of fentanyl exposure at NYC daycare, three other children recovering Published:9/20/2023 7:17:44 PM
[Politics] Sen. Tuberville scores a WIN against Chuck Schumer after he FOLDED in order to approve military promotions Senator Tommy Tuberville has just won a W against Chuck Schumer after he folded today in order to approve several military nominee promotions for the Department of Defense. Tuberville has been holding . . . Published:9/20/2023 7:06:15 PM
[Politics] Biden had some awkward moments with Brazil's president (who appeared annoyed by a handshake diss) Published:9/20/2023 5:38:49 PM
[Politics] BREAKING REPORT: Lin Wood flipped on Trump in Georgia case It’s being reported this afternoon that District Attorney Fani Willis has revealed that Lin Wood is one of her witnesses against Trump. Lin Wood was never indicted even though the grand jury . . . Published:9/20/2023 5:03:48 PM
[Politics] WATCH: Trump slams Megyn Kelly, says she became ‘nasty’ during interview Donald Trump slammed Megyn Kelly today, claiming she became ‘nasty all of a sudden’ during his interview last week. Here’s what he said: NEW: Trump slams @megynkelly as “nasty” for asking him . . . Published:9/20/2023 3:59:00 PM
[Politics] 4 Things a Continuing Resolution Must Have to Get My Vote

With the start of fiscal 2024 just days away on Oct. 1, and with no federal budget approval in sight, a continuing resolution again will... Read More

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Published:9/20/2023 3:03:19 PM
[Politics] Sen. Fetterman makes an offer to the GOP 'jagoffs in the House' Published:9/20/2023 2:51:51 PM
[Politics] WATCH: Biden’s hack Attorney General can’t remember if he’s talked to the FBI about Hunter Biden investigation Joe Biden’s hack Attorney General Merrick Garland testified today that he can’t remember if he’s talked to anyone at the FBI about the Hunter Biden investigation. Here’s the video: .@RepMikeJohnson: "Talked to . . . Published:9/20/2023 1:25:04 PM
[Politics] AG Garland can't explain Ray Epps' J6 misdemeanor vs. 'sending grandmas to prison' Published:9/20/2023 12:13:28 PM
[Politics] Fed up New Yorkers block bus carrying illegals to Staten Island [VIDEOS] Fed up New Yorkers tried to block a bus of illegals arriving at a former senior facility on Staten Island last night and the NYPD had to get involved. According to the . . . Published:9/20/2023 10:26:11 AM
[Politics] Exclusive – Alex Marlow: We Need Reset on Joe Biden; Focus on Corruption and Failures, Not His Age and Gaffes
As I detail in my new book, “Breaking Biden,” we’ve gotten Joe Biden all wrong. And until we reset the narrative, things could get much worse.
Published:9/20/2023 8:50:19 AM
[Politics] [Josh Blackman] Today in Supreme Court History: September 20, 1968 9/20/1968: The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission denied a certificate of no exterior effect to the Penn Central Transportation Co. The Supreme Court found that the City of New York did not violate the Takings Clause in Penn Central Transportation Co. v. New York (1978). Published:9/20/2023 6:23:24 AM
[Politics] A ‘Magic Bullet’ Loses Luster—Again

One of America’s “smelly orthodoxies” just edged closer to history’s dustbin.

The post A ‘Magic Bullet’ Loses Luster—Again appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:9/19/2023 11:02:38 PM
[Politics] Trump addresses the blowback on his abortion comments, tries to mend fences with pro-lifers… Trump posted on Trump Social today regarding the blowback on his abortion comments and tried to explain himself further and mend fences with the pro-life community. We’ll cut to the chase and . . . Published:9/19/2023 8:36:43 PM
[Politics] Iowa Gov hits back at Trump for calling heartbeat bill a ‘terrible thing’ Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds hit back at Donald Trump for calling the heartbeat bill a ‘terrible thing’ on Sunday’s Meet the Press. She didn’t use Trump’s name in her statement, but it’s . . . Published:9/19/2023 6:03:18 PM
[Politics] WATCH: FNC’s Martha MacCallum pushes back on John Kirby when he says Biden is addressing illegal immigration Kudos to Martha MacCallum at Fox News today for pushing back on John Kirby when he claims that Biden is addressing illegal immigration over the southern border. She first asked why Biden . . . Published:9/19/2023 4:41:04 PM
[Politics] TikTok: A Way to Gen-Z’s Ballot?

State of the Union: Will Vivek Ramaswamy’s inauguration to TikTok play a part in his 2024 campaign?

The post TikTok: A Way to Gen-Z’s Ballot? appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:9/19/2023 3:01:33 PM
[Politics] UNBREAKING: Ray Epps is finally charged by the DOJ and all he got was a misdemeanor The man who told people to go into the Capitol on January 6 and was among the first to breach the barricades outside the Capitol building has finally been charged by the . . . Published:9/19/2023 1:48:34 PM
[Politics] Biden implores world leaders to stand up to Russia's 'naked aggression' in Ukraine

At the United Nations, Biden sought to convince developing nations and an American public weary of a protracted fight in Ukraine to continue global support for Kyiv.

