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[Bad science journalism] No, BBC, It Was Not An Extreme Heatwave In Phoenix More heatwave fake news from the BBC: 6/22/2024 12:16:52 AM
[Markets] Geopolitics And Demand Growth Underpin Need For Commonsense Energy Policies Geopolitics And Demand Growth Underpin Need For Commonsense Energy Policies

Authored by Guy Caruso via RealClearEnergy,

The U.S. energy sector finds itself in a precarious position. Increasing geopolitical volatility and strong energy demand forecasts could spell trouble domestically in the future. The U.S. needs to stop hamstringing American energy companies and invest in the nation’s infrastructure, such as pipelines, processing, and production.

If we have learned anything in the last two and a half years, it’s that the U.S.’ energy industry is not free from geopolitical chaos globally. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Houthi’s attacks in Yemen backed by Iran and turmoil in the Middle East have very real repercussions for the average American. We may not be as intensely intertwined with those realities as our European allies, but energy is a global market with implications for domestic prices, supply, and demand. While different events can affect prices at home, there are steps the administration can take to protect our energy sector.

Encouraging oil exploration and production can help offset foreign risk factors. At a Senate hearing in early May, the acting deputy secretary of the Interior, Laura Daniels-Davis, said the department had just started preparing for the 2025 offshore oil and gas lease sales. Those plans often take at least 18 months to complete and often longer.

Similarly, the pause on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) exports has had a chilling effect on investment in both the facilities, as well as upstream. The country has a plethora of resources under our feet, and we should utilize it. Natural gas significantly lowered U.S. emissions by 32% between 2005 and 2019 as the electricity mix shifts away from coal. The ban should be lifted so that the U.S. can expand its export footprint, thereby contributing to foreign nations’ emissions reduction. The move signals hostility to domestic producers and exporters have helped transition away from dirtier sources of energy. If the administration wants to move towards wind and solar, as well as electrify the economy, natural gas will play a vital role.

Geopolitical uncertainty highlights the importance of insulating our energy security to the best of our ability. Though global oil markets could dictate pain at the pump for consumers, supporting domestic energy production and infrastructure now will pay dividends in the long term and smooth the transition to much lower greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, it seems the infrastructure in the states, such as our electrical grids, transmission lines and pipelines, lag behind growing energy demand. 

A report this year from Grid Strategies titled “The Era of Flat Power Demand is Over,” shines a light on our possibly dark future. The report notes that the nationwide forecasts of electricity demand have shot up from 2.6% to 4.7% over the next five years, per 2023 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) filings. The significant jump is in part due to $630 billion in near-term investment in “large loads” such as industrial, manufacturing and data center facilities that will impact the grid. Increased demand for AI utilization will play an outsized role in electricity demand growth.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) recently released its annual Summer Reliability Assessment, which examines and identifies areas of concern the for the North American bulk power system (BPS). This year, NERC found elevated risk in numerous areas, such as the independent system operator in New England, the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) in Louisiana and Arkansas and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), among others. NERC noted in its report that “fuel supply and delivery infrastructure must be capable of meeting the ramp rates of natural-gas-fired generators as they balance the system when wind and solar generation declines.” Prioritizing the transportation of fuel supplies to all regions of the U.S. will help grid operators maintain reliable service when renewables are inefficient due to weather or the time of day.

For example, in the case of New England, Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) recently noted its CEO testified to ISO’s desperate need of pipeline capacity. In 2023, New England residents paid 31% more than the average for natural gas. Expanding pipeline capacity in the region would help decrease these costs sharply.

Couple the significant load growth in the U.S. with increasing geopolitical uncertainty, and it is evident that the U.S. must immediately address our domestic energy sector with tried-and-true solutions. Boosting our exportation of LNG, constructing new pipelines, and encouraging the flow of capital into oil and gas can help insulate the country from foreign chaos and support the administration’s transition toward lower GHG emissions.

Guy Caruso is a former administrator of the U.S. Energy Information Administration and a Center for Strategic and International Studies senior adviser in the Energy Security and Climate Change Program. 

