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[Uncategorized] Report: Top FBI Agent Forced Out After Accusations of Political Bias Concerning Hunter Biden

Timothy Thibault, who supposedly has left the agency, has been mentioned quite a bit in letters from Sen. Grassley to FBI Director Wray.

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Published:8/29/2022 9:53:21 PM
[Markets] Turley On 'Rorschach Redactions': What Did Not Happen With The Release Of The Mar-a-Lago Affidavit Turley On 'Rorschach Redactions': What Did Not Happen With The Release Of The Mar-a-Lago Affidavit

Authored by Jonathan Turley via,

Below is my column in the Hill on the release of the affidavit leading to the raid on Mar-a-Lago. The redacted affidavit did confirm key points, but the most interesting elements could be what did not happen. That may change now that a federal judge has finally indicated that a special master may be appointed. Since the start of the controversy over the Mar-a-Lago raid, I have called for the release of a redacted affidavit and the appointment of a special master to sort through the seized material, including alleged attorney-client privileged material. Such an appointment could result in additional material being returned to the Trump team and a release of additional information on what was seized under this exceptionally broad warrant.

Here is the column:

With Friday’s release of the redacted affidavit from the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago, the largest Rorschach test in history seemed to play out on cable television. Instead of ink blots, pundits and politicians stared at pages of solid black lines and offered strikingly different “ah-ha” observations. Some called the matter effectively closed and that, with the redacted affidavit, we have now “finally seen enough. Donald Trump will be indicted by a federal grand jury.”

Likewise, for former Mueller top aide Andrew Weissmann, the affidavit meant one thing — that “the former president is going to be prosecuted.” (Of course, Weissmann once expressed certainty that Donald Trump would pardon himself by his last day in office.)

There already are a plethora of news and opinion columns focusing on the five things we learned from the redacted affidavit. Equally telling, however, is what did not happen with the affidavit’s release.

Due to a series of advance leaks from the government, we already knew some of the affidavit’s contents and the results of the search. The redacted affidavit did confirm important details on past communications and the documents that were previously retrieved from Mar-a-Lago, including the discovery of a large amount of classified documents, from the relatively mundane “confidential” to the highly classified “Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information” (TS/SCI).

It also was clear that a criminal case could be brought on such allegations, though there is considerable factual and legal uncertainty about any conviction or appeal.

Not clear is whether the Justice Department intends to prosecute the former president. It is entirely possible that beneath the affidavit’s blacked-out lines lurks evidence that the government is building a case for prosecution. However, if one were to go by the unredacted portions, it is also possible this was just a heavy-handed effort to retrieve government material from Mar-a-Lago.

More striking are three things that did not happen.

The most remarkable thing that occurred on Friday is that nothing occurred on Friday. Only a week before, the Justice Department insisted that the court should not release a single line of the affidavit and that any substantive disclosure would unleash a parade of horribles, from damaging national security to sacrificing witnesses.

For those of us who have litigated cases against the Justice Department, it was an all-too-familiar claim by a department notorious for over-classification and over-redaction arguments.

For a week, media pundits mouthed the same exaggerated claims and challenged those of us who argued that it was clearly possible to release a redacted affidavit; liberals suddenly shuddered at the thought of doubting the Justice Department. Sites like Above the Law claimed that calls for greater transparency and a redacted affidavit were akin to “publishing the nuclear codes on the back of every milk carton.” Even after the judge agreed that a redacted affidavit could be released in the public interest, experts balked at the notion as dangerous in light of Justice’s earlier warnings.

As I noted earlier, affidavits contain background legal and factual sections that ordinarily can be unsealed without disclosing sensitive information. That is precisely what happened here. Pages of the affidavit were released that confirmed the legal claims as well as some of the factual allegations. In other words, the Justice Department misrepresented the contents of the affidavit and the dangers of redaction. As in other cases, it falsely claimed that no disclosures could be made without redacting so much as to make the document unintelligible. Yet, no one seemed to notice.

Something else did not happen. In rejecting Justice’s claims that nothing in the affidavit should be released, U.S. Magistrate Bruce Reinhart set out an appellate process by which he could overrule Justice in ordering disclosures beyond those proposed by the department. Given Justice’s well-documented history of over-redacting, it was a promising start.

Then, over the course of the week, media reported a series of leaks of information that clearly was part of the affidavit. At the same time that the government was demanding total secrecy, it was selectively leaking details seemingly designed to put Trump on the defensive.

Given that history, there was every reason for the court to be skeptical of the first cut of the redactions. Yet the court accepted the government’s redactions without question. It effectively found that the Justice Department hit the Goldilocks spot on the first try in getting the redactions just right to maximize disclosures.

This is where those black lines actually may tell us something. While there were key points disclosed, the redactions of the timeline of events notably ended exactly where the leaked information ended. Many of us had stated that the critical period of interest was between June 8 and after the raid on August 8. The June date involved a demand for greater security on the storage room at Mar-a-Lago, with which the Trump team complied. The redacted affidavit only added one day of new information in noting that on June 9, Trump’s counsel acknowledged the receipt of their letter. Then the black-out followed. That information could explain why a raid was needed, as opposed to a second subpoena or a more tailored warrant.

There is every reason to believe that what followed contained some facts that could be released on the FBI’s communications with the Trump team or the breakdown of such communications. After all, the Trump team already knows about that. Yet the government is saying that everything which occurred in that critical month cannot be disclosed in even the smallest detail.

The court could have pushed for additional disclosures but chose to call it a day, based on government representations that more would cause harm. Yet, this is the same department which maintained that all of the pages released this week could not be released without causing harm.

There is still more that can be done by the court. One option is the special master requested, belatedly, by Trump’s team. previously argued that Attorney General Merrick Garland should have proposed such an appointment to assure the public that this was not a pretextual search using sensitive documents as an excuse for a massive seizure. The scope of the warrant was ridiculously broad, allowing the seizure of virtually every document in the storage room and every document generated during Trump’s presidency. A special master could have sorted through this mass of material and separated privileged or immaterial documents. That would add to the legitimacy of an otherwise unlimited search.

That also did not happen. However, a special master could still serve the same interests of transparency and legitimacy. By dividing these documents into classified material, unclassified but defense-related information, and unclassified material, we would have a better understanding of scope and seriousness of any alleged crimes.

That is why the most curious thing about the redacted affidavit is what did not happen. In Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Silver Blaze,” a police inspector asks Sherlock Holmes if anything about a crime scene bothered him. The brilliant detective responds, “To the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime.” When the confused inspector objects that “the dog did nothing in the night-time,” Holmes replies: “That was the curious incident.”

Tyler Durden Mon, 08/29/2022 - 09:36
Published:8/29/2022 9:39:41 AM
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[Uncategorized] FBI Raid On Mar-a-Lago Fallout Week at Legal Insurrection

All the news you may have missed.

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[Big Tech] Facebook Suppressed Hunter Biden Laptop Story After FBI Warning

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[Uncategorized] Whistleblowers: FBI Leadership Told Agents ‘You Will Not Look at That Hunter Biden Laptop’

"...FBI did not begin to examine the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop until after the 2020 presidential election—potentially a year after the FBI obtained the laptop in December 2019."

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Published:8/25/2022 5:51:55 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: Judge orders Trump raid affidavit RELEASED with redactions The judge overseeing the release of the affidavit behind the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home has decided to release the affidavit. However the judge says the DOJ has narrowly tailored redactions . . . Published:8/25/2022 4:54:50 PM
[Uncategorized] “FBI Had No Legally Valid Cause” For Mar-a-Lago Raid and Warrant “Had No Legal Basis,” Argue Top Lawyers

David Rivkin and Lee Casey in WSJ: "if the Justice Department’s sole complaint is that Mr. Trump had in his possession presidential records he took with him from the White House, he should be in the clear, even if some of those records are classified."

The post “FBI Had No Legally Valid Cause” For Mar-a-Lago Raid and Warrant “Had No Legal Basis,” Argue Top Lawyers first appeared on Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion.
Published:8/24/2022 9:52:18 PM
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[2020 Election] Biden not only knew about the raid on Trump, he helped plan it

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[Podcasts] The Lake Effect
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[In Congress] Chuck Grassley Accuses FBI Of Partisan Double Standard In Hunter Biden Probe

by Trevor Schakohl at CDN -

Republican Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley accused the FBI of a double standard in probes of former President Donald Trump and Hunter Biden, arguing the bureau is politically motivated. Grassley argued in a Wednesday letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray that the FBI failed to refute his claims that it started …

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[Uncategorized] Grassley to FBI Director Wray: Whistleblower Info Shows ‘Deeply Rooted Political Infection’ in FBI

Grassley wants to know why the FBI constantly investigates Trump and ignores verified and legit information about Hunter Biden.

The post Grassley to FBI Director Wray: Whistleblower Info Shows ‘Deeply Rooted Political Infection’ in FBI first appeared on Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion.
Published:8/18/2022 8:07:41 PM
[Markets] Buchanan: How, When, Or Will We Ever Come Together Again? Buchanan: How, When, Or Will We Ever Come Together Again?

Authored by Pat Buchanan,

When 30 FBI agents showed up at Mar-a-Lago to cart off boxes of documents, it was an authorized, legitimate and justified procedure to retrieve national security secrets being illegally kept there.

Or it was an unprecedented regime raid on the home and office of the foremost political rival of President Joe Biden that called to mind a “Third World country,” the East German “Stasi,” the KGB or the Gestapo.

And Jan. 6, 2021?

That was a riot, a disgraceful breach of the Capitol, involving assaults on Capitol cops that deserved to be and are being punished.

No, it was more than that. Far more. It was an “insurrection,” a “fascist coup,” an act of treason led by far-right extremists to abort the transfer of power from the winner of the election of 2020 to the loser. It ranks right up there with the 1814 burning of the Capitol by the British.

Such is the magnitude of the divide in America, a divide that extends far beyond our clashing views of Jan. 6 and the Mar-a-Lago raid.

Consider abortion. Before the 1960s, abortion was almost universally regarded as a shameful and criminal act. Doctors who performed abortions were disgraced and sometimes sent to prison.

But after the Dobbs decision by the Supreme Court declared that Roe v. Wade in 1973 was wrongly decided, restoration of women’s right to an abortion is being championed by half the nation.

The other half of America yet believes abortion involves the killing of an unborn innocent child.

Part of America celebrates the Supreme Court’s decision to declare marriage equality for homosexuals. Yet, a traditionalist minority believes such a mandate imposes on the nation a secularist morality contradicted by the tenets of the Christian faith that was the basis of laws for our first two centuries as a nation.

Nor is it only clashing morality that divides us.

For a nation, a country, a people, a democracy to endure, there needs be a broad consensus of belief, culture, custom and politics.

On the issue of law and order, without which a republic cannot stand, there is now disagreement over the role and conduct of our police.

During the George Floyd summer of 2020, “Defund the Police!” was the clamor of the left, and among the street chants of Black Lives Matter was, “Pigs in a Blanket, Fry ‘Em Like Bacon.”

Only a stunning political recoil caused its abandonment.

For a nation, especially a great world power like the United States, some things are indispensable to its preservation.

A democratic republic needs to preserve the value of its currency, to defend its borders against illegal mass migrations and invasions, to preserve law and order, especially in its great cities.

Which of these requisites exist today when the nation suffers 8% inflation; 250,000 illegal aliens cross our southern border every month; and “mass shootings” occur daily in our cities during which at least four victims are gunned down, wounded or killed?

The preservation of a democracy also requires the confidence of its people in its defining institutions.

Yet, since the Reagan era, Americans’ collective confidence in our major institutions has fallen from one-half of the nation to one-fourth.

In 2022, confidence in the Supreme Court fell by a third to 25%. Only a fourth of the country retained high confidence in the presidency; and confidence in Congress plummeted to 7%, or one in every 14 Americans.

One in 6 Americans had great confidence in our newspapers, with only 1 in 9 citizens saying the same about television news.

In summary, we are a country whose people have a diminishing confidence in almost all of its institutions, from big business to the churches, universities and media. Only small business and the U.S. military enjoy the confidence of the American people.

Public approval of Biden’s performance is at the lowest level ever recorded for a president at this point in his first term.

True, we have been through and recovered from divisive times.

In the 1860s, 11 of the 33 states seceded and fought for four years to gain their independence of the Union.

The 1960s were divisive, but the left, with Sen. George McGovern its political expression, captured less than 40% of the vote against Richard Nixon in 1972. Ronald Reagan ran up two landslides in the 1980s.

Those days are long gone.

The left today dominates the academic community and culture to a greater degree than it once did and is further removed from the heart of the country in Middle America than it has ever been.

When, how, does America ever unite again?

And what unites us, other than an external attack on the country, like Pearl Harbor or 9/11?

Where is the common ground on which to stand?

Does such ground even exist, given the divisions in religion, race and ethnicity, and the seemingly irreconcilable disagreements over morality, ideology, culture and politics?

Has the great experiment run its course?

Tyler Durden Thu, 08/18/2022 - 19:00
Published:8/18/2022 6:29:50 PM
[FBI] The FBI’s Reputation has Cratered (John Hinderaker) It is a familiar pattern: the Left sees an organization or institution that is widely respected, and takes it over. It then politicizes, degrades and misuses that institution. The predictable result is that the public regard formerly enjoyed by the institution is lost. That is what has happened with the FBI. The Bureau once enjoyed near-universal respect, but in the wake of a series of scandals culminating in the Mar-a-Lago Published:8/18/2022 5:22:46 PM
[652b0bcc-2591-56ae-82f8-3916dee45ea3] Judge says he will release portion of affidavit that led to search of Trump's Mar-a-Lago A federal judge ordered the DOJ redact and said he would release a version of the affidavit that led to the FBI's search of former President Trump's Mar-a-Lago home. Published:8/18/2022 5:22:46 PM
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[In The News] ‘Focus On Your Marriage’: Trump Lawyer Slams Peter Strzok Over Russiagate Tweets

by Harold Hutchison at CDN -

A lawyer for former President Donald Trump responded in a very personal fashion during a Tuesday night Fox News appearance to comments made by fired FBI agent Peter Strzok. “You know what my advice is to Mr. Strzok?” Alina Habba said while on “Jesse Watters Primetime” discussing the FBI’s Aug. …

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[Markets] The Incredible Shrinking Merrick Garland The Incredible Shrinking Merrick Garland

Authored by Jonathan Turley,

Below is my column in USA Today on the diminishing role of Attorney General Merrick Garland at the Justice Department after a series of controversies.

As a well-known moderate, many of us had hoped that Garland could be a unifying presence at the Department; assuring a divided nation that justice would be pursued in an even-handed and apolitical fashion.

Yet, in controversy after controversy, Garland has failed to take modest steps to make such assurances.

After well documented cases of bias and false statements by FBI and DOJ officials in past investigations, there was a clear need for greater transparency and independence in investigations. Garland has consistently swatted away such options. This week, Garland stayed on that path and refused to release any part of the affidavit used as the basis for the search of Mar-a-Lago. This included the possible issuance of a redacted copy or even responses to specific concerns over the timing or basis for the search. While Trump has called for the release of the affidavit, Garland will not even release those sections dealing with the account of the prior discussions and agreements with the Team Trump. There is little proactive effort to anticipate or address such concerns as vividly shown in the last week.

Here is the column:

In the cult classic, “The Incredible Shrinking Man,” the character Scott Stuart is caught in a thick fog that causes him to gradually shrink to the point that he lives in a doll house and fights off the house cat. At one point, Stuart delivers a strikingly profound line: “The unbelievably small and the unbelievably vast eventually meet — like the closing of a gigantic circle.”

If one image sums up the incredibly shrinking stature of Attorney General Merrick Garland, it is that line in the aftermath of the Mar-a-Lago search.

Two years ago, I was one of many who supported Garland when he was nominated for attorney general. While his personality seemed a better fit for the courts than the Cabinet, he is a person with unimpeachable integrity and ethics.

If there are now doubts, it is not about his character but his personality in dealing with political controversies. Those concerns have grown in the past week.

In the aftermath of the FBI’s search of former President Donald Trump’s home in Florida, much remains unclear. The inventory list confirms that there were documents marked TS (Top Secret) and SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information) —two of the highest classification levels for materials. The former president’s retention of such documents would appear to be a very serious violation.

However, the status of the documents is uncertain after Trump insisted that he declassified the material and was handling the records in accordance with prior discussions with the FBI. While the declassified status of these documents would not bar charges under the cited criminal provisions, it could have a significant impact on the viability of any prosecution.

I have not assumed that the search of Mar-a-Lago was unwarranted given that we have not seen the underlying affidavit. Yet in another controversy, Garland seemed largely reactive and rote in dealing with questions over bias or abuse in his department.

In his confirmation hearing, Garland repeatedly pledged that political considerations would hold no sway with him as attorney general. Yet, in just two years, the Justice Department has careened from one political controversy to another without any sign that Garland is firmly in control of the department. Last year, for example, Garland was heavily criticized for his rapid deployment of a task force to investigate parents and others challenging school boards.

When Garland has faced clear demands for independent action, he has folded. For example, Garland has refused to appoint a special counsel in the investigation of Hunter Biden. But there is no way to investigate Hunter Biden without running over continual references to President Biden.

By refusing a special counsel, Garland has removed the president’s greatest threat. Unlike the U.S. Attorney investigating Hunter Biden, a special counsel would be expected to publish a report that would detail the scope of the Biden family’s alleged influence peddling and foreign contacts.

Likewise, the Justice Department is conducting a grand jury investigation that is aggressively pursuing Trump associates and Republican figures, including seizing the telephones of members of Congress. That investigation has bearing on the integrity and the status of Biden’s potential opponent in 2024.

The investigation also has triggered concerns over the party in power investigating the opposing political party. It is breathtaking that Garland would see no need for an independent or special counsel given this country’s continued deep divisions and mistrust.

Democrats often compare the January 6 investigation to Watergate but fail to note that the Watergate investigation was led by an independent counsel precisely because of these inherent political conflicts.

Then came the raid. While Garland said he personally approved the operation, he did little to help mitigate the inevitable political explosion. This country is a powder keg and the FBI has a documented history of false statements to courts and falsified evidence in support of a previous Trump investigation.

Yet, there was no prepared statement or response for days, which allowed speculation and rage to grow. When Garland did respond, he offered a boilerplate defense of the department and sought only the release of the warrant and inventory list.

If there was one occasion for total transparency, including the release of the FBI affidavit, this was that moment. Yet, Garland refused to act further. He declined to seek the release even as news media reported an array of leaks from the Justice Department, including the allegation that Trump took nuclear weapon secrets to Mar-a-Lago. As his department leaked like a sieve, Garland withheld the document that would set the record straight. 

The Justice Department also reportedly refused to allow a special master to review the seized material after alleged attorney-client material was taken — a move that would have addressed concerns that the search was “pretextual” to seize January 6th evidence.

Despite this record, I do not view Garland as inherently political in contrast to predecessors like Eric Holder. Garland’s judicial temperament may be ill-suited to the demands of this office.

Garland sometimes looks more like a pedestrian than a driver on decisions in his own department. Top positions were given to figures denounced as far-left advocates on issues from defunding the police to racial justice. For the moderate Garland, these did not seem like natural choices. Neither did the department’s recent controversial move to effectively circumvent a Trump pardon to prosecute a Florida nursing home operator.

And Garland has not responded to new allegations of bias at the FBI and Justice involving the downplaying of evidence involving the Hunter Biden laptop controversy.

Concerns also have been raised about the decision to appoint the special agent in charge of the FBI’s Detroit office to lead the Washington, D.C., office. The agent, Steven M. D’Antuono, led the disastrous investigation of the alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Many observers viewed that case as clear entrapment and abuse by the FBI. Given the importance of the January 6 investigation, it is baffling that the Department of Justice would make this controversial transfer at this time.

An attorney general should not be motivated by optics in his decisions, but he also cannot ignore optics when they undermine the integrity of his department. The search of Mar-a-Lago was a historic raid with sweeping political implications, including on the approaching midterm elections. Garland must have known that it would be viewed by many as an “insurance policy” taken out against a Trump presidential run.

Yet, with leaks coming out of his department undermining Trump’s claims, Garland merely offered “trust us we’re the government” assurances while resisting the release of the affidavit.

When Scott Stuart faced his diminished stature, he asked, “I was continuing to shrink, to become… what? The infinitesimal? What was I?” That is a debilitating question for any person, but it is disastrous in an attorney general.

It is not that Merrick Garland is absent but that his presence often seems immaterial.

Tyler Durden Wed, 08/17/2022 - 18:05
Published:8/17/2022 5:42:52 PM
[] David French thinks that Mike Pence presents a clear alternative to MAGA-adjacent Gov. Ron DeSantis Published:8/17/2022 5:42:52 PM
[] Dana Loesch eviscerates Mike Pence for saying calls to defund the FBI 'are just as wrong a calls to defund the police' Published:8/17/2022 3:55:11 PM
[] Mike Pence: Talking About Defunding the FBI is Just Like Talking About Defunding the Police Except that the FBI is a rogue agency which is acting as the Armed Paramilitary of the Democrat Party. And also: "Defund the FBI" is a parody of the left's "Defund the Police." But the actual suggestions for destroying the... Published:8/17/2022 3:55:11 PM
[] Twitter Censored My Articles on the FBI Raid of Mar-a-Lago Published:8/17/2022 11:15:40 AM
[Science] 'Attacks on FBI must stop,' Pence tells GOP amid fallout from FBI raid Former Vice President Mike Pence had a clear message to his fellow Republicans: Stop attacking rank-and-file FBI personnel. Published:8/17/2022 10:43:45 AM
[World] The Mar-a-Lago raid: The FBI should be investigated and held accountable Joe Biden and Merrick Garland have intentionally undermined the rule of law in the United States. This unprecedented, unlawful raid on President Donald Trump's private residence should alarm every American citizen regardless of political affiliation. For years, the DOJ, FBI, and others have targeted law-abiding citizens and ignored blatant corruption on the left. Now, their motives are no longer hidden as they brazenly target Mr. Trump and other conservative warriors in acts of political retribution. Published:8/17/2022 9:21:20 AM
[bed51699-d783-5d09-82e4-5f6b82e2b4b0] Greg Gutfeld: The narrative is falling apart Greg Gutfeld discusses the FBI raid on former President Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence and some of the political fallout from it on "Gutfeld!" Published:8/17/2022 12:23:38 AM
[] Russia Collusion Hoaxer Wants Us to Trust the FBI on Trump Raid. Um, That's a Hard Pass, Peter Strzok. Published:8/16/2022 6:44:50 PM
[In The News] Mar-A-Lago Raid Is Another Reason For A Convention Of States

by Justine Brooke Murray at CDN -

Former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum listed the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago as “another example” why the Convention of States Project (COS) is “so important,” because it will let states propose and vote on their own constitutional amendments that limit the powers of the federal government and their agencies, in an …

Click to read the rest HERE-> Mar-A-Lago Raid Is Another Reason For A Convention Of States first posted at Conservative Daily News

Published:8/16/2022 4:20:43 PM
[Uncategorized] MSNBC Brings on Peter ‘Insurance Policy’ Strzok to Vouch for FBI’s Integrity

"Absolutely the American public should trust what the FBI is doing"

The post MSNBC Brings on Peter ‘Insurance Policy’ Strzok to Vouch for FBI’s Integrity first appeared on Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion.
Published:8/16/2022 2:20:01 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: Judge schedules hearing on whether to unseal Trump raid affidavit The judge who just released the search warrant for Trump’s home raid by the FBI has now set a hearing on whether to unseal the affidavit that was behind the search warrant. . . . Published:8/16/2022 1:29:45 PM
[Markets] Oil Drops For 3rd Day On EU Hailing "Constructive" Iran Response To JCPOA Text Oil Drops For 3rd Day On EU Hailing "Constructive" Iran Response To JCPOA Text

Oil prices were hammered for a third consecutive session Monday on the headline that the EU sees Iran's reply to a draft 'final text' of a restored JCPOA nuclear deal as "constructive"

WTI Crude was again pushed below $89 a barrel before quickly rebounding. This after Tehran submitted its formal response at the last hour before a midnight deadline Monday. 