Published:9/19/2023 12:43:15 PM
[Politics] WATCH: Gov DeSantis addresses large polling disparity with Trump AND unhappy megadonor… Governor DeSantis was asked this morning on Fox Business about national polling that shows such a huge disparity between he and Trump. DeSantis pointed out that national polling is not how primaries . . . Published:9/19/2023 11:30:06 AM
[Politics] BREAKING: House Oversight to hold first hearing impeachment inquiry next Thursday The House Oversight Committee run by James Comer will hold their first hearing on the Joe Biden impeachment inquiry next Thursday, according to the Daily Mail. This was confirmed to them by . . . Published:9/19/2023 9:42:45 AM
[Politics] [Josh Blackman] Today in Supreme Court History: September 19, 1907 9/19/1907: Justice Lewis Powell's birthday. Published:9/19/2023 7:06:33 AM
[Politics] Opinion: Here's how a California tax on firearms would prevent gun violence and save lives

The Legislature passed the excise tax on firearms and ammunition after several failed attempts. It would fund violence prevention programs in Los Angeles and beyond.

Published:9/19/2023 6:20:02 AM
[Politics] EXCLUSIVE: As Pro-Lifers Face Jail Time on DOJ Charges, GOP Moves to Repeal FACE Act

FIRST ON THE DAILY SIGNAL — As pro-life activists face prison time brought on by Department of Justices charges, Republican members of Congress are introducing... Read More

The post EXCLUSIVE: As Pro-Lifers Face Jail Time on DOJ Charges, GOP Moves to Repeal FACE Act appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/19/2023 5:29:28 AM
[Politics] Dressing Down an Unserious Senate

Axios reported Sunday that “Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., quietly has directed the Senate’s Sergeant at Arms to no longer enforce the chamber’s informal... Read More

The post Dressing Down an Unserious Senate appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/18/2023 10:36:08 PM
[Politics] UH OH REPORT: Trump secretary testified that Trump used classified documents like scrap paper Donald Trump’s secretary reportedly told investigators that he used the ‘classified’ documents which he brought home from the White House like scrap paper. According to ABC News she claimed that Trump would . . . Published:9/18/2023 9:35:01 PM
[Politics] Gov DeSantis BURNS Trump over his abortion comments [AUDIO] Today Governor DeSantis was asked about Trump’s comments on Meet The Press where he called the heartbeat bill in Florida a ‘terrible mistake’. DeSantis responded by saying he’s not sure how Trump . . . Published:9/18/2023 7:34:15 PM
[Politics] BREAKING REPORT: Matt Gaetz wants to run for governor in Florida According to new reports House Republican Matt Gaetz is strongly considering a run for governor in Florida in 2026. Gaetz currently represents the 1st district in Florida and is serving his fourth . . . Published:9/18/2023 5:10:44 PM
[Politics] Senior House GOP Lawmaker: Not Enough Votes in House Republican Conference for Ukraine Aid
A senior House Republican lawmaker told Politico on Monday that there are not enough Republican votes to send Ukraine more aid.
Published:9/18/2023 4:51:36 PM
[Politics] Republicans ‘wooing’ ex-ESPN star Sage Steele to run for Congress The Post has confirmed that exploratory conversations have occurred. Published:9/18/2023 4:07:26 PM
[Politics] Biden DOJ Punishes Elderly Pro-Life Women for Trying to Stop Abortions; Both Face Jail Time

A federal jury convicted three pro-life activists on Friday for trying to stop abortions from taking place at a Washington, D.C., abortion facility. A jury... Read More

The post Biden DOJ Punishes Elderly Pro-Life Women for Trying to Stop Abortions; Both Face Jail Time appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/18/2023 4:01:42 PM
[Politics] “I wear that as a badge of honor” – Gov DeSantis DROPS THE MIC in responding to Kevin McCarthy dissing him for president Yesterday Speaker Kevin McCarthy made sure to kiss Trump’s backside in an interview with Maria Bartiromo after she suggested that DeSantis was working with some House members who want a government shutdown. . . . Published:9/18/2023 3:21:32 PM
[Politics] UPDATE: Suspect detained in the assassination of LASD Deputy Published:9/18/2023 2:39:18 PM
[Politics] Are state-run grocery stores next? Published:9/18/2023 1:51:27 PM
[Politics] These two women were just convicted and face 11 years in prison for blocking abortion clinic in 2020 Biden’s weaponized Department of Justice just got convictions of three people, including the two women pictured above for blocking access to an abortion clinic back in 2020. Now Jonathan Darnel, 41, of . . . Published:9/18/2023 1:25:49 PM
[Politics] Biden Must Justify This War

State of the Union: Rep. Warren Davidson continues his one-man crusade against government splurging in Ukraine.

