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[Tech] Coming in ASP.NET Core 2.1 - top-level MVC parameter validation Andrew Lock looks at a feature coming in ASP.NET Core 2.1 related to Model Binding in ASP.NET Core MVC/Web API Controllers. Published:3/23/2018 8:06:49 AM
[Tech] IsItPwned Phil Oyston provides a simple interface to Troy Hunt's I Have Been Pwned V2 breached password endpoint using the enhanced anonymity provided by the k-Anonymity method (/range endpoint). Published:3/22/2018 4:54:45 PM
[Tech] Json.NET 11.0 Release 1 - .NET Standard 2.0, JsonConverters, JSON Path and more James Newton-King announces the Json.NET 11 Release 1, with targeted support for .NET Standard 2.0. Published:3/22/2018 2:27:15 AM
[Tech] Optimising ASP.NET Core apps in Docker - avoiding manually copying csproj files Andrew Lock optimizes Dockerfiles for dotnet restore, without having to manually specify of the app's .csproj files in the Dockerfile. Published:3/20/2018 8:49:27 AM
[Tech] ASP.NET Core WebHooks - Running the AzureAlertWebHook Adam Storr runs the ASP.NET Core WebHooks project locally and debugs the AzureAlertWebHook end point. Published:3/19/2018 8:32:14 AM
[Tech] Collecting Collections: The Lookup Collection Sometimes you need a "collection of collections." Don't write ugly code to do that -- the Lookup object will create that collection for you in a heartbeat. Published:3/19/2018 8:07:31 AM
[Tech] BlueMilk is Ready for Early Adopters Jeremy Miller announces the availability of BlueMilk, a new OSS Inversion of Control tool he's building specifically for usage in Jasper applications, but is also a high performing replacement for... Published:3/16/2018 9:07:09 AM
[Tech] Adding HTTP Headers to improve Security in an ASP.NET MVC Core application Damien Bowden shows how to add headers in a HTTPS response for an ASP.NET Core MVC application. Published:3/15/2018 9:40:08 PM
[Tech] Finding What's Changed in Your Code If your source control system won't tell you what's changed, Visual Studio is glad to help. It's just that the option is hard to get to. Published:3/15/2018 3:31:18 PM
[Tech] Upgrading a 10 year old site to ASP.NET Core's Razor Pages using the URL Rewriting Middleware Scott Hanselman begins to upgrade his popular podcast site to ASP.NET Core Razor Pages, merging the old and the new with ASP.NET Core's URL rewriting middleware. Published:3/14/2018 9:32:57 AM
[Tech] Use Ajax To Perform CRUD Operations In ASP.NET Core Razor Pages Bipin Joshi illustrates how to develop a Razor Page that performs CRUD operations using Ajax calls. Published:3/13/2018 8:02:26 AM
[Tech] Converting Your ASP.NET Web Forms Application to ASP.NET MVC There are a lot of Web Forms applications out there ... but the future belongs to MVC. Here's Peter's advice on what to do about that. Published:3/12/2018 11:24:44 AM
[Tech] Blazor: a technical introduction Steve Sanderson provide some deeper technical details for those interested in how Blazor, a framework for browser-based applications written in .NET, running under WebAssembly, actually works. Published:3/12/2018 7:58:34 AM
[Tech] ASP.NET Core Authentication Lab Barry Dorrans shares a walk-through for a ASP.NET Core Authentication Lab, targeted against ASP.NET Core 2.0 RTM and VS2017/VS Code. Published:3/9/2018 7:25:12 AM
[Tech] Exploring the ApiControllerAttribute and its features for ASP.NET Core MVC 2.1 Filip Wojcieszyn takes a look at ApiControllerAttribute and how can it help with writing Web APIs. Published:3/8/2018 5:48:46 PM
[Tech] Securing an ASP.NET Core MVC application which uses a secure API Damien Bowden uses OpenID Connect Hybrid flow to secure an ASP.NET Core MVC application which uses an API to retrieve data. Published:3/7/2018 2:07:32 PM