"We are studying it and are consulting with the other JCPOA [nuclear accord] participants and the US on the way ahead,” an EU spokesperson said further of its response.

Hours before this on Monday Iran's foreign minister Hossein Amirabdollahian said that while his country is willing to show compromise, it remains that before signing the final agreement, "In order to take the final step, the US must show flexibility."

But he added at a moment international correspondents have been waiting hourly for something definitive that thare are three remaining "logical" concerns which which have to be addressed before signing, according to FT.

The Tuesday EU statement of a "constructive" Iranian response comes immediately on the heels of hopes dimming given the State Department's Ned Price saying Monday that Iran must "drop further unacceptable demands that go beyond the scope of the JCPOA," given as he explained: "We have long called these demands extraneous."

Tuesday morning the US side too confirmed that "We have received Iran’s comments through the EU and are studying them. We are sharing our views with the EU," according to at State Dept. statement.

Finally, we note that Mohammad Marandi - one of Tehran's negotiating team advisors - stated that, “I can't say that there will be a deal, but we're closer than we've been before."

We are sure - just like with the FBI's raid on Trump's home - that President Biden is not following every tick lower in crude as every JCPOA headline hits and the algos decide to sell on the same news.

Tyler Durden Tue, 08/16/2022 - 10:41
Published:8/16/2022 9:59:15 AM
[China] Greta Van Susteren Shares What You Need to Know About FBI Raid on Trump

Many questions remain unanswered since the FBI’s Aug. 8 raid on the Florida home of former President Donald Trump. “First of all, make no mistake... Read More

The post Greta Van Susteren Shares What You Need to Know About FBI Raid on Trump appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:8/16/2022 4:07:24 AM
[4959c0d1-f5fd-589b-bb50-f268a8342258] Tucker: No honest person could believe the Trump raid was a legitimate act of law enforcement "Tucker Carlson Tonight" host torches the FBI's raid on former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago, Florida home and discusses the importance of free speech. Published:8/15/2022 11:52:13 PM
[Politics] CBS News claims the FBI does NOT have Trump’s passports, but they aren’t telling the whole story… Norah O’Donnell with CBS News claimed tonight that the FBI does not have Trump’s passports, suggesting that Trump is lying about the FBI taking them. Here’s the tweets: NEW: According to a . . . Published:8/15/2022 8:54:41 PM
[Biden Justice Department] “The Ongoing Vendetta of the Democratic Party Against Donald Trump” (John Hinderaker) Last night I was on the Bolt Report with host Andrew Bolt, on Australia’s Sky News. We talked about the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s house, the insane responses thereto by people like Michael Hayden, and related matters. I think it is fair to say that the conversation was hard-hitting, but entertaining. This is the segment. It is around 7 1/2 minutes long: Published:8/15/2022 8:06:45 PM
[] Norah O'Donnell reports that FBI is not in possession of passports Donald Trump said they stole during raid Published:8/15/2022 7:44:41 PM
[Markets] The FBI Is Now The Federal Bureau Of Intimidation The FBI Is Now The Federal Bureau Of Intimidation

Authored by Frank Miele via,

Nothing symbolizes the decline of the American republic better than the weaponization of justice that we saw last week when the FBI raided the home of former President Trump.

And nothing better represents the divide that now exists between Democrats and Republicans than the fact that some people still have faith in the FBI.

Aren’t they paying attention? Heck, that's like a citizen of the old Soviet Union saying they had faith in the KGB – yeah, to crush dissent and lock up opponents of the regime in a Siberian gulag.

The evidence is overwhelming. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now the Federal Bureau of Intimidation. Or more appropriately, the Federal Intimidation Bureau, whose acronym would spell out FIB, as in the Big Lie. Face it, nothing the FBI has said for the last six years since they joined with the Democratic Party to invent the Russia collusion hoax can be taken seriously.

Is there any need to go through the whole laundry list of lies and fabrications that the FBI, with the aid and comfort of the Justice Department, has foisted on the American public?

You can start with the extraordinary 2016 press conference when FBI Director James Comey detailed crimes committed by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton related to her improper use of a private email account to store classified material. Moments after saying she had broken the law, Comey announced with a straight face that “no reasonable prosecutor” would ever bring a case against her. Yeah, because she was a Democrat!

A couple months later, Comey set up President Trump’s National Security adviser, Gen. Michael Flynn, by sending agents to interview him about his supposed contacts with Russians.

“What's our goal? Truth/Admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?" wrote Bill Priestap in a memo before the interview. Priestap was counterintelligence director at the FBI, and it became evident later that the agency’s goal was indeed to get him fired – and more importantly to get Trump impeached, fired, humiliated, you name it.

Comey himself admitted that the FBI targeted Flynn and chose not to approach him through the White House legal counsel, but informally with a direct phone call to arrange an interview. As Comey later told a reporter, it was “something I probably wouldn't have done or maybe gotten away with in a more … organized administration.”

What about the FBI’s abuse of Carter Page and George Papadopoulos? The agency made up evidence in support of subpoenas, FISA warrants, whatever it took to get the desired result. What about the FBI and Department of Justice targeting parents at school boards as “domestic terrorists” because they demanded that their elected representatives actually represent them? What about the unilateral rescission of executive privilege and attorney-client privilege wherever it would have protected President Trump and his advisers?

The purpose of all of this activity, along with the raid at Mar-a-Lago, was to intimidate not just Trump, but also his supporters. Anyone other than Donald Trump would have given up long ago. Who could possibly withstand the power of the state marshaled against you for six long years – through multiple FBI investigations, through two impeachments, through relentless persecution of your children and your friends and family?

Finally, what about the double standard that allows Democrats and their government allies to go unpunished for a multitude of sins? Notwithstanding Attorney General Merrick Garland’s feigned indignation on behalf of the bureau, what about the FBI agents who lied repeatedly during the Trump-Russia investigation, sometimes under oath. Even more stunning has been the FBI’s monumental failure to investigate presidential son Hunter Biden, even though it received his laptop with extensive incriminating evidence of criminal activity in 2019.

Even when the laptop was made public during the 2020 presidential election, the FBI stood silent and thus gave tacit approval to the cynical Democratic Party talking point that the laptop was somehow a GOP dirty trick. It would be interesting to know if the FBI had anything to do with the letter signed by 51 national security experts, falsely claiming that the laptop was “Russian disinformation”! Maybe, like Comey before him, FBI Director Chris Wray thought he could “get away with it.”

That is certainly the only explanation for the raid on the president’s personal residence. It was not appropriate. It was not reasonable. It had no precedent. The FBI claims that the pre-dawn raid by more than 30 armed agents was for the purpose of collecting presidential papers that the National Archive wanted. The Washington Post says that Trump reportedly had documents with nuclear secrets on them, and the legacy media went ballistic with the story. But wait a minute, isn’t that the same Washington Post that won a Pulitzer Prize for collaborating with the FBI to invent the Russia collusion hoax?

Don’t believe a word from either the Washington Post or the FBI. Trump had been cooperating with the National Archive and had already turned over 15 boxes of documents, all of which he could have made a claim to legally possess. If they wanted papers turned over, they could have gone through Trump’s lawyers. No, they wanted the spectacle. They wanted the sizzle. They wanted the headlines.

This wasn’t about the rule of law; it was about the rule of the schoolyard. Bullies get what they want through force and intimidation, and there is no reason for any of us to believe that the raid had any purpose other than to intimidate Donald Trump into backing down from his plans to run for president in 2024.

Essentially what the FBI was saying is “We know where you live, and we aren’t afraid to come for you.” They even rifled through Melania Trump’s closet, as if she might have been hiding top-secret documents in her hat box. When do we find out they also spent an hour sorting through her lingerie?

This is sickening, no matter how much MSNBC and the Washington Post want you to think you can still trust the FBI. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me over and over and over again, and I must be a Democrat.

*  *  *

Frank Miele, the retired editor of the Daily Inter Lake in Kalispell Mont., is a columnist for RealClearPolitics. His new book, “What Matters Most: God, Country, Family and Friends,” is available from his Amazon author page. Visit him at or follow him on Facebook @HeartlandDiaryUSA or on Twitter or Gettr @HeartlandDiary.

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Published:8/15/2022 6:37:25 PM
[] Trump Claims The FBI Stole Three of His Passports; The FBI Admits It Took Documents Protected by Attorney-Client Privilege Trump says the FBI seized three of his passports in their raid. Former President Donald Trump said the FBI seized three of his passports during its raid on Mar-a-Lago last week, calling the unprecedented search an "assault." "Wow! In the... Published:8/15/2022 6:37:24 PM
[Uncategorized] Jim Jordan: 14 FBI Whistleblowers Came Forward Against DOJ After Mar-a-Lago Raid

“It’s becoming a well-worn trail of agents who say this has got to stop, and thank goodness for them and that American people recognize it, and I believe they’re going to make a big change on November 8."

The post Jim Jordan: 14 FBI Whistleblowers Came Forward Against DOJ After Mar-a-Lago Raid first appeared on Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion.
Published:8/15/2022 3:25:41 PM
[World] This Week in Ridiculous Regulations

The FBI raided former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida. Meanwhile, agencies issued new regulations ranging from street markings to salmonella prevention. On to the data: Agencies issued 47 final regulations last week, after 48 the previous week. That’s the equivalent of a new regulation every three hours and 34 minutes. With 1,886 final regulations […]

The post This Week in Ridiculous Regulations appeared first on Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Published:8/15/2022 6:42:38 AM
[1b37d965-111f-5229-9492-2c8b06db41e0] Sen. Rand Paul calls for repeal of the Espionage Act following FBI raid of Trump's Florida estate Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is calling for the repeal of the Espionage Act after the FBI raided the Florida estate of former President Trump. Published:8/15/2022 1:48:25 AM
[Uncategorized] Victor Davis Hanson on Mar-a-Lago Raid: “I never thought I would say this… The FBI is beyond redemption”

"when you start to do that, you don't have a democracy anymore, and I don't think we do"

The post Victor Davis Hanson on Mar-a-Lago Raid: “I never thought I would say this… The FBI is beyond redemption” first appeared on Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion.
Published:8/15/2022 1:48:25 AM
[Politics] Best vid you’ll see all day on Biden-Garland weaponization of security state – and it’s from a DEMOCRAT The weaponization of the FBI, the DOJ, the IRS, and the security state overall against Americans by the Biden regime has been commented on for a few days now by all manner . . . Published:8/14/2022 9:32:07 AM
[Biden Justice Department] Speaking of ethics (Scott Johnson) In his fatuous four-minute public statement on Thursday, Attorney General Merrick Garland spoke up to defend the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago. The Department of Justice has posted the transcript of Garland’s remarks here. At NRO, John Yoo and Robert Delahunty respond in the column “Why the Public Is Skeptical of Garland’s Mar-a-Lago Story.” They offer “four legitimate reasons Americans think something crassly political has just transpired.” They speak from experience Published:8/14/2022 9:32:06 AM
[World] GOP, in FBI raid, gets a golden election egg Republicans seeking office this November already had polls at their back, putting them in lead of many, if not most, of their Democrat contenders. But the FBI's highly suspect raid on Donald Trump's private Mar-a-Lago home has handed Republicans a golden egg. Published:8/13/2022 8:35:12 PM
[8ff6cb50-997d-5284-bebd-d462d7078ee7] FBI forensic report concludes Alec Baldwin pulled trigger on 'Rust' set: report According to FBI forensic reports, the gun Alec Baldwin was holding when Halyna Hutchins was killed on set of "Rust" could not have been fired without the trigger being pulled. Published:8/13/2022 8:35:12 PM
[Biden Justice Department] Explaining the Mar-a-Lago Raid (John Hinderaker) Thursday evening, I was on the US Report on Sky News Australia, talking about the FBI’s raid on Donald Trump’s home. The host was James Morrow, who also co-hosts the excellent Outsiders show. In addition to the raid, we briefly discussed the Democrats’ grotesque expansion of the IRS, which, apparently but unaccountably, they expect to be popular. You can go here to view the segment, which is six and a Published:8/13/2022 8:35:12 PM
[Markets] NARA Responds To Trump's Remarks On Obama's Classified Documents NARA Responds To Trump's Remarks On Obama's Classified Documents

Authored by Caden Pearson via The Epoch Times,

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) responded Friday to former President Donald Trump’s statements that former President Barrack Obama took classified records from the White House when his term ended in 2016.

“President Barack Hussein Obama kept 33 million pages of documents, much of them classified. How many of them pertained to nuclear? Word is, lots!” Trump said in a statement on Friday.

Trump repeated his assertion about Obama’s presidential records in a post on Truth Social after the FBI conducted its unprecedented raid of his Florida property to search for classified presidential documents.

NARA released a statement in refute of Trump’s claims, saying they exclusively maintain Obama’s presidential records according to the Presidential Records Act (PRA).

“NARA moved approximately 30 million pages of unclassified records to a NARA facility in the Chicago area where they are maintained exclusively by NARA,” NARA said in a statement.

“Additionally, NARA maintains the classified Obama Presidential records in a NARA facility in the Washington, D.C., area. As required by the PRA, former President Obama has no control over where and how NARA stores the Presidential records of his Administration.

The Epoch Times contacted Obama’s office for comment.

NARA’s Pursuit of Trump’s Records

It is unclear why an FBI warrant and subsequent raid was needed given Trump’s cooperation with NARA to return presidential documents.

Throughout 2022, NARA has released a series of statements about Trump’s presidential records, starting in January, when it spoke about receiving some “paper records that had been torn up by former President Trump.”

In one of the statements, NARA said Trump’s presidential records “should have been transferred to NARA from the White House at the end of the Trump Administration in January 2021.”

In February, NARA noted that Trump and his representatives had been cooperating with NARA to transfer boxes of records from the Mar-a-Lago property to the National Archives.

NARA official David Ferriero said in February regarding Trump’s records that NARA “pursues the return of records whenever we learn that records have been improperly removed or have not been appropriately transferred to official accounts.”

Five months later, on Aug. 8, the FBI carried out a raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach in search of presidential documents.

After pushback, the Department of Justice asked the court to unseal the warrant, which revealed that Trump is under investigation for alleged violations of 18 USC 2071—concealment, removal, or mutilation; 18 USC 793 of the Espionage Act—gathering, transmitting, or losing defense information; and 18 USC 1519—destruction, alteration, or falsification of records in federal investigations.

“Number one, it was all declassified,” Trump said in a statement.

“Number two, they didn’t need to ‘seize’ anything. They could have had it anytime they wanted to without playing politics and breaking into Mar-a-Lago.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has called on the DOJ to “release the information as to why a warrant was necessary” saying the “DOJ must lay their cards on the table.”

Trump and Republicans have said the raid is an example of the “weaponization of the justice system” against a political opponent of the sitting president who is mulling running against President Joe Biden in 2024.

Tyler Durden Sat, 08/13/2022 - 20:30
Published:8/13/2022 8:35:12 PM
[Donald Trump] Bookworm Beat 8/12/22 — the Raid, a special illustrated edition With over 60 memes dedicated to the Raid and the FBI, it was time for a special illustrated edition. Published:8/13/2022 7:54:12 AM
[Markets] US: The New Real Hoaxes? US: The New Real Hoaxes?

Authored by Pete Hoekstra via The Gatestone Institute,

  • The investigative reporting by these two organizations [the New York Times and the Washington Post] was so thorough and groundbreaking it turned up things that were not even there.

  • For having refused to rescind these awards, the Pulitzer Committee should receive its own Pulitzer -- for fraud.

  • The real hoax appears to have been the CCP's ostensible good behavior and the now-hugely-discredited initial reporting on the virus.

  • Or how about the Hunter Biden laptop cover-up? Once again, On October 14, 2020, just weeks before the 2020 presidential election, a critical story of possible extensive influence-peddling with senior intelligence officers in the CCP, Russia and Ukraine by the son of a presidential candidate. The contents of the laptop raised questions that the candidate at the time, Vice President Joe Biden, could be compromised. The entire subject was decisively pushed aside, along with the potential threat to national security that such an eventuality might entail.

  • Also not allowed during the January 6th hearings have been any witnesses for the defense, any cross-examination, or any exculpatory evidence.

  • One wonders, for instance if the January 6th Committee will consider the July 29, 2022 tweet by General Keith Kellogg, that on January 3, 2021, Trump, in front of witnesses, did indeed ask for "troops needed" for January 6. Kellogg wrote: "I was in the room."

  • The January 6th Committee has also not released any information about government informants or FBI undercover law enforcement officers who might have been in the crowd, and Pelosi is also said to be blocking access to a massive quantity of documents. Finally, according to attorney Mark Levin, under the Constitution's separation of powers, Congress, has no legitimacy even to hold a criminal investigation: that power belongs to the Judiciary. The entire proceeding is illegitimate and a usurpation of power.

  • Is it surprising that after the Pulitzer decision, the Russia collusion hoax, the Whitmer kidnapping hoax, the Covid origin hoax, the Hunter Biden laptop hoax, and now the January 6th Committee hoax, that many Americans believe there is something wrong with the system?

Recently former US President Donald Trump challenged the award of Pulitzer Prizes to the New York Times and the Washington Post for their investigative reporting on alleged collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia.

The investigative reporting by these two organizations was so thorough and groundbreaking it turned up things that were not even there.

You have to hand it to them for this so-called "great reporting": the Pulitzer Committee sure did.

We now know, of course, the grand conspiracy pushed by these papers is nothing more than thoroughly debunked disinformation. For having refused to rescind these awards, the Pulitzer Committee should receive its own Pulitzer -- for fraud.

The intractability of the Pulitzer Committee is only the latest example of why so many Americans have been losing trust in their institutions, both public and private. Rather than admitting that these awards were a mistake, and that much of the reporting was not investigative reporting, but merely a recitation of fabrications put forward by political hacks for campaign purposes, the Pulitzer Committee announced that it will stand by its initial decision, facts be dammed.

The Russia hoax is emblematic of the model built by the anti-Trump, anti-America First, anti-populist movement that the American people have experienced for the last six years. It embodies many of the characteristics that have frustrated Americans. It is a combination of influential forces -- media, social media, political players, and government -- that put forward information detrimental to one -- oddly always the same -- political viewpoint. In this instance, populists -- believers in the rights, wisdom or virtues of the common people, according to Merriam Webster -- who might embrace the concept of personal freedom espoused by the Constitution, a free market economy, economic growth, energy independence, school choice, equal application of the law and decentralized governance.

Much of the material used to foster the Russia hoax originated from the discredited "Steele Dossier," pedaled by former British spy Christopher Steele, funded by Clinton-linked opposition research firm FusionGPS, and pushed by Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman. This discredited information was shared widely -- and often, it seems, with prior knowledge of its falseness -- through the mainstream media and social media when it was leaked to the press early in 2017 just before Donald Trump was sworn in as president. The material contributed to the launching of the Mueller "Russiagate" investigation, which cast a shadow over the first two years of the Trump administration. Government officials were involved as CIA Director John BrennanFBI Director James Comey and DNI James Clapper all lent their credibility to the supposed authenticity or seriousness of the Russian materials. All of this did tremendous damage to the effectiveness of the Trump administration, as it sought to govern, by putting it under a cloud of suspicion and illegitimacy from the outset.

This, however, was not the only example. Consider the disrupted kidnapping plot against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in her key swing state for presidential elections. "The FBI got walloped [in April]", according to the New York Post, " when a Michigan jury concluded that the bureau had entrapped two men accused of plotting to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Those men and others were arrested a few weeks before the 2020 election in a high-profile, FBI-fabricated case...."

The media, however, for the most part portrayed the kidnapping plot as the work of domestic terrorists, with the implied inference being they were right-wing Trump supporters. Whitmer went so far as to accuse Trump of being complicit in the plan, even though it emerged that these alleged plotters had also supposedly wanted to hang Trump. The FBI, it was later shown, had been heavily involved in the plot through informants and individuals it had placed in the group. By the time the case came to trial after the election, Biden had won Michigan's electoral votes and the damage had been done.

Consider, also, the COVID pandemic. The "facts" at the time were supposedly that it came from "nature" and that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government had supposedly known nothing about its human-to-human transmissibility, even though it had "made whistleblowers disappear and refused to hand over virus samples so the West could make a vaccine."

The CCP, early on, was portrayed as a constructive player in controlling the spread of the virus, even as it was recalling and hoarding all of its Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This fiction was reinforced by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the World Health Organization, and other prominent participants – apart from Taiwan, which futilely tried to warn the WHO of the coronavirus's fierce human-to-human transmissibility, only to be dismissed.

The mainstream media and social media also quickly began parroting the "official" story line. Social media companies suspended the accounts of whoever might have had a different opinion and some were even canceled.

For the 10 months leading up to the November 2020 election, the narrative was set: COVID-19 was a naturally occurring virus and the CCP was in the clear. Imagine how different the 2020 presidential election might have been if the debate was how the world would have held the CCP accountable for the leak and coverup of COVID from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Now in 2022, a lab-leak is considered the most "likely cause" of the coronavirus, but again the political damage, and a gigantic amount of non-political damage, has already been done. The real hoax appears to have been the CCP's ostensible good behavior and the now-hugely-discredited initial reporting on the virus.