The post Biden Must Justify This War appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:9/18/2023 1:19:56 PM
[Politics] Conservatives, Moderates Reach Spending Deal That Includes Border Provisions

A group of House Republicans has released a draft bill to fund the government after weekend negotiations to avoid a shutdown. The bill, titled the... Read More

The post Conservatives, Moderates Reach Spending Deal That Includes Border Provisions appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/18/2023 1:07:48 PM
[Politics] Ummm ... WAT?! John Fetterman finally breaks his silence on how he dresses (we think?) and HOO BOY Published:9/18/2023 1:01:04 PM
[Politics] Nashville elects first transgender pretender The city of Nashville has just elected its first transgender pretender to one seat on their metro city council. There were four seats up for grabs and this ‘dude-looks-like-a-lady‘ got one of . . . Published:9/18/2023 11:28:55 AM
[Politics] Hunter Biden Sues IRS Alleging Agency Whistleblowers Improperly Disclosed Info to Congress hunter biden IRS
Hunter Biden launched a lawsuit against the IRS on Monday, alleging IRS whistleblowers improperly disclosed information to congressional investigators about the Justice Department's tax probe into his financial affairs.
Published:9/18/2023 10:26:41 AM
[Politics] Schumer dumps Senate dress code because Fetterman insists on dressing like a slob The unfortunate Senator from Pennsylvania continues to dress like a slob and now we learn that Chuck Schumer has dropped the Senate dress code to accommodate him. Here’s the news via Byron . . . Published:9/18/2023 9:31:54 AM
[Politics] 5 Americans freed in Iran prisoner swap after years of captivity

Five American citizens held for years in Iran under what U.S. officials describe as brutal conditions were freed Monday, a senior U.S. official said.

Published:9/18/2023 9:16:06 AM
[Politics] [Josh Blackman] Today in Supreme Court History: September 18, 1857 9/18/1857: Justice John Hessin Clarke's birthday. Published:9/18/2023 7:07:06 AM
[Politics] Column: A rare win for Republicans, triumph for labor and dilemma for Newsom

The most dramatic event of this year's just-ended session in the Democratic-dominated California Legislature was a bizarre, unanimous GOP victory.

Published:9/18/2023 5:19:45 AM
[Politics] [Eugene Volokh] Monday Open Thread What's on your mind? Published:9/18/2023 3:15:13 AM
[Politics] Chain Migration and the Diversity Visa Program: Legal Immigration at Its Worst

Millions of future migrants are selected under obsolete current law that has nothing to do with advancing the U.S. national interest.

The post Chain Migration and the Diversity Visa Program: Legal Immigration at Its Worst appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:9/17/2023 11:07:56 PM
[Politics] The Political Assassination of Donald Trump

The former president has proven more difficult to kill off than Rasputin—although not for want of effort from his enemies.

The post The Political Assassination of Donald Trump appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:9/17/2023 11:01:51 PM
[Politics] We just kinda lost an F-35 Published:9/17/2023 9:24:02 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: Fox News gets video of a train BURSTING with illegals headed for the border Fox News has received a video of a train that they say is bursting with illegal immigrants and headed for our southern border. The illegals aboard are cheering in the video. The . . . Published:9/17/2023 8:47:08 PM
[Politics] Exclusive – McCarthy: White House Already Engaging in Impeachment Inquiry ‘Obstruction’ with Fake ‘No Evidence’ Disinformation Talking Points
Democrat President Joe Biden’s White House is already obstructing the U.S. House of Representatives' impeachment inquiry announced by Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) when it disseminated talking points to the media falsely claiming there was no evidence to begin the inquiry, McCarthy told Breitbart News exclusively.
Published:9/17/2023 4:33:00 PM
[Politics] Trump attacks DeSantis for signing heartbeat bill in Florida???? Donald Trump claims to be pro-life, but today he attacked Governor DeSantis for signing the heartbeat bill in Florida, which is essentially a six-week ban on abortion. Trump actually called it a . . . Published:9/17/2023 1:36:36 PM
[Politics] Chuck Schumer nixes Senate dress code because God forbid John Fetterman have to wear a suit Published:9/17/2023 1:26:15 PM
[Politics] Horrible video shows teenagers hit and kill man on bicycle for FUN A horrible video shows teenagers in Las Vegas hit and kill a man on a bicycle for fun after they ran another car off the road. The man they killed was retired . . . Published:9/17/2023 10:07:31 AM
[Politics] 'Know what 3rd base is?' JoJoFromJerz's attempts at slut-shaming Lauren Boebert BACKFIRE spectacularly Published:9/17/2023 9:15:00 AM
[Politics] New video shows illegals crossing under razor wire to get into the US New video shows illegal immigrants crossing under razor wire at the southern border to get into the US. The video shows the illegals aiding each other to keep from getting cut by . . . Published:9/17/2023 8:27:01 AM
[Politics] HEARTBREAKING: L.A. County sheriff's deputy assassinated inside his patrol car Published:9/17/2023 7:18:43 AM
[Politics] [Josh Blackman] Today in Supreme Court History: September 17, 1787 9/17/1787: The Constitution is signed. Happy Constitution Day! Published:9/17/2023 6:56:25 AM
[Politics] Stephen King's attempt at snarking on Lauren Boebert goes FRIGHTENINGLY wrong Published:9/16/2023 6:36:19 PM
[Politics] Trump talks with NBC about abortion and it ain’t good… Trump did an interview for Sunday’s NBC’s Meet the Press and one of the big topics was abortion. In the interview, Trump expressed interest in negotiating some kind of compromise on abortion . . . Published:9/16/2023 5:32:36 PM
[Politics] Republican Party in Florida drops loyalty oath requirement for primary The Republican Party in Florida has just voted to drop the loyalty oath requirement for candidates to appear on the primary ballot next year. They voted to mandate this requirement in May . . . Published:9/16/2023 4:54:09 PM
[Politics] Russel Brand faces accusations of rape and sexual assault Published:9/16/2023 3:34:36 PM
[Politics] Dem Rep. Joaquin Castro says TX AG Paxton's acquittal means 'rule of law' was ignored Published:9/16/2023 2:14:26 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: Ken Paxton ACQUITTED by state Senate Republicans in Texas on ALL ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT! MAJOR UPDATE: PAXTON ACQUITTED ON ALL ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT ORIGINAL POST: Ken Paxton has been acquitted by the state Senate Republicans in Texas this morning on most articles of impeachment. The vote . . . Published:9/16/2023 2:02:54 PM
[Politics] 'Should never have happened': TX Senate acquits AG Ken Paxton on ALL impeachment charges Published:9/16/2023 1:19:06 PM
[Politics] Romney at Rest

