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[Politics] Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Socialist Dream Is Tax-and-Spend Nightmare

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans a vote soon to push Sen. Bernie Sanders’ $3.5 trillion socialist dream budget one step closer to law. The news gets worse... Read More

The post Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Socialist Dream Is Tax-and-Spend Nightmare appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/25/2021 11:59:07 PM
[Politics] At a grim convention, California GOP seeks to regroup after bruising recall defeat

California Republicans, stinging from their lopsided loss in this month's recall election, sought to regroup at their party convention this weekend.

Published:9/25/2021 10:29:42 PM
[Politics] ‘We WON’: Headlines claiming Biden won Arizona are FAKE NEWS and a VERY BIG LIE says Trump in Georgia At the rally in Georgia on Saturday, President Donald Trump let the media have it over their reporting and headlines on the Arizona audit, which Right Scoop readers know demonstrated ENORMOUS and . . . Published:9/25/2021 8:57:04 PM
[Politics] FED! New York Times reveals FBI had INSIDE MAN among Proud Boys on January 6 On Saturday the New York Times broke the news that the FBI had an informant inside the crowd that stormed the Capitol building. An informant, one of the Proud Boys, was texting . . . Published:9/25/2021 6:25:59 PM
[Politics] Hashtag: Backfire! Hillary touts new title, IN LIEU OF one she spent her LIFE pursuing, and Hill-ARITY ensues This is hilarious. As you know, Hillary Clinton swept angrily past booing crowds with a child servant in tow as she accepted her new lip-service role with Queens University yesterday. But what . . . Published:9/25/2021 4:56:03 PM
[Politics] BEAUTIFUL: 13 unoccupied seats at Trump rally to HONOR Marines, Soldier, Sailor lost in Kabul attack At President Donald Trump’s rally in Georgia, a memorial to the American servicemembers lost in the Kabul attack holds a place of honor, and the photograph shared on Twitter by Fox’s Mark . . . Published:9/25/2021 3:15:06 PM
[Politics] WATCH LIVE NOW: DONALD TRUMP HOLDS ‘SAVE AMERICA RALLY’ IN GEORGIA WATCH LIVE below as the ‘Save America Rally’ gets underway ahead of a speech by Donald Trump this afternoon at 7:00 pm. “Are you ready for my EPIC Rally in GEORGIA?” Trump . . . Published:9/25/2021 2:50:47 PM
[Politics] Oh DANG! Marjorie Taylor Greene TRASHES abortion enthusiast Debbie Dingell with this UTTERLY BRUTAL follow-up Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is not the quite type. Her confrontation with Debbie Dingell on the Capitol steps on Friday was anything BUT quiet, as she quit tip-toeing around the way most . . . Published:9/25/2021 1:29:04 PM
[Politics] WATCH: Trump blasts Biden’s “DISCRIMINATORY” vaccine mandates, calls Dr. Fauci “FURNITURE” in new interview President Trump spoke with Real America’s Voice yesterday and lit Biden up as a joke who nobody trusts when the subject of vaccine mandates came up. Host David Brody called mandates “discriminatory” . . . Published:9/25/2021 11:49:29 AM
[Politics] PERFECTION: Hillary Clinton BOOED, heckled at Queens Univ as her CAPE stretches WITCH-LIKE behind her. This is just too hilarious. Woke idiots installed Hillary Clinton as the first female chancellor of Queen’s University in Belfast, but the regular folk kept away from the elites have a very . . . Published:9/24/2021 8:14:56 PM
[Politics] Biden Struggles to Corral His Party Over Trillions in Spending

President Joe Biden expressed confidence Friday that Congress will pass both a $3.5 trillion spending bill and a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, although the more... Read More

The post Biden Struggles to Corral His Party Over Trillions in Spending appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/24/2021 7:41:47 PM
[Politics] ‘We captured SCREENSHOTS’: Audit CATCHES Maricopa in the ACT. Crowd CHEERS inside AZ hearing Maricopa County was trying to cheat. The presentation of the audit isn’t over yet, so no spoilers here on whether they succeeded in cheating (lol) but the fact that they were TRYING . . . Published:9/24/2021 6:47:00 PM
[Politics] Biden calls Haitian migrant crisis 'an embarrassment.' Advocates say racism at root

Few groups have endured a less enthusiastic reception than Haitians, despite the pivotal role that the U.S. has often played in spurring them to leave home.

Published:9/24/2021 6:08:28 PM
[Politics] What ‘THEY TOLD US’ vs THE TRUTH: An absolutely EPIC list and smackdown of ENDLESS media not mistakes, LIES The media don’t just make mistakes. They tell us the exact opposite of the truth. That’s the incredibly accurate statement that Grabien’s Tom Elliott used to sum up his insanely long list . . . Published:9/24/2021 6:08:28 PM
[Politics] HUGE crowds, MILITIA, cops, SIGNS, more at Arizona capitol for AUDIT results. PICS and VIDEO The live stream of the Arizona audit results presentation is ongoing right here. But there’s also a big show outside of the state legislature as folks from around the state and country . . . Published:9/24/2021 5:10:57 PM
[Politics] Twitter and the ‘Fact-Checkers’ Line Up for Biden

Twitter makes it easy to realize that the purpose of “fact-checkers” is most commonly rushing to defend President Joe Biden from misinterpretation… and mockery. On... Read More

The post Twitter and the ‘Fact-Checkers’ Line Up for Biden appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/24/2021 3:10:12 PM
[Politics] WATCH LIVE: Presentation of the Maricopa County Forensic Election Audit begins at 4PM ET The Arizona Senate is livestreaming the presentation of the Maricopa County forensic election audit at 1PM Arizona time or 4PM ET and you can watch it below:   This is the official . . . Published:9/24/2021 2:49:53 PM
[Politics] Schumer Readies Carbon Tax that Doubles Gas Tax, Violates Biden’s $400K Tax Pledge Published:9/24/2021 2:13:18 PM
[Politics] The Hunter Biden Cover-Up Is a Scandal

The Hunter Biden email cover-up may not be the most contemptible example of the modern political media’s corruption, but it is probably the most demonstrable.... Read More

The post The Hunter Biden Cover-Up Is a Scandal appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/24/2021 2:13:18 PM
[Politics] Here’s video proof that border patrol agent did NOT whip Haitian illegal like Biden admin claims A video from an AP reporter, published on Twitter today, shows that the main border patrol agent on horseback in the photo did not whip one of the Haitian illegals like the . . . Published:9/24/2021 2:13:18 PM
[Politics] WATCH: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene gets into shouting match with Democrat over abortion On the Capitol steps today Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene made her disdain clear for Democrats taking a photo op and supporting abortion. It then turned into a shouting match between Greene and . . . Published:9/24/2021 1:46:58 PM
[Politics] The UN Opposes Billionaires' Joyriding Messrs. Bezos, Musk, and Branson Dear Jeff, Elon, and Richard Assume you fellows heard the potshot at the three of you this week by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ant io Guterres. "When people see billionaires joyriding to space while millions go hungry on earth," he told the General Assembly, they might "lose faith not only in their governments and institutions but in the values that have animated the work of the United Nations for over 75 years." If the future of the UN is... Published:9/24/2021 1:46:58 PM
[Politics] MSNBC bestows an interesting new title upon Jennifer Rubin Published:9/24/2021 1:14:00 PM
[Politics] Arizonans Will Face Higher Taxes Than Communist China if Dem Bill Passes Published:9/24/2021 12:07:10 PM
[Politics] Arizona election audit draft report leaked and Trump says media already trying to spin it for Biden AGAIN A draft report for the Arizona election forensic audit has been released and President Trump says the media is already trying to spin it for Biden despite the report finding “significant and . . . Published:9/24/2021 12:07:10 PM
[Politics] Georgians Will Face Higher Taxes Than Communist China if Dem Bill Passes Published:9/24/2021 11:16:02 AM
[Politics] Biden said some pretty outrageous CRAP after aides finally let him answer questions this morning [VIDEOS] Biden’s White House aides finally decided to let him answer questions from certain members of the press this morning (using another list) and, as you might have expected, Biden said some pretty . . . Published:9/24/2021 10:42:08 AM
[Politics] Biden denounces 'horrible' treatment of Haitian migrants at border

Biden says an investigation is underway into how Border Patrol officers on horseback dealt with Haitian immigrants.