Or how about the Hunter Biden laptop cover-up? Once again, On October 14, 2020, just weeks before the 2020 presidential election, a critical story of possible extensive influence-peddling with senior intelligence officers in the CCP, Russia and Ukraine by the son of a presidential candidate. The contents of the laptop raised questions that the candidate at the time, Vice President Joe Biden, could be compromised. The entire subject was decisively pushed aside, along with the potential threat to national security that such an eventuality might entail.

Discussion of Hunter Biden's laptop with its reportedly incriminating information about the Biden family business dealings with the CCPRussia, and other actors in what appeared to be a model of pay-for-play, was instantly shut down. Fifty-one former government intelligence officials , who we now know were perfectly well aware that the laptop was real – the FBI had been holding it for months -- wrote a letter describing the contents of the laptop as having "all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation" designed to damage Joe Biden.

NPR famously downplayed the story, and once again, if you used social media to post information originally reported by the New York Post, you were canceled.

A year and a half after the election, the facts were finally "officially" accepted: Well, what do you know, it really was Hunter Biden's laptop and the material on it "is real!"

Once again, the leadership at the FBI, the media, social media, and former government officials had developed a hoax to damage their political opposition and the people who supported it.

Finally, there is the January 6th Committee, a one-sided investigative body, sometimes called "the third (attempted) impeachment." The Committee appears to have been put in place to stop Trump from running for office again. Before the proceeding even began, its outcome was predetermined: Trump was to be found guilty of -- something. As Stalin secret police chief, Lavrentiy Beria used to say during Soviet Russia's reign of terror, "Find me the man and I'll find you the crime." So the US show trial commenced.

Even its start was ominous. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in an unprecedented move, vetoed the committee appointments of Representatives Jim Banks and Jim Jordan. This rebuff led House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to pull his five Republican candidates from participating. Pelosi, it appeared, wanted only anti-Trump folks to serve on the Committee. Also not allowed during the January 6 hearings have been any witnesses for the defense, any cross-examination, or any exculpatory evidence.

One wonders, for instance if the January 6th Committee will consider the July 29, 2022 tweet by General Keith Kellogg, that on January 3, 2021, Trump, in front of witnesses, did indeed ask for "troops needed" for January 6. Kellogg wrote:, "I was in the room:"

"Great OpEd. Reinforces my earlier comment on 6 Jan Cmte. Has quote from DOD IG Report regarding 3 Jan 2021 meeting with Actg Def Secy Miller/CJCS Milley in the Oval on the 6 Jan NG request by POTUS on troops needed. I was in the room."

While purportedly examining in detail every decision and action by Trump and his team, the Committee refuses to question Pelosi, among the leading figures responsible for the security of the Capitol. She reportedly "turned down" requests for greater security. According to the Federalist:

"Four days after the riot, former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, who resigned his post in the aftermath, told The Washington Post his request for pre-emptive reinforcement from the National Guard ahead of Jan. 6 was turned down. Sund said House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving, overseen by Pelosi, thought the guard's deployment was bad "optics" two days before the raid.... Despite the Associated Press and Washington Post's best efforts to run interference for the speaker, suddenly exonerating her of duties overseeing Capitol security, the riot on Jan. 6 was a security failure Pelosi owns. If the "speaker trusts security professionals to make security decisions," then why, as the police breach unfolded, did Irving feel compelled to seek the speaker's approval to dispatch the National Guard, as The New York Times reported? How could Pelosi also order the extended shut down of the Capitol to visitors, citing coronavirus, and install metal detectors in the House chamber?"

The Committee has not evaluated the performance of the Capitol Police or other law enforcement agencies, but it has targeted the "private records of individuals with no connection to the violence."

The January 6th Committee has also not released any information about government informants or FBI undercover law enforcement officers who might have been in the crowd, and Pelosi is also said to be blocking access to a massive quantity of documents. Finally, according to attorney Mark Levin, under the Constitution's separation of powers, Congress, has no legitimacy even to hold a criminal investigation: that power belongs to the Judiciary. The entire proceeding is illegitimate and a usurpation of power. The Committee's narrative is clear: Donald Trump is responsible for the events of January 6, now let us manufacture the evidence to prove it.

This article has not even delved into the 28 states that "changed voting rules to boost mail-in ballots." Some States apparently omitted both state law and the need for states' legislatures to be the sole arbiters of election law, as required by the Constitution; the $400 million spent by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg; the 2000-plus "mules" and the algorithms that sent conservative emails to spam while emails with liberal content went through to the addressees.

Is it any wonder that many Americans have lost faith in their institutions and leaders? Is it surprising that after the Pulitzer decision, the Russia collusion hoax, the Whitmer kidnapping hoax, the Covid origin hoax, the Hunter Biden laptop hoax, and now the January 6th Committee hoax, that many Americans believe there is something wrong with the system? The media, social media, government officials and others have been complicit in undermining our rule of law and possibly even subverting an election.

*  *  *

Peter Hoekstra was US Ambassador to the Netherlands during the Trump administration. He served 18 years in the U.S. House of Representatives representing the second district of Michigan and served as Chairman and Ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee. He is currently Chairman of the Center for Security Policy Board of Advisors and a Distinguished Senior Fellow at Gatestone Institute.

Tyler Durden Fri, 08/12/2022 - 23:55
Published:8/13/2022 12:22:27 AM
[Gun News] Eric Swalwell Blames GOP For FBI Shootout In Cincinnati, Pushes For Gun Control

by Harold Hutchison at CDN -

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell of California claimed during a Thursday evening MSNBC appearance that outrage over the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Monday raid on Mar-a-Lago led to a standoff with a gunman who allegedly tried to break into an FBI office in Cincinnati. “In the last 48 hours since the …

Click to read the rest HERE-> Eric Swalwell Blames GOP For FBI Shootout In Cincinnati, Pushes For Gun Control first posted at Conservative Daily News

Published:8/12/2022 11:44:39 PM
[Markets] Victor Davis Hanson: FBI, RIP? Victor Davis Hanson: FBI, RIP?

Authored by Victor Davis Hanson,

The FBI is dissolving before our eyes into a rogue security service akin to those in Eastern Europe during the Cold War.

Take the FBI’s deliberately asymmetrical application of the law. This week the bureau surprise-raided the home of former President Donald Trump — an historical first.

A massive phalanx of FBI agents swooped into the Trump residence while he was not home, to confiscate his personal property, safe, and records. All of this was over an archival dispute of presidential papers common to many former presidents. Agents swarmed the entire house, including the wardrobe closet of the former first lady.

Note we are less than 90 days out from a midterm election, and this was not just a raid, but a political act.

The Democratic Party is anticipated to suffer historical losses. Trump was on the verge of announcing his 2024 presidential candidacy. In many polls, he remains the Republican front-runner for the nomination — and well ahead of incumbent President Joe Biden in a putative 2024 rematch.

In 2016 then FBI Director James Comey announced that candidate Hillary Clinton was guilty of destroying subpoenaed emails — a likely felony pertaining to her tenure as secretary of state. Yet he all but pledged that she would not be prosecuted given her status as a presidential candidate.

As far as targeting presidential candidates, Trump was impeached in 2020 ostensibly for delaying military aid to Ukraine by asking Ukrainian officials to investigate more fully the clearly corrupt Biden family — given Joe Biden at the time was a likely possible presidential opponent in 2020.

The FBI has devolved into a personal retrieval service for the incorrigible Biden family. It suppressed, for political purposes, information surrounding Hunter Biden’s missing laptop on the eve of the 2020 election.

Previously, the FBI never pursued Hunter’s fraudulently registered firearm, his mysterious foreign income, his felonious crack cocaine use, or his regular employment of foreign prostitutes.

Yet in a pre-dawn raid just before the 2020 election, the FBI targeted the home of journalist James O’Keefe on grounds that someone had passed to him the lost and lurid diary of Ashley Biden, Biden’s wayward daughter.

At various times, in Stasi-style the FBI has publicly shackled Trump economic advisor Peter Navarro, swarmed the office of Trump’s legal counsel Rudy Giuliani, and sent a SWAT team to surround the house of Trump ally Roger Stone. Meanwhile, terrorists and cartels walk with impunity across an open border.

FBI Director Christopher Wray last week cut short his evasive testimony before Congress. He claimed he had to leave for a critical appointment — only to use his FBI Gulfstream luxury jet to fly to his favorite vacation spot in the Adirondacks.

Wray took over from disgraced interim FBI Director Andrew McCabe. The latter admitted lying repeatedly to federal investigators and signed off on a fraudulent FBI FISA application. He faced zero legal consequences.

McCabe, remember, was also the point man in the softball Hillary Clinton email investigation — while his wife was a political candidate and recipient of thousands of dollars from a political action committee with close ties to the Clinton family.

McCabe took over from disgraced FBI Director James Comey. On 245 occasions, Comey claimed under oath before the House Intelligence Committee that he had no memory or knowledge of key questions concerning his tenure. With impunity, he leaked confidential FBI memos to the media.

Comey took over from Director Robert Mueller. Implausibly, Mueller swore under oath that he had no knowledge, either of the Steele dossier or of Fusion GPS, the firm that commissioned Christopher Steele to compile the dossier. But those were the very twin catalysts that had prompted his entire special investigation into the Russian collusion hoax.

FBI legal counsel Kevin Clinesmith was convicted of a felony for altering an FBI warrant request to spy on an innocent Carter Page.

The FBI, by Comey’s own public boasts, bragged how it caught National Security Advisor-designate General Michael Flynn in its Crossfire Hurricane Russian collusion hoax.

As special counsel, Mueller then fired two of his top investigators — Lisa Page and Peter Strzok — for improper personal and professional behavior. He then staggered their releases to mask their collaborative wrongdoing.

Mueller’s team deleted critical cell phone evidence under subpoena that might well have revealed systemic FBI-related bias.

The FBI interferes with and warps national elections. It hires complete frauds as informants who are far worse than its targets. It humiliates or exempts government and elected officials based on their politics. It violates the civil liberties of individual American citizens.

The FBI’s highest officials now routinely mislead Congress. They have erased or altered court and subpoenaed evidence. They illegally leak confidential material to the media. And they have lied under oath to federal investigators.

The agency has become dangerous to Americans and an existential threat to their democracy and rule of law. The FBI should be dispersing its investigatory responsibilities to other government investigative agencies that have not yet lost the public’s trust.

Tyler Durden Fri, 08/12/2022 - 23:05
Published:8/12/2022 11:44:39 PM
[FBI] Another FBI Scandal? (John Hinderaker) On Wednesday, Congressmen Jim Jordan and Mike Johnson of the House Judiciary Committee wrote to Jill Sanborn, former Assistant Director of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division, requesting that she provide an interview to committee staff. The subject was alleged inflating of “domestic violent extremism” cases by the FBI: On July 27, 2022, we wrote to FBI Director Christopher Wray about whistleblower disclosures that FBI officials were pressuring agents to reclassify cases Published:8/12/2022 10:08:47 PM
[] The Trump Warrant 'Scam' Is Utterly Ridiculous Published:8/12/2022 10:08:47 PM
[Uncategorized] FBI Broadly Rummaged Through Trump’s Files, Supporting Theory This Is Not Just About “Classified” Documents

The scope of the warrant and material seized strongly suggests that securing highly sensitive documents that could damage national security was not the only goal, and appears to be a pretext for a wholesale rummaging through former President and likely candidate Trump's files.

The post FBI Broadly Rummaged Through Trump’s Files, Supporting Theory This Is Not Just About “Classified” Documents first appeared on Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion.
Published:8/12/2022 10:08:47 PM
[Markets] : Top-secret documents, info ‘re: the President of France’ and a Roger Stone clemency grant: What the FBI took from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Details of what the FBI took from former President Donald Trump's Florida estate were released Friday, including top secret documents. Published:8/12/2022 10:08:47 PM
[] ARGLE RAR! Lefties who've spent days taunting Trump to 'ReLeAsE tHe WaRrAnT' freak TF OUT when Trump releases the warrant and LOL Published:8/12/2022 2:55:36 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: Trump responds to report claiming classified information was taken in raid on Mar-a-Lago The Wall Street Journal is reporting today on what was found during the FBI raid of Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago. Apparently the DOJ is leaking the information to the WSJ, probably to . . . Published:8/12/2022 2:37:06 PM
[] Kimberley Strassel tells Merrick Garland why 'we have every right to be skeptical' of the DOJ/FBI Published:8/12/2022 2:37:06 PM
[Security] Here’s What Trump’s ‘Nuclear Documents’ Could Be FBI agents reportedly searched Mar-a-Lago for “nuclear documents.” That can fall into one of these four categories. Published:8/12/2022 1:14:45 PM
[3ed93a4c-facd-5137-85c1-3416347194e2] FBI weaponized by Biden Justice Department in campaign against Trump FBI raid on former president Trump part of administration's unprecedented campaign against all Americans who don't share their narrow political worldview. Published:8/12/2022 6:23:18 AM
[32af02f3-66aa-578d-ba90-277ec2f953b1] FBI raid on Trump latest proof of Democrat war on rule of law FBI raid on former President Donald Trump is more proof Democrats can't be trusted to obey the rule of law and FBI can't be trusted to even tell the truth. Published:8/12/2022 3:29:41 AM
[23ce1ca9-eb09-5393-83c6-1af4101643d7] Greg Gutfeld: President Biden leaves for vacation amid the 'historic raid' of former President Trump's home Greg Gutfeld hit back at the media for calling the FBI's raid of Trump's Mar-a-Lago home a 'search,' amid Biden leaving for vacation with Hunter Biden on 'Gutfeld!' Published:8/12/2022 1:19:32 AM
[Biden Justice Department] Observations on the Mar-a-Lago Raid (John Hinderaker) There is much to be said about the FBI’s raid on Donald Trump’s home. I won’t try to say it all here. These are a few observations, based on what we know currently: * To get a search warrant, you have to identify a crime that has been committed, and explain how evidence you are looking for is relevant to that crime. At this point, we don’t know what purported Published:8/11/2022 10:40:12 PM
[Politics] Wapo claims to know the real reason for the Trump raid… The Washington Post is out with an article claiming to know the real reason for the FBI raid of Trump’s home. In short, they claim it’s the highest of level documents like . . . Published:8/11/2022 10:40:12 PM
[Markets] Trump 'Shattering' All Fundraising Records After FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid Trump 'Shattering' All Fundraising Records After FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid

Authored by Jack Phillips via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

Former President Donald Trump shattered fundraising efforts following the FBI Mar-a-Lago raid, according to his son Eric.

“Breaking: is shattering all fundraising records and I’m told has raised more money in the past 24 hours than ever before in recent history! The American people are [angry]!” Eric Trump wrote on Truth Social.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump applauds upon arrival at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas, on Aug. 6, 2022. (Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

The former president’s second-oldest son did not say how much was raised in the past two days.

After Trump confirmed the raid occurred at his Palm Beach, Florida, on Monday, he has sent out numerous emails and text messages that include links to donate.

Trump and other top Republicans say the FBI and Department of Justice are acting in a blatantly political manner, with members of Congress promising investigations. Further, they’ve accused the Biden administration of weaponizing federal law enforcement to harm Trump’s and Republicans’ chances during the midterm elections, which are only about 90 days away.

They are trying to stop the Republican Party and me once more,” Trump said in a fundraising email Tuesday, which was seen by The Epoch Times. “The lawlessness, political persecution, and Witch Hunt, must be exposed and stopped.”

Trump on Tuesday also released a political ad describing the United States as a “nation in decline” and makes reference to what is described as numerous failures on behalf of the Biden administration including the fall of Afghanistan, inflation, high energy prices, and more.

“We are a nation that allowed Russia to devastate a country, Ukraine, killing hundreds of thousands of people, and it will only get worse,” Trump says in the clip. “We are a nation that has weaponized its law enforcement against the opposing political party like never before.”

More Details

Both the Justice Department and FBI have declined to comment or even confirm the raid to numerous news outlets. The Epoch Times has contacted the two agencies for comment.

Secret Service personnel are seen in front of the home of former President Donald Trump at Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla. on August 8, 2022. The FBI raided the home reportedly to retrieve classified White House documents. (Eva Marie Uzcategui/Getty Images)

Stark images of FBI agents holding rifles during the Mar-a-Lago raid have since been uploaded online as Trump spokeswoman Christina Bobb confirmed about two dozen agents descended on the property Monday. She told news outlets that Trump’s team members were denied the ability to watch the agents, who took boxes of documents.

On Truth Social Wednesday, Trump warned that the FBI may have planted evidence.

Read more here...

Tyler Durden Thu, 08/11/2022 - 21:40
Published:8/11/2022 10:40:12 PM
[Markets] : FBI searched Trump’s home for classified material about nuclear weapons: report FBI agents searched for classified material about nuclear weapons, among other items, when they served a warrant on former President Donald Trump's home in Florida earlier this week, the Washington Post reported Thursday night. Published:8/11/2022 10:40:12 PM
[a69982f0-93b0-5c5d-bbf8-505aff61e0db] Alec Baldwin ‘Rust’ shooting investigation moves forward as FBI completes forensic reports Santa Fe Sheriff's Office on Aug. 2 received FBI's full forensic reports in Alec Baldwin's "Rust" shooting, bringing case closer to the district attorney for final charging decisions. Published:8/11/2022 8:07:34 PM
[Markets] FBI searched Trump’s home for classified material about nuclear weapons: report FBI searched Trump’s home for classified material about nuclear weapons: report Published:8/11/2022 8:07:34 PM
[] Mulvaney: Someone ‘Very Close’ to Trump Tipped Off FBI Published:8/11/2022 7:09:20 PM
[Politics] Garland Says He Approved Search Warrant for Trump Raid

Attorney General Merrick Garland said Thursday that he signed off on the FBI raid of former President Donald Trump’s home in Florida, but provided few... Read More

The post Garland Says He Approved Search Warrant for Trump Raid appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:8/11/2022 6:41:55 PM
[] The memo went out: Here's a compilation of talking heads condemning Republican attacks on the apolitical FBI Published:8/11/2022 5:53:28 PM
[Politics] Atty. Gen. Garland 'personally approved' Mar-a-Lago search, moves to unseal Trump records warrant

Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland made his first public comments since the FBI search of former President Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence earlier this week.

Published:8/11/2022 5:29:40 PM
[Uncategorized] FBI Gone Wild! Raid Trump’s Home

The FBI executed a pre-dawn raid on Roger Stone’s home in 2019.  Twenty-nine FBI agents in tactical gear arrived in 17 vehicles to arrest 66 year old Roger Stone who was wearing his pajamas.  “A SWAT team, searching the house, scaring his wife, scaring his dogs-it was completely unnecessary,” Stone’s attorney said.  Trump said, “Border […]

The post FBI Gone Wild! Raid Trump’s Home appeared first on Flopping Aces.

Published:8/11/2022 5:29:40 PM
[DOJ] HUGE DEVELOPMENT: Report Alleges FBI “Had Personal Stake” in Mar-a-Lago Raid – Agents Were After Spygate Documents Trump Was Holding That Likely Implicated FBI

HUGE DEVELOPMENT: Report Alleges FBI “Had Personal Stake” in Mar-a-Lago Raid – Agents Were After Spygate Documents Trump Was Holding That Likely Implicated FBI. This entire fiasco reeks. The truth keeps working its way to the top of the heap. How long before Garland and Wray are either fired or impeached?

The post HUGE DEVELOPMENT: Report Alleges FBI “Had Personal Stake” in Mar-a-Lago Raid – Agents Were After Spygate Documents Trump Was Holding That Likely Implicated FBI appeared first on IHTM.

Published:8/11/2022 5:29:40 PM
[c69b7429-1536-597e-aac4-c3c89f77641e] Reported Trump FBI informant 'irrelevant' due to former president's cooperation, source says Reports suggesting an informant tipped off the FBI about sensitive documents held at Mar-a-Lago are "irrelevant," a source close to former President Trump told Fox News. Published:8/11/2022 5:29:40 PM
[] Cincinnati FBI Office Attacked, Gunman Involved in 'Standoff Situation' Published:8/11/2022 5:29:40 PM
[Uncategorized] LIVE: Merrick Garland Addresses Media After The FBI Raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

First time we've heard from the DOJ.

The post LIVE: Merrick Garland Addresses Media After The FBI Raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago first appeared on Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion.
Published:8/11/2022 2:23:59 PM
[Markets] AG Merrick Garland Makes Statement Following Trump Raid AG Merrick Garland Makes Statement Following Trump Raid

US Attorney General Merrick Garland will make a statement to the media at 2:30 pm ET on Thursday, following the FBI's Monday raid on Mar-a-Lago.

Garland has found himself in the crosshairs of conservatives, who claim that the establishment has once again 'weaponized' the DOJ against Donald Trump.

Watch live:

Sen. Rand Paul and other conservatives have called for an investigation.

"And if it warrants it, there’s going to have to be a look at whether or not the attorney general has misused his office for political purposes. Have they gone after a political opponent? I mean, this is beyond the pale," he told Fox News on Wednesady. "No one would have ever imagined before that we would be using or one political party would be using the FBI to attack their political opponents."

Tyler Durden Thu, 08/11/2022 - 15:09
Published:8/11/2022 2:23:58 PM
[09305a09-4b55-5704-b508-5941f746053d] Trump received subpoena for classified records this spring Former President Trump received a grand jury subpoena in June for classified documents he allegedly took from the White House when he left office in 2021, a source familiar told Fox News, saying the former president cooperated by turning over documents to the FBI. Published:8/11/2022 1:28:36 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: Shooting at FBI office in Cincinnati There’s reportedly been a shooting this morning at an FBI building in Cincinnati, Ohio. There was a pursuit and this is now ongoing in Clinton County, Ohio, which is just outside of . . . Published:8/11/2022 12:36:50 PM
[] Kyle Shideler: For the Rule of Law to Reign, The FBI Must Be Destroyed Hot piece. Shideler first establishes that -- like so many of us -- he grew up as a huge fan of the FBI, and remained so into his early adulthood. And then, unfortunately, came bitter wisdom. The solution to... Published:8/11/2022 11:52:28 AM
[] Bold MOVE, Cotton! John Harwood dragged for claiming this is what's REALLY 'dangerous and disturbing' about the FBI's Trump raid Published:8/11/2022 10:35:40 AM
[] FBI, R.I.P.? Published:8/11/2022 1:11:52 AM
[b0260b57-64c9-549c-b8b1-faf136b6c63e] Greg Gutfeld: The Dems are poking the 'beast' going after Trump Greg Gutfeld talked about the FBI raiding former President Trump's Mar-a-Lago home and the potential fallout from that raid on Wednesday's "Gutfeld!" Published:8/11/2022 12:11:30 AM
[Politics] BREAKING: FBI serves subpoenas after seizing Rep. Scott Perry’s phone and here’s what it’s about… The FBI has served several subpoenas to Republican members of the Pennsylvania House and Senate after seizing Rep. Scott Perry’s phone. At issue here is Perry’s pursuit of alternate electors in the . . . Published:8/10/2022 10:35:26 PM
[c72e2615-02b2-5259-8e91-6b884493942b] Hunter Biden joins dad Joe for vacation as FBI called out for double standard after Trump Mar-a-Lago raid Hunter Biden, who is under federal investigation, joined his father on a vacation to South Carolina Wednesday just two days after the FBI raided Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence. Published:8/10/2022 10:35:26 PM
[2020 Election] The FBI conducted a raid on a former President of the United State without the permission of the current President or the Attorney General

  If you accept what has been reported by CNN and Newsweek, this is unf**kingbelivable. Biden said he was “blindsided” by the raid and had no foreknowledge: The White House was “blindsided” by the stunning news that the FBI had executed a search warrant on Mar-A-Lago, the Palm Beach, Florida home of former President Donald Trump, reported […]

The post The FBI conducted a raid on a former President of the United State without the permission of the current President or the Attorney General appeared first on Flopping Aces.