The corporate parasite, failed presidential candidate, and erstwhile most self-righteous man in the Senate will be the stuff of legends. Just ask him.

The post Romney at Rest appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:9/16/2023 11:00:30 AM
[Politics] Lauren Boebert apologizes after causing disturbance and getting kicked out of theater Earlier this week Lauren Boebert was kicked out of a theater for vaping and causing a disturbance. As she was being walked out of the theater, she reportedly asked if they knew . . . Published:9/16/2023 10:33:27 AM
[Politics] Armed man impersonating US Marshal arrested at Robert F. Kennedy event Kennedy posted an image of the alleged assailant, who was not publicly identified. Published:9/16/2023 8:42:29 AM
[Politics] Op-Comic: Lock 'em up? A rogues' gallery of global warming deniers and obstructionists

Lahaina. Yellowknife. Libya. Let's hold fossil fuel's propagandists and profiteers to account for ravaging the planet.

Published:9/16/2023 8:06:28 AM
[Politics] [Josh Blackman] Today in Supreme Court History: September 16, 1787 9/16/1787: The Constitutional Convention finalizes Constitution. Published:9/16/2023 6:06:47 AM
[Politics] California lawmakers pass bill requiring schools to test for lead in drinking water

Assembly Bill 249 would require schools built before 2010 to test for lead in potable water outlets. Gov. Newsom has until Oct. 14 to sign or veto the measure.

Published:9/16/2023 6:00:40 AM
[Politics] Beating Brandon

State of the Union: If Biden is an invalid on stimulants, which he very well may be, what does that make Republicans who keep losing to him?

The post Beating Brandon appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:9/16/2023 5:03:27 AM
[Politics] Strong men are perceived to be more conservative, study shows "There is a consistent perception of physically strong men as espousing more conservative viewpoints relative to physically weak men,” study author Mitch Brown said. Published:9/15/2023 8:45:45 PM
[Politics] Sen. Mike Lee Explains Why Congress Is Broken

Another year, another “government shutdown” fight on Capitol Hill. As of this writing, 12 appropriations bills need to pass by Sept. 30 or the government... Read More

The post Sen. Mike Lee Explains Why Congress Is Broken appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/15/2023 8:13:20 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: Biden henchman Jack Smith asks the judge to TAKE AWAY Trump’s right to talk about his case Biden henchman Jack Smith is trying to get the judge in Washington DC to take away Trump’s right to discuss his case on Trump Social and elsewhere. They are claiming that Trump . . . Published:9/15/2023 7:34:19 PM
[Politics] The New Yorker attempts to redefine the meaning of "Truth" in article about comedian Hasan Minhaj Published:9/15/2023 5:06:40 PM
[Politics] Biden’s Broadband Plan Subsidizes Delaware, Mansions, Vacation Homes, Senate Panel Finds

The Biden administration’s $42.5 billion high-speed internet program favors heavily Democrat regions and remote vacation homes, including President Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware, according... Read More

The post Biden’s Broadband Plan Subsidizes Delaware, Mansions, Vacation Homes, Senate Panel Finds appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/15/2023 4:47:37 PM
[Politics] White House Whips Liberal Media for Not Being Pro-Biden Enough

When President Joe Biden’s aide Ian Sams wanted to leak his strongly worded memo to “Editorial Leadership at U.S. News Media Organizations,” he chose CNN... Read More

The post White House Whips Liberal Media for Not Being Pro-Biden Enough appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/15/2023 3:39:34 PM
[Politics] Police stand by and watch as car thief calmly picks out keys and steals car from Hollywood dealership Published:9/15/2023 3:33:37 PM
[Politics] ????This is the answer Trump should have given when asked can a man become a woman…. This is the answer Trump should have given to Megyn Kelly when she asked him if a man can become a woman. And I’m not just saying this because it’s from DeSantis, . . . Published:9/15/2023 3:26:14 PM
[Politics] Auto-Pilot

State of the Union: Autoworkers have gone on strike, revealing how our current system of collective bargaining is outdated.