Published:9/24/2021 10:11:45 AM
[Politics] [VIDEO] – BLMers accost two white college students because they had a “Police Lives Matter” sticker on laptop A couple of white college students were just minding their own business when they were accosted by a couple of BLMers because one of them had a “Police Lives Matter” sticker on . . . Published:9/24/2021 9:37:18 AM
[Politics] A Call for Amity Toward Free China Shocks UN General Assembly Speakers at this year's debate week at the United Nations General Assembly peppered much of their oratory with cliches about uniting the world to combat common threats like Covid and climate change. One much overlooked speech, however, used those themes to sneak in a subversive, even heretical message. Few paid attention to President Surangel Whipps, Jr. of Palau. "Who cares what those small island states have to say?" one might ask. "What do they know about world affairs anyway?" Except that... Published:9/24/2021 9:37:18 AM
[Politics] After police reform talks fail, Karen Bass discusses what's next, and her message to George Floyd's family

Rep. Karen Bass spoke to the Los Angeles Times about the collapse of the effort to pass comprehensive police reform.

Published:9/24/2021 8:36:30 AM
[Politics] House Democrats, galvanized by Texas ban, to vote to legalize abortion nationwide

The House plans to vote to legalize abortion to viability for the first time in light of Texas abortion restrictions.

Published:9/24/2021 4:40:36 AM
[Politics] [VIDEO] Democrat calls out Rashida Tlaib for “Anti-Semitism” on the House floor! Rashida Tlaib did her normal anti-Semitic thing today, accusing Israel of war crimes against Palestinians and thus refusing to funding for their Iron Dome system:   In response to this, a Democrat . . . Published:9/23/2021 8:09:40 PM
[Politics] 50 Cent Opposes Biden Tax Hike Plan Published:9/23/2021 7:13:58 PM
[Politics] Democrats Back on Their Heels, As Biden's Polling Plunges and Manchin Presses for His 'Strategic Pause' With President Biden's polls once again plunging and wide gaps in the Democratic Party over spending and taxing along with some serious grassroots opposition from groups like the save America coalition, I really do believe the Democrats are on the run. They're back on their heels. They can't get their story straight. Again this evening I express my support for Senator Joe Manchin's "strategic pause" to carry over big budget deals until the spring of 2022. Our motives might be a bit different... Published:9/23/2021 6:34:07 PM
[Politics] AWESOME: Al Sharpton gets heckled at Texas border so badly that you can’t even hear him [VIDEO] Al Sharpton went to the border today to race bait like he always does but didn’t get the response that he was hoping for: Al Sharpton getting heckled at the border. Music . . . Published:9/23/2021 5:32:06 PM
[Politics] Federal officials rework distribution for 'two vaccine nations'

Grappling with a nation divided over COVID, federal officials are reworking how they will distribute vaccines and treatments.

Published:9/23/2021 5:06:09 PM
[Politics] Reflections on My Failed Campaign to Become California Governor

I want to thank the distributor of my articles, Creators Syndicate, for allowing me to take eight weeks off from writing my weekly column so... Read More

The post Reflections on My Failed Campaign to Become California Governor appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/23/2021 5:06:09 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: One dead, 13 injured after gunman open fire in grocery store in Tennessee One person is dead and 13 injured after a gunman opened fire in a Kroger grocery store in Collierville, Tennessee: BREAKING: At least one person dead and 13 injured in shooting at . . . Published:9/23/2021 4:10:14 PM
[Politics] America's Special Envoy to Haiti Quits, Issuing Scathing Denunciation of Biden Administration The resignation of America's Special Envoy to Haiti, who has denounced his government's"inhumane" policy toward the refugees who are being shipped to their gang-infested homeland, represents a major new crisis a tsunami for the Biden administration. It is reminiscent of the saga of the "Motor Ship St. Louis,", which in 1939 sought to deliver to America 900 Jewish refugees escaping Hitler and were turned away by, among others, America, and returned to Europe. President Biden's envoy, Daniel... Published:9/23/2021 4:10:14 PM
[Politics] Tulsi Gabbard torches the Biden/Harris “open-door policy” at the border, praises Trump border policy Former Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard torched the Biden administration for their “open door policy” at the border, saying it’s time for it to “end now”: The Biden/Harris open-door policy has been . . . Published:9/23/2021 2:59:25 PM
[Politics] Democrats’ Massive Spending Bill Would Hasten America’s Fundamental Transformation

The massive spending bill backed by President Joe Biden and Democrat leadership in Congress highlights just how radical their party has become and the farce... Read More

The post Democrats’ Massive Spending Bill Would Hasten America’s Fundamental Transformation appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/23/2021 2:08:16 PM
[Politics] PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor grills Psaki on why Biden is hidin’ from Haitian crisis at border [VIDEOS] Get your popcorn ready. PBS reporter and liberal hack activist Yamiche Alcindor turned on the White House today, demanding to know why Biden is in hiding right now on the Haitian crisis . . . Published:9/23/2021 1:36:58 PM
[Politics] Column: After a $500,000 fine, he spent nearly four times as much trying to recall the local D.A.

The effort to oust Sonoma County prosecutor Jill Ravitch failed. But it underscores the need for reform.

Published:9/23/2021 12:39:15 PM
[Politics] White House says border patrol agents not allowed to use horses in Del Rio, Texas any longer Chief White House Spinner Jen Psaki said today that after the ‘horrible and horrific’ photos that came out this week of Border Patrol agents using horses to block Haitian illegals, they would . . . Published:9/23/2021 12:39:15 PM
[Politics] POLL: Majority of Americans Say Biden Has Proven Himself ‘Too Old To Be President’

A majority of Americans are concerned that President Joe Biden has proven himself "too old" to be commander in chief, according to a Harvard/Harris poll.

The post POLL: Majority of Americans Say Biden Has Proven Himself ‘Too Old To Be President’ appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

Published:9/23/2021 11:34:51 AM
[Politics] Ted Cruz: Where are the adults??? Ted Cruz posted a fantastic video on Twitter today that he created asking the question “where are the adults?”: Where are the adults? — Senator Ted Cruz (@SenTedCruz) September 23, 2021 . . . Published:9/23/2021 11:08:23 AM
[Politics] Biden’s own special envoy to Haiti QUITS over ‘inhumane’ treatment of Haitian illegals Biden’s own special envoy to Haiti just quit over what he calls Biden’s ‘inhumane’ treatment of the Haitian illegals in Del Rio, Texas: FOX NEWS – President Biden’s Special Envoy for Haiti . . . Published:9/23/2021 10:04:04 AM
[Politics] WATCH: Allen West explains how he would secure the Texas border on Tucker Carlson Last night Tucker Carlson had Texas gubernatorial candidate Allen West on his show to discuss the out-of-control situation at the border. In the interview, West explained exactly what he would do as . . . Published:9/23/2021 9:33:21 AM
[Politics] For Haitians, color-coded tickets are key to escape from Border Patrol camp

U.S. authorities are allowing Haitian migrants at a massive camp in Texas who hold blue and yellow numbered tickets to remain in the country.