[Tech] ASP.NET Core Anatomy – How does UseStartup work? Steve Gordon does a deep dive into how UseStartup results in Startup methods being registered and executed. Published:3/6/2018 9:05:11 AM
[Tech] Workshop gets an update - JavaScript Services, Docker, Kubernetes and Helm! Shayne Boyer adds options for using the updated JavaScriptServices and Deployment options with Docker, Kubernetes, and Helm to the build an application from scratch workshop tutorial featuring .NET... Published:3/5/2018 6:21:48 PM
[Tech] Brush Up Your SQL LINQ and Entity Framework are great ... but you're still going to need to write SQL. Published:3/5/2018 9:35:11 AM
[Tech] Introducing the OpenID Connect debugger Nate Barbettini wrote a tool to make it easier to use the OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect protocols. Published:3/1/2018 11:12:50 AM
[Tech] ASP.NET Core 2.1.0-preview1 now available Dan Roth announces that the first preview of the next release of ASP.NET Core and .NET Core, which includes SignalR, is now available to try out. Published:2/28/2018 3:45:16 AM
[Tech] Introduction of new meta-package "Microsoft.AspNetCore.App" Damian Edwards details the new Microsoft.AspNetCore.App meta-package for use by applications in ASP.NET Core 2.1. Published:2/27/2018 5:04:19 PM
[Tech] 64 bit ASP.NET Core on Azure App Service Glenn Condron looks at a few ways to get a 64 bit .NET runtime on Azure App Service. Published:2/26/2018 11:52:29 AM
[Tech] HttpClientFactory in ASP.NET Core 2.1 (Part 2) Steve Gordon dives into two ways to make use of HttpClientFactory: returning named clients and typed clients. Published:2/24/2018 1:04:18 PM
[Tech] Avoiding Entity Framework Slowdown You'll probably only have this problem with legacy databases but, if you do have this problem, it can kill your Entity Framework performance. Published:2/24/2018 1:04:18 PM
[Tech] Unit Testing ASP.NET Core Applications Daniel Jimenez Garcia begins a series of articles covering an automated testing strategy involving unit tests, integration tests, end–to-end tests, and load tests. Published:2/21/2018 9:27:40 AM
[Tech] The C# Scopes for Privileged Inheritance C#'s scope for classes includes internal, public, protected ... and two more. The most restrictive of these allow you to create an inheritance hierarchy with "privileged" and "nonprivileged" derived classes. Published:2/21/2018 9:27:40 AM
[Tech] Multi-tenant web apps with ASP.NET Core and Postgres Nate Barbettini uses an ASP.NET Core middleware pipeline, plus the sharding features of Postgres and Citus, to build a scalable multi-tenant application. Published:2/20/2018 8:26:13 AM
[Tech] Getting Data from the Request Object in ASP.NET MVC In a world with model binding, you don't often need to use the Request object's collections. But when model binding fails you those collections are often your easiest solution. Published:2/20/2018 8:26:13 AM
[Tech] Are you registering IHttpContextAccessor correctly? Adam Storr uses the IHttpContextAccessor interface to access the current logged in users through HttpContext. Published:2/19/2018 10:34:45 AM
[Tech] Capturing Perfview traces for ASPNET Core application Naveen Baliga explain how to enable the logging, capturing, and analysis of perfview traces for ASP.NET Core web applications. Published:2/17/2018 12:30:08 AM
[Tech] Paste JSON and XML as a Class With a couple of mouse clicks you can convert JSON or XML to a perfectly good class. And, with a little extra work, you can do it in a couple of keystrokes. Published:2/17/2018 12:30:08 AM
[Tech] HttpClientFactory in ASP.NET Core 2.1 (Part 1) Steve Gordon covers the new HttpClientFactory feature coming in ASP.NET Core 2.1 which helps solve some common problems using HttpClient instances to make external web requests. Published:2/15/2018 11:52:03 AM