The post Auto-Pilot appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:9/15/2023 3:00:21 PM
[Politics] Nolte: Joe Biden Links Hispanic, Black People to Those ‘Without High School Diplomas’
Joe Biden’s legacy of racism continued when he linked “African Americans and Hispanics” to those “without high school diplomas” Thursday.
Published:9/15/2023 2:42:21 PM
[Politics] Maxine Waters puts out BIZARRE Trump post, and X didn't let us down Published:9/15/2023 2:36:17 PM
[Politics] [John Ross] Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Decisions Prayer trails, controlled burns, and copyrighted law. Published:9/15/2023 2:36:17 PM
[Politics] WATCH: Trump hesitates, not sure if a man can become a woman… In Trump’s interview with Megyn Kelly, she asked him point blank if a man can become a woman. Trump hesitated, saying ummmmm….. and then giving some non-answer to the question. I know . . . Published:9/15/2023 2:07:11 PM
[Politics] 'Children are prime targets': Tim Ballard testifies on the human cost of a broken border policy (watch) Published:9/15/2023 12:33:47 PM
[Politics] “CLOSE THE BORDER!” – AOC shouted down in NYC over illegals in the city – [VIDEO] AOC was in New York City a few minutes ago giving a speech about the illegals who have arrived in the city along with other city officials and she was shouted down . . . Published:9/15/2023 12:06:58 PM
[Politics] ‘ALL TALK’: Chuck Schumer’s Own Talking Points Give the Lie to His Claims on Military Readiness, Tuberville Says

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., has blamed Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., for holding back the confirmation of President Joe Biden’s military appointees, yet on... Read More

The post ‘ALL TALK’: Chuck Schumer’s Own Talking Points Give the Lie to His Claims on Military Readiness, Tuberville Says appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/15/2023 10:58:56 AM
[Politics] Kim Davis ordered to pay outrageous amount to gay couple whose marriage license she denied Kim Davis, the Rowan County Clerk in Kentucky who denied a marriage license to a gay couple in 2015 after the Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal nationwide, was just ordered to . . . Published:9/15/2023 10:46:04 AM
[Politics] Whoa! UK Daily Mail reports Gov. Kristi Noem and Corey Lewandowski caught up in long-running tryst Published:9/15/2023 10:21:49 AM
[Politics] WATCH LIVE: Closing arguments in Ken Paxton impeachment trial begins soon Closing arguments in the Senate impeachment trial of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton begins at 9:00 AM this morning central time. I’ve got two live streams for you to watch below:   . . . Published:9/15/2023 9:52:35 AM
[Politics] Let them fight! Andrew Cuomo throws Biden under the bus on New York City immigration Published:9/15/2023 8:03:03 AM
[Politics] [Josh Blackman] Today in Supreme Court History: September 15, 1857 9/15/1857: Chief Justice William Howard Taft's birthday.   Published:9/15/2023 6:51:26 AM
[Politics] California Democrats pass measure to thwart business effort to block tax increases

Assembly Constitutional Amendment 13 marks the latest round in the fight between progressives and conservatives at the California Capitol.

Published:9/15/2023 12:30:44 AM
[Politics] Shutdown Sundae with an Impeachment on Top

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy adds an impeachment inquiry to the House's docket. Will it help avoid a government shutdown?

The post Shutdown Sundae with an Impeachment on Top appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:9/14/2023 11:08:08 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: Fulton County Judge severs defendants in Trump case in blow to Fani Willis The judge overseeing the case against Trump in Fulton County, Georgia has just severed two of the defendants from nineteen that Fani Willis is prosecuting. As you know, Kenneth Chesebro and Sidney . . . Published:9/14/2023 6:42:12 PM
[Politics] Condoms, bathrooms and suspension: Three things that could change in California schools

California lawmakers have passed legislation requiring free condoms in high schools, gender-neutral bathrooms in all schools and an end to some types of suspensions.

Published:9/14/2023 6:28:24 PM
[Politics] “Bold-faced lies” – Gov DeSantis RESPONDS to Trump’s interview with Megyn Kelly [VIDEO] Governor DeSantis has just responded to Donald Trump’s interview last night with Megyn Kelly where Trump told several “bold-faced lies” about how DeSantis handled Florida. (The clip is at the bottom) DeSantis . . . Published:9/14/2023 5:24:28 PM
[Politics] California voters will decide in 2024 whether to lower bar for new taxes and housing bonds

California lawmakers on Wednesday approved a 2024 ballot measure that asks voters whether to lower the bar for new taxes and bonds to fund housing and public infrastructure.

Published:9/14/2023 5:24:28 PM
[Politics] Donald Trump Pledges to Champion Homeschool Families

Former President Donald Trump pledged Thursday to champion American homeschoolers if he should again become president in 2025. “As president, it was my honor to... Read More

The post Donald Trump Pledges to Champion Homeschool Families appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/14/2023 3:39:25 PM
[Politics] Gov Newsom finally begins cracking down on smash-and-grab crimes Governor Newsom has finally begun cracking down on smash-and-grab crimes that plague the state of California. According to a new report, he’s planning a $267 million investment that would allow cities to . . . Published:9/14/2023 3:00:09 PM
[Politics] Conan O’Brien slams political comics’ lazy Trump material: ‘Doesn’t-he-suck isn’t a joke’ Veteran comic Conan O’Brien quipped on what President Trump’s "greatest crime" was. Published:9/14/2023 2:08:21 PM
[Politics] Libs of TikTok highlights detransitioner lawsuit and X responds as only X can Published:9/14/2023 1:36:45 PM
[Politics] Kevin McCarthy takes AP's reporter to school on claim impeachment inquiry is 'without evidence' Published:9/14/2023 1:30:20 PM
[Politics] WATCH: Energy secretary claims they can’t do anything about high gas prices Biden’s hack Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm was asked today what her department was doing to encourage a decrease in high gas prices. But she claimed there’s nothing that the energy department can . . . Published:9/14/2023 12:41:32 PM
[Politics] America is Not The New Rome

State of the Union: Vivek Ramaswamy’s remarks at the America First Works speaker series promoted a message of hope for the nation.