Published:9/22/2021 11:31:13 PM
[Politics] Don't be fooled: California's new housing laws make significant changes to zoning

California's urban areas must become more densely populated to provide enough affordable housing for 40 million-plus people, columnist George Skelton writes.

Published:9/22/2021 11:04:08 PM
[Politics] Here’s an epic reminder of just how nasty the smear campaign was aimed at the NY Post article on Hunter Biden’s laptop We know the mainstream media in this country is absolute garbage. We all lived it first-hand last year when the New York Post came out with their Hunter Biden laptop bombshell in . . . Published:9/22/2021 9:02:11 PM
[Politics] Project Veritas catches FDA official saying “There needs to be a registry of the unvaccinated” Project Veritas is exposing tonight an FDA official caught pushing the idea that there needs to be a registry of the unvaccinated. He also makes several comments about blow-darting African Americans with . . . Published:9/22/2021 8:06:58 PM
[Politics] The Media Hides a Secret in the $3.5 Trillion Bill

There’s one piece of the $3.5 trillion spending bill that the media is unlikely to tell you about—their bailout. The massive, bloated $3.5 billion spending... Read More

The post The Media Hides a Secret in the $3.5 Trillion Bill appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/22/2021 5:27:30 PM
[Politics] Scranton Times Goes All-In on Tax Hikes & Lies About Taxpayer Protection Pledge Published:9/22/2021 5:26:46 PM
[Politics] Australian police fire rubber bullets at COVID protesters to disperse them [VIDEO] Australian police actually fired rubber bullets at protesters in Melbourne to break up a COVID protest over the country’s totalitarian restrictions:   Now to be fair, the day before protesters were beating . . . Published:9/22/2021 5:26:34 PM
[Politics] Rohit Chopra To Weaponize CFPB Published:9/22/2021 4:25:19 PM
[Politics] The Next Afghan War? Could the next big story out of Afghanistan be the emergence of a full-scale civil war? We ask because new reports suggest that the long-running struggle between the Taliban and ISIS-Khorasan, the Islamic State's branch in Afghanistan, is heating up. And a full-scale civil war would raise all sorts of issues for America itself and our friends and allies, from Europe and the Middle East to the sub-continent and Asia. Just this past weekend, in a series of seven or eight bombings near Jalalabad... Published:9/22/2021 4:25:19 PM
[Politics] Civil and human rights leaders decry treatment of Haitian migrants at southern border

A letter sent to President Biden on Wednesday criticized the White House's immigration policies for inflicting "cruelty on Black, Brown and Indigenous immigrant communities."

Published:9/22/2021 4:00:05 PM
[Politics] Chinese whistleblower claims that China INTENTIONALLY released COVID at international military tournament in 2019 A Chinese whistleblower told Sky News that China intentionally released COVID at an international military tournament back in October of 2019, which quickly spread across the world: DAILY MAIL – A whistleblower . . . Published:9/22/2021 4:00:04 PM
[Politics] Psaki blames Boris Johnson for fiasco yesterday in refusing to let Biden answer questions from WH press Jen Psaki was asked ‘what went wrong’ yesterday when the UK Prime Minister took questions from foreign press but Biden wasn’t allowed to answer any questions from the White House press: Psaki . . . Published:9/22/2021 2:54:09 PM
[Politics] HHS document reveal incidents of sexual abuse of unaccompanied children at border by “staff” and “non-staff” It won’t shock you to learn that some of the illegal unaccompanied children who’ve ended up in HHS custody because of Biden’s border crisis have faced sexual abuse, not just from other . . . Published:9/22/2021 2:25:42 PM
[Politics] Scott Lay, chronicler of California politics with a must-read newsletter, dies at 48

In addition to writing the Nooner, his email roundup of Capitol news, Lay was an attorney and fierce advocate for community colleges.

Published:9/22/2021 1:38:06 PM
[Politics] Biden admin not even giving Haitian illegals a court date after releasing them into US This morning we reported that the Biden administration lied about rapidly deporting the Haitian illegals camped out in Del Rio, Texas, and are instead releasing thousands of them into the US. Well . . . Published:9/22/2021 12:58:25 PM
[Politics] Caitlyn Jenner brought fame to her run for California governor. Why it failed anyway

After an initial splash in the media, Caitlyn Jenner's bid for governor flopped. But, she says: 'I'm not done with the political side of my life.'

Published:9/22/2021 12:30:47 PM
[Politics] Watch this bizarre answer from Bill Gates when he’s asked about his relationship with Epstein Bill Gates claims he’s full of regrets about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, but gives a bizarre answer when asked if there are any lessons to learn from all of this:   . . . Published:9/22/2021 11:26:06 AM
[Politics] Democrats Push Tax Breaks for Union Political Activity

House Democrats are fighting to give a tax break to workers, but only if they agree to subsidize union political spending, which pours billions into Democratic campaign coffers.

The post Democrats Push Tax Breaks for Union Political Activity appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

Published:9/22/2021 11:26:05 AM
[Politics] Liz Cheney gets a big time supporter to help her raise campaign cash The loathsome Liz Cheney isn’t going down without a fight and she’s just enlisted a big time fundraiser to help her raise some campaign cash: FOX NEWS – The only two living . . . Published:9/22/2021 10:27:41 AM
[Politics] BREAKING: Biden admin setting Haitians FREE in the US despite claims of deporting them The Associated Press is reporting that Biden administration officials are setting ‘thousands’ of Haitians free inside the US despite promises to quickly deport them back to Haiti: Many Haitian migrants camped in . . . Published:9/22/2021 9:04:14 AM
[Politics] Witches Brew Starts To Bubble in Communist China, as Xi Jinping Edges Into Maoism In case you missed it, the Wall Street Journal features on its front page a blockbuster scoop, written by Lingling Wei, a veteran Chinese reporter. It runs under the headline: "Xi Jinping Aims to Rein In Chinese Capitalism, Hew to Mao's Socialist Vision." In other words, Mr. Xi is going Mao. The pathbreaking market reforms of 40 years ago are going to be reversed. They'd been unleashed by the daughty vice premier, Deng Xiaoping, who, up to a point, modernized Communist China's economy and made... Published:9/22/2021 9:04:13 AM
[Politics] Young voters turned out in force for Democrats in 2020. Will they stick around?

A diverse generation of young voters, who will be crucial in 2022, have been galvanized more by issues than candidates.