Published:8/10/2022 8:25:57 PM
[Politics] Newsweek insiders claims that AG Garland had no knowledge of Trump raid, and more… Newsweek is claiming that AG Garland had no knowledge of the FBI raid of Trump’s home to recover classified documents for the National Archives. They put that nugget at the bottom of . . . Published:8/10/2022 6:15:16 PM
[Markets] FBI Had Mole Inside Mar-A-Lago: Report FBI Had Mole Inside Mar-A-Lago: Report

Update (1700ET): According to Newsweek, the FBI had a 'confidential human source' (a mole) inside Mar-a-Lago, who was "able to identify what classified documents former President Trump was still hiding and even the location of those documents."

*  *  *

The Trumps have revealed more about Monday's FBI raid of their Mar-a-Lago property.

For starters, Eric Trump told the Daily Mail that "the 30 agents who arrived at the property asked staff to turn security cameras off – and to kick their lawyer off the property, but they refused."

"They told our lawyer… you have to leave the property right now. Turn off all security cameras."

Eric also said "They would not give her the search warrant," adding "So they showed it to her from about 10 feet away. They would not give her a copy of the search warrant."

He also said that the FBI brought safe crackers in to break into his father's safe, and that agents rummaged through Melania Trump's wardrobe.

"It's all a coordinated attack with the FBI," said the former president's son, insisting that President Biden approved the raid.

"Do you think that the FBI director is going to raid the former president's house, especially a house as you know, kind of world renowned as Mar Lago is in a place as public as Mar Lago is without getting the approval of President [Biden]?"

By not turning off the security cameras, Eric said they saw the FBI raiding areas of the property that they 'shouldn't have been.'

Donald Trump lamented Wednesday that the FBI blocked his lawyers from the property during the raid at his Palm Beach, Florida residence and suggested that agents may have 'planted' evidence. -Daily Mail

Donald Trump, meanwhile, suggested in a Wednesday post to his Truth Social page that the FBI may have planted evidence.

"The FBI and others from the Federal Government would not let anyone, including my lawyers, be anywhere near the areas that were rummaged and otherwise looked at during the raid on Mar-a-Lago," he wrote. "Everyone was asked to leave the premises, they wanted to be left alone, without any witnesses to see what they were doing, taking or, hopefully not, 'planting,'" he added.

As the Epoch Times notes, About two dozen FBI agents entered the Trump-owned resort at 9 a.m. Monday and left with “a handful of boxes of documents,” Trump spokeswoman Christina Bobb told The Epoch Times on Tuesday. “I didn’t actually get to oversee the search, they wouldn’t let anybody see what they were doing,” she said, adding that she was present when the FBI entered the premises.

FBI agents were looking for “what they deemed to be presidential records,” Bobb continued. “I don’t think there was anything of substance.”


Bruce Reinhart, a Florida federal magistrate judge, signed off on a warrant to search the former president’s Florida property.

Reinhart worked as a federal prosecutor until 2008 when he became a defense attorney representing employees of convicted sex trafficker and wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein. Employees included Epstein’s pilots, a scheduler, and others

The Mar-a-Lago raid warrant was issued on Aug. 5, a day after FBI Director Christopher Wray testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee and was asked about whistleblower reports on whether his agency was becoming increasingly politicized. Wray had to cut the questioning short because he needed to travel, although flight records indicated that he used an FBI jet to travel to a vacation retreat in Upstate New York, according to the New York Post.

In mid-January, the National Archives and Records Administration arranged for the transport from Mar-a-Lago to the National Archives 15 boxes that the archives said contained presidential records. Under the Presidential Records Act, the records should have been transferred in January 2021 as Trump left office, and some of the boxes contained classified information, the institution said in a statement at the time.

Agents initially resisted showing Bobb the warrant but ultimately did. But the agents would not allow any representatives of the former president to oversee the search, Bobb said. The justification for the search also remains under seal. Trump’s legal team plans on asking the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida to unseal the search warrant affidavit, which would outline why authorities asked for the warrant.

The Epoch Times contacted the FBI for comment. Neither the bureau nor Attorney General Merrick Garland have offered public comments about the raid, drawing even questions and condemnation from Democrat politicians.

The Department of Justice “must immediately explain the reason for its raid & it must be more than a search for inconsequential archives or it will be viewed as a political tactic and undermine any future credible investigation & legitimacy of January 6 investigations,” wrote former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a longtime critic of Trump, said on Twitter Tuesday.

“DOJ must disclose the bona fide nature of the August 8 action or else the republicans will use it to Discredit the Jan 6 investigation, which would be a terrible disservice to the good work of the house committee in exposing The Trump administration violations,” the former Democrat governor of New York added. Cuomo last year resigned amid allegations he engaged in misconduct with staffers, which Cuomo has categorically denied.

And Republicans similarly said they were concerned with the raid.

“Last night’s raid on the home of a former U.S. president without explanation will only further erode confidence in the FBI and the Justice Department,” Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) wrote Tuesday in reference to the Monday search.

“I reiterated these concerns to Director Wray today,” he continued. “If the FBI isn’t extraordinarily transparent about its justification for yesterday’s actions and committed to rooting out political bias that has infected their most sensitive investigations, they will have sealed their own fate. The FBI’s mission and the many patriotic agents who work hard to carry it out will be forever overshadowed by the distrust the bureau has sown.”

Tyler Durden Wed, 08/10/2022 - 17:01
Published:8/10/2022 4:48:59 PM
[] The FBI raid was probably the best thing to happen to Trump in ages Published:8/10/2022 3:34:00 PM
[Markets] Trump Critics Say FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid May Have Handed Him GOP Nomination, "Potentially The Presidency" Trump Critics Say FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid May Have Handed Him GOP Nomination, "Potentially The Presidency"

Authored by Dorothy Li via The Epoch Times,

The FBI’s raid of the former president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate “handed” the 2024 Republican presidential nomination to Trump and prompted moderate Republicans to vote for him, according to Joe Walsh, a former Republican congressman and a critic of Trump.

Trump announced that his Florida property was “under siege” and “occupied by a group of FBI agents” in a statement late on Aug. 8, calling it evidence of “prosecutorial misconduct” and a “weaponization of the Justice System.”

The raid was not announced and was motivated because Democrats do not want Trump to run again for president in 2024, the former president said.

Walsh, who applauded the FBI’s raid on Twitter, said the move angered many GOP voters and pushed them to campaign and vote for Trump.

“I’ve heard from so many GOP voters tonight who were cooling a bit these past few months on Trump but who are so pissed off about this raid and are back to completely & enthusiastically all in with their support for him,” Walsh later wrote in an Aug. 8 post.

‘Handed’ Trump the Nomination

In another post, Walsh said the FBI’s move handed the GOP nomination to Trump.

“Both things are true: 1. The Justice Department’s job is to pursue justice & uphold the rule of law. And they should NEVER let politics get in the way of that. Yesterday, they did their job. 2. What happened yesterday handed the 2024 GOP nomination to Donald Trump,” he said on Twitter.

Trump hasn’t formally announced his presidential bid despite growing confirmation that he will run for the White House again in 2024. On Aug. 7, Trump hinted again about his potential 2024 presidential bid but stopped short of announcing a run.

On Aug. 8, FBI agents raided the resort.

Supporters of former President Donald Trump stand outside his residence in Mar-A-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida on Aug. 8, 2022. (Giorgio Viera/AFP via Getty Images)

Eric Trump, one of Trump’s sons, said the raid was conducted to see whether his father possessed any documents from his time in office, adding that the former president has been cooperating with the National Archives on the matter for months.

“The purpose for the raid, from what they said, was because the National Archives wanted to corroborate whether or not Donald Trump had any documents in his possession,” Eric Trump said on Fox News.

However, Walsh said if the FBI’s raid “is just about 15 boxes of classified material Trump took down to Mar-a-Lago, this will absolutely enrage his supporters and only strengthen Trump within the GOP.”

He added the former president is “definitely announcing he’s running in early Sept.”

Several other critics of Trump also expressed the same viewpoint.

Former Democratic New York City mayoral candidate and presidential candidate Andrew Yang, who recently formed a new political partysaid while he hopes Trump “as far away from the White House as possible,” the FBI’s raid “strengthens that case for millions of Americans who will see this as unjust persecution.”

Alyssa Farah Griffin, former White House communications director who is now extraordinarily critical of Trump, said on CNN’s “New Day” that she hopes the raid “goes beyond simply not complying with some archiving laws.”

Otherwise, the “DOJ just handed Donald Trump the Republican nominee and potentially the presidency,” Griffin, also CNN’s political commentator, said on Tuesday.

“If it’s seen as some sort of massive overreach and not something incredibly serious, this is a very good day for Donald Trump.”

The FBI has declined to comment on the raid. The Department of Justice has not returned an inquiry. A White House official told The Epoch Times in an email it was not notified of the raid before it took place.

Tyler Durden Wed, 08/10/2022 - 15:55
Published:8/10/2022 3:33:59 PM
[] Here's how the rule of law applied to a former FBI lawyer who pleaded guilty to forgery Published:8/10/2022 3:33:59 PM
[Columnists] The Day the FBI Raided Donald Trump

by Ben Shapiro at CDN -

This week, the FBI raided the Florida home of former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. They based their raid on the purported rationale that they suspected Trump of having mishandled classified information, taking home materials meant for the National Archives: according to The New York Times, the search “appeared to …

Click to read the rest HERE-> The Day the FBI Raided Donald Trump first posted at Conservative Daily News

Published:8/10/2022 4:05:57 AM
[3d6367c5-0976-5b6e-af03-6c407b73bd36] Greg Gutfeld: Who will the FBI come for next? Greg Gutfeld addresses the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence and criticizes the FBI for their actions on "Gutfeld!" Published:8/10/2022 1:05:05 AM
[Foreign Policy] FBI: Feds Behaving Incorrigibly, by Michelle Malkin The FBI's raid on former president Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate — ever so conveniently timed as the White House occupant's approval numbers sink, the Swamp prepares to shovel a whopping $5.5 billion in foreign and military aid down the bottomless Ukrainian black hole and the American economy keels over like Biden on a bike —... Published:8/9/2022 11:02:35 PM
[Uncategorized] Something’s Happening Here: Feds Seize Cell Phone Of Trump Ally House Rep Scott Perry Day After Mar-a-Lago Raid

There's obviously a full-on DOJ-FBI effort to get Trump on something. That's part of what's happening here. But there's probably a lot that we don't know about how that is going to happen. I think we'll find out right after the midterms.

The post Something’s Happening Here: Feds Seize Cell Phone Of Trump Ally House Rep Scott Perry Day After Mar-a-Lago Raid first appeared on Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion.
Published:8/9/2022 11:02:35 PM
[Politics] Here’s the lowdown on the FBI raid of Trump’s home….and more! We have a somewhat in-depth account of what took place during the FBI raid of Trump’s home, including details of the search warrant. In short, the search warrant focused solely on collecting . . . Published:8/9/2022 11:02:35 PM
[] Republican Reaction to Mar-a-Lagogate Published:8/9/2022 11:02:35 PM
[Columnists] FBI: Feds Behaving Incorrigibly

by Michelle Malkin at CDN -

The FBI’s raid on former president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate — ever so conveniently timed as the White House occupant’s approval numbers sink, the Swamp prepares to shovel a whopping $5.5 billion in foreign and military aid down the bottomless Ukrainian black hole and the American economy keels over like …

Click to read the rest HERE-> FBI: Feds Behaving Incorrigibly first posted at Conservative Daily News

Published:8/9/2022 11:02:35 PM
[4th Amendment] Why the FBI really raided Mar a Lago

  Spending time on Twitter can be illuminating. Never have I seen so much spamming going on from the left all about how Trump “stole” classified documents. You could call it the “Crapper Caper.” I have repeatedly pointed out that the President can declassify anything he chooses. But it’s not about that. It’s about something […]

The post Why the FBI really raided Mar a Lago appeared first on Flopping Aces.

Published:8/9/2022 9:01:24 PM
[] Tuesday Overnight Open Thread (8/9/22) *** The Quotes of The Day Quote I "We are making plans for all sorts of contingencies across public services, particularly critical areas like health," Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Kit Malthouse Quote II “The FBI raid on... Published:8/9/2022 9:01:24 PM
[Politics] Judge Who Signed Trump Warrant Repped Dem Lawmaker Accused of Putting Mistress on Payroll

The federal magistrate judge who signed the warrant authorizing the FBI raid on former president Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence is a former criminal defense attorney who represented a former Democratic congressman investigated by the bureau for putting his mistress on his congressional payroll.

The post Judge Who Signed Trump Warrant Repped Dem Lawmaker Accused of Putting Mistress on Payroll appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

Published:8/9/2022 8:16:00 PM
[Law] GOP Rep. Scott Perry Says FBI Agents Seized His Cellphone

Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., had his cellphone seized by FBI agents Tuesday, the day after the FBI raided former President Donald Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago,... Read More

The post GOP Rep. Scott Perry Says FBI Agents Seized His Cellphone appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:8/9/2022 8:16:00 PM
[In The News] White House Was Likely Briefed Before FBI Raided Mar-a-Lago, Ex-FBI Agents Say

by Jennie Taer at CDN -

The White House may have been briefed before the FBI raided former President Donald Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago, two retired agency officials told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “It is also almost certain that the White House was briefed. That does not mean the president was briefed. But someone at …

Click to read the rest HERE-> White House Was Likely Briefed Before FBI Raided Mar-a-Lago, Ex-FBI Agents Say first posted at Conservative Daily News

Published:8/9/2022 8:16:00 PM
[b5463913-e17c-5757-9f88-6ad57b256385] McConnell addresses raid on Trump's home, says the 'country deserves a thorough and immediate explanation' Mitch McConnell addressed the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump's home, saying the "country deserves a thorough and immediate explanation." Published:8/9/2022 8:16:00 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: McConnell finally releases a statement on the FBI raid of Trump’s home Senate Minority leader Mitch McCconnell finally released a statement today on last night’s FBI raid of Trump’s home. In it, he essentially demanded that Garland immediately justify that raid because he owes . . . Published:8/9/2022 8:16:00 PM
[Markets] Judge Who Signed Mar-A-Lago Search Warrant Exposed As Associate of Jeffrey Epstein Judge Who Signed Mar-A-Lago Search Warrant Exposed As Associate of Jeffrey Epstein

By BlueApples

As if the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago residence didn’t reek of corruption enough, details from the search warrant authorizing it should clear any doubt. Although information if sparse given that the warrant remains under seal, one piece of information that couldn’t be kept confidential sheds new light on the motives behind the raid.

The judge who signed off on the search warrant was Bruce E. Reinhart, United States Magistrate Judge for the Southern District of Florida. Before assuming his office as a federal judge, Reinhart was an attorney who represented associates of Jeffrey Epstein implicated in his human trafficking conspiracy, namely; Sarah Kellen and Nadia Marcinkova. 

Kellen worked for Epstein as his scheduler for years and was referenced in deposition testimony given during the defamation case between Virginia Guiffre and Ghislaine Maxwell. Marcinkova was a more prominent member of Epstein’s entourage as she served as one of the pilots of his infamous aircraft dubbed “The Lolita Express.”

Reinhart assumed his role as Kellen and Marcinkova’s attorney once he set up a criminal defense firm after resigning from his post as a senior prosecutor in the Southern District of Florida as it was negotiating a non-prosecution agreement for Epstein. Reinhart would officially begin his legal representation of Epstein’s accomplices within days of leaving his position as a senior prosecutor within the district.

Federal Magistrate Bruce E. Reinhart gives an interview before assuming his present role as a Federal Magistrate in the Southern District of Florida.

While Reinhart’s association with Epstein hadn’t resurfaced until his was thrust back into the spotlight as the Federal Magistrate who authorized the search warrant for the Mar-A-Lago raid, it was a matter of considerable controversy in the wake of his resignation in 2007. In 2013, the US Attorneys states that “while Bruce E. Reinhart was an assistant U.S. attorney, he learned confidential, non-public information about the Epstein matter.’’ in response to his claims against any impropriety. Reinhart’s rejection of any wrongdoing on his part was made in a 2011 affidavit as part of a civil court case filed by two of Epstein’s victims in 2008 which named Former Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta along with two other federal prosecutors, one of whom was Reinhart.

Reinhart’s representation of Marcinkova best conveys his ties to the human trafficking enterprise that Epstein and his network assembled.    Marcinkova is presently the Founder and CEO of Aviloop. The company's website states that it harnesses Marcinkova's experience as a pilot for the consulting firm’s focus on companies based in the aviation industry. Marketing, social media services, and event management are listed among the services which are offered. As is an explicit mission to “help employers diversify their crews.”

While the Aviloop website is rather innocuous, other than the fact that it is operated by an associate of Jeffrey Epstein's, its YouTube Channel portrays a different image. The YouTube channel is sparse, containing only 4 videos, each of which were posted 8 years ago from the date of this article and only has 34 subscribers. Yet, the content of the videos is suspicious. Each is a brief, 40 second or so monologue from a young woman dressed in a suggestive, pilot themed outfit. Their sultry voices attempt to entice potential customers into a membership with Aviloop whether they are looking for deals on pilot training courses, aviation services or simply want to “see more girls like me.” Oddly enough, memberships with Aviloop are completely free according to the promotional video.

No direct contact information for Aviloop is disclosed on the company's website. However, the website of Aviloop's sister company, Aviatri, listed a phone number. However, upon this being brought to light in an investigative report of mine which Marcinkova and Mark Esptein became aware of, the phone number was removed from the site.

Within days the Aviatri site was listed as “under construction,” though a simple redirect to the URL of its homepage showed it was still operational. When this was brought to Marcinkova’s attention by me, she removed the site all but entirely, only leaving its placeholder page in its place. The physical address mentioned on the Aviloop website belonged to a building managed by Ossa Properties, a property management company owned by Jeffrey's brother Mark Epstein

The automated voicemail for Aviatri states that callers have reached actually reached Aviloop. Delineating between the 2 businesses is difficult as Aviatri does not appear to be incorporated with the New York Department of State's Division of Corporations like Aviloop is. Aviatri extends the mission of Aviloop to aspiring female pilots directly by acting as a recruiting agency for them. The agency's website states that it offers online courses, flight training, and financing to aspiring female pilots.
Marcinkova's other business, Global Girl, LLC, had its incorporation with the New York Department of State's Division of Corporations completed in 2005, years preceding Aviloop’s establishment at a time when Marcinkova was in the midst of her association with Epstein. Unlike Aviloop, Global Girl does not appear to currently maintain a website. Its social media channels have all been deactivated as well.

A vague reference to it is mentioned on Marcinkova's website, where she refers to herself as “aka Global Girl” before listing herself as a pilot, fashion model, and the CEO of Aviloop. As such, it is unclear if the company is still operating or even what the basis of its operations entail. The business entity's filing with the New York Department of State  was sent to Adam B. Kaufman & Associates, PPLC at 585 Stewart Avenue in Garden City, NY. Kaufman & Associated  has not responded to a message regarding an inquiry into the businesses current operational status or a means by which to contact Ms. Marcinkova.

What is known about Marcinkova is how deeply enmeshed she was with Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and the crimes they committed. Consequently, Reinhart was likely well-aware of those crimes given his representation of Marcinkova and Kellen as well as his position as a federal prosecutor in the district which tendered Epstein with a non-prosecution agreement. While his decision to leave the office could have been construed as a rejection of its decision to sweep Epstein's crimes under the rug, his position as Marcinkova's attorney shows that he was entirely willing do be complicit in that cover-up

If Reinhart’s association with the likes of Marcinkova and Kellen reveals anything, it is that the inner machinations of Jeffrey Epstein's human trafficking network live on, even if he does not. The permutations of insulating those involved with Epstein have resulted in the very people who enabled, if not outright participated in his crimes, be rewarded for their efforts by being placed in the highest echelons of federal government. The exposure of that fact should shake those institutions to their core. This is a daunting reality that those who would be brought down with the ship know all too well. Which explains why the Southern District of Florida has removed any contact information for Reinhart entirely from his website – an act which serves as a tacit admission of the blatant corruption behind the search warrant he signed off on.

Tyler Durden Tue, 08/09/2022 - 20:00
Published:8/9/2022 8:16:00 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: FBI seizes cellphone of sitting Republican Congressman who supports Trump The weaponization of the FBI continues. Today a sitting Republican Congressman reported that he had his phone seized by the FBI while he was traveling with his family. They presented a warrant . . . Published:8/9/2022 6:54:14 PM
[World] Pressure builds on Trump and Biden to release Mar-a-Lago search warrant The warrant that authorized the FBI's raid of Mar-a-Lago on Monday remains shrouded in secrecy despite bipartisan calls to both former President Donald Trump and the Biden administration for its release. Published:8/9/2022 6:54:14 PM
[Politics] WATCH: Steve Deace SCORCHES Tim Scott after he said we should let the FBI investigation of Trump ‘play out’ Senator Tim Scott says he was stunned by the news of the FBI raid of Trump’s home last night and isn’t so sure the FBI can be trusted in this regard. However . . . Published:8/9/2022 4:14:06 PM
[] Ric Grenell: I Told Trump He Had to Fire the Criminal Wray Two Years Ago A fox overseeing the fox-house. Former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell is warning that the FBI is facing a "real crisis" from partisan tampering with investigations, revealing he actually urged then-President Donald Trump to fire Director Chris Wray... Published:8/9/2022 4:14:06 PM
[] 'Crush them': Antiracism educator who abhors violence wants to make the children of MAGAts 'functional orphans' Published:8/9/2022 3:19:13 PM
[eba9acac-0f5e-517f-b76c-1a7098dc5217] Trump blasts ‘Witch Hunt’ FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago in donation email Former President Trump slammed the FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago residence as a corrupt "Witch Hunt" in an email asking "every patriotic American" for donations. Published:8/9/2022 3:19:13 PM
[] 'How's Fang Fang, cheater?' Eric Swalwell gets DROPPED over and over again for getting all big and bad with Trump about the FBI Published:8/9/2022 1:59:21 PM
[Opinion] The FBI’s Raid On Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Home Has Put America On A Very Dangerous Path

by Brooke Rollins at CDN -

This week’s FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago properly concerns every American — Republican, Democrat, Independent, or beyond — who cares about the rule of law and the system of norms that are the unwritten rules underpinning our formal Constitution. One of the core mechanisms ensuring the continuity of American democracy is …

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Published:8/9/2022 1:31:28 PM
[fa555a49-02a9-5e5e-ae0a-35e5c802926a] Rep. Mike Turner demands FBI briefing on raid at Mar-a-Lago: 'Exceptionally skeptical' Ohio Congressman and ranking House Intelligence Committee member Mike Turner asked for a full briefing about the FBI raid on President Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence on Monday. Published:8/9/2022 6:04:24 AM
[e3258867-fafd-5e43-bf84-25af79e87616] Crowd of Trump supporters gather outside Mar-a-Lago hours after FBI raid: 'They're terrified of him' Following the FBI raid at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate on Monday, supporters of the former president gathered outside the property in Palm Beach, Florida, to protest the search. Published:8/9/2022 4:00:19 AM
[World] Litman: The Mar-a-Lago search could signal the end of another 'long national nightmare'

The FBI's search at Trump's residence constitutes a highly dramatic investigative move against a former president, much more dramatic than anything that occurred during Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal.