The post America is Not The New Rome appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:9/14/2023 12:06:45 PM
[Politics] Nancy Pelosi tells Anderson Cooper she's 'reptilian, cold-blooded' ('self-awareness for the win') Published:9/14/2023 11:49:47 AM
[Politics] HUH? Trump claims he doesn’t know who gave Fauci a presidential commendation (and more) – [VIDEOS] Trump was on Megyn Kelly’s show last night and she pressed him on why he didn’t fire Fauci, instead giving him a presidential commendation. But Trump claimed he didn’t know who gave . . . Published:9/14/2023 11:04:37 AM
[Politics] WATCH: Nancy Pelosi REFUSES to say if Kamala is the best running mate for Joe Biden The despicable Nancy Pelosi was on with CNN’s Anderson Cooper last night and refused to answer whether she thinks Kamala Harris is the best running mate for Biden. Watch: Nancy Pelosi repeatedly . . . Published:9/14/2023 10:01:02 AM
[Politics] Bill Melugin shares pics from the border that have people asking 'where's AOC?' Published:9/14/2023 9:22:09 AM
[Politics] [Josh Blackman] Today in Supreme Court History: September 14, 1901 9/14/1901: President Theodore Roosevelt is inaugurated. He appointed three members to the Supreme Court: Justices Oliver Wendell Holmes, Rufus Day, and William Henry Moody. Published:9/14/2023 7:00:39 AM
[Politics] How labor and a wily senator turned Nevada blue — and redrew the nation's presidential map

The late Sen. Harry Reid's clout and fundraising muscle made Nevada's Democratic Party a juggernaut. In transforming the state, he recast the race for the White House.

Published:9/14/2023 5:45:35 AM
[Politics] [Eugene Volokh] Thursday Open Thread Published:9/14/2023 2:13:16 AM
[Politics] Is Impeachment Worth It?

It isn’t clear that the political payoff for impeaching Biden balances the lost opportunities for real legislative progress.

The post Is Impeachment Worth It? appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:9/13/2023 11:20:37 PM
[Politics] WATCH: Gov DeSantis shuts down Norah O’Donnell on Florida’s Heartbeat Law & Florida being ‘hostile’ to blacks [FULL INTERVIEW] The interview with Governor DeSantis on CBS Evening News continued today and one of the subjects was abortion. Of course. (You can watch the full interview at the bottom of this post.) . . . Published:9/13/2023 9:11:01 PM
[Politics] WaPo journo Alexandra Petri's attempt at scolding GOP over Biden impeachment inquiry gets RATIO'd Published:9/13/2023 8:59:09 PM
[Politics] What?! Seattle sheriff tells people to 'give up your car keys' Published:9/13/2023 8:35:57 PM
[Politics] Just for Fun: Habibi bro takes on Gen X, Gen X responds with a resounding 'meh' Published:9/13/2023 8:13:52 PM
[Politics] Over 6,000 already dead after flood from Storm Daniel this week; mass graves being built in Derna as death toll continues to climb A massive humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Derna, Libya this week after Storm Daniel wreaked havoc on the city after flood waters overran their dams. According to the latest from the mayor, . . . Published:9/13/2023 6:14:46 PM
[Politics] Pentagon Clarifies: Award Citations Can Use Gender-Specific Pronouns ‘Himself,’ ‘Herself’—Instead of ‘Themselves’

A Department of Defense policy incorporating “gender-neutral” language into award citations will be amended to clarify that it does not ban using “himself” or “herself,”... Read More

The post Pentagon Clarifies: Award Citations Can Use Gender-Specific Pronouns ‘Himself,’ ‘Herself’—Instead of ‘Themselves’ appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/13/2023 6:14:46 PM
[Politics] WIN! NM fed judge to issue temporary restraining order against Grisham's unconstitutional gun carry ban Published:9/13/2023 5:52:23 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: Federal judge grants temporary restraining order on New Mexico Gov’s illegal ban on gun carry A federal judge has just granted a temporary restraining order on Democrat Governor Grisham’s illegal ban on the 2nd amendment right to carry a gun in public. Here’s the news: BREAKING: New . . . Published:9/13/2023 5:14:33 PM
[Politics] Bill to restrict solitary confinement in California stalls out in Sacramento

A bill to overhaul solitary confinement in California was held for the year amid disagreement with Gov. Gavin Newsom over the changes.