Published:9/22/2021 7:29:37 AM
[Politics] Biden to pledge more vaccine doses to boost global inoculation rates

President Biden plans to increase the U.S. commitment to the global COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

Published:9/22/2021 5:56:39 AM
[Politics] OUT OF CONTROL: Nevada public meeting on COVID gets shut down; GOP candidate for Lt. Gov. slammed by police Tonight in Clark County, Nevada, county commissioners declared COVID misinformation a public health crisis by a vote of 5-2. According to Las Vegas Review Journal, the two commissioners who voted against it . . . Published:9/21/2021 8:55:03 PM
[Politics] Peter Daszak submitted Wuhan request to release airborne coronaviruses into bat populations just 18 months before outbreak Peter Daszak with EcoHealth Alliance was behind a funding request for the Wuhan Virology Lab so they could release airborne coronaviruses into bat populations to inoculate them and protect humans in the . . . Published:9/21/2021 7:29:07 PM
[Politics] The Democrats’ War on Blacks Keeps Growing in Pandemic

One of the key reasons I left the Democratic Party years ago was the atrocious way it treated black people. I’m not just talking about... Read More

The post The Democrats’ War on Blacks Keeps Growing in Pandemic appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/21/2021 6:26:19 PM
[Politics] ATR, Partners Urge Biden Administration to Prioritize Free Trade Agreements Published:9/21/2021 6:26:19 PM
[Politics] U.S. national security officials express concern about terror threats tied to Afghanistan

The nation's top counter-terrorism officials said they were concerned about terror threats emerging from Afghanistan following chaotic U.S. pullout.

Published:9/21/2021 6:26:19 PM
[Politics] Biden Brims With Bromides at UN, But Iran, for One, Is Unimpressed In the whole history of the United Nations it's hard to think of a speech brimming with emptier bromides than President Biden's today at the General Assembly. "Let's get to work," is how he ended it. "Let's make our better future. Now we can do this. It's within our power and capacity." The closest Mr. Biden got to articulating a real goal, although not necessarily one that's conducive to a "better future," was a promise to resume full compliance "if Iran does the same" with the articles of... Published:9/21/2021 6:26:19 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: WH aides SHOUT over Biden so reporters can’t hear him answer a single question! [VIDEO] Seriously, it happened again. President Alzheimer’s aides actually shouted over top of him to prevent reporters from hearing him responding to a question. They then kept shouting and rushed the reporters out . . . Published:9/21/2021 6:26:19 PM
[Politics] Biden's AUKUS Pact Vindicates Britain's Bet on Brexit The uproar of America's nuclear submarine deal with Britain and Australia is starting to look like a vindication of Brexit. We understand that the Germans are calling it a "declaration of war" on the European Union. And the petulant French might be calling it a "stab in the back." By our lights, though, things are moving in the direction we'd predicted and hoped for in endorsing Brexit from the beginning. How the Europeans jeered at Britain's decision to quit the European Union. The... Published:9/20/2021 3:21:32 PM
[Politics] White House Psaki makes absurd statement about why illegals don’t have to prove vaccination status Jen Psaki today made a completely absurd statement today about why illegals crossing the border on foot don’t have to prove vaccination status or a negative COVID test, as opposed to foreigners . . . Published:9/20/2021 2:35:24 PM
[Politics] “Where is she?” – MSNBC host calls out Kamala for being MIA on Haitian border crisis MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle asked today where Kamala is on this Haitian border crisis, saying she is supposed to be in charge of issues migration from these countries and no one has . . . Published:9/20/2021 1:13:03 PM
[Politics] REPORT: Newsmax doubling office space as viewership surges Newsmax is apparently doing very well these days in the aftermath of the 2020 election and is now reported to be doubling their office space in Manhattan: NY POST – This just . . . Published:9/20/2021 12:39:54 PM
[Politics] Biden to face largest world stage of his tenure after crises with Afghanistan, France

At the annual United Nations summit, President Biden must attempt to repair damaged U.S. credibility and alliances.

Published:9/20/2021 10:13:23 AM
[Politics] NBC’s Chuck Todd admits Biden has a “big credibility crisis” and has to prove to the world that US is still COMPETENT NBC’s Chuck Todd gave a rather frank assessment of Joe Biden yesterday ahead of his big UN speech coming Tuesday, saying he’s got a big credibility crisis and has to prove to . . . Published:9/20/2021 10:13:23 AM
[Politics] Column: Old rivalry, Newsom vs. Harris, assumes new proportion as Democrats look to 2024 and beyond

The governor could be a front-runner for president — if fellow Californian Kamala Harris wasn't already Biden's No. 2.

Published:9/20/2021 8:38:04 AM
[Politics] BREAKING: Biden to deport nearly 13,000 Haitians from bridge in Texas and it’s all thanks to President Trump According to the New York Post this morning, the Biden administration has already begun sending the nearly 13,000 Haitians under the ‘migrant bridge’ in Del Rio, Texas back to Haiti and they . . . Published:9/20/2021 8:38:03 AM
[Politics] Litman: The Jan. 6 House Select Committee is the last, best hope against GOP lies

The House committee is playing for keeps against the GOP's falsehoods — that there was no insurrection, that the mob was peaceful and that the 2020 election was stolen.

Published:9/20/2021 6:11:58 AM
[Politics] Threats against members of Congress are skyrocketing. It's changing the job

In a year that kicked off with the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, threats against Congress members are soaring: 4,135 in just the first three months.

Published:9/20/2021 4:42:48 AM
[Politics] Senate parliamentarian won't allow citizenship pathway for immigrants in Democrats' spending bill

A pathway to citizenship cannot be included in the Democrats' reconciliation infrastructure bill, a key Senate aide has ruled.

Published:9/19/2021 10:32:57 PM
[Politics] Trudeau's Six Wasted Years Leave Canada With One Rational Vote Conservative, Led by Erin O'Toole As Canada drags itself to the end of one of the most boring and superfluous federal election campaigns in its history, it is time to evaluate the merits of the different parties. The Greens are so extreme in their proposed remedies to imprecise environmental problems that a vote for that party is not rational. The Bloc Qu ois is a Quebec separatist party, and the independence of Quebec is an arguable political option for that province, but as the separatists would be the first to tell us, it... Published:9/19/2021 7:35:44 PM
[Politics] Haitian migrants continue to flock to Texas border; some flown back to homeland by U.S.

The Border Patrol confronts massive, growing camp of Haitian migrants in Texas.

Published:9/19/2021 6:03:47 PM
[Politics] SHOCK POLL: Devastating result as MAJORITY of Hispanic voters in Texas DISAPPROVE of Biden and BORDER crisis! The insane and total loss of control of our Southern border is bad news for America, bad news for Texas, and REALLY bad news for Joe Biden. A new Dallas Morning News/UT-Tyler . . . Published:9/19/2021 2:33:17 PM
[Politics] Haiti Cries Out: Where Is President Biden, as My Countrymen Swelter Under a Bridge in Texas? Haiti is again in the news, negatively of course the country makes it into the news cycle only when there's a catastrophe. This time Haiti's problem has reached the United States with thousands of Haitian refugees packed under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, after a long trek from countries as far as away as Brazil, Chile, even Argentina. Published:9/19/2021 2:33:16 PM
[Politics] AOC’s “Tax the Rich” dress designer is RICH and hasn’t PAID her OWN “fair share,” owes SIX FIGURES in unpaid taxes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who used to pose as a bartender before posing as a politician “for the people,” and who was outraged that nobody including her was helping her poor abuela, took her . . . Published:9/19/2021 11:01:44 AM
[Politics] Democrats' $3.5-trillion spending plan is about to get a trim. They should be happy

The $3.5-trillion spending plan that Democrats proposed is already being whittled down. That's good for the party. Voters prefer incremental change.