[Tech] Using the dotnet Angular template with Azure AD OIDC Implicit Flow Damien Bowden implements OpenID Implicit Flow using Azure AD with an Angular application, using the Microsoft dotnet template and the angular-auth-oidc-client npm package. Published:2/13/2018 1:59:04 PM
[Tech] Manipulating URLs on the Server If you ever have a question about a URL, then the Uri object has the answer. Published:2/13/2018 12:58:05 PM
[Tech] Five RESTFul Web Design Patterns Implemented in ASP.NET Core 2.0 Bonus: Swagger Jeremy Likness uses Swashbuckle to use Swagger tools with ASP.NET Core to document REST APIs and make them easier to discover and consume by clients. Published:2/12/2018 12:43:28 PM
[Tech] Best Practice: Declare Variables as Constants If you don't need to replace the object stored in the variable, you might as well declare it as a constant. Published:2/12/2018 9:23:19 AM
[Tech] Pasting Into a Command Window It's not really a Visual Studio tip but it can save you a lot of typing. Published:2/9/2018 8:31:38 AM
[Tech] Load TypeScript Modules as You Need Them With TypeScript 2.4 If you've got a module that you only need in special cases, then you can put off loading it until that special case crops up. Published:2/8/2018 8:42:07 AM
[Tech] A new experiment: Browser-based web apps with .NET and Blazor Dan Roth announces Blazor, a new experimental project from the ASP.NET team. Blazor is a web UI framework based on C#, Razor, and HTML that runs in the browser via WebAssembly. Published:2/8/2018 7:52:56 AM
[Tech] Increasing Password Hashing Iterations with ASP.NET Core Identity Scott Sauber increases the password hashing iterations from the default 10000 without breaking existing users. Published:2/7/2018 9:00:51 AM
[Tech] TypedRouting for ASP.NET Core MVC 2 Filip Wojcieszyn announces a new version of Strathweb.TypedRouting.AspNetCore which is built as .NET Standard 2.0, and supports ASP.NET Core MVC 2. Published:2/6/2018 9:19:23 AM
[Tech] Role-Based Authorization in Razor Pages Hisham Bin Ateya implements role-based authorization in Razor Pages by using AuthorizePage or AuthorizeFolder with the overload that accept a policy as string. Published:2/5/2018 11:10:18 AM
[Tech] Including linked files from outside the project directory in ASP.NET Core Andrew Lock includes files in a project that are outside the project directory with 3 different methods. Published:2/2/2018 8:39:53 PM
[Tech] Windows Weekly Dockerfile #17: Connecting to Database Containers Elton Stoneman connects to a database container from a web application container in this continuing series on Dockerfiles. Published:1/31/2018 7:37:47 AM
[Tech] Some new tricks for CodeTrack Nico Van Goethem announces the latest release of CodeTrack, a free .NET performance profiler and execution analyzer which now supports plugins and deeptrace rulesets. Published:1/30/2018 7:44:55 AM
[Tech] Beeline: An Experiment Mark Rendle experiments with improving the performance of retrieving data from of a database and turning it into JSON in a GitHub project. Published:1/29/2018 5:38:14 PM
[Tech] Building ASP.NET Core apps using Cake in Docker Andrew Lock builds an ASP.NET Core app by using Cake to build the project inside the Docker container. Published:1/24/2018 7:24:08 AM
[Tech] Adding Docker Support to Miniblog.Core?—?Part 4 (Azure Managed Kubernetes) Francisco Beltrao deploys Miniblog.Core to Azure Managed Kubernetes. Published:1/23/2018 7:29:17 AM
[Tech] Getting Started with ASP.NET Core Identity Raihan Alam kicks off a series of articles on ASP.NET Core Identity with investigating claim based authentication, how ASP.NET Core Identity implements it, and how the Identity system works overall... Published:1/22/2018 11:20:49 AM