Published:8/9/2022 1:03:35 AM
[03d97692-1a9a-5aa6-8b4a-bd43a66328af] Eric Trump gives clearest indication yet of possible Trump 2024 run following FBI raid Eric Trump hinted at former President Donald Trump's potential return to the presidential campaign trail after the FBI executed a search warrant and raid on his Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach, Florida. Published:8/9/2022 1:03:35 AM
[69929666-6e79-5718-8525-e2ea0cad5a19] Raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate questioned by some legal scholars Legal scholars say the FBI raid on President Donald Trump's Florida estate may not have been necessary if the matter was about White House documents. Published:8/8/2022 11:44:50 PM
[07d5acaf-5df1-51ef-89d3-ab99e546fd12] Former Trump official Michael Caputo blasts FBI's Mar-a-Lago raid: 'Full-blown constitutional crisis' Former Trump official Michael Caputo slammed the FBI raid on President Trump's Mar-a-Lago home, declaring the nation had reached a "constitutional crisis." Published:8/8/2022 10:20:26 PM
[2020 Election] America died today- but will live again

  The FBI raided the Mar a Lago home of Donald Trump this morning. democrats are frothing in excitement over the news, but none seem to have a grasp on the facts. The raid is said to have to do with classified documents allegedly removed from the White House. The warrant was approved by Merrick […]

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Published:8/8/2022 10:20:26 PM
[] Sebastian Gorka drops powerful video about what the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago means for all Americans Published:8/8/2022 10:20:25 PM
[Law] US ‘Corrupt at a Level Not Seen Before’: Trump’s Home Raided by FBI

Former President Donald Trump said Monday evening his home had been raided by a “large group of FBI agents.” “Nothing like this has ever happened... Read More

The post US ‘Corrupt at a Level Not Seen Before’: Trump’s Home Raided by FBI appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:8/8/2022 9:49:11 PM
[Science] Eric Trump says safe breached by FBI in Mar-a-Lago search was empty Eric Trump said his father, Donald Trump, had nothing in a safe they claim the FBI breached as part of a raid of the former president's Mar-a-Largo resort on Monday. Published:8/8/2022 9:49:11 PM
[] 'A disgrace': Dan Bongino calls "third world bulls**t' on FBI raid of Trump's home Published:8/8/2022 8:46:02 PM
[ba8fa5cc-bb7a-5d1f-9a8d-7b4b6aa83c46] GOP slams 'weaponization' of DOJ after Trump's Mar-a-Lago raided by FBI; Dems call it 'accountability' Republicans are slamming the FBI's raid of Trump's Mar-a-Lago, while Democrats say they have confidence in the Justice Department and Trump should be held accountable for "wrongdoing." Published:8/8/2022 8:29:59 PM
[2024 Election] The FBI Raids Trump (John Hinderaker) The New York Times reports that the FBI has executed a search warrant on Donald Trump’s Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago. Former President Donald J. Trump said on Monday that the F.B.I. had searched his Palm Beach, Fla., home and had broken open a safe — an account that, if accurate, would be a dramatic escalation in the various investigations into the former president. The FBI has openly become an arm of Published:8/8/2022 8:29:59 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: Gov DeSantis responds to FBI raid of Trump home Governor Ron DeSantis just responded to the FBI raid of Trump’s home at Mar-A-Lago, calling America a Banana Republic. He pointed out that while Trump is being raided, Hunter Biden is being . . . Published:8/8/2022 8:29:59 PM
[Uncategorized] Trump: FBI Raided Mar-a-Lago – “These Are Dark Times For Our Nation”

“They even broke into my safe”

The post Trump: FBI Raided Mar-a-Lago – “These Are Dark Times For Our Nation” first appeared on Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion.
Published:8/8/2022 7:19:32 PM
[Latest News] FBI Raids Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Home

(Reuters)—Former President Donald Trump said his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida was raided by FBI agents on Monday, which came amid a U.S. Justice Department investigation of Trump's removal of official presidential records to the Palm Beach estate.

The post FBI Raids Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Home appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

Published:8/8/2022 7:19:32 PM
[Markets] Trump says FBI is searching his Mar-a-Lago home Trump says FBI is searching his Mar-a-Lago home Published:8/8/2022 7:01:11 PM
[] THIRD WORLD JUNTA: The DOJ Just Executed a Surprise Raid on the President's Home Are we supposed to still be loyal to this Regime? Are we still fighting the "authoritarians" or nah? Charlie Kirk @charliekirk11 The FBI just completed an unannounced raid of President Trump's home at Mar-A-Lago. America is devolving into a Third-World... Published:8/8/2022 7:01:11 PM
[Markets] Donald Trump Announces Mar-A-Lago "Raided, Under Siege, And Occupied" By The FBI Donald Trump Announces Mar-A-Lago "Raided, Under Siege, And Occupied" By The FBI

Moments ago, Donald Trump - who is still banned by Twitter - published a statement on Truth Social in which he said that his Florida home, Mar A Lago is “currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents", an assault which according to Trump "could only take place in broken, Third-World Countries." He is probably right. He also claims the Fed's presence was unannounced and the reason was politically motivated.

His full statement posted on his Truth Social account is below:

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the

United States of America

These are dark times for our Nation, as my beautiful home, Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, is currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents. Nothing like this has ever happened to a President of the United States before. After working and cooperating with the relevant Government agencies, this unannounced raid on my home was not necessary or appropriate. It is prosecutorial misconduct, the weaponization of the Justice System, and an attack by Radical Left Democrats who desperately don't want me to run for President in 2024, especially based on recent polls, and who will likewise do anything to stop Republicans and Conservatives in the upcoming Midterm Elections. Such an assault could only take place in broken, Third-World Countries. Sadly, America has now become one of those Countries, corrupt at a level not seen before. They even broke into my safe! What is the difference between this and Watergate, where operatives broke into the Democrat National Committee? Here, in reverse, Democrats broke into the home of the 45th President of the United States.

The political persecution of President Donald J. Trump has been going on for years, with the now fully debunked Russia, Russia, Russia Scam, Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, and so much more, it just never ends. It is political targeting at the highest level!

Hillary Clinton was allowed to delete and acid wash 33,000 E-mails AFTER they were subpoenaed by Congress. Absolutely nothing has happened to hold her accountable. She even took antique furniture, and other items from the White House.

I stood up to America's bureaucratic corruption, I restored power to the people, and truly delivered for our Country, like we have never seen before. The establishment hated it. Now, as they watch my endorsed candidates win big victories, and see my dominance in all polls, they are trying to stop me, and the Republican Party, once more. The lawlessness, political persecution, and Witch Hunt must be exposed and stopped.
I will continue to fight for the Great American People!

Local reporters confirmed the raid, saying the FBI executed a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago. "They just left," although it isn't clear what the search was about.

While we await more information on what the FBI was doing at Mar-A-Lago or what they may have found, here are some kneejeak reactions.

Tyler Durden Mon, 08/08/2022 - 19:08
Published:8/8/2022 6:19:29 PM
[In The News] Biden Admin Sued For Not Releasing Docs Declassified By Trump On Russia Collusion Investigation

by Gabe Kaminsky at CDN -

A watchdog is suing President Joe Biden’s Justice Department (DOJ) for not releasing records related to the FBI’s defunct probe into ties between Donald Trump’s campaign and the Russian government — even though the former president declassified the records. Judicial Watch is suing the DOJ to obtain the records, as …

Click to read the rest HERE-> Biden Admin Sued For Not Releasing Docs Declassified By Trump On Russia Collusion Investigation first posted at Conservative Daily News

Published:8/8/2022 6:19:29 PM
[Uncategorized] FBI Director Wray Leaves Senate Hearing Early to Fly on Government Plane to Vacation Spot

The "business" Wray had to attend to was a weekend trip to the Adirondacks.

The post FBI Director Wray Leaves Senate Hearing Early to Fly on Government Plane to Vacation Spot first appeared on Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion.
Published:8/8/2022 3:19:11 PM
[Culture] Not Quite Her Majesty’s Service

The United Kingdom has no equivalent to the FBI’s International Corruption Squad or the Department of Justice’s Kleptocracy Team. The City of London has a small financial crimes unit, but it lacks the resources and political heft of the Southern District of New York when it comes to perp-walking the perpetrators of financial malfeasance. Yet London’s stock exchange moves more money than New York’s, and buying a home in London will cost you nearly twice as much per square foot as buying in New York.

The post Not Quite Her Majesty’s Service appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

Published:8/7/2022 4:13:46 AM
[] "Inflation Reduction Act" would make IRS among the largest agencies in government Published:8/7/2022 2:33:53 AM
[Uncategorized] Ted Cruz Calls Out FBI for Designating Patriotic Symbols as Indicators of Violent Extremism

"took Wray to task for the Biden administration's politicization of the Bureau that's been turned into a weapon against conservatives while ignoring leftist violence"

The post Ted Cruz Calls Out FBI for Designating Patriotic Symbols as Indicators of Violent Extremism first appeared on Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion.
Published:8/6/2022 10:06:00 AM
[Policy] Dems Poised To Make IRS Larger Than Pentagon, State Department, FBI, and Border Patrol Combined

If Democrats have their way, one of the most detested federal agencies—the Internal Revenue Service—will employ more bureaucrats than the Pentagon, State Department, FBI, and Border Patrol combined.

The post Dems Poised To Make IRS Larger Than Pentagon, State Department, FBI, and Border Patrol Combined appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

Published:8/6/2022 4:28:04 AM
[In The News] FBI Says They’re Running ‘A Number’ Of Abortion-Specific Domestic Terrorism Investigations

by Trevor Schakohl at CDN -

FBI Director Christopher Wray claims the agency has begun multiple investigations into terrorist threats against pro-life groups and clinics in a Thursday judiciary committee meeting. WATCH: “We have opened a number of domestic violent extremist investigations, using our joint terrorism task forces, that are specifically focused on attacks or threats …

Click to read the rest HERE-> FBI Says They’re Running ‘A Number’ Of Abortion-Specific Domestic Terrorism Investigations first posted at Conservative Daily News

Published:8/4/2022 10:42:22 PM
[China] FBI ‘Aggressively’ Pursuing Hunter Biden Investigation, Director Wray Says

FBI Director Christopher Wray referred to “malign foreign influence with, potentially, public corruption” during a Senate committee hearing Thursday where participants described Hunter Biden’s alleged... Read More

The post FBI ‘Aggressively’ Pursuing Hunter Biden Investigation, Director Wray Says appeared first on The Daily Signal.

Published:8/4/2022 10:42:22 PM
[] Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse uses time questioning FBI director to ask about investigating... Brett Kavanaugh Published:8/4/2022 11:04:17 AM
[Markets] Kansans Overwhelmingly Reject New Abortion Restrictions Kansans Overwhelmingly Reject New Abortion Restrictions

In a decisively lopsided win for pro-abortion activists, Kansas voters on Tuesday rejected a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would have expanded the legislature's power to restrict abortions. With 98% of votes tallied, "no" votes were ahead 59% to 41%.  

It was the first major test of voter sentiment on abortion since the June U.S. Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v Wade and effectively left it to individual state legislatures to decide which, if any, abortion restrictions are to be allowed.

The referendum may also be an indicator of voter motivation in the upcoming midterms. Turnout soared to a level not seen since the 2008 primary -- with then-Senator Obama on the ballot -- and may set a record when the counting is done. Observers projected a 36% voter turnout, but it may have hit 50%. Historically, about twice as many Republicans have voted in the state's August primaries compared to Democrats.  

To take one example that puts the abortion result in context, consider Ellis County. In 2020, Trump won in a resounding 71%-27% landslide. However, on Tuesday, the "yes" vote only prevailed 58% to 42%.  

The ballot measure was aimed at negating a 2019 Kansas Supreme Court ruling. In a 6-1 decision, the court found that abortions are protected under the state constitution as an unenumerated "natural right of personal autonomy."

The operative part of Tuesday's ballot proposition, which was a proposed amendment to the state's constitution, stated:

"The constitution of the state of Kansas does not require government funding of abortion and does not create or secure a right to abortion. The people, through their elected state representatives and state senators, may pass laws regarding abortion, including, but not limited to, laws that account for circumstances of pregnancy resulting from rape or incest, or circumstances of necessity to save the life of the mother."

Despite the referendum outcome, abortions will still be subject to some restrictions in Kansas. According to the Center for Reproductive Rights, they're generally prohibited at 22 weeks and post-viability -- a term that describes the ability of a fetus to survive outside a woman's uterus. 

The Kansas outcome will encourage Democrats to make abortion a defining issue in the midterms. Meanwhile, Tuesday's gubernatorial primary result in Michigan set up a stark abortion-stance contrast in November's general election. Tudor Dixon, a Trump-endorsed former steel industry executive and online conservative commentator, will face incumbent governor, lockdown enthusiast and near-FBI-kidnap-victim Gretchen Whitmer. 

As Reuters explains: 

Whitmer has made the U.S. Supreme Court's overturning of constitutional protection for abortion a centerpiece in her re-election campaign. Dixon supports a near-total ban on abortion, including for child victims of rape and incest, with the only exception for cases when the life of the mother is at risk. 

Michigan Republican candidate for governor Tudor Dixon 


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[FBI] FBI lists Ashli Babbitt, Second Amendment and ‘Betsy Ross Flag’ to on terror symbols guide

FBI lists Ashli Babbitt, Second Amendment and ‘Betsy Ross Flag’ to on terror symbols guide. They’re more worried about US Citizens than terrorists from foreign countries. Yeah, the patriots are tired of their shit. Aleaked internal FBI guide about violent extremism lists the Second Amendment, the “Betsy Ross flag” and Jan. 6 protester Ashli Babbitt as […]

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[Political Cartoons] The Touchables

by A.F. Branco at CDN -

The FBI has been protecting Biden while being weaponized against Republicans, Trump supporters, and parents. Political cartoons by A.F. Branco ©2022

Click to read the rest HERE-> The Touchables first posted at Conservative Daily News

Published:8/3/2022 9:18:59 AM
[Markets] Sen. Johnson Expects 'Deal' To Conceal Indictment Of Hunter Biden Sen. Johnson Expects 'Deal' To Conceal Indictment Of Hunter Biden

Authored by Jack Phillips via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) said on July 31 that he expects there to be an agreement to conceal an indictment of Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, attends the ceremony for the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor, during a ceremony honoring 17 recipients, in the East Room of the White House in Washington, on July 7, 2022. (Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images)

Johnson predicted in a Fox News interview that law enforcement “may indict Hunter Biden, but they’ll probably seal—they’ll do a deal—they’ll seal all the information.”

The American public will never get the full truth,” he said.

Both Johnson and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) have been involved in a yearslong investigation into the business dealings of President Joe Biden’s son in places such as China, Ukraine, and elsewhere. The pair released a report in September 2020 that detailed extensive financial connections between Chinese Communist Party-linked entities and individuals and Hunter Biden.

We’ve known that the Bidens are a corrupt family for years,” Johnson told Fox News’ Dan Bongino, noting that the “corrupt mainstream media has been covering it all up” and “even the FBI.”

Johnson also predicted that legacy news media outlets will now turn on Biden amid increasingly low poll numbers.

In March, both Republican senators presented bank records on the Senate floor showing CEFC China Energy, a now-defunct firm, made payments to Hunter Biden. That included a $100,000 wire payment to one of the younger Biden’s companies, Owasco, from CEFC.

Other payments include a wire transfer of $5 million to Hudson West, a company Hunter Biden invested in and managed, from Northern International Capital, a business that partnered with CEFC. A contract also made public by the senators shows that $500,000 went to Hunter Biden as a “one-time retainer fee.”

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) speaks during a hearing in Washington on Jan. 24, 2022. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Two others show a $1 million payment made to Hudson West by CEFC and a transfer of $1 million from Hudson West to Owasco, with the money appearing to go to Hunter Biden for the purposes of representing Patrick Ho, a Chinese businessman who has helped CEFC gain advantages through bribery.

FBI Interference

In a recent letter, Johnson further claimed that the FBI attempted to undermine their congressional investigation in mid-2020.

Amid recent “whistleblower revelations,” they “would strongly suggest that the FBI’s August 6, 2020 briefing was indeed a targeted effort to intentionally undermine a Congressional investigation,” he wrote in a letter (pdf) to top Department of Justice officials and members of other intelligence agencies.

“If these whistleblower allegations are accurate, how can your agency, Director Wray, be capable of investigating the president’s son?” Johnson wrote in his letter. “Unfortunately, the FBI can no longer be trusted to investigate Hunter Biden with integrity and the equal application of law.”

Read more here...

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[2020 Election] The King of the World

  Why is this man smiling? He’s smiling because he controls the government of the United States. He is the power behind everything. He controls the titular President of the US. He controls the House. He controls the Senate. He probably controls the FBI and CIA. China has been grooming Biden for a long time. […]

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[Markets] The Genetic Panopticon: We're All Suspects In A DNA Lineup, Waiting To Be Matched With A Crime The Genetic Panopticon: We're All Suspects In A DNA Lineup, Waiting To Be Matched With A Crime

Authored by John and Nisha Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute,

“Solving unsolved crimes is a noble objective, but it occupies a lower place in the American pantheon of noble objectives than the protection of our people from suspicionless law-enforcement searches… Make no mistake about it…your DNA can be taken and entered into a national DNA database if you are ever arrested, rightly or wrongly, and for whatever reason… Perhaps the construction of such a genetic panopticon is wise. But I doubt that the proud men who wrote the charter of our liberties would have been so eager to open their mouths for royal inspection.”

- Justice Antonin Scalia dissenting in Maryland v. King

Be warned: the DNA detectives are on the prowl.

Whatever skeletons may be lurking on your family tree or in your closet, whatever crimes you may have committed, whatever associations you may have with those on the government’s most wanted lists: the police state is determined to ferret them out.

In an age of overcriminalization, round-the-clock surveillance, and a police state eager to flex its muscles in a show of power, we are all guilty of some transgression or other.

No longer can we consider ourselves innocent until proven guilty.

Now we are all suspects in a DNA lineup waiting to be matched up with a crime.

Suspect State, meet the Genetic Panopticon.

DNA technology in the hands of government officials will complete our transition to a Surveillance State in which prison walls are disguised within the seemingly benevolent trappings of technological and scientific progress, national security and the need to guard against terrorists, pandemics, civil unrest, etc.

By accessing your DNA, the government will soon know everything else about you that they don’t already know: your family chart, your ancestry, what you look like, your health history, your inclination to follow orders or chart your own course, etc.

It’s getting harder to hide, even if you think you’ve got nothing to hide.

Armed with unprecedented access to DNA databases amassed by the FBI and ancestry website, as well as hospital newborn screening programs, police are using forensic genealogy, which allows police to match up an unknown suspect’s crime scene DNA with that of any family members in a genealogy database, to solve cold cases that have remained unsolved for decades.

By submitting your DNA to a genealogical database such as Ancestry and 23andMe, you’re giving the police access to the genetic makeup, relationships and health profiles of every relative—past, present and future—in your family, whether or not they ever agreed to be part of such a database.

It no longer even matters if you’re among the tens of millions of people who have added their DNA to ancestry databases. As Brian Resnick reports, public DNA databases have grown so massive that they can be used to find you even if you’ve never shared your own DNA.

That simple transaction—a spit sample or a cheek swab in exchange for getting to learn everything about one’s ancestral makeup, where one came from, and who is part of one’s extended family—is the price of entry into the Suspect State for all of us.

After all, a DNA print reveals everything about “who we are, where we come from, and who we will be.” It can also be used to predict the physical appearance of potential suspects.

It’s what police like to refer to a “modern fingerprint.”

Whereas fingerprint technology created a watershed moment for police in their ability to “crack” a case, DNA technology is now being hailed by law enforcement agencies as the magic bullet in crime solving, especially when it helps them crack cold cases of serial murders and rapists.

After all, who wouldn’t want to get psychopaths and serial rapists off the streets and safely behind bars, right?

At least, that’s the argument being used by law enforcement to support their unrestricted access to these genealogy databases, and they’ve got the success stories to prove it.

For instance, a 68-year-old Pennsylvania man was arrested and charged with the brutal rape and murder of a young woman almost 50 years earlier. Relying on genealogical research suggesting that the killer had ancestors who hailed from a small town in Italy, investigators narrowed their findings down to one man whose DNA, obtained from a discarded coffee cup, matched the killer’s.

In another cold case investigation, a 76-year-old man was arrested for two decades-old murders after his DNA was collected from a breathalyzer during an unrelated traffic stop.

Yet it’s not just psychopaths and serial rapists who are getting caught up in the investigative dragnet. In the police state’s pursuit of criminals, anyone who comes up as a possible DNA match—including distant family members—suddenly becomes part of a circle of suspects that must be tracked, investigated and ruled out.

Victims of past crimes are also getting added to the government’s growing DNA database of potential suspects. For instance, San Francisco police used a rape victim’s DNA, which was on file from a 2016 sexual assault, to arrest the woman for allegedly being involved in a property crime that took place in 2021.

In this way, “guilt by association” has taken on new connotations in a technological age in which one is just a DNA sample away from being considered a person of interest in a police investigation. As Jessica Cussins warns in Psychology Today, “The fundamental fight—that data from potentially innocent people should not be used to connect them to unrelated crimes—has been lost.”