Published:9/19/2021 8:07:20 AM
[Politics] ‘Absolutely STUNNED by what I’m witnessing’: SURGE of humanity OVERRUNNING border. Authorities SCRAMBLING A massive crisis is unfolding on the Texas border as thousands upon thousands of refugees, migrants, and whoever else are in and among them are SURGING across the border unimpeded. Reuters claims . . . Published:9/18/2021 4:53:24 PM
[Politics] The MEDIA held a RALLY in D.C. today and the Pulitzers are IN the mail. Also the Riot Cops were there! The press swarmed Washington, D.C. today, each of them hoping for a career-making turn starring in some handheld footage as they faced down the dark forces of Trumpism in the shadow of . . . Published:9/18/2021 3:25:32 PM
[Politics] Biden's Budget: The Road to Serfdom In President Biden's budget speech Thursday, he referred on eight separate occasions to "pay their fair share." He just kept repeating it. Some left-wing pollster probably told him that it plays well in progressive precincts. As you may have guessed, this performance and its content got under my skin. Mr. Biden is always blaming businesses and wealthy successful individuals. Always blaming them. And it's a lie. It's a big lie. Just like any left-wing propagandist. Say it enough, and it becomes... Published:9/18/2021 3:25:32 PM
[Politics] Taliban replaces Afghan WOMEN’S MINISTRY with their VIRTUE and MORALS police After 20 years in Afghanistan, Joe Biden oversaw a retreat instead of a withdrawal, abandoning key facilities important to the nation’s civilian and military infrastructure, withdrawing support and disabling equipment, and essentially . . . Published:9/18/2021 1:33:26 PM
[Politics] Self-righteous CNN jerk John Harwood shares DOCTORED pic equating MAGA with NAZIS CNN’s John Harwood is one of the most smugly self-satisfied reporters in the business, and we’re using “reporter” insanely loosely here. If you’ve ever seen his “reports” they are little more than . . . Published:9/18/2021 11:32:11 AM
[Politics] Mainstream ‘journalists’ DESCEND on, THREATEN Nicki Minaj family, friends. Get WRECKED. Now they’re CRYING. There is nothing quite so barren of scruples and ethics than a leftwing mainstream media journalist on the “right side of history.” They march in lock goose step across the airwaves and . . . Published:9/17/2021 9:24:25 PM
[Politics] ‘In a normal era, this would be a huge scandal’: HOW MUCH will media IGNORE to hype up D.C. rally? There’s a rally tomorrow. Justice for J6. If you listen to the media it has “echoes” of “insurrection” and they are FLIPPING about it. They are making grand statements and delivering grave, . . . Published:9/17/2021 7:54:15 PM
[Politics] “Our border is WIDE OPEN”: More INSANE footage from Biden’s OVERRUN border as Abbot adds $2B to STOP the FLOOD You saw our breaking post earlier on the total collapse of control at the southern border and declaration of crisis in Del Rio. In the hours since Scoop posted, more video has . . . Published:9/17/2021 6:51:05 PM
[Politics] AMAZING: This compendium of ‘THEN vs NOW’ leftwing VAX hypocrisy is UNREAL. It is never not incredible to me the way the left and the media can be such blatant two-faced hypocrites and remain professionally employed and socially non-pariahs. Every time this happens, it’s . . . Published:9/17/2021 4:16:48 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: Biden promised COVID booster shots but the FDA panel just overwhelmingly REJECTED IT The FDA met today to discuss the COVID booster shot from Pfizer and they just voted against it by an overwhelming majority: BREAKING: FDA panel votes against approving a Pfizer booster dose . . . Published:9/17/2021 3:21:28 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: Biden gets another LOSS as the FDA votes *NO* on Pfizer boosters for most Americans Published:9/17/2021 2:53:05 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: Gen McKenzie to make BIG announcement on Afghan drone strike that didn’t kill a single ISIS-K fighter It was just reported that General McKenzie, who helped lead the disastrous Biden withdrawal from Afghanistan, is going to make a big announcement about the drone strike that was in response to . . . Published:9/17/2021 2:53:05 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: Border officials say situation is completely “out of control” with not enough food or porta-potties for 11k illegals [VIDEOS] Texas troopers in Del Rio, Texas really want the American people to know just how “out of control” the situation is down there under the so-called ‘migrant bridge’, so much so that . . . Published:9/17/2021 1:49:27 PM
[Politics] Lou Barletta Signs the Taxpayer Protection Pledge Published:9/17/2021 12:23:09 PM
[Politics] Fox News refusing to run new Mike Lindell ads Mike Lindell has returned to Fox News after pulling his ads over the summer from the network, but now they are refusing to allow any new ad that is about Lindell’s website . . . Published:9/17/2021 12:23:08 PM
[Politics] Review: 'Peril' is a damning — and tedious — portrait of American democracy on the brink

Bob Woodward's third book on the Trump presidency, written with Robert Costa, (overly) details the Trump-Biden transition with little new insight.

Published:9/17/2021 10:19:03 AM
[Politics] Biden tries to convince Manchin to support 3.5 trillion reconciliation bill but fails miserably Joe Biden tried yesterday to convince Joe Manchin to support his 3.5 trillion dollar crap sandwich of a reconciliation bill but reports are that he failed miserably: AXIOS – President Biden failed . . . Published:9/17/2021 10:19:03 AM
[Politics] Biden gathers world leaders to discuss climate action

The president is hosting virtual talks this morning with the aim of pressing for emissions cuts.

Published:9/17/2021 9:49:06 AM
[Politics] Mike Rowe explains how he’d persuade people to get vaccinated if he were president and it’s BRILLIANT Yesterday someone named Paul Sussmann wrote a column about Mike Rowe and his recent comments on how public leaders have ruined their own trustworthiness when it comes to the vaccines. Rowe reprinted . . . Published:9/17/2021 9:49:06 AM
[Politics] Minnesota Supreme Court ALLOWS defund police amendment on ballot referendum Minneapolis is a dumpster fire of anti-cop hatred and now they are asking city residents to vote for completely defunding police and replacing them with a new ‘Department of Public Safety’: NY . . . Published:9/17/2021 8:48:24 AM
[Politics] With recall defeated, Newsom scores well in poll against 2022 rivals

Newsom would easily beat any of the four top Republicans who ran to replace him in the recall, new poll finds

Published:9/17/2021 7:43:34 AM
[Politics] For many Texans, it's a long drive out of state for abortion

Propelled by a very restrictive abortion law, Texas women are traveling farther afield for abortions.

Published:9/17/2021 5:51:14 AM
[Politics] BREAKING: FAA blocks Fox News from flying drones over migrant bridge in Del Rio, Texas Fox News reporter Bill Melugin is reporting tonight that the FAA has just instituted a quasi no fly zone over the bridge where all the illegal migrants are in Del Rio, Texas, . . . Published:9/16/2021 8:40:55 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: Arizona announces date to release forensic audit report and it’s next week! Kari Lake, who is running for governor in Arizona, has announced that the forensic audit will be released next week to the Arizona Senate: BREAKING AZ AUDIT NEWS:The Arizona Forensic Audit Report . . . Published:9/16/2021 7:18:21 PM
[Politics] Biden Wants IRS to Snoop on Your Bank Account: "Amounts that come into their bank accounts, and what amounts go out of their bank accounts." Published:9/16/2021 6:41:15 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: Grand jury indicts Michael Sussmann in Russia origins probe for lying to FBI while representing Hillary Clinton Campaign It turns out that John Durham did get an indictment of Michael Sussmann from a grand jury this evening: BREAKING: A federal grand jury has returned an indictment against cybersecurity attorney Michael . . . Published:9/16/2021 5:45:07 PM
[Politics] Biden's Class Warfare Pitch Is Full of False Charges Just a few hours before President Biden gave his class warfare pitch to level the playing field, as he calls it, and punish success, though he denies it, and falsely charge that wealthy people and large companies don't pay any taxes, all of which is far-left, progressive, woke, Democratic claptrap, with not an ounce of truth in any of it Just a few hours before we had to sit through all of this, the Commerce Department retail sales release was a blowout. Instead of down big from Wall Street... Published:9/16/2021 5:45:07 PM
[Politics] Black family refused service by NYC restaurant for refusing to show vaccine passport “papers” [VIDEO] Segregation is back in New York City, just as we knew it would be when the city announced vaccine passports would be mandatory for eating in restaurants. Below is video of a . . . Published:9/16/2021 3:47:22 PM
[Politics] Ways and Means Dems Reject Commonsense Amendments to $3.5 Trillion Blowout Published:9/16/2021 3:14:36 PM
[Politics] Nancy Pelosi makes unbelievable comments about Joe Biden to foreign audience Nancy Pelosi actually made the most absurd, unbelievable statements about Joe Biden to an audience at Cambridge Union Society in Cambridge, United Kingdom:   Pelosi said that the world is fortunate that . . . Published:9/16/2021 2:44:39 PM
[Politics] Dems Set Biden Up to Break Tax Pledge Published:9/16/2021 1:40:21 PM
[Politics] After Years of Demanding ‘Equal Pay,’ Women’s Soccer Team Rejects Equal Pay Deal as ‘PR Stunt,’ ‘Not Good Enough’