[Tech] Exploring the .NET Core Docker files: dotnet vs aspnetcore vs aspnetcore-build Andrew Lock looks at the various Docker base images available for .NET Core development, how they differ, and when each should be used. Published:1/17/2018 8:14:24 AM
[Tech] Using an EF Core Database for the IdentityServer4 Configuration Data Damien Bowden implements a database store for the IdentityServer4 configurations for the Client, ApiResource, and IdentityResource settings using Entity Framework Core and SQLite. Published:1/16/2018 8:38:33 AM
[Tech] Creating Authorization Policies Dynamically with ASP.NET Core Jerrie Pelser resolves authorization policies dynamically at runtime without having to call AddPolicy for every scope check. Published:1/15/2018 8:58:30 AM
[Tech] ASP.NET Core Gotchas – No. 3 Steve Gordon looks at why his hyperlinks don't work on his Razor Pages in ASP.NET Core 2.0. Published:1/12/2018 8:39:11 AM
[Tech] Tools for bundling and minification in ASP.NET Core This post talks about 5 tools for bundling and minification in ASP.NET Core. Published:1/11/2018 7:09:14 PM
[Tech] How to launch different browsers from VS Code for debugging ASP.NET Core Anuraj Parameswaran chooses which browser to launch from VSCode while debugging ASP.NET Core by adding debug configuration. Published:1/10/2018 7:54:37 AM
[Tech] Distributed caching with ASP.NET Core and Couchbase Matthew Groves shows how to use the Couchbase.Extensions.Caching middleware plugin to easily add distributed caching capabilities to an application. Published:1/9/2018 8:00:07 AM
[Tech] ASP.NET Core in Action - What is middleware? Andrew Lock covers middleware in this extract from his upcoming book. Published:1/8/2018 11:55:31 PM
[Tech] Check that Your Config Files Are Transformed Correctly The ability for Visual Studio to automatically transform your development Web.config file into a production version is certainly convenient ... but only if the transformation is done right. Here's how to check that your config file is being transformed correctly. Published:1/5/2018 11:48:57 AM
[Tech] Deployments with Zero Downtime in ASP.NET Lachlan Barclay walks through how to have zero downtime deployments with an ASP.NET application. Published:1/3/2018 8:23:57 AM
[Tech] Testing ASP.NET Core MVC web apps in-memory Javier Calvarro Nelson uses TestServer, an in-memory implementation of a server akin to Kestrel or HTTP.sys, for testing an MVC app. Published:1/3/2018 1:14:47 AM
[Tech] Connect-Event-In-A-Box Beth Massi shared the creative and technical content for Microsoft Connect(); 2017 event held November 15-17, including all of the source code for the SmartHotel360 demos, in a GitHub repo. Published:1/2/2018 5:45:17 AM
[Tech] Use the Single-Page Application templates (preview) Steve Sanderson added documentation for the next version of the Angular, React, and React with Redux templates, which should ship in early 2018. Published:12/29/2017 11:02:55 AM
[Tech] Creating a .NET Standard Roslyn Analyzer in Visual Studio 2017 Andrew Lock give a brief introduction to Roslyn analyzers, what they're for, and how to create a simple analyzer in Visual Studio 2017. Published:12/28/2017 9:11:38 AM
[Tech] Unit Testing ASP.NET Core Tag Helper Anuraj Parameswaran writes unit tests for a Markdown tag helper. Published:12/27/2017 12:21:12 PM
[Tech] About the Updated SPA Templates from ASP.NET Core Fiyaz Bin Hasan introduces a new extension to Microsoft.AspNetCore.SpaServices which allows for the spinning up any framework respective CLI based development servers from an ASP.NET Core back-end. Published:12/26/2017 10:21:04 AM
[Tech] Notes from Visual Studio Live! No Typical Developer What I learned: There's no typical developer, they face tough resource constraints, cutting-edge tech is not of the most interest to many dealing with real-world legacy concerns, and foresighted companies are making investments for the future even with the tight budgets. Published:12/22/2017 1:53:39 PM