Published:9/13/2023 4:39:57 PM
[Politics] Reporter asks the one question that WASN’T on everyone’s mind today after capture of Danelo Cavalcante I’m sure you’ve all seen the news that Danelo Cavalcante was captured by law enforcement after a hero dog bit him in the head after spotting him in the brush. Here’s the . . . Published:9/13/2023 4:39:57 PM
[Politics] CNN put 3 fact-checkers on allegations against Biden and you WON'T be shocked by what happened next Published:9/13/2023 4:39:57 PM
[Politics] Mitt Romney announces he's NOT running for reelection in 2024 (and there was much rejoicing) Published:9/13/2023 2:21:15 PM
[Politics] John Kirby tries to spin Biden letting Iran have $6 billion in deal and makes it WAY worse Published:9/13/2023 1:45:02 PM
[Politics] OUT: Biden never talked to Hunter about business – IN: Biden loves his son The White House is now abandoning the old talking point lie that Joe Biden never talked to Hunter about his business deals and is replacing it with another lie, namely that Biden . . . Published:9/13/2023 1:24:30 PM
[Politics] WH Chief of Staff Jeff Zients' family getting RICH from green energy company pushed by Biden/Harris Published:9/13/2023 1:15:04 PM
[Politics] Totally realistic ALIEN bodies revealed ... SERIOUSLY Published:9/13/2023 12:41:37 PM
[Politics] Piercing Chuck Todd’s Political Bubble

Chuck Todd pulled out a farewell speech of sorts on his last day as “Meet the Press” host on NBC, proclaiming, for example, “I’ve had... Read More

The post Piercing Chuck Todd’s Political Bubble appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/13/2023 12:21:54 PM
[Politics] NYT Report: Hunter Biden Informally Advises Joe Biden two bidens
Hunter Biden is reportedly an informal adviser to President Joe Biden amid an impeachment inquiry into the president.
Published:9/13/2023 10:45:48 AM
[Politics] REPORT: Putin is ‘humiliated’ by having to travel ‘to the far end of Russia and plead for ammunition’ from Kim Jong Un The Daily Mail spoke with General Ben Hodges, the former commander of US forces in Europe, on Putin’s meeting with Kim Jong Un to plead for ammunition to aid him in his . . . Published:9/13/2023 10:39:53 AM
[Politics] BREAKING: Joe Biden issues marching orders to the media over House impeachment inquiry Joe Biden has just issued his marching orders to the media over the impeachment inquiry started by Speaker McCarthy and House Republicans yesterday. The marching orders come in the form of a . . . Published:9/13/2023 8:59:43 AM
[Politics] Dems not happy with Axios for deviating from 'no evidence' talking points about Biden Published:9/13/2023 7:19:18 AM
[Politics] California lawmakers want to protect actors from being replaced by artificial intelligence

As Hollywood actors and writers continue to strike for better pay and benefits, California lawmakers are hoping to protect workers from being replaced by their digital clones.

Published:9/13/2023 5:43:20 AM
[Politics] WATCH: Governor DeSantis talks preemptives strikes on N. Korea and defending Taiwan on CBS Evening News Governor Ron DeSantis went on CBS Evening News tonight to talk about North Korea in the wake of the news that Kim Jong Un is in Russia. Specifically Norah O’Donnell asked him, . . . Published:9/12/2023 9:27:27 PM
[Politics] WHISTLEBLOWER: CIA offered to bribe COVID team to bury their lab leak findings A whistleblower has testified to House Republicans that the CIA offered to bribe its COVID team to bury their findings that the coronavirus began in the Chinese Wuhan lab. According to the . . . Published:9/12/2023 7:52:18 PM
[Politics] Food, music and weed: Cannabis cafes await Newsom's stamp of approval

California lawmakers have approved Amsterdam-style cannabis cafes. They'll open by 2024 if OK'd by the governor.

Published:9/12/2023 7:28:22 PM
[Politics] UH OH REPORT: China bolstering military bases that face Taiwan A new report out today from Taiwan suggests China is bolstering it’s military bases that face the island, including fighter jets and drones. This military buildup could be preparation for a potential . . . Published:9/12/2023 5:36:54 PM
[Politics] Ian Milhiser worries that 'Biden is old' is the new 'But her emails' Published:9/12/2023 5:07:33 PM
[Politics] ‘I … Kissed Him While He Masturbated’: Lawmaker Reads Aloud From Pornographic ‘Kids’ Books at Senate Hearing

Editor’s note: This article includes quotes from books with graphic sexual descriptions. Sen. John Neely Kennedy read from pornographic books at a Senate hearing on... Read More

The post ‘I … Kissed Him While He Masturbated’: Lawmaker Reads Aloud From Pornographic ‘Kids’ Books at Senate Hearing appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/12/2023 4:52:31 PM
[Politics] A push for safer Skittles: Ban on 'toxic' food additives heads to Newsom's desk

The California Food Safety Act, the first of its kind in the country, aims to make foods in the state safer, banning additives found in some popular snacks.