The U.S. women's soccer team has been demanding "equal pay" for years. Earlier this week, the U.S. Soccer Federation offered the men's and women's teams identical (as in equal) contracts. The women's team, fresh off an underwhelming bronze medal performance at the Tokyo Olympics, celebrated its long-awaited victory over the patriarchy.

The post After Years of Demanding ‘Equal Pay,’ Women’s Soccer Team Rejects Equal Pay Deal as ‘PR Stunt,’ ‘Not Good Enough’ appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

Published:9/16/2021 1:40:21 PM
[Politics] Fully vaccinated mask wearing man harasses woman in store for not wearing a mask [VIDEO] A man who wears a mask and a badge saying he’s fully vaccinated followed a woman around a Target store, harassing her, because she wasn’t wearing a mask: UNHINGED: Fully vaccinated man . . . Published:9/16/2021 1:40:21 PM
[Politics] Don Lemon says it’s time to SHAME unvaccinated people and “leave them behind” CNN host Don Lemon told Fredo Cuomo last night that it’s time to start shaming the unvaccinated and that we should “leave them behind”: CNN’s @DonLemon: Like Trump voters, we should call . . . Published:9/16/2021 12:41:35 PM
[Politics] California recall price tag could hit $300 million. Some say it was a waste of money

Gov. Gavin Newsom survived the recall attempt by a big margin, and that has led some to question whether the system works and if changes are needed.

Published:9/16/2021 11:40:16 AM
[Politics] Column: Drug makers see disaster in Medicare negotiating prices. Don't listen to them

A Democratic bill that would allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices has drawn stark — and overblown — warnings from the U.S. pharmaceutical industry.

Published:9/16/2021 10:41:24 AM
[Politics] John Durham to indict Democrat-tied lawyer in phony Russia origins probe John Durham is looking to indict a lawyer tied to the Democratic Party for lying to the FBI back in 2016 about Trump and Russia: NY POST – The federal prosecutor named . . . Published:9/16/2021 10:09:00 AM
[Politics] BREAKING: Massive amount of illegals waiting under bridge in Texas and most of them are from Haiti Joe Biden’s border catastrophe is completely out of control with over 8,200 illegals under one bridge in Del Rio, Texas, doubling from just 4,000 yesterday. And they just keep coming: BREAKING: Our . . . Published:9/16/2021 9:16:51 AM
[Politics] Why Trump's anti-spy 'China Initiative' is unraveling

Trump-era anti-spy program against Chinese academics falters amid failed prosecutions. Critics ask why Biden hasn't terminated it.

Published:9/16/2021 7:47:47 AM
[Politics] After recall flop, struggling California Republicans once again fighting over future

The recall campaign against Gov. Gavin Newsom was supposed to unify California Republicans. Instead, it deepened divisions between the party's grass-roots conservatives and moderate establishment.

Published:9/16/2021 6:38:59 AM
[Politics] With recall behind him, where does Newsom go from here?

Newsom reaffirmed his mandate after notching what appears to be an even greater margin of victory on Tuesday.

Published:9/16/2021 5:37:45 AM
[Politics] President Alzheimer’s forgets Australian Prime Minister’s name Joe Biden today completely forgot the name of the Australian Prime Minister when addressing him during a video conference:   Biden said “I want to thank that fellow down under. Thank you . . . Published:9/15/2021 9:06:59 PM
[Politics] California recall: How many ballots are left to be counted?

More than 9 million recall ballots have been counted out of an estimated 13 million cast — enough for Gov. Gavin Newsom to declare victory.

Published:9/15/2021 8:39:10 PM
[Politics] REPORT: China sent four advanced WARSHIPS to patrol near Alaska It was reported today that China sent four of their advanced warships to patrol off the coast of Alaska at the end of August, entering the US exclusive economic zone just outside . . . Published:9/15/2021 8:07:21 PM
[Politics] Harris and Yellen urge Congress to pass spending plan to enhance access to child care

Vice President Kamala Harris speaks at the U.S. Treasury, unveiling a report detailing the problems facing the child-care sector, and how the Democrats' spending bill will help improve access to child care, particularly for low-income workers.

Published:9/15/2021 7:05:00 PM
[Politics] Democrat slideshow highlights amnesty for illegals in 3.5 trillion reconciliation bill The Daily Caller got their hands on a Democrat slideshow that highlights their amnesty for illegals proposal and how much they claim it would cost: Here’s more from DC: Senate Democrats highlighted . . . Published:9/15/2021 7:05:00 PM
[Politics] California's costly, confusing recall sparks an effort to rethink the rules

California lawmakers agreed to spend at least $276 million in the most recent state budget to cover the costs of the recall, but some elections officials have estimated the final tab will be closer to $300 million.

Published:9/15/2021 6:32:43 PM
[Politics] Column: Trump branded the GOP a party of racists. Larry Elder as standard-bearer won't help

With a Black standard-bearer who can't talk coherently about racism, Republicans aren't likely to win statewide elections in California anytime soon.

Published:9/15/2021 5:05:17 PM
[Politics] Biden to announce the U.S. will share nuclear submarine technology with Australia

The U.S. will share nuclear submarine technology with Australia as President Biden strengthens a network of alliances as a bulwark against China.

Published:9/15/2021 4:42:39 PM
[Politics] General Milley has a new defender and his name is John Bolton John Bolton just tweeted a statement defending General Milley from accusations of treason, saying he’s a staunch defender of the Constitution and a patriot: General Mark Milley is a staunch supporter of . . . Published:9/15/2021 4:42:39 PM
[Politics] Ocasio-Cortez’s Attendance at Lavish Met Gala Draws Ethics Complaint

A conservative watchdog group demanded the Office of Congressional Ethics investigate whether Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., violated House rules by attending the Met Gala on... Read More

The post Ocasio-Cortez’s Attendance at Lavish Met Gala Draws Ethics Complaint appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/15/2021 4:09:43 PM
[Politics] KINDRED SPIRITS: Pocahontas Endorses Senate Candidate Who Lied About Academic Credentials

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.), sometimes referred to as "Pocahontas," has thrown her support behind a fellow Democrat with a similar history of education-related lies.