[Tech] ASP.NET Core - Intermediate Jeff Fritz and Maria Naggaga continue a 3-part series on ASP.NET Core at Microsoft Virtual Academy. Published:12/18/2017 8:29:56 AM
[Tech] Sending Direct Messages using SignalR with ASP.NET core and Angular Damien Bowden uses SignalR to send direct messages between different clients using ASP.NET Core to host the SignalR Hub and Angular to implement the clients. Published:12/16/2017 1:46:09 AM
[Tech] Using the Angular Material Paginator with ASP.NET Core and Angular Fabian Gosebrink uses Angular Material with Angular to implement a table with paging which is driven by an ASP.NET Core Web API. Published:12/14/2017 8:35:35 PM
[Tech] Updated Templates for IdentityServer4 Dominick Baier shares updated templates for IdentityServer4, including templates for using ASP.NET Identity for user management. Published:12/7/2017 5:09:40 PM
[Tech] Comcast xFi Advanced Gateway Modem/Router Here is Comcast’s most advanced modem/router which promises speed as well as ease of use. Published:12/6/2017 6:05:09 AM
[Tech] Harman Kardon – Home Speaker with Cortana Here is a premium home speaker with superior sound coupled with Microsoft’s Cortana Published:12/5/2017 8:58:07 AM
[Tech] OnePlus 5T - Star Wars Limited Edition Star Wars fans are getting excited about the OnePlus limited edition Star Wars smartphone that was teased at a festival in India. Published:12/3/2017 5:43:26 AM
[Tech] Samsung Galaxy A8+ - Leaked Images Online The new year is just around the corner and Samsung Galaxy A8+ is poised for debut. Published:12/2/2017 8:38:46 AM
[Tech] ASRock Z370 Killer – Powerful VR Ready Motherboard The Z370 Killer SLI/ac by ASRock features support for 8th Generation Intel Core processor (Socket 1151) Published:11/30/2017 6:23:05 AM
[Tech] Xiaomi Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus – Big Reveal on December 7th Several rumors and leaks have surfaced about these new upcoming Xiaomi smartphones. Published:11/29/2017 6:18:18 AM
[Tech] Connect(); 2017 sessions available at Channel 9 Watch the Connect(); 2017 keynotes and technical sessions on-demand at Channel 9. Published:11/28/2017 7:42:21 AM
[Tech] Huawei Honor V10 – Officially Announced in China Huawei has officially revealed the Honor V10 and pre-orders are available now in China. Published:11/28/2017 5:45:44 AM
[Tech] Xamarin.Forms on the Web Frank A. Krueger implemented a web backend for Xamarin.Forms that can run in any browser. Published:11/27/2017 6:09:46 PM
[Tech] West Wind Globalization Rick Strahl shares the beta of his open source project Westwind.Globalization, for database-driven resource localization in .NET applications. Published:11/27/2017 5:10:17 PM
[Tech] Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming Laptop – Cyber Monday Special The new Inspiron 15 7000 promises a wide-ranging sensory experience. Published:11/27/2017 6:43:22 AM
[Tech] Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 520 27-inch – Sleek Design with Premium Features The Lenovo AIO 520 27-inch all-in-one PC comes complete with everything you need to be productive and have fun during your downtime. Published:11/25/2017 7:24:52 AM
[Tech] LG 4K UHD HDR Smart LED TV - 65" Class (64.5" Diag) The LG 4K UHD HDR Smart LED TV has exciting features that make it a great Black Friday score. Published:11/24/2017 8:49:35 AM
[Tech] Samsung S9 & S9 Plus – May arrive January 2018 Samsung’s latest premium smartphones are codenamed Star 1 and Star 2 and may debut in January of 2018. Published:11/23/2017 7:45:26 AM
[Tech] Huawei Mate 10 Pro – Excellent Quality with Water Resistance The new Huawei Mate 10 Pro features a glass casing instead of the aluminum case used in previous models. Published:11/22/2017 6:45:15 AM