Published:9/12/2023 4:28:45 PM
[Politics] Shorts-wearing John Fetterman reacts to Biden impeachment inquiry [VIDEO] The national embarrassment from Pennsylvania was asked today his reaction to the news that House Republicans have begun an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden. As the picture above suggests, his response was . . . Published:9/12/2023 4:13:07 PM
[Politics] NM Attorney General Raúl Torrez calls Gov. Grisham's executive order unconstitutional, will NOT defend Published:9/12/2023 3:45:32 PM
[Politics] 'WITCH HUNT'! Chuck Schumer sure sounds DIFFERENT now that it's an impeachment inquiry into BIDEN (watch) Published:9/12/2023 2:39:16 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: Matt Gaetz threatens a motion to vacate the Speaker after ‘baby step’ impeachment inquiry [VIDEO] Rep. Matt Gaetz apparently isn’t happy with the ‘baby step’ impeachment inquiry that Kevin McCarthy began today and is now threatening to vote to vacate the Speaker. He details far more that . . . Published:9/12/2023 2:10:56 PM
[Politics] California Legislature approves concealed-carry limits, teeing up possible Supreme Court fight

Democrats send Gov. Gavin Newsom a bill to restrict who can obtain a concealed-carry permit in California, teeing up a possible Supreme Court fight.

Published:9/12/2023 1:33:33 PM
[Politics] Aaron Ruper is SHOCKED to hear such filth on the Senate floor, but it's okay in your kids' classroom Published:9/12/2023 12:59:52 PM
[Politics] Kevin McCarthy Lays Out Evidence in Decision to Launch Biden Impeachment Inquiry
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced the House is launching an impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden, citing at least six allegations.
Published:9/12/2023 12:04:35 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: Speaker McCarthy orders three House committees to open formal impeachment inquiry Speaker Kevin McCarthy has officially ordered three House committee chairmen to open a formal impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden. He’s ordered the House Oversight, Judiciary and Ways and Means to lead the . . . Published:9/12/2023 12:04:35 PM
[Politics] CNN's Poppy Harlow shuts NM Governor Grisham down with a logical extrapolation Published:9/12/2023 11:38:28 AM
[Politics] ‘Logical Next Step’: McCarthy Announces Biden Impeachment Inquiry

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy authorized the House of Representatives to move forward on an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden based on what Republicans have... Read More

The post ‘Logical Next Step’: McCarthy Announces Biden Impeachment Inquiry appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/12/2023 11:20:44 AM
[Politics] Senate Republicans come out AGAINST House impeachment of Joe Biden Senate Republicans are voicing their concerns about House Republicans pursuing impeachment against Joe Biden, despite all the evidence against him. But that’s just it. They claim that there isn’t enough evidence to . . . Published:9/12/2023 10:09:50 AM
[Politics] Kevin McCarthy to Push Biden Impeachment Inquiry as 'Logical Next Step' US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, speaks during a news conference at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, US, on Wednesday, April 26, 2023. McCarthy squeaked his debt limit bill through the House winning a politically important victory that intensifies the standoff with the White House over averting a catastrophic US default. Photographer: Valerie Plesch/Bloomberg
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy will inform House Republicans on Thursday that an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden is the "logical next step" in the investigation of the Biden family.
Published:9/12/2023 9:21:49 AM
[Politics] MSNBC contributor Katty Kay pulls the 'BUT Trump!' card defending Biden in Asia, gets drubbed in replies Published:9/12/2023 9:21:49 AM
[Politics] BREAKING: Speaker McCarthy to recommend impeachment inquiry to House Republicans but it might not go anywhere… This morning Fox News has confirmed that Speaker McCarthy will recommend an impeachment inquiry for Joe Biden to House Republicans. Here’s the news: 🚨BREAKING: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to greenlight impeachment inquiry . . . Published:9/12/2023 9:04:22 AM
[Politics] Californians disapprove of Supreme Court's work by a 2-1 ratio

California voters overwhelmingly disapprove of the current U.S. Supreme Court, with many describing it as too political and conservative.

Published:9/12/2023 8:58:42 AM
[Politics] [Josh Blackman] Today in Supreme Court History: September 12, 1958 9/12/1958: Cooper v. Aaron is decided. Published:9/12/2023 7:02:40 AM
[Politics] In SHOCKING news, Oklahoma school defends drag queen principal with very SKETCHY history Published:9/11/2023 10:10:46 PM
[Politics] Joe Biden just lied about being in NYC the day after 9/11 happened The man who didn’t think it was important to be at the 9/11 memorial ceremony today in New York City today – because presidents weren’t visiting Pearl Harbor 22 years later – . . . Published:9/11/2023 7:37:52 PM
[Politics] Orangutan throws possum out of high enclosure as visitors scream An orangutan at a zoo in Australia ejected a possum from a high enclosure was horrified onlookers screamed. The possum sailed through the air and may have died when it landed. Here’s . . . Published:9/11/2023 6:54:25 PM
[Politics] IRS officials sit for closed-door testimony in GOP's Hunter Biden inquiry

A Republican-controlled committee subpoenaed the two employees — Darrell J. Waldon and Michael T. Batdorf — in August after an IRS whistleblower alleged they had knowledge that could aid the GOP's investigation.

Published:9/11/2023 5:51:46 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: Biden makes $6 million dollar deal with Iran to release American prisoners Joe Biden has just made a $6 million dollar deal with Iran to release the American prisoners they are holding. The US will also release Iranian prisoners. The $6 million in funds . . . Published:9/11/2023 5:02:04 PM
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