The post KINDRED SPIRITS: Pocahontas Endorses Senate Candidate Who Lied About Academic Credentials appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

Published:9/15/2021 4:09:43 PM
[Politics] Dem Bill Gives Tax Cuts to Reporters at "Local Newspapers" With Up to 750 Employees Published:9/15/2021 3:37:17 PM
[Politics] Even Some Democrats Sound Alarm on Radical 10,000-Page, $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill

Despite already spending trillions of dollars on COVID-19 relief legislation, for the past few months, Democrats have been focused on designing the largest tax-and-spend bill... Read More

The post Even Some Democrats Sound Alarm on Radical 10,000-Page, $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/15/2021 3:37:16 PM
[Politics] Column: Give up your win-quick schemes, California Republicans

The margin of victory in the recall election — and how fast the win was called —surprised some. But those who know the California GOP just yawned.

Published:9/15/2021 3:03:21 PM
[Politics] As UN Gathers in New York, Covid May Prove To Be the Least Scary Thing As heads of state, foreign ministers, ambassadors and members of their entourage gather on the banks of Turtle Bay, let's pray next week's opening of the United Nations General Assembly doesn't become a Covid super spreader. After last year, when the annual gabfest, known as UNGA for short, was conducted virtually due to pandemic fears, next week's event will be attended in person by luminaries from most of the world's countries. Last month the American mission to the world body sent a letter... Published:9/15/2021 2:37:44 PM
[Politics] Study: Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Bill Will Lead to Up To 324 Fewer New Medicines Published:9/15/2021 2:03:09 PM
[Politics] Smear Campaign Against Larry Elder Reveals Fraud by Woke Media

Blue California decided to stay blue. That appears to be the take from California’s recall election Tuesday, which saw Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, defeat... Read More

The post Smear Campaign Against Larry Elder Reveals Fraud by Woke Media appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/15/2021 2:03:09 PM
[Politics] Beware Our Elective Monarchy

In 1629, frustrated by the unwillingness of Parliament to grant him taxation power, King Charles I of England dissolved the body and had nine members... Read More

The post Beware Our Elective Monarchy appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/15/2021 1:41:36 PM
[Politics] WATCH: Gymnasts expose how Larry Nassar molested them and the FBI covered it up Gymnast McKayla Maroney gave testimony before the US Senate this afternoon of how the FBI covered up the sexual molestation and abuse by Larry Nassar even after she came forward to the . . . Published:9/15/2021 1:41:36 PM
[Politics] More States Are Reducing Barriers To Employment Published:9/15/2021 1:09:11 PM
[Politics] ALERT: Biden’s COVID-19 Body Count Hits 250K

More than a quarter million Americans have died from COVID-19 on President Joe Biden's watch, according to the Washington Free Beacon's proprietary death tracker. (Other media outlets have stopped counting, for some reason.)

The post ALERT: Biden’s COVID-19 Body Count Hits 250K appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

Published:9/15/2021 1:09:11 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: General Milley’s spox confirms phone call with China, defends it… General Milley’s spokesperson has confirmed Milley’s phone call and defended it as part of his duties: Just in: Spokesman for @thejointstaff's Gen Mark Milley fires back over allegations regarding calls w/#China in . . . Published:9/15/2021 12:33:43 PM
[Politics] 'Benedict' Milley? The morning news wires are reporting that President Trump has been trying to drum up calls for a treason case against his former chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Mark Milley. That's because Bob Woodward's latest book reports that the general, worried that Mr. Trump might do something rash, promised the Red Chinese that he would warn them of any pending attack. A meme of "Benedict Milley" is on the Web. Yet it is hard to imagine that General Milley could be convicted of treason for such a... Published:9/15/2021 12:33:43 PM
[Politics] Election Panel’s Giving Twitter a Pass on Hunter Biden Laptop Cover-up Is a Travesty

If The New York Times is to be believed, the Federal Election Commission has cleared Twitter of violating any election laws by censoring a New... Read More

The post Election Panel’s Giving Twitter a Pass on Hunter Biden Laptop Cover-up Is a Travesty appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/15/2021 12:08:33 PM
[Politics] Column: With $276 million down the drain, it's time to revamp the California recall

It's too easy in California to force a costly and wasteful special election like Tuesday's vote.

Published:9/15/2021 10:40:10 AM
[Politics] There’s (Cradle to) Grave Waste in Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Spending Plan

Congressional Democrats are proposing to spend an enormous amount of taxpayer dollars on what The New York Times calls “cradle to the grave” additions to... Read More

The post There’s (Cradle to) Grave Waste in Democrats’ $3.5 Trillion Spending Plan appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/15/2021 10:40:10 AM
[Politics] HERE WE GO: Arizona sues Biden, DeSantis sues Florida city over vaccine mandates Arizona has just filed a lawsuit against Darth Biden for his absurd vaccinate mandate policy he announced last week: BUSINESS INSIDER – Arizona’s Attorney General Mark Brnovich filed a lawsuit against the . . . Published:9/15/2021 10:40:10 AM
[Politics] North Korea fires two ballistic missiles toward Japan Yesterday we reported that North Korea test fired a ballistic missile and today they’ve done it again, this time firing two ballistic missiles toward Japan: FOX NEWS – North Korea reportedly fired . . . Published:9/15/2021 10:05:45 AM
[Politics] Newsom's lesson to Democrats for 2022: Embrace vaccine mandates and talk about Trump

Gov. Gavin Newsom's winning formula to stave off a recall was stoking fears about Republicans to turn out his Democratic base and touting his leadership on the pandemic. His campaign says national Democrats should follow, but will it work outside California?

Published:9/15/2021 9:37:16 AM
[Politics] Sheriff defending his deputy who shot a thug 15 times gives BADASS response to shooting [VIDEO] In Brevard County, Florida, a thug opened fire on two sheriff deputies at a traffic stop and then came up behind one of the officers and started pistol whipping him with his . . . Published:9/15/2021 8:35:09 AM
[Politics] Gavin Newsom survives recall election As you may have already heard by now, California Governor Gavin Newsom survived the recall election in his state yesterday and did so by a good margin: NY POST – California Democratic . . . Published:9/15/2021 8:10:54 AM
[Politics] Podcast: California recall election winners and losers

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has easily fended off a recall effort. What's next for the state?

Published:9/15/2021 7:42:43 AM
[Politics] Democrats poised to overhaul nation's childcare, with taxpayers picking up the bill

Congress is discussing a mass overhaul of childcare in the United States, including who should pay for it.

Published:9/15/2021 4:36:29 AM
[Politics] French Laundry. Pandemic. Trump. Chaos. All played big as voters cast recall ballots

On Tuesday, the California voters most active leaned toward recalling Newsom, but that was just part of the overall picture.

Published:9/15/2021 1:32:15 AM
[Politics] Did Newsom's 'no and go' strategy limit votes on question 2?

Gov. Gavin Newsom urged voters to say no to the recall and to leave question two on the ballot blank.

Published:9/14/2021 11:57:44 PM
[Politics] Newsom Rebounds to Beat Back Recall in California

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Tuesday became only the second governor in American history to survive a recall, in an election that President Joe Biden... Read More

The post Newsom Rebounds to Beat Back Recall in California appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:9/14/2021 11:57:44 PM
[Politics] Column: The recall was a colossal waste. But don't expect California's GOP to learn from it

GOP strategists explain what went wrong, as recall ignores lessons from other states.