[Tech] MSI Z370 Godlike Gaming – Ultimate Gaming Customization This motherboard features MSI Mystic Light utility which allows for the customization of unique lighting schemes. Published:11/21/2017 6:34:27 AM
[Tech] Gionee S11 – Scheduled to Arrive November 26 This new smartphone is being advertised as the “Four camera, Full View” handheld. Published:11/20/2017 5:57:51 AM
[Tech] ASP.NET Core Caching in Practice Muhammad Rehan Saeed describes some caching strategies which can be used with ASP.NET Core. Published:11/15/2017 8:49:16 AM
[Tech] Coding iOS Apps with Visual Studio and Xamarin (but No Mac?) You still need a Mac to deploy an iOS app to the App Store, but there is an awful lot you can do just with Visual Studio on Windows, thanks to a preview tool and a handy cloud service, Matthew Soucoup explained in a presentation at the Visual Studio Live conference in Orlando, Fla. Published:11/14/2017 4:41:20 PM
[Tech] Running Blazor on Mono in the browser Steve Sanderson runs C# on the client-side using Blazor, an experimental SPA framework that runs on .NET in the browser. Published:11/14/2017 8:38:53 AM
[Tech] Miniblog.Core is a new blog engine built using ASP.NET Core 2.0 Mads Kristensen shares a new and powerful blog platform built on ASP.NET Core 2.0 which provides an excellent reading experience across devices. Published:11/13/2017 8:32:54 AM
[Tech] Gigabyte GA-Z270-Gaming K3 – With Smart Fan 5 The GA-Z270 features Smart Fan 5 which provides superior cooling for optimum gaming performance. Published:11/13/2017 6:00:32 AM
[Tech] Things that Apple didn’t tell about iPhone X Do you know what is inside the iPhone X, Apple’s most advanced iPhone? Published:11/13/2017 5:30:36 AM
[Tech] Samsung Flip Phone W2018 – Leaked The days of the flip phone may be coming back if this Samsung Flip Phone ever makes it to the United States. Published:11/12/2017 6:56:25 AM
[Tech] IBM reveals record-breaking ‘quantum chandelier’ in race to revolutionize computing IBM has announced a significant change in development to race against Google and other tech firms to build a powerful quantum computer. Published:11/12/2017 5:55:27 AM
[Tech] Samsung introduces Exynos 9810 SoC, for Galaxy S9 smartphone Samsung unveiled a new processor that may power the upcoming Galaxy smartphone, possibly to be called Galaxy S9. Published:11/11/2017 6:52:01 AM
[Tech] IdentityServer4 Localization with the OIDC Implicit Flow Damien Bowden implements localization in IdentityServer4 when using the Implicit Flow with an Angular client. Published:11/10/2017 9:19:16 PM
[Tech] Nokia 8 – Android Oreo soon available The Nokia 8 was launched with Android 7.1.1 (Nougat), but now that beta testing for Android Oreo is complete, we should soon see the upgrade. Published:11/10/2017 6:41:43 AM
[Tech] MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X Trio These days there are more companies that make graphics cards with the very best OEM. Published:11/10/2017 5:42:12 AM
[Tech] MSI Gaming Pro Carbon ATX – The 8th Gen Intel Core Motherboard This motherboard allows you to customize your own color schemes and personalize your PC with 16.8 million colors and 17 effects. Published:11/9/2017 7:10:00 AM
[Tech] The CEO confirms, OnePlus 5T won’t feature wireless charging We are close to launch of the OnePlus 5T smartphone. Pete Lau CEO revealed that the device will retain 3.5mm headphone jack. Published:11/9/2017 6:36:58 AM
[Tech] So What's Microsoft SQL Operations Studio? One week from today, a public preview of Microsoft SQL Operations Studio will be available for download. Microsoft provided a "sneak preview" of the tool at the recent PASS Summit for SQL Server developers and DBAs, but details remain scant. Published:11/8/2017 11:01:07 AM