Until recently, the government was required to at least observe some basic restrictions on when, where and how it could access someone’s DNA. That was turned on its head by various U.S. Supreme Court rulings that heralded the loss of privacy on a cellular level.

For instance, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Maryland v. King that taking DNA samples from a suspect doesn’t violate the Fourth Amendment. The Court’s subsequent decision to let stand the Maryland Court of Appeals’ ruling in Raynor v. Maryland, which essentially determined that individuals do not have a right to privacy when it comes to their DNA, made Americans even more vulnerable to the government accessing, analyzing and storing their DNA without their knowledge or permission.

It’s all been downhill since then.

Indeed, the government has been relentless in its efforts to get hold of our DNA, either through mandatory programs carried out in connection with law enforcement and corporate America, by warrantlessly accessing our familial DNA shared with genealogical services such as Ancestry and 23andMe, or through the collection of our “shed” or “touch” DNA.

Get ready, folks, because the government has embarked on a diabolical campaign to create a nation of suspects predicated on a massive national DNA database.

This has been helped along by Congress (which adopted legislation allowing police to collect and test DNA immediately following arrests), President Trump (who signed the Rapid DNA Act into law), the courts (which have ruled that police can routinely take DNA samples from people who are arrested but not yet convicted of a crime), and local police agencies (which are chomping at the bit to acquire this new crime-fighting gadget).

For example, Rapid DNA machines—portable, about the size of a desktop printer, highly unregulated, far from fool-proof, and so fast that they can produce DNA profiles in less than two hours—allow police to go on fishing expeditions for any hint of possible misconduct using DNA samples.

Journalist Heather Murphy explains: “As police agencies build out their local DNA databases, they are collecting DNA not only from people who have been charged with major crimes but also, increasingly, from people who are merely deemed suspicious, permanently linking their genetic identities to criminal databases.”

All 50 states now maintain their own DNA government databases, although the protocols for collection differ from state to state. Increasingly, many of the data from local databanks are being uploaded to CODIS, the FBI’s massive DNA database, which has become a de facto way to identify and track the American people from birth to death.

Even hospitals have gotten in on the game by taking and storing newborn babies’ DNA, often without their parents’ knowledge or consent. It’s part of the government’s mandatory genetic screening of newborns. In many states, the DNA is stored indefinitely. There’s already a move underway to carry out whole genome sequencing on newborns, ostensibly to help diagnose rare diseases earlier and improve health later in life, which constitutes an ethical minefield all by itself.

What this means for those being born today is inclusion in a government database that contains intimate information about who they are, their ancestry, and what awaits them in the future, including their inclinations to be followers, leaders or troublemakers.

Just recently, in fact, police in New Jersey accessed the DNA from a nine-year-old blood sample of a newborn baby in order to identify the child’s father as a suspect in a decades-old sexual assault.

The ramifications of this kind of DNA profiling are far-reaching.

At a minimum, these DNA databases do away with any semblance of privacy or anonymity.

The lucrative possibilities for hackers and commercial entities looking to profit off one’s biological record are endless. It’s estimated that the global human identification market is projected to reach $6.5 billion by 2032.

These genetic databases and genomic technology also make us that much more vulnerable to creeps and cyberstalkersgenetic profiling, and those who would weaponize the technology against us.

Unfortunately, the debate over genetic privacy—and when one’s DNA becomes a public commodity outside the protection of the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition on warrantless searches and seizures—continues to lag far behind the government and Corporate America’s encroachments on our rights.

Moreover, while much of the public debate, legislative efforts and legal challenges in recent years have focused on the protocols surrounding when police can legally collect a suspect’s DNA (with or without a search warrant and whether upon arrest or conviction), the question of how to handle “shed” or “touch” DNA has largely slipped through without much debate or opposition.

As scientist Leslie A. Pray notes:

We all shed DNA, leaving traces of our identity practically everywhere we go… In fact, the garbage you leave for curbside pickup is a potential gold mine of this sort of material. All of this shed or so-called abandoned DNA is free for the taking by local police investigators hoping to crack unsolvable cases… shed DNA is also free for inclusion in a secret universal DNA databank.

What this means is that if you have the misfortune to leave your DNA traces anywhere a crime has been committed, you’ve already got a file somewhere in some state or federal database—albeit it may be a file without a name. As Heather Murphy warns in the New York Times: “The science-fiction future, in which police can swiftly identify robbers and murderers from discarded soda cans and cigarette butts, has arrived…  Genetic fingerprinting is set to become as routine as the old-fashioned kind.

As the dissenting opinion to the Maryland Court of Appeals’ shed DNA ruling in Raynor rightly warned, A person can no longer vote, participate in a jury, or obtain a driver's license, without opening up his genetic material for state collection and codification.” Indeed, by refusing to hear the Raynor case, the U.S. Supreme Court gave its tacit approval for government agents to collect shed DNA, likening it to a person’s fingerprints or the color of their hair, eyes or skin.

It’s just a matter of time before government agents will know everywhere we’ve been and how long we were at each place by following our shed DNA. After all, scientists can already track salmon across hundreds of square miles of streams and rivers using DNA.

Today, helped along by robotics and automation, DNA processing, analysis and reporting takes far less time and can bring forth all manner of information, right down to a person’s eye color and relatives. Incredibly, one company specializes in creating “mug shots” for police based on DNA samples from unknown “suspects” which are then compared to individuals with similar genetic profiles.

Of course, none of these technologies are infallible.

DNA evidence can be wrong, either through human error, tampering, or even outright fabrication, and it happens more often than we are told.

What this amounts to is a scenario in which we have little to no defense against charges of wrongdoing, especially when “convicted” by technology, and even less protection against the government sweeping up our DNA in much the same way it sweeps up our phone calls, emails and text messages.

As I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People and in its fictional counterpart The Erik Blair Diaries, it’s only a matter of time before the police state’s pursuit of criminals from the past expands into genetic profiling and a preemptive hunt for criminals of the future.

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[] The Honest Straight-Shooters at the FBI Not Only Improperly Closed the Hunter Biden Laptop Case Without Cause, They Then Deliberately Buried Information In Hidden Sub-Folders So That No Other Analysts Could Find It Margot Cleveland at The Federalist writes that this is worse than we initially thought. Late Monday, Grassley issued a news release citing "multiple FBI whistleblowers, including those in senior positions," who raised "the alarm about tampering by senior FBI and... Published:7/29/2022 12:49:06 PM
[Markets] Wannabe Kavanaugh Assassin Claimed He Was "Shooting For 3" SCOTUS Justices: Report Wannabe Kavanaugh Assassin Claimed He Was "Shooting For 3" SCOTUS Justices: Report

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

FBI documents obtained by Fox News have revealed that the suspect arrested for allegedly planning to kill Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh also intended to target two other conservative judges in an attempt to “stop roe v wade from being overturned.”

The documents show an online conversation that suspect Nicholas Roske had with others on Reddit in which he outlined his plan.

Roske, who was arrested in June close to Kavanaugh’s home in possession of a gun and knife, wrote “im gonna stop roe v wade from being overturned,” to which a respondent asked “what u tryna do?”

“Remove some people from the Supreme Court,” Roske replied.

The other person replied “two dead judges ain’t gonna do nothing. The whole government is f*cked There’s no fixing that You would die before you killed them all.”

The documents note that Roske responded “Yeah but I could get at least one, which would change the votes for decades to come, and I am shooting for 3.”

“All of the major decisions for the past 10 years have been along party lines so if there are more liberal than conservative judges, they will have the power,” Roske added.

The documents also note that Roske Googled several terms including “how to be stealthy,” “assassin skills,” and the “most effective place to stab someone.”

As we have highlighted, despite the disturbing arrest, Democrats have repeatedly refused to condemn protests, and even encouraged them, outside the homes of conservative Justices, or while they are with their families.

The disturbances have continued despite even neighbours speaking out claiming they are routinely being insulted and threatened with violence by pro-abortion activists.

A marshal for the Supreme Court has also asked state and local officials to take control and put a stop to illegal disruptions outside the homes of Justices, noting that “threatening activity, has only increased.”

Leftist group ShutDownDC also recently put out a call on Twitter offering $50 and $200 bounties for information relating to sightings of justices John Roberts, Brett Kavanaugh, Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, and Amy Coney Barrett.

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren refused to condemn the actions of the group when asked about the matter.

*  *  *

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[] Republican House Judiciary Committee Accuses FBI Director Wray: Whistleblowers Tell Us the FBI Is Artificially Inflating "Domestic Terrorism" Cases According to Biden's Propaganda Demands, and Conditioning Promotions Based on How Many Fake "Domestic Terro So the FBI has a "quota" system for fake domestic terrorism cases, the same as local podunk cops churn out minor traffic citations. This surely indicates a Republic in good health: writing up "domestic terrorism" cases like you're just trying... Published:7/28/2022 1:19:22 PM
[] House Judiciary GOP: FBI pressuring agents to reclassify cases as 'domestic violent extremism' Published:7/27/2022 7:02:32 PM
[Uncategorized] House Judiciary Committee: Whistleblowers Say FBI ‘Pressuring Agents’ to Reclassify Cases as Domestic Terrorism

"For example, one whistleblower explained that because agents are not finding enough DVE [domestic violent extremist] cases, they are encouraged and incentivized to reclassify cases as DVE cases even though there is minimal, circumstantial evidence to support the reclassification."

The post House Judiciary Committee: Whistleblowers Say FBI ‘Pressuring Agents’ to Reclassify Cases as Domestic Terrorism first appeared on Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion.
Published:7/27/2022 6:05:36 PM
[Markets] A Deeper Dive Into Allegations Of Sabotage Within FBI's Hunter Biden Probe A Deeper Dive Into Allegations Of Sabotage Within FBI's Hunter Biden Probe

Authored by Techno Fog via The Reactionary,

Yesterday, Senator Chuck Grassley sent this letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray regarding allegations from “highly credible whistleblowers” about the FBI’s “false portrayal” of derogatory Hunter Biden materials as “disinformation.”

If these allegations are true, it’s a damning depiction of FBI leadership and it proves their efforts to influence the 2020 election. This is the second (if not third) straight election the FBI has meddled in, given the influence the Trump/Russia investigation - and its unlawful origins with the FBI - had over the 2018 midterms.

Grassley’s whistleblowers allege that in August 2020, FBI Headquarters “improperly discredit[ed] negative Hunter Biden information as disinformation and caused investigative activity to cease.” In fact, it was a scheme of top FBI officials. As Grassley explains:

“the allegations provided to my office appear to indicate that there was a scheme in place among certain FBI officials to undermine derogatory information connected to Hunter Biden by falsely suggesting it was disinformation.”

The context and timing is important, as this was leading up to the 2020 election. Who benefited from this scheme? Democrat candidate Joe Biden. And it appears the FBI’s scheme furthered the interests of Congressional Democrats. Here’s how that happened.

On July 13, 2020, Democrat leaders – Chuck Schumer, Mark Warner, Nancy Pelosi, and Adam Schiff – sent this letter to the FBI alleging that “Congress was the subject of a foreign disinformation campaign.” The Democrats demanded that “the FBI provide a classified defensive briefing” on the issue of foreign disinformation, and that “the briefing draw on all-source intelligence information and analysis.” Parts of that letter were leaked to tie the Congressional Hunter Biden investigation to foreign disinformation.  

Three days later, on July 16, 2020, Democrat Senators Gary Peters and Ron Wyden made their own demand of an FBI and intelligence community briefing related to purported foreign interference.

According to Grassley, these Democrat efforts resulted in an unnecessary briefing from the FBI in August 2020 relating to “disinformation” – which was later leaked to the press to paint the Biden investigation “in a false light.” In other words, the FBI was more than willing to be used by the Democrats less than 3 months before the 2020 election.

Then there’s also the issue of FBI Headquarters interfering in the Hunter Biden investigation. Grassley states:

in September 2020, investigators from the same FBI HQ team were in communication with FBI agents responsible for the Hunter Biden information targeted by Auten’s assessment. The FBI HQ team’s investigators placed their findings with respect to whether reporting was disinformation in a restricted access sub-file reviewable only by the particular agents responsible for uncovering the specific information.

The FBI Headquarters team “made findings” to whether certain reporting was disinformation – and then they limited access to those findings. This begs the question: what were those findings, and did they conflict with the popular narrative, falsely peddled by the Democrats and the media and former intelligence officials, that the Hunter Biden materials were disinformation?

The FBI was reticent to share this information before the election. When then-Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe stated there was “no intelligence to support” allegations of Russian disinformation efforts tied to the Hunter Biden materials, the FBI responded they had “nothing to add at this time.” Of course, this is apparently now disproven. The FBI had something to add. They just didn’t want to share it with the American people.

And there’s still more.

In October 2020, the whistleblowers allege that “an avenue of additional derogatory Hunter Biden reporting was ordered closed at the direction of” FBI Agent Timothy Thibault.

Who is Thibault? He is a partisan, anti-Trump FBI Agent from the Washington Field Office who shared derogatory social media posts about Attorney General Barr and retweeted Lincoln Project posts insulting President Trump. Thibault has since locked his Twitter account, which is highlighted with a Ukraine flag. You can make your own judgment on that.  

Back to Thibault’s actions with respect to the Hunter Biden investigation. The whistleblowers further allege that Thibault suggested the Hunter Biden information was “at risk of disinformation,” although “all of the reporting was either verified or verifiable via criminal search warrants.” Thibault allegedly also violated FBI guidelines by ordering the matter closed without a valid reason. Thibault and other FBI officials then covered these tracks, attempting “to improperly mark the matter in FBI systems so that it could not be opened in the future.”

Making matters worse - if that’s possible - we also learned from Grassley’s letter that FBI SIA ( Supervisory Intelligence Analyst) Brian Auten was handling aspects of the Hunter Biden investigation. Who is Brian Auten? He interviewed Igor Danchenko (Christopher Steele’s primary subsource), who now faces an upcoming trial with Special Counsel John Durham for lying to federal officials.

We suspect that Auten covered-up or otherwise smothered Danchenko’s lies to protect the Trump/Russia investigation (and to thus also protect the FBI’s institutional interests). Our friend Stephen McIntyre – aka ClimateAudit – has focused on Auten in the past; here’s his Auten rabbit hole. The fact that Auten is in any way involved in the Hunter Biden investigation is not a good sign, and it indicates the FBI has failed to punish its most corrupt and incompetent employees.

The letter from Grassley comes after CNN reporting on July 20 that:

The federal investigation into Hunter Biden's business activities is nearing a critical juncture as investigators weigh possible charges and prosecutors confront Justice Department guidelines to generally avoid bringing politically sensitive cases close to an election, according to people briefed on the matter.

There are some clues in the CNN report that suggest members of Biden’s DOJ are trying to serve President Biden by protecting his son.

First, current DOJ officials – including those at DOJ headquarters – have debated whether prosecution of Hunter Biden for tax and firearm charges should be put-off until after the 2022 midterms. But as CNN observes, federal prosecutors have brought politically-charged cases against Trump attorney Michael Cohen and Republican Congressman Chris Collins just before the 2018 election.

Second, this suggests that there is at least some supervision of the Hunter Biden investigation by top-level DOJ officials appointed by Biden. CNN reports that the investigation has entered its final stages and that “prosecutors have narrowed their focus to tax and gun-related charges.”

If Hunter Biden is indeed charged with those “narrow” crimes, it’s going to be essential to determine who made that call. After all, there is more than enough evidence to charge Hunter Biden with violating the Foreign Agent Registration Act. (Bijan Rafiekian, of the Flynn Intel Group, faced similar charges for far-less egregious conduct.) Recall previous New York Times reporting that:

there has been debate within the Justice Department over whether the available evidence proves that Mr. Biden intended to violate FARA, which the government must prove in order to secure a criminal conviction.

As we have observed, this misstates the law on FARA. One must ask whether the DOJ is making it intentionally difficult to prosecute Hunter Biden for his FARA violations and his schemes to enrich himself, and to manipulate his political connections, as he furthered the interests of his foreign clients.

This gives us another question: who is making these prosecuting decisions – is it the career prosecutors, or is it Main Justice?

If Hunter Biden escapes the FARA charges, or if he isn’t indicted before the upcoming elections, I think we can safely assume Main Justice is pulling some strings. And that’s a scandal in its own right.

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Tyler Durden Tue, 07/26/2022 - 23:30
Published:7/26/2022 11:06:07 PM
[Politics] BREAKING: FBI whistleblowers reveal widespread effort to DISCREDIT negative information about Hunter Biden Here we go again. Thanks to multiple whistleblowers within the FBI who are said to be ‘highly credible’, we now know that the FBI tried to discredit the negative and probably criminal . . . Published:7/25/2022 8:13:36 PM
[] January 6th Committee Smears Another Republican They Don't Like With a Lie;Fox News' Brett Baier "Likes" The Lie on Twitter Breaking/Related: Steve Bannon has been found guilty by a DC court-- by the same jury pool that let Hillary Clinton's lawyer off, the jury forewoman deciding that lying to the FBI wasn't really a crime -- for ignoring two congressional... Published:7/22/2022 2:33:44 PM
[Uncategorized] Congressional Panel Approves Funding Ban for EcoHealth Alliance, Group Linked to Wuhan Bat Research

Judicial Watch reviews NIH records revealing there was an FBI inquiry into grant directed to research at Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The post Congressional Panel Approves Funding Ban for EcoHealth Alliance, Group Linked to Wuhan Bat Research first appeared on Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion.
Published:7/18/2022 4:21:00 PM
[Markets] Bill Moves Forward That Will Legalize Psychedelic Drugs In California Bill Moves Forward That Will Legalize Psychedelic Drugs In California

Authored by Matt Agorist via,

Despite the overwhelming evidence showing that kidnapping and caging people for possessing illegal substances does nothing to prevent use and only leads to more crime and suffering, government is still hell bent on enforcing the war on drugs. Like a crack addict who needs to find his next fix, the state is unable to resist the temptation to kick in doors, shake down brown people, and ruin lives to enforce the drug war.

Instead of realizing the horrific nature of the enforcement of prohibition, many cities across the country double down on the drug war instead of admitting failure. As we can see from watching it unfold, this only leads to more suffering and more crime. Luckily, there are cities, and now entire states in other parts of the country that are taking steps to stop this violent war and the implications for such measures are only beneficial to all human kind.

Eight years ago, Colorado citizens—tired of the war on drugs and wise to the near-limitless benefits of cannabis—made US history by voting to legalize recreational marijuana. Then, in 2019, this state once again placed themselves on the right side of history as they voted to decriminalize magic mushrooms. But this was just the beginning and their momentum is spreading—faster and stronger, toward decriminalizing all plant-based psychedelics. Then, this year, the state of Oregon decriminalized all drugs.

Now, another state is following suit, but not just with psilocybin— a bill in California is moving forward with a legalization measure for other psychedelics like mescaline cacti, ayahuasca and ibogaine.

The California Assembly committee is holding a hearing next month on the bill to legalize the possession, personal use, and facilitated and supported use of the following substances by adults 21 and over.

  • psilocybin

  • psilocyn

  • MDMA

  • LSD

  • DMT

  • mescaline (excluding peyote)

  • ibogaine

Senate Bill 519 was proposed last year but was put on hold in August to adjust the wording in order to ensure its passage. As the Tenth Amendment Center points out:

Under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) passed in 1970, the federal government maintains the complete prohibition of many of the drugs on SB519’s decriminalization list and heavily regulates others. Of course, the federal government lacks any constitutional authority to ban or regulate such substances within the borders of a state, despite the opinion of the politically connected lawyers on the Supreme Court. If you doubt this, ask yourself why it took a constitutional amendment to institute federal alcohol prohibition.

In effect, the passage of SB519 would end criminal enforcement of laws prohibiting the possession of these drugs in California. As we’ve seen with marijuana and hemp, when states and localities stop enforcing laws banning a substance, the federal government finds it virtually impossible to maintain prohibition. For instance, FBI statistics show that law enforcement makes approximately 99 of 100 marijuana arrests under state, not federal law. By curtailing or ending state prohibition, states sweep part of the basis for 99 percent of marijuana arrests.

Furthermore, figures indicate it would take 40 percent of the DEA’s yearly annual budget just to investigate and raid all of the dispensaries in Los Angeles – a single city in a single state. That doesn’t include the cost of prosecution either. The lesson? The feds lack the resources to enforce marijuana prohibition without state and local assistance, and the same will likely hold true with other drugs.

“With mental health issues on the rise, it is time that California take an incremental and measured step to dismantle failed war on drugs policies by ending the criminalization of people that possess and use substances with immense healing potential,” the bill’s sponsor Sen. Scott Wiener said in a statement of the bill’s purpose.

It’s the plants that are going to bring us back to sanity. We’ve got to listen to their message and we’ve got to live reciprocally with nature and restore the natural order,” Susana Eager Valadez, director of the Huichol Center for Cultural Survival and Traditional Arts said after Oakland passed a similar decriminalization bill in 2019.

The Assembly Appropriations Committee will hear the case for SB519 on Aug. 3. It must pass the committee by a majority vote before moving to the full Assembly for further consideration. Hopefully it does and California shifts from kidnapping and caging people for these substances, to focusing on using them for therapy.

While California is certainly no bastion for freedom — especially with their draconian COVID-19 response — bills like this are a win for everyone as it requires far less money to help people than it does to incarcerate them.

Now, cops can try to focus on real crimes instead of kidnapping and caging people who are trying to heal themselves with a plant.

Supporters hope the decision will begin a nationwide discussion about decriminalizing plant-based drugs.

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[Markets] FBI Launched Inquiry Into NIH Funding Of Wuhan Lab, Emails Show FBI Launched Inquiry Into NIH Funding Of Wuhan Lab, Emails Show

Authored by Eva Fu via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

An aerial view shows the P4 laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan in China's central Hubei Province on April 17, 2020. (HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP via Getty Images)

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) launched an inquiry into the National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding of bat research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, newly released emails show.

The interest from the top U.S. intelligence agency adds to the international scrutiny on the Wuhan facility, which houses one of China’s highest-level biosecurity labs that has been considered a possible source of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In preparation for our call on Tuesday, Erik [Stemmy] (cc’d) has provided responses to your initial questions below (also attached),” wrote Ashley Sanders, an investigation officer at the NIH’s division of program integriy, in an email (pdf) dated May 22, 2020 with the subject “Grant Questions – FBI Inquiry,” and directed to FBI agent David Miller.

The email was obtained by government transparency watchdog Judicial Watch through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, which asked for records of communications, contracts, and agreements with the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

The scope of the inquiry is unclear because the rest of the email correspondence, five pages in total, are entirely redacted. But the name of the email attachment “SF 424 AI110964-06 (received date 11/05/2018),” corresponds to the NIH grant “Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence.