Published:9/14/2021 11:35:33 PM
[Politics] WATCH: Trump responds to report about Milley’s treasonous actions Trump responded to the reporting today on Milley’s treasonous actions about warning the Chinese in case Trump decided to attack and you can listen below: Donald Trump reacts to Gen. Milley report: . . . Published:9/14/2021 9:09:08 PM
[Politics] 'Hypocrite' Newsom vs. 'Trumpian' Elder: Intense partisan divide at recall ballot box

Some voters find the election ridiculous, saying Newsom has done a good job. But others believe the state has lost its way, and Elder can right that wrong.

Published:9/14/2021 7:00:35 PM
[Politics] What time do polls close for the California recall?

If you haven't cast your ballot in the recall, there's still time.

Published:9/14/2021 6:33:24 PM
[Politics] Five for Fighting releases new song blasting Biden for Afghanistan disaster Five for fighting has just released a new song denouncing Biden and his administration for his Afghan disaster. Here’s what John Ondrasik wrote on his Youtube video (h/t: The Blaze): Like all . . . Published:9/14/2021 5:57:31 PM
[Politics] A Brexit King? Keep an Eye on George Ah, young Prince George, we'll never know ye. As king, that is. So, at least, muses novelist Hilary Mantel. From " back of an envelope" calculations, the author of the "Wolf Hall" trilogy about Henry VIII's doomed enabler Thomas Cromwell, believes the British monarchy is "gone within two generations." Her rationale? "It's hard to understand the thinking behind the monarchy in the modern world when people are just seen as celebrities." Hold on, I say. On its face, Ms. Mantel's rationale for... Published:9/14/2021 5:27:07 PM
[Politics] Ted Cruz GRILLS Blinken on Afghan withdrawal and the lists of Americans they turned over to the Taliban Senator Ted Cruz today grilled Secretary of State Antony Blinken today on the Afghan withdrawal disaster and the lists of Americans they turned over to the Taliban. Watch: Blinken swears that the . . . Published:9/14/2021 4:05:02 PM
[Politics] VIDEO: JCT Confirms Dem Corporate Tax Hike Hits Workers Published:9/14/2021 3:29:50 PM
[Politics] Google BANS all of Live Action’s ads, including abortion pill reversal ad Lila Rose announced today that Google has banned all of Live Action’s pro-life ads, including the ad making women aware of a pill that reverses abortions after they take the abortion pill: . . . Published:9/14/2021 2:29:47 PM
[Politics] BuzzFeed drops a BOMB on alleged BAD BOSS Rep. Pramila Jayapal Published:9/14/2021 12:59:50 PM
[Politics] BREAKING REPORT: General Milley went behind Trump’s back to assure the Chinese he’d WARN them if Trump decided to attack It’s being reported today that General Milley promised aid and comfort to the Chinese, who were fearful Trump might launch an attack in defense of Taiwan. Milley told the Chinese he would . . . Published:9/14/2021 12:59:49 PM
[Politics] Blinken faces another hearing about Afghanistan withdrawal

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken testifies to a Senate committee about the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Published:9/14/2021 11:53:12 AM
[Politics] Polls open as Californians weigh Gov. Gavin Newsom's fate

Polls open Tuesday morning for Californians to decide whether Gov. Gavin Newsom should be removed from office and, if so, who should replace him.

Published:9/14/2021 11:25:17 AM
[Politics] OCC, ATRF Submit Comments to CMA on Facebook/Giphy Merger Published:9/14/2021 10:58:01 AM
[Politics] “There has to be accountability” – Democrat Chairman says Afghan withdrawal was “clearly and fatally flawed” Senator Bob Menendez, Democrat Chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, told Secretary Blinken that Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, which he supported, was “clearly and fatally flawed” and that there must be . . . Published:9/14/2021 10:58:01 AM
[Politics] Dr. Fauci says requiring vaccination for travel is being discussed In an interview on MSNBC this morning, Dr. Fauci admitted that a vaccine mandate in order to travel is being discussed: NEW – Dr. Fauci: Proof of vaccination or negative test for . . . Published:9/14/2021 9:08:14 AM
[Politics] Column: Win or lose, Larry Elder could bring about a new era of Black conservatism

Black Republicans are rare in California, but they hope the bombastic recall candidate will inspire more people of color to run for elected office.

Published:9/14/2021 7:22:52 AM
[Politics] California is 'impatient with patience.' Newsom recall election tests state's frustration point

The gubernatorial recall election demonstrates a truth about modern California: We have lost patience amid many crises, and any proposal that doesn't lead to a fix is reason to mobilize.

Published:9/14/2021 5:27:24 AM
[Politics] Is It Possible That Common Sense Could Prevail Over Biden's Tax and Spending Plan? My overall take on the reconciliation information coming out of the House is simple: Go woke, go broke, and this whole reckless tax and spend and regulate plan will inflict great damage on the blue collar, middle-class workforce, jobs, wages, and prosperity. Great damage. I love it today when Secretary Blinken blamed President Trump's conditional Afghan withdrawal plan for the catastrophe executed by the Biden administration. Love that. Let me get this right they were absolutely bound and... Published:9/14/2021 4:22:43 AM
[Politics] Nicki Minaj blasts Joy Reid HARDCORE for her vaccine attack Today Nicki Minaj tweeted that she wasn’t going to the Met Gala because they were mandating the vaccine and she wouldn’t be bullied into getting it: They want you to get vaccinated . . . Published:9/13/2021 10:28:47 PM
[Politics] New study suggests COVID hospitalizations are only HALF of what is claimed A new report out today, written up by the Atlantic, suggests that nearly half of all COVID hospitalizations are, in reality, patients who found out they had COVID after they were admitted . . . Published:9/13/2021 7:23:11 PM
[Politics] Nevada Dems Violated State’s Mask Mandate at 9/11 Costume Party Honoring Casino Billionaire

Two senior Nevada Democrats violated the state's indoor mask mandate by attending a costume party on the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

The post Nevada Dems Violated State’s Mask Mandate at 9/11 Costume Party Honoring Casino Billionaire appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

Published:9/13/2021 6:24:01 PM
[Politics] House Tax Provision is Bad News for Crypto Published:9/13/2021 6:24:01 PM
[Politics] “This is a national humiliation” – Blinken admits there are thousands of US permanent residents stuck in Afghanistan Today Secretary Blinken admitted to the House Foreign Affairs Committee that there are around one hundred Americans and “several thousand” US permanent residents with green cards still stuck in Afghanistan: Ben Sasse . . . Published:9/13/2021 6:24:01 PM
[Politics] Biden to confront the issue of wildfire danger during California trip

President Biden visited a firefighting headquarters in Idaho before he's expected to tour wildfire damage near Sacramento.

Published:9/13/2021 4:48:51 PM
[Politics] Blinken won’t rule out negotiating legitimacy with the Taliban, won’t comment on Biden leaked transcript, is told he needs to RESIGN In testifying before the House today, Secretary Blinken wouldn’t comment on the leaked transcript of Biden trying to get the former Afghan president to pretend, for the sake of narrative, that they . . . Published:9/13/2021 4:20:10 PM
[Politics] Blackface Governor Cheers Robert E. Lee Statue’s Replacement by Monument to Wokeness

Gov. Ralph Northam (D., Va.) applauded the removal last week of a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee in Richmond, as well as the copper time capsule placed inside the statue's pedestal more than 130 years ago.

The post Blackface Governor Cheers Robert E. Lee Statue’s Replacement by Monument to Wokeness appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

Published:9/13/2021 3:49:39 PM
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