[Tech] NichePhone-S arrives in Japan on November 10 This new smartphone by FutureModel is about the size of a credit card. Published:11/8/2017 7:01:09 AM
[Tech] Panasonic’s Lumix G9 is a promising Sony lookalike The flagship camera of Panasonic’s Lumix lineup, the GH5 has been out for about a year and is relatively new and was built for video. So today, Panasonic is tilting the scales with the Lumix G9. Published:11/8/2017 6:00:36 AM
[Tech] AORUS Z370 Motherboard – Fast, Armored, and Cool AORUS Z370 is fast and powerful motherboard with superior armor and thermal heatsinks. Published:11/7/2017 7:25:17 AM
[Tech] Intel and AMD team up announcement The battle between Intel and AMD often seems rather unpleasant, but it looks like at this point hostilities have stopped, maybe for now. Published:11/7/2017 5:52:06 AM
[Tech] Exploring HEAD method behavior in ASP.NET Core Tomasz Peczek explores how the HEAD method is handled by ASP.NET Core and proposes solutions to some problems. Published:11/6/2017 7:45:45 AM
[Tech] ASUS Prime X299-Deluxe – Maximum connectivity speeds with Thunderbolt 3 The Asus Prime X299-Deluxe is an ultra-fast motherboard that features future-proof connectivity with front panel USB 3.1 for next-gen PC cases and other devices. Published:11/6/2017 6:46:52 AM
[Tech] Key Features? Maybe Not! The WORX TRIVAC 3-in -1, you are right, does it all with flip of a switch. It sounds perfect and easy to work with that is true too. Published:11/6/2017 6:16:26 AM
[Tech] HTC VR – Stand Alone VR may China November 14th. It is widely speculated that HTC’s developer conference in Beijing could mark the debut of a Google Daydream based VR headset for China. Published:11/5/2017 6:14:44 AM
[Tech] Kaspersky acknowledges taking inactive files in pursuit of hackers The acknowledgement, made in an interview last Friday as part of the Reuters Cyber Security Summit, Comes days after Kaspersky’s company said its software had copied a file containing U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) hacking tools from the home computer of an agency worker in 2014. Published:11/5/2017 5:45:46 AM
[Tech] Roku Streaming Stick+ with 4k HDR Is the Roku Streaming Stick+ is a must have at $70? Published:11/4/2017 6:32:10 AM
[Tech] Galaxy S8 Infinitely Amazing Do you need a new smartphone? Expand your world with Galaxy S8. Does not matter big or standard or color, choice is yours to make. Published:11/4/2017 5:32:48 AM
[Tech] Publishing a Web App to an Azure VM from Visual Studio Justin Clareburt publishes an ASP.NET web application directly to an Azure VM with Visual Studio 15.5 (Preview). Published:11/3/2017 8:59:16 PM
[Tech] OnePlus 5T – Arrives around mid-November with headphone jack Even though the OnePlus 5 debuted this summer, it has been confirmed that the OnePlus 5T is on for mid-to-late November. Published:11/3/2017 11:45:31 AM
[Tech] .NET Framework 4.7.1 ASP.NET and Configuration features Preeti Krishna gives the highlights of .NET Framework 4.7.1 Early Access, including configuration builders, ExecutionStepInvoker, HttpCookie parsing, and SHA-2 hash options for credentials and Mess... Published:11/2/2017 8:36:05 PM
[Tech] Tesla delays Model 3 productions in its worst quarter Electric car maker Tesla pushed back targets for its new Model 3 car, admitting its’s months behind schedule. it would now produce 5,000 of the cars each week by early 2018, instead of December. Published:11/2/2017 8:36:05 PM
[Tech] Moto X4 – The Smartphone with Amazon Alexa built-in The new Moto X4 comes with a host of new features that make it a great buy. Published:11/2/2017 6:48:52 AM
[Tech] Uploading Files in Razor Pages Hisham Bin Ateya uploads images in Razor Pages and shares the code. Published:11/1/2017 9:18:29 AM