The project in question is headed by Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance, which then funnels money to the lab in Wuhan. From 2014 to 2019, the New York nonprofit received six yearly grants totaling $3,748,715 from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases under the NIH to fund the project, which was expected to end in 2026.

The FBI inquiry had focused on at least two of the grants, in 2014 and 2019 respectively, the email subject line suggests.

The 2014 grant aimed to “understand what factors increase the risk of the next CoV emerging in people by studying CoV diversity in a critical zoonotic reservoir (bats), at sites of high risk for emergence (wildlife markets) in an emerging disease hotspot (China),” according to the project description. Specifically, the researchers would assess the coronavirus spillover potential, develop predictive models of bat coronavirus emergence risk, and use virus infection experiments as well as “reverse genetics” to test the virus’s transmission between species.

WHO team member Peter Daszak leaves his hotel after the World Health Organization (WHO) team wrapped up its investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Wuhan in China’s central Hubei province on February 10, 2021. (Hector Retamal/AFP via Getty Images)

In the project summary for the 2019 grant, EcoHealth stated that they had found that “bats in southern China harbor an extraordinary diversity of SARSr-CoVs,” and some of those viruses can “infect humanized mouse models causing SARS-like illness, and evade available therapies or vaccines.”

Recently disclosed documents show that, under one grant, the WIV had conducted an experiment that resulted in a more potent version of a bat coronavirus.

Read more here...

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[Markets] Judge Questions FBI's Aggressive Arrest Of Former Trump Official Peter Navarro Judge Questions FBI's Aggressive Arrest Of Former Trump Official Peter Navarro

A federal judge has questioned why the FBI made a public spectacle out of arresting former Trump White House adviser Peter Navarro at Reagan National Airport last month, rather than simply summoning him for a court appearance.

Navarro was handcuffed, denied food and water, and denied a request to phone his lawyer, as he was on his way to a speaking engagement in Nashville, Tennessee. He faces two misdemeanor contempt of Congress charges for doing exactly what Obama AG Eric Holder did (with zero consequences) - ignore a Congressional subpoena, according to Politico.

Of course, Holder was held in contempt for concealing documents related to the "fast & furious" scandal, which was tied to the death of an estimated 150 Mexican civilians - while Navarro is refusing to answer House Democrats' questions surrounding the 2020 election and the January 6th riot.

"It is a minimum why the government treated Mr. Navarro’s arrest in the way it did," US District Court Judge Amit Mehta said during a Friday hearing on Navarro's case. "It is a federal crime, but it is not a violent crime."

Mehta, a former federal defender, said it was puzzling that prosecutors didn’t just tell Navarro he was going to be charged and allow him to walk into an FBI office, as some white-collar defendants are permitted to do.

It is a surprise to me that self-surrender was not offered,” the judge said. However, he proposed no particular response and did not demand any explanation from prosecutors. -Politico

The FBI has accused Navarro of making "numerous false statements" about his arrest, and said that his first request to use the phone that day was for a lawyer - rather, a TV producer about a scheduled interview. 

One of his lawyers, John Rowley, suggested that the FBI's treatment suggested "animus" toward Navarro, considering that two other Trump White House aides who similarly ignored subpoenas - Mark Meadows and Dan Scavino - were not charged (much less arrested at an airport).

Rowley also suggested Navarro had been placed in leg irons by the FBI when he was arrested, but his client clarified after the hearing that the shackles were used by deputy U.S. Marshals when he arrived at the courthouse for his initial appearance last month. The FBI agents “are responsible for those leg irons,” Navarro told reporters.

It also emerged at the hearing Friday that Navarro rejected a plea deal offered by prosecutors in the case, proposing to drop one of the two charges and not seek more than the minimum 30-day jail time. -Politico

"This is the first time in our nation’s 250-year history that a senior adviser to a president has been criminally charged for refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena," said Rowley.

"The Justice Department...has longstanding policies about not prosecuting someone criminally for this kind of situation, so I wonder, what changed?....and we intend to find out," said defense attorney John Irving.

Navarro isn't the first Trump-era official to receive harsh treatment.

Weeks after Navarro's arrest, and just one day before the House select committee heard testimony about Trump's efforts to reverse the 2020 election, the Biden DOJ hauled former Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clary outside of his home in boxer shorts while they executed a search warrant as part of an "ongoing fraud investigation."

Clark, who was central to Trump's efforts to prove that the 2020 election was fraudulent, told Fox News that the DOJ investigation into the events of January 6, 2021 were "Stasi-like" and that the case had been "highly politicized."

He proposed sending a letter to officials in swing states that Mr Trump lost to inform them that the department had “identified significant concerns” about the outcome ... as well as urging states to appoint a “a separate slate of electors” to support Mr Trump to be approved in Congress, according to testimony. -Independent

And let's not forget the time the FBI executed a pre-dawn raid on Trump adviser Roger Stone's home for lying to Congress, and somehow CNN was there before it went down (which the network said came after "more than a year of observing comings at the DC federal courthouse and the special counsel’s office – and a little luck on the timing").

And they say the DOJ isn't used as a weapon...

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[Arts & Letters] The Two Lives of Robert Hanssen

A Spy in Plain Sight: The Inside Story of the FBI and Robert Hanssen, America’s Most Damaging Russian Spy

The post The Two Lives of Robert Hanssen appeared first on The American Conservative.

Published:7/15/2022 4:23:20 AM
[Markets] Why All The Attacks On Dissent? Why All The Attacks On Dissent?

Authored by Marie Hawthorne via The Organic Prepper blog,

Attacks on dissent have ramped up. The Organic Prepper was just downgraded, as Daisy wrote about recently. We’re not alone.  

It’s not just alternative media sites like ZeroHedge or Mercola. Mainstream media turns on their own people the second they ask the wrong questions. For example, in 2020 and 2021, British nursing educator and YouTuber Dr. John Campbell spouted the official Covid narrative, assuring everyone that the shots were safe and effective. He was considered a trusted purveyor of health information. However, in 2021, he discussed data surrounding ivermectin usage and thought it showed promise. His Wikipedia page was immediately changed to label him a purveyor of misinformation.

Downgrading websites and professional humiliation have not been the only methods used to crush dissent. 

Tucker Carlson just did a segment outlining the FBI’s attacks on Joe Biden’s political opponents.

Watch for yourself. Someone filmed Trump advisor John Eastman getting his phone confiscated by the FBI. He repeatedly asks them for a warrant, which they don’t give him until after taking his phone. He’s never been charged with anything. This is a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment. 

But our current crop of politicians seems to find the Constitution outdated.

Right now, First Amendment rights are being violated on a massive scale. It’s getting more and more difficult to communicate online unless you adhere to specific narratives. As far as this site is concerned, most of our facts come from blue-checked sources or personal experiences. We just ask people to think about what’s being presented and how it may affect their day-to-day lives.  

There should be nothing wrong with asking people to do their own research and think for themselves, but unfortunately, that’s been labeled “malinformation.” The Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council says, “Malinformation is based on fact, but used out of context to mislead, harm, or manipulate.” 

Well, who decides the official context? The entire definition is predicated on the notion that one context exists. Anything outside of that lumps you in with malicious actors.

So, what’s behind the current push to bury alternative news?  

Maybe it’s because things are finally crashing. I think mainstream media wants us to stay mad at each other over abortion rights, gay rights, or whatever current thing will distract us. They don’t want us to pay attention to the real issues. Notice how NewsGuard tried to get Daisy to declare a side? 

They want us to divide ourselves into camps. They do not want us sitting back, watching, thinking, and supporting each other in our various prepping endeavors.  

Sure, there are plenty of people that still laugh at prepping. But time keeps proving the conspiracy theorists right. In November 2020, the OP published an article about so-called conspiracy theories that had come true that year. A lot of people are seeing that the narrative pressed by our government administration and major news outlets simply doesn’t match up with what they encounter in their day-to-day lives. The public is gradually becoming more open to alternative explanations, but the people currently holding power cling to it more and more tightly. They know they can’t win via reasoned debate, so they kick anyone they dislike off social media platforms or make it impossible for small, independent sites to make enough money to stay operational.   

The public is becoming more open to alternative news because disaster signals are all around us. The OP has run multiple articles about food and energy crises, but honestly, they just get worse every minute. It’s not just American policies either. Politicians throughout the Western world, on the one hand, decry inflation and “price gouging,” but on the other, implement policies that throw fuel on the fire.  

For example, on June 10, the Dutch government issued a plan to curb nitrogen emissions by between 12 and 70 percent. The government freely admitted that “There is not a future for all [Dutch] farmers within [this] approach.”

This defies reason.

The Netherlands is the world’s fifth-largest food exporter, and they’re forcing farmers out of business for the sake of “climate change” as people in Third World countries starve.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., our own government continues to make life harder and harder for farmers to do business. The Securities and Exchange Commission wants companies to disclose their carbon emissions throughout their entire supply chain. 

The kind of legal and technical expertise that this kind of reporting requires will push small, independent companies, including farms, out of business.

The SEC is still finalizing plans regarding the implementation of its reporting requirements. Issues such as this greatly influence what food is available and how much we pay for it. But are we hearing about this from politicians? No, they’re too busy blaming Russia, and the above-referenced article is not front-page news.  

The energy situation warrants our attention as well. President Biden has been blaming everyone from Russians to gas station owners for high prices, but what has he done this week?  

On July 1, the Department of the Interior invited comments for its Proposed Five-Year Program for Offshore Oil and Gas Leasing.

Without getting overly technical, when we were energy independent during the Trump administration, the Draft Proposed Program proposed 47 lease sales for future oil and gas projects. The current administration is asking people to weigh in on whether we should have eleven or zero. What this means is that we will definitely be producing less energy. The only question is, how much less.  

Our administration does not try to hide its agenda. Secretary Deb Haaland said, “From Day One, President Biden and I have made clear our commitment to transition to a clean energy economy. Today, we put forward an opportunity for the American people to consider and provide input on the future of offshore oil and gas leasing. The time for the public to weigh in on our future is now.”

Well, with Biden’s historically low approval ratings, I’m pretty sure the public is weighing in. 

The administration is just not listening.

And Europe keeps going from bad to worse. Protests over fuel prices have erupted. Spanish farmers are blocking highways, and Dutch fishermen are blocking ports. Dutch farmers have also been spraying their government buildings with manure to protest the climate regulations. The S is literally HTF in the Netherlands right now.

Norwegian oil workers are striking because their pay has not increased at a rate commensurate with inflation. This will hit the rest of Europe particularly hard because, after Russia, Norway is Europe’s biggest energy provider.  

My 25-year-old idealistic self might have thought people are being greedy and that we should all band together for the sake of Ukraine, climate change, or whatever. But lower- and middle-income people worldwide are being asked to make huge sacrifices at the same time that the wealth of billionaires has exploded like never before. By 2020, the wealth of the world’s ten richest men increased from $700 billion to $1.5 trillion. Meanwhile, the rest of us are supposed to eat less meat and take fewer showers. Oh, and hundreds of millions of people in the Global South are at risk of starvation.  

(It’s probably a good time to check out our free QUICKSTART Guide to how to starve the beast.)

The stable world in which most of us grew up is falling apart, and we have a right to know why. 

We have a right to know what policies have led to such dramatic wealth transfers; why we were energy independent  only three years ago and now are begging the Saudis for more oil; why young parents can’t find formula; why much of the U.S. no longer feels like a First World nation.

And we have the right to question the mainstream narrative. Whether you’re a trucker coping with $6/gal diesel or a medical technician short on laboratory supplies, problems surround us all. And yet we’re just being told to point fingers at Russia and corporate greed.

The ability to discuss problems publicly facilitates understanding and, hopefully, solutions. 

The lockdowns during Covid had some unexpected effects. Look at remote schooling. On the one hand, it was miserable, particularly for lower-income children. However, it gave parents a chance to see what children are actually being taught in schools, which has led to parental pushback against divisive education programs 

Parents became more informed and took action.

In my area, the already-stark divisions between urban and rural became more so. Driving downtown in the city for much of 2020, it was a ghost town; in the town where I get my animals processed, the only change was that I saw more children out and about. I saw kids riding shotgun as their parents hauled cattle trailers because the schools were closed and, well, you can’t process cattle remotely.  

Many people holed up dutifully as we were all told to quarantine. For those of us that couldn’t, for one reason or another, we started talking a lot more.  

(Want uninterrupted access to The Organic Prepper? Check out our paid-subscription newsletter.)

Klaus Schwab saw Covid as an opportunity to “reimagine” society.

You know what? I see it as a chance to reimagine things too. I see it as a chance for people in all parts of the economy to openly discuss what’s going on. If enough people from enough different walks of life can listen to each other, we may find some common solutions. The real division is not so much red vs. blue. It is people that just want to work, raise their kids, and leave everyone else alone vs. autocrats and those willing to game the system.  

Authoritarian control and regulatory overreach are behind most of our current problems. We may get most emotional over Roe vs. Wade, or trans rights, or whatever, but the reasons why so many people cannot pay bills and are using their credit cards to buy gas are not “culture war”-type issues.  

Our problems right now stem from decades of letting local control slip through our fingers. At this stage of the game, I’m not sure I see a way to fix our problems without a great deal of economic stress and uncertainty. 

But, as preppers, we hope for the best and plan for the worst, and right now, increasing numbers of people want to plan for the worst. Sites like the OP are here for people that want to start planning.

Americans have a long history of making do.

Whether you want to become more self-sufficient by producing your own food, energy or even homeschooling your kids, we all have options to exercise a little more control over our own lives.  

The Founding Fathers never envisioned the U.S. as a globe-spanning empire where everyone lives in a cushy suburb and has access to every possible convenience. The U.S. was simply supposed to be a country where, if you worked hard and were honest, you could keep the fruits of your labor. I would love it if, after the current upheavals, we could go back to that, but we have to make it through what our president has called this “incredible transition” first. 

There are still a lot of resourceful, hardworking, independent people out there, people who can survive a lot. But we will all function better if we can communicate with each other, both for practical advice and emotional support. Collectively, we have a lot to share if we can avoid being divided and distracted.   

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[Markets] China Blasts FBI & MI5 Allegations As Chasing "Imagined Demons" China Blasts FBI & MI5 Allegations As Chasing "Imagined Demons"

Authored by Kyle Anzalone and Will Porter via The Libertarian Institute,

Beijing has rejected allegations from US and British officials that it is stealing from Western firms, calling the claim "completely far-fetched" while slamming the United States as the "biggest threat to world peace and development."

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian responded to the charges during his daily press briefing on Thursday, urging Washington and London to "cast away imagined demons" and stop playing up the "China threat."

FBI Director Christopher Wray and MI5 Director General Ken McCallum during a joint briefing.

"The allegations against China are completely far-fetched and the so-called cases they listed are pure shadow chasing," Zhao said, adding "This is a typical example of a thief crying ‘stop thief.’ We deplore this type of despicable and deceptive gambit."

On Wednesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray and MI5 Director General Ken McCallum appeared for a joint presser largely focused on China, claiming its government is looting companies of their "world-leading expertise, technology, research, and commercial advantage." Wray said the ruling Chinese Communist Party poses a “global threat” and stressed the need to protect corporate secrets from its grasp.

Zhao, however, argued that the claims were motivated by an "entrenched Cold War zero-sum mentality" and "ideological prejudice" against Beijing, going on to slam Washington as an aggressive imperial power.

"The US was not at war for only 16 years throughout its 240-plus years of history, which made it known as 'the most warlike nation in the history of the world,'" he said, adding that the United States has abused its "economic, scientific and military dominance" and stoked "division and conflicts" around the world.

The back-and-forth between Zhao and Western intelligence chiefs comes as US Secretary of State Antony Blinken prepares to meet with China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi on the sidelines of a G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia later this week.

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[Markets] Chinese Communist Party Threat Is "Massive": FBI & MI5 Directors Chinese Communist Party Threat Is "Massive": FBI & MI5 Directors

Authored by Andrew Thornebrooke via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

Leaders from the British and American domestic intelligence agencies delivered a rare joint statement on July 6, warning that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the greatest threat to the international order.

“The most game-changing challenge we face comes from the Chinese Communist Party,” said MI5 Director General Ken McCallum.

“It’s covertly applying pressure across the globe. This might feel abstract. But it’s real and it’s pressing. We need to talk about it. We need to act.”

Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray during a press conference at the Department of Justice in Washington on Sept. 22, 2020. (OLIVIER DOULIERY/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

McCallum described the CCP’s aggression as a “massive shared challenge” between the UK and the United States. He said that the communist regime is organizing the whole of China’s state apparatus to systematically undermine the West and steal advanced technologies.

MI5 Director General Ken McCallum gives his annual threat update at MI5 headquarters in Thames House, London, on July 14, 2021. (Yui Mok/PA)

“The CCP adopts a whole-of-state approach in which businesses and individuals are forced by law to cooperate with the Party,” McCallum said.

“In our free societies, we can do better. By building trusted partnerships across our national systems and, as symbolized today, internationally.”

CCP Is the ‘Biggest Long-Term Threat’

FBI Director Christopher Wray said that the CCP is the greatest challenge to the international order, which seeks to undermine the United States, its allies, and partners.

We consistently see that it’s the Chinese government that poses the biggest long-term threat to our economic and national security, and by ‘our,’ I mean both of our nations, along with our allies in Europe and elsewhere,” he said.

McCallum said the purpose of the statement was not to demonize the Chinese people nor cut off China’s businesses from the rest of the world, but designed to specifically address the many threats posed by the CCP. These included covert theft, forced technology transfers, research exploitation, and cyberattacks that targeted virtually every sector of society, he added.

“The scale of ambition is huge,” McCallum said. “And it’s not really a secret. Any number of public strategic plans, such as Made in China 2025, show the intent plainly.”

“[They are] Seeking to bend our economy, our society, our attitudes to suit the Chinese Communist Party’s interests. To set standards and norms that would enable it to dominate the international order. This should make us sit up and notice.”

The UK government, like others throughout the world, has been the target of high-profile espionage campaigns by the CCP. Earlier this year, MI5 issued a warning that a Chinese spy had cultivated extensive ties throughout parliament, including through fundraising. Likewise, the UK also expelled several Chinese spies who posed as journalists.

The incidents served to underscore what McCallum presented as a harsh truth: that the West’s economic liberalism had failed to result in greater freedom and transparency in China.

“The widespread Western assumption that growing prosperity within China and increasing connectivity with the West would automatically lead to greater political freedom has, I’m afraid, been shown to be plain wrong,” McCallum said.

“But the Chinese Communist Party is interested in our democratic, media, and legal systems. Not to emulate them, sadly, but to use them for its gain.”

Read more here...

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[b9393370-e302-54a2-a646-bcd40f96129d] FBI Director calls increasing Chinese Cyber Attacks a threat to Wall Street and Main Street FBI Director Christopher Wray explained why China's cyberattacks are the biggest long-term threat to Wall Street and Main Street during a visit to the United Kingdom. Published:7/8/2022 5:04:34 PM
[Uncategorized] The FBI’s Child ID App is as Fishy as It Sounds

Store all your child's information on this handy FBI app and we promise don't collect any of it!

The post The FBI’s Child ID App is as Fishy as It Sounds first appeared on Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion.
Published:7/5/2022 7:27:17 PM
[Markets] The People Crafting US Policy Aren't In America The People Crafting US Policy Aren't In America

Authored by Joseph Solis-Mullen via The Libertarian Institute/,

In a piece of news that shocked the mainstream media, but which shocked no one familiar with the academic industry writ large, retired US Army general John Allen was forced to resign as president of the Brookings Institution after it was revealed the FBI was investigating him for lobbying on behalf of the Qatari monarchy.

Of course, the real news, scarcely noted by The Washington PostNew York Times, or any other purported paper of record, is that Allen was only really in trouble because he hadn’t fulfilled the pro forma legal requirements for those lobbying the U.S. government on behalf of a foreign agent or government.

The Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), under which such activities are regulated, includes several exceptions that allow for such activities without declaring a conflict of interest. Think tanks, a misnomer if ever there was one, operate under an "academic exception" that allows for engagement in "bona fide religious, scholastic, academic, or scientific pursuits or the fine arts."

Anyone who has ever picked up one of the many deadly dull social science journals where actual, bona fide empirical academic work is done knows this constitutes perhaps a fraction of what think tanks almost daily churn out. Rather think tank commentary, touted as objective analysis, is regularly featured or cited by publications and outlets as apparently diverse as The Wall Street Journal and NPR.

Of course, think tanks are hardly alone. As Ben Freeman, a specialist on foreign influence on U.S. policy, has documented, such democratic bastions of liberal values as the UAE and Saudi Arabia donate hundreds of millions, even billions, to universities around the country.

Of course, from a libertarian perspective, who is to say who should be giving money to whom and for what? Further, FARA’s provisions are so nebulous that virtually anyone could be targeted for virtually any reason, an obvious opportunity for unaccountable federal officials to impinge on Americans’ civil liberties.

But the blatant hypocrisy of it all is what really stands out, as the same universities and think tanks regularly decry the apparently perfidious influence of countries like China, which they breathlessly warn uses our "open institutions" for its own gain. Should any of their number dare to go off message and report, for example, on the well-documented and wholly negative influence of countries like Israel on US foreign policy, they are tarred as anti-Semites, racists, or foreign agents themselves!

The truth is the powerful Israel and Saudi Arabia lobbies have been able to steer US policy in directions clearly at odds with the best interests of the American people for decades. Unsurprisingly, perhaps nowhere has the deleterious effect of their money been more felt than in US policy toward Iran, with the Saudis, Israelis, and Emiratis dumping literally billions of dollars into attacks on a country the United States should have normalized relations with decades ago.

The Uyghur lobby is another such interest group that enjoys an open door in Congress and the op-ed pages of prominent papers—this while its nakedly paramilitary arm advocates the violent overthrow of the Beijing government! And what are we, or foreign governments like China, to think when the parent organization of such extremists, the World Uyghur Congress, takes funding from the US government itself? We aren’t supposed to think about it at all.

Just like we aren’t supposed to question any of the other nakedly self-serving policies. Who, for example, is surprised to learn there is a large and active Ukraine lobby in Washington? That has paid off handsomely, with our government now handing over $130 million daily to Kyiv with little to no oversight.

And of course, most maddeningly, any critically thinking American who even dares to question the US government’s obviously dangerous and counterproductive policies, bought and paid for by literal foreign agents, are themselves accused of being in the pay of Moscow, Beijing, or Tehran.

Never mind that all the evidence points in the opposite direction.

Again, the American people aren’t expected to think at all, only to stay in line and keep the money flowing. This is the sad state of foreign policy in America, and it happens right out in the open.

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[Markets] DOJ Has VA Suspend All Benefits Of Jan. 6 Prisoner DOJ Has VA Suspend All Benefits Of Jan. 6 Prisoner

Authored by Patricia Tolson via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

Just when the wife of one incarcerated Jan. 6 prisoner believed things couldn’t get worse, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) informed her they are going to suspend all of her husband’s benefits. According to United States Representative Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), “this is what you have when vindictive leftists get in charge of major parts of the government.”

The envelope containing the unsigned letter received by Angel and Kenneth Harrelson from the "Director Regional Office" "informing them that their Veterans Benefits are being suspended due to 38 U.S. Code § 6105 - Forfeiture for subversive activities, which requires that an individual be "convicted" of a listed crime, not "indicted." (Courtesy of Angel Harrelson)

In an unsigned letter from the VA—dated June 13 and appearing to originate from the “Director Regional Office,”—Angel and Kenneth Harrelson were notified that the administration “received information from the United States Department of Justice” that Kenneth had been “indicted and charged with Seditious Conspiracy (18 U.S.C 2384).”

Page 1 of the unsigned letter received by Angel and Kenneth Harrelson from the “Director Regional Office” “informing them that their Veterans Benefits are being suspended due to 38 U.S. Code § 6105 – Forfeiture for subversive activities, which requires that an individual be “convicted” of a listed crime, not “indicted.” (Courtesy of Angel Harrelson)

The letter further noted that: “Pursuant to 38 U.S. Code § 6105(a)”—Forfeiture for subversive activities—”after receiving notice of an indictment for the above offense” the “VA must suspend payment of gratuitous benefits pending disposition of the criminal proceedings. If convicted, gratuitous benefits are forfeited, automatically, from and after the date of the offense.”

The “date of the offense” is Jan. 6, 2021.

“Based on the information above,” the VA further informed the Harrelsons that they “propose to suspend” their “compensation benefit payments effective September 1, 2022, which is the first day of the month following a 60-day due process period.”

“If you are subsequently acquitted of this charge, payments can be resumed from the date of suspension, if otherwise in order. If you are convicted, benefits will be retroactively terminated effective January 5, 2021, the date proceeding the offense, or from the date your award commenced, whichever is later.”

Kenneth Harrelson taking photographs inside the Rotunda inside the Capitol Building on Jan. 6, 2021. (FBI Criminal Complaint)

According to 38 U.S. Code § 6105:

“Any individual who is CONVICTED after September 1, 1959, of any offense listed in subsection (b) of this section shall, from and after the date of commission of such offense, have no right to gratuitous benefits (including the right to burial in a national cemetery) under laws administered by the Secretary based on periods of military, naval, air, or space service commencing before the date of the commission of such offense and no other person shall be entitled to such benefits on account of such individual.”

According to the 18-page criminal complaint (pdf), Kenneth Harrelson was charged with Conspiracy (1) Obstruction of an Official Proceeding and Aiding and Abetting (2) Destruction of Government Property and Aiding and Abetting (3) Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building or Grounds (4) Tampering with Documents or Proceedings (5). According to the Arrest Warrant (pdf), Kenneth was arrested at his home in Titusville, Florida, on March 10, 2021. According to the Criminal Docket, the seditious conspiracy charge was added with several others on Jan. 12, 2022.

Kenneth is currently being held in the Correctional Treatment Facility in southeast Washington and has been incarcerated, without a trial and without being convicted of any crime, for over 475 days.

Page two of the letter explains that: “if convicted,” the change in his benefits “may mean” the VA had paid “too much,” in which case they will send another letter letting them “know if the changes go through.” If so, the “VA’s Debt Management Center will send a letter explaining how much” they’ve “been overpaid, as well as how to repay this debt.”

Page 2 of the unsigned June 13, 2022 letter received by Angel and Kenneth Harrelson from the “Director Regional Office” “informing them that their Veterans Benefits are being suspended due to 38 U.S. Code § 6105 – Forfeiture for subversive activities and that they may have “been overpaid, as well as how to repay this debt.” (Courtesy of Angel Harrelson)

Page three of the letter advises the Harrelsons how to obtain representation.

Page 3 of the unsigned June 13, 2022 letter received by Angel and Kenneth Harrelson from the “Director Regional Office” “informing them that their Veterans Benefits are being suspended due to 38 U.S. Code § 6105 and advises the Harrelsons how to obtain representation.

Page four provides clarification of what is and provides information on how “enrolling in is easy.”

Page 4, the signature page, of the unsigned June 13, 2022 letter received by Angel and Kenneth Harrelson from the “Director Regional Office” providing clarification of “what” “is” and provides information on how “enrolling in is easy.” (Courtesy of Angel Harrelson)

 “This is what you have when vindictive leftists get in charge of major parts of the government,” Gohmert told The Epoch Times. “What we’re seeing is when immoral, mean-spirited, leftist people take over the government, they use every aspect of the government in order to try to inflict their hatred on people with whom they disagree. Even after most of the Democrats in the House of Representatives obstructed an official session of Congress back in June 2016, at that time, none of us were saying these people have got to be put in jail. We just wanted to be able to go back into session as the majority. But when they have power, obstructing an official session of Congress—which is the worst charge many of the January Sixers were charged with—we see the left wanting to bury them, take away any benefit, destroy their lives and not only their lives they want to destroy their homes, destroy their children’s lives. This is an evil, toxic atmosphere when these types of people are in control of so much of the federal government.”

Following the June 12 shooting at Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida, members of the House Democratic Caucus staged a pre-planned and well-organized protest sit-in on the House floor just after the House convened on June 22, 2016. They demanded that then-House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) allow a vote on gun control. Through the day and into the next morning, they obstructed proceedings, chanted “no bill, no break,” and sang “We shall overcome.”

According to The Guardian, Gohmert “stood toe to toe” with then United States Representative Corrine Brown (D-Fla.) “in a confrontation that looked set to spiral out of control” until Rep. John Lewis (D-Pa.) and others intervened. Gohmert said he was angered by the disrespect shown by Democrats for the sanctity of the House chamber, which he called a “last bastion of civility.” He was also angered by the disrespect shown to the 49 victims of the shooting. “I’m amazed here on the House floor that to them [Democrats] it’s all about guns,” he said. On May 19, the Internal Revenue Service announced Brown “pleaded guilty to engaging in a corrupt endeavor to obstruct and impede the due administration of the internal revenue laws” and was “ordered to pay $62,650.99 in restitution.”

Read more here...

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[Markets] Prosecutors Say Prince Andrew 'Next Target' After Ghislaine Maxwell Sentenced To 20 Years Prosecutors Say Prince Andrew 'Next Target' After Ghislaine Maxwell Sentenced To 20 Years

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Following the relatively light twenty year sentence Ghislaine Maxwell has received for sex trafficking underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein, prosecutors representing the victims have said that the ‘next target’ should be British Royal Prince Andrew.

The lawyers acting on behalf of those alleging abuse requested that the FBI continue investigating the Epstein case and look harder at Andrew and other individuals accused by the victims.

“Let’s hope they’re the next target,” Attorney Brad Edwards told reporters.

Edwards represented Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who settled a sex abuse civil lawsuit out of court with Andrew, the Duke of York.

Attorney Spencer Kuvin, representative of several other alleged victims of Epstein and Maxwell added “Obviously, Andrew is one of the targets they will be looking into. He should definitely be concerned, but if he did nothing wrong, then come forward and tell the full story to the FBI, not the media.”

Los Angeles lawyer Lisa Bloom, who is representing several other alleged victims said “We call upon the FBI to fully investigate Prince Andrew. Virginia Giuffre’s civil case should be just the beginning. Everyone associated with Epstein and Maxwell should be carefully investigated.”

Bloom previously told reporters that Prince Andrew “should be quaking in his boots.”

As we previously reported, the British public have expressed concerns that the money for Andrew’s pay off to Virginia Roberts Giuffre, which will likely run into the millions, will be siphoned from taxpayers.

The amount that Andrew will pay Giuffre, and a victims’ rights charity of her choice, has not been disclosed, however it is estimated to be in excess of £12 MILLION, and that won’t even include legal fees.

While not admitting any guilt in the case, a statement read in court noted that “Prince Andrew has never intended to malign Ms. Giuffre’s character, and he accepts that she has suffered both as an established victim of abuse and as a result of unfair public attacks.”

The settlement came just days before Andrew would have been made to undergo a deposition, and be questioned under oath by Giuffre’s lawyers, reported the New York Times.

No individuals other than Maxwell and Epstein have yet been named in court throughout the case.

Maxwell will likely serve her sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut, a low security 1000-inmate facility about 55 miles from New York City. The prison is said to be like Disneyland compared to the facility Maxwell has resided for the past two years.

*  *  *

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[Markets] China's War Machine Is Betting The Future On Drones China's War Machine Is Betting The Future On Drones

By Andrew Thornebrooke of the Epoch Times

A swarm of drones flies through the night sky over the Pacific.

Shrouded in darkness and less than 100 miles from the California coastline, they go in groups of fours and sixes, stalking U.S. Navy vessels. They whir about over the ships’ bows, gathering intelligence to deliver to faceless masters.

They match the speed of the naval vessels, flying unimpeded in low visibility for as long as four hours at a time. The alarmed crews of the ships have no idea where they came from or what their purpose is.

This is not the plot of an up-and-coming spy thriller, but a series of actual events that took place in July 2019.

A People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force WZ-7 high-altitude reconnaissance drone is seen a day before the 13th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in Zhuhai, southern China's Guangdong Province on Sept. 27, 2021

The chilling encounters raised alarms throughout the Navy and brought forth an investigative apparatus composed of elements of the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and FBI. Members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the commander of the Pacific Fleet were kept primed with updates on the situation.

“If the drones were not operated by the American military, these incidents represent a highly significant security breach,” said one investigative report based on the ships’ logs.

Yet, the nature of the drones, where they came from, and who deployed them remained a mystery for more than two years.

However, a new investigative report published by The Drive in June shed light on the incidents, which totaled at least eight encounters involving several unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that were previously referred to simply as UFOs in the press.

The report, based on Navy materials newly obtained through multiple Freedom of Information Act requests, pinpoints the launching point of the drones as a civilian bulk carrier operating in the area at the time. That ship, the MV Bass Strait, is owned and operated by Pacific Basin, flagged out of Hong Kong.

“The Navy assessed that the commercial cargo ship was likely conducting surveillance on Navy vessels using drones,” the report said. During its first-ever operational voyage, the ship may have been linked to previously unknown incidents in March and April 2019, including “intelligence collection operations” targeting the USS Zumwalt, America’s most advanced surface combatant.

“Active surveillance of key naval assets is being conducted in areas where they train and employ their most sensitive systems, often within close proximity to American shores,” the report said.

A model of an FL-71 drone is seen on display at the Chinese Defense Information Equipment and Technology exhibition in Beijing on June 18, 2019.

China’s Growing Drone Force

It is too early to say what connection, precisely, the crew of the Bass Strait, Pacific Basin, and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) share. Nevertheless, the incident underscores the central role that drones are to play in the next stage of modern warfare and how they are already shaping the battlefield and intelligence gathering processes.

As it so happens, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is betting big on drone warfare. The regime has invested heavily for over a decade into everything from cheap and expendable commercial quadcopters to resource-heavy high-altitude long-endurance drones.

Indeed, the CCP and its military wing, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), have undertaken numerous UAV projects since the early 2000s. However, the first appearance of a large-scale Chinese-built stealth drone came shortly into CCP leader Xi Jinping’s tenure.

Likely built from data obtained from the Iranian capture of an advanced American drone in 2011, China’s “Sharp Sword” was just the first of many advanced UAVs, built through the assistance of foreign technologies gathered as part of the regime’s comprehensive program of technology theft.

Since then, the CCP has funded dozens of varieties of UAVs using a plethora of state-owned corporations that also build the regime’s space and missile technologies. From larger combat drones like the Sharp Sword to small quadcopter drones like those spotted near California to rocket-powered supersonic vehicles intended to zip through the sky gathering targeting information, the CCP buys everything drone-related.

Moreover, the CCP is already building out its drone capabilities across the spectrum of its military assets, deploying those capabilities in some of the world’s most contested regions.

China’s third and newest aircraft carrier, the Fujian, is expected to host a variety of drones. Its electromagnetic catapult system will prove invaluable for quickly launching differently weighted drones with adjustable torque.

That effort will likely build on operational lessons learned from the last several years, as China’s second aircraft carrier, the Shandong, was spotted in early June this year with a small fleet of “commercial or commercial-derivative drones” on its flight deck, according to one report’s analysis of images that appeared on Chinese social media platform Weibo.

“[The images] do underscore the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s ever-increasing efforts to develop and field various types of unmanned aircraft, including those that can operate together in networked swarms, and often with an eye toward performing various roles in the maritime domain,” one report said.

If that were not enough to underscore the regime’s ambition to dominate the strategic space with a new, drone-first approach to military engagement, there is now the case of the Zhu Hai Yun.

The Zhu Hai Yun is a 290-foot ocean research vessel designed to deploy various underwater and airborne drones for various purposes. The ship is also a drone and can either be remotely controlled by a pilot or left to navigate the open seas autonomously.

In the words of its manufacturer, it is the “world’s first intelligent unmanned system mother ship.”

And though Beijing has officially described that mothership as a maritime research tool, a South China Morning Post report acknowledged that the vessel indeed hosts military capabilities that can “intercept, besiege, and expel invasive targets.”

That news is likely to displease U.S. military leadership, which is not likely to deploy its own such vessel for six more years.

Watching, Learning, Preparing

As the pace of China’s military drone development has accelerated, the rate of international incidents related to drones has also increased.

In August 2021, Japan Self Defense Forces led multiple sorties of fighter jets over several days to intercept PLA drones caught flying south of Okinawa. The drones, comparable in size to the United States’ Predator and Reaper drones, were believed to be collecting strategic intelligence on the Miyako Strait, which provides the PLA with a critical point of entry to the Pacific, and has been the site of increasing Chinese military excursions for the past decade.

The incident serves as a poignant reminder of what so much of China’s drone fleet serves to do: secure vital strategic intelligence for the coordination of military actions.

And it is this point that brings one back to the issue of just what several groups of drones launched from a Hong Kong freight ship were doing spying on U.S. Navy vessels near the coast of California.

If such actions were directly or indirectly tied to the sprawling military-security apparatus of China’s communist government, what would be the end goal for the intelligence gathered? What is the action in “actionable intelligence”?

To that question, one analysis found that 2019’s “adversary drones” were “meant to stimulate America’s most capable air defense systems and collect extremely high-quality electronic intelligence data on them.”

“By gathering comprehensive electronic intelligence information on these systems, countermeasures and electronic warfare tactics can be developed to disrupt or defeat them,” the report said. “Capabilities can also be accurately estimated and even cloned, and tactics can be recorded and exploited.”

“That swarm could have been, and likely was, sucking up, or helping another nearby platform suck up, all that sensitive … data on the most capable warships on earth and at very close range.”

In essence, the drones were achieving two things. The first was the blanket intelligence gathered from spying on U.S. naval vessels up close. The second was learning what would draw an American response and what that response would be.

In this way, the drones were baiting U.S. naval vessels, soaking up intelligence about their response (or lack thereof) for future actions that could not only inform the Chinese military about the technical specifications of U.S. ships, but also how to manipulate their crews and protocols to learn how American forces would behave in conflict.

Winning the Next War

Such tools have very real consequences for the United States, its allies and partners, and the greater liberal international order. Perhaps nowhere more so than in the acute threat of a CCP invasion of the democratic Taiwan, which has maintained its de facto independence since 1949.

Despite that independence, and despite the fact that the CCP has never ruled the island, the regime has made a central point of its current focus the forced unification of Taiwan with the mainland. Drones, it appears, are to play a central role in that endeavor.

In late 2021, the PLA launched a miniature aircraft carrier designed to deploy and recover swarms of drones. Such staging vehicles are designed to work alongside surface combatants to disrupt military operations in the maritime domain by swarming enemy targets or rendering them less effective through distraction.

continue reading over at The Epoch Times

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[Markets] Known And Suspected Terrorists Entering US In Unprecedented Numbers: Rep. Higgins Known And Suspected Terrorists Entering US In Unprecedented Numbers: Rep. Higgins

Authored by Katabella Roberts via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

Known and suspected terrorists are entering the United States in unprecedented numbers amid a surge in illegal immigration, according to Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.).

Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.) speaks during a House Committee on Oversight and Reform hearing on gun violence on Capitol Hill in Washington on June 8, 2022. (Andrew Harnik/Pool/AFP via Getty Images)

In an interview with NTD, the Louisiana representative stated that the Biden administration is providing “absurd” figures on the actual number of known and suspected terrorists entering America through its borders.

Higgins, a decorated law enforcement officer, said he believes this number to be much higher in part owing to the number of suspected terrorists who have aggressively avoided interaction with law enforcement at the border, which are referred to as “got-aways.”

Higgins’s comments come after Border Patrol agents captured 50 people who were on the FBI’s terror watchlist from October 2021 to May 2022.

That figure was just 15 in the fiscal year 2021, which included several months under former President Donald Trump’s administration.

“Towards the end of last year, I had estimated that we had lost about 250 KSTs, known and suspected terrorists, so the total numbers now that we’re told could serve about 700,000 ‘got-aways’ are suspected to have crossed into America. I think that’s a low number,” Higgins said.

“From my perspective, with data delivered to me by boots on the ground, from the border and from Central America and Mexico, and from the official numbers that are delivered to Congress from official data collection processes with Customs and Border Patrol, I think it’s reasonable for Americans to sort of step back and say, ‘My God, we have somewhere between 500 and 1,000 known and suspected terrorists [that] have entered into our country across our southern border since President [Joe] Biden has been inaugurated into office.’ This should startle every American citizen regardless of political affiliation,” Higgins said.

‘Conservative Numbers’

Explaining why he believes the actual number of suspected terrorists in the United States could be higher, Higgins, pointed to Biden’s administration, which he said is using “conservative numbers” when it comes to estimating how many there are.

The lawmaker added that this is in part because “got-aways” are very difficult to catch because they aggressively run and hide from law enforcement.

Things have been made even harder, according to Higgins, because much of law enforcement at the border has been pulled away from their primary mission of securing the border to instead processing illegal aliens, giving the “got-aways” more opportunity to escape.

So the men that are aggressively evading law enforcement, we’re looking at true numbers of probably a million but we’ve been told 700,000,” Higgins said. “So just using a number of 700,000, and estimating that a very small percentage of that number would be a known or suspected terrorist, which fits the historical data, you could look at 700 known and suspected terrorists who have crossed into our country.”

It’s a startling number, it should frighten us all, it should drive us to greater action to confront the Biden administration’s failed border policies to insist upon the resignation of [Department of Homeland Security] Secretary [Alejandro] Mayorkas and to promise the American people that if Mayorkas does not resign, he’s going to be impeached,” the lawmaker continued.

Higgins added that huge numbers of those individuals who are evading law enforcement at the border are working for Mexican drugs cartels, and pointed to the rising number of fentanyl deaths in America.

Read more here...

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[Markets] De Blasio To AIPAC: Drop Dead De Blasio To AIPAC: Drop Dead

It wasn't long ago that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee had an overwhelming grip on both major parties in the United States. However, in the most striking indication yet that Democrats are slipping from AIPAC's grasp, former New York mayor and current congressional candidate Bill de Blasio has publicly disowned the group. 

In a virtual candidate forum, NY Jewish Week asked de Blasio if he supported AIPAC. "No, I don't," he responded, adding that the group has changed in a manner he called "unacceptable." Hammering home his stance, he said, “I am not seeking their endorsement and would not accept it even if it were offered."

Such an utterance from a prominent member of either party was unthinkable just a year ago—to say nothing of the fact that de Blasio is running in New York City...which, in 2019, de Blasio called "the largest urban Jewish community on Earth." 

De Blasio has both hands in the air, one waving a flag of Israel as he marches in a parade
Then-Mayor de Blasio marches in the 2017 "Celebrate Israel Parade" in Manhattan (photo: NYC mayor's office)

In May, House speaker Nancy Pelosi accepted the endorsement of AIPAC's pro-Israel rival lobby group J Street. Israeli newspaper Haaretz called it "a political development that signals the shifting attitudes on Israel inside the Democratic Party." Walking a political tightrope, Pelosi—a longtime AIPAC ally and recurring attendee at its conferences—hasn't touted the endorsement. 

AIPAC and J Street have gone head to head in many Democratic primary races. Earlier this month, Pelosi recorded a video message to counter AIPAC-sponsored attack ads against a Maryland congressional candidate that has the backing of both Pelosi and J Street.  

Where AIPAC is a relentless defender of seemingly every action of the Israeli government and encourages a hard-line U.S. foreign policy against Israel's rivals, J Street bills itself as "the political home of pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans," and has decried "the injustice of Israel's occupation" and "the ongoing denial of fundamental rights and freedoms to millions of Palestinians in occupied territory."

The difference between AIPAC and J Street came into sharp relief last week:

De Blasio spoke to AIPAC's national conference in March 2019—two months for before declaring his candidacy for president. He laid out what he called a "progressive case for the state of Israel," but condemned the Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) movement that many progressives embrace as a means of opposing Israel's treatment of the Palestinians.

Also that month, de Blasio scolded progressive congresswoman Ilhan Omar for tweeting "It's all about the Benjamins baby" in response to a Glenn Greenwald tweet marveling at "how much time US political leaders spend defending a foreign nation [Israel] even if it means attacking free speech rights of Americans." De Blasio said "there's a long antisemitic tradition associated with that kind of comment." 

In distancing himself from the group, de Blasio cited an AIPAC-affiliated PAC's sponsorship of a successful primary challenger to progressive House candidate Nina Turner in Ohio. “I thought the attack on her was not only horribly unjustified, it deprived our nation of someone who could have been a huge difference maker in terms of our progressive movement,” said de Blasio. 

That race pitted two black women against each other in a district with a substantial Jewish vote. In her victory speech, challenger AIPAC-backed Shontel Brown reminisced about her visit to Israel, which helped her "appreciate the vulnerability of a state, and that has given me the understanding of the U.S.-Israel relationship and I thank my Jewish brethren." 

Turner's sin that provoked AIPAC: A tweeted message of solidarity with "If Not Now," a group that describes itself as "American Jews organizing our community to end U.S. support for Israel's apartheid system and demand equality, justice, and a thriving future for all."  

At last week's candidate forum, De Blasio said "the only path forward to peace in the region for both Israeli and Palestinian people to have their own states. I would fight for that, and I would certainly fight against any organization that attacks my fellow progressives.”

De Blasio, who served as New York's mayor from 2014 to 2021, is running to represent the newly-redrawn New York 10th congressional district, which covers all of southern Manhattan and a big swath of Brooklyn.  

The redrawn New York 10th Congressional District (via Ballotpedia)


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