[Tech] Nokia 2 – With free unlimited uploads for photos and video Nokia 2 provides long-lasting battery life of up to 2 days on a single charge. Published:11/1/2017 7:13:40 AM
[Tech] Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE support will launch in December The LTE variant of the Surface Pro 4 hybrid laptop will be launched in December. Published:11/1/2017 6:16:25 AM
[Tech] Ouch! Stack Overflow Devs Really Don't Like Microsoft Microsoft programming languages, products -- and even the company itself -- graded poorly in a Stack Overflow data scientist's investigation into the most "disliked" tech offerings on the popular coding Q&A site. Published:10/31/2017 2:40:37 PM
[Tech] HTML parsing toolset for .NET Standard Atif Aziz shares High5, an HTML parser for .NET Core. Published:10/31/2017 10:42:52 AM
[Tech] Identity Server: Deploy to Azure Eric Anderson takes his existing set of applications used to learn about Identity Server and deploys them to Azure. Published:10/31/2017 9:16:34 AM
[Tech] Razer Phone - The Smartphone Designed for Games World renowned gaming company Razer is now officially in the gaming phone market. Published:10/31/2017 7:06:59 AM
[Tech] Smart homes, cars may identify you from finger vibrations No longer fingerprints! Scientists developed a low-cost security system that accurately senses finger vibrations to identify people and grants access to smart homes, cars or appliances. Published:10/31/2017 6:42:39 AM
[Tech] Vivo X20 – Now available in new Blue Color The Vivo X20 and Vivo X20 Plus were recently launched in China and provide some of the most sort after smartphone features. Published:10/30/2017 3:34:28 PM
[Tech] Breakthrough technologies of Today and Future 2017 still is an amazing year with a great deal of improvements and innovations as well as disappointments throughout the world of electronics, science and health. Published:10/30/2017 3:26:42 AM
[Tech] Vivo Xplay 7 – Nearly 100% screen ratio smartphone arrives November 2017 The Vivo Xplay 7 has one the thinnest bezel display currently available. Published:10/28/2017 6:21:57 AM
[Tech] iPhone X pre-orders off the charts, delivery time pushed further Apple quashed concerns of muted demand for its iPhone X on Friday. Published:10/28/2017 5:50:48 AM
[Tech] Oppo F5 Smartphone – Available for Pre-Orders Start Today Oppo smartphones are specifically designed for selfies and if you live in the Philippines, you can pre-order yours now. Published:10/27/2017 6:42:38 AM
[Tech] AMD Ryzen processors are here, watch to power ultra-thin laptops segment AMD has announced the introduction of Ryzen mobile processor, that previously was codenamed: Raven Ridge mobile APU. Published:10/27/2017 5:41:42 AM
[Tech] Oppo R11s – Full Announcement on November 2 The Oppo R11s is set to be revealed on November 2 and is expected to feature a dual camera setup on the back. Published:10/26/2017 6:34:32 AM
[Tech] Google Pixel 2 smartphones - What is wrong with them? These handheld devices are made by LG and HTC but Google is the one taking the heat. Published:10/26/2017 5:36:26 AM
[Tech] Facing Developer Anger, Microsoft Reverses VS Code Icon Color Change Citing "passionate feedback" from developers (some called it "backlash") that was "very helpful, painful, and entertaining all at the same time," Microsoft reversed its decision to change the color of the icons for the Visual Studio Code editor. Published:10/25/2017 12:28:24 PM
[Tech] ZenFone AR – World’s first Tango enabled & Daydream-ready phone This smartphone offers endless immersion in the new and exciting world of augmented reality. Published:10/25/2017 6:32:28 AM
[Tech] Apple now offers warranty on unlocked iPhones The Cupertino giant has announced that it will be giving worldwide warranty on its unlocked iPhones. Published:10/25/2017 5:56:44 AM
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