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6/21/2024 11:26:11 PM
[International Relations] Putin Came to Asia to Disrupt, and He Succeeded His embrace of North Korea and deal making with Vietnam injected more potential threats into a region already strained by Taiwan tensions and South China Sea clashes. 6/21/2024 11:26:11 PM
[Politics] Rand Paul Was Right About Covid

Few were so hated and so vindicated.

The post Rand Paul Was Right About Covid appeared first on The American Conservative.

6/21/2024 11:00:39 PM
[] Senate Democrats Push to Have Women Register for the Draft 6/21/2024 10:43:08 PM
[Markets] Oven-Like Conditions Result In Over 1,000 Deaths During Hajj In Saudi Arabia Oven-Like Conditions Result In Over 1,000 Deaths During Hajj In Saudi Arabia

We explained earlier that the Hajj is the final of the five pillars of Islam, and requires that every Muslim who is of adult age complete the religious pilgrimage to Mecca once in their lifetime, so long as they are financially and physically able. This means huge numbers descended on the city which is home to the shrine of the Kaaba in Saudi Arabia each year. More than 1.8 million people attended Hajj in 2023, approaching pre-pandemic levels. According to Saudi officials, they expect the figure to exceed the two million mark this year.

Not only are the massive crowds a problem, but this year the Saudi city is under an excessive heat warning, with highs at times having reached between 110 and 115°F during the day, and 100°F even at night. This has resulted in what could be a record amount of heat injuries and deaths by the pilgrimage season's end. On Monday the Saudi weather service recorded a temperature of 125 degrees Fahrenheit at Mecca's Grand Mosque.

100+ degree temps at night

The AFP reported Thursday that deaths from heat-related causes has surpassed 1,000 people amid the extreme conditions.

"The new deaths reported Thursday included 58 from Egypt, according to an Arab diplomat who provided a breakdown showing that of 658 Egyptians who passed away, 630 were unregistered pilgrims," AFP writes. Indonesia also reported a high number of heat-related casualties.

In total ten countries have reported 1,081 deaths so far during this annual pilgrimage season, the timing of which is determined by the lunar Islamic calendar. Last year there was a total of 313 deaths reported.

While authorities are estimating that over two million people are present for the religious rites, this includes possibly a couple hundred thousands of 'unauthorized' pilgrims, who may not have access to the established amenities, including cooling or water stations, that registered pilgrims have.

"This group was more vulnerable to the heat because, without official permits, they could not access air-conditioned spaces provided by Saudi authorities for the 1.8 million authorized pilgrims to cool down after hours of walking and praying outside," writes AFP.


Last Sunday alone saw over 2,700 cases of heat exhaustion, the Saudi foreign ministry had earlier announced.

Between heat exhaustion and heat stroke, the latter is the most serious, and includes a person's temperature rising rapidly as the body can no longer regulate it, and the ability to sweat fails, resulting in an inability to cool down. Dizziness, vomiting, fainting, and mental confusion are signs of potential heat exhaustion leading to heat stroke.

Tyler Durden Fri, 06/21/2024 - 23:20
6/21/2024 10:43:08 PM
[Entertainment] Taylor Swift’s Nod to Travis Kelce at London Show Is a Total Bullseye Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce Taylor Swift isn't being delicate about her feelings for Travis Kelce. In fact, the "Fortnight" singer added in a special nod to the Kansas City Chiefs tight end during her June 21 Eras...
6/21/2024 10:03:47 PM
[Markets] You Will Be Tagged... And You Will Love It You Will Be Tagged... And You Will Love It

Authored by Riley Waggaman via,

As expected, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum was the hottest anti-globalist multipolar traditional RETVRN values conference of 2024 - possibly of all-time.

The unipolar world suffered non-stop humiliations during this mind-blowing freedom event. For example, Moscow Region governor Andrei Vorobyov made an incredible BRICS announcement during a titillating panel discussion about the joys of biometrics, causing the dollar to lose 50% of its value against the gold-backed ruble:

Biometrics is a tool that gives people better quality and more convenience in certain procedures, keeping them neat and tidy. You don’t need any papers or passports—that will all be in the past. Resisting it, in my opinion, is absurd.

The governor of Russia’s second-most-populated region, explaining the inevitable convenience of biometrics—which will replace archaic “papers” and “passports”.

Nothing is being hidden. They’re speaking very frankly. It’s all out there, in the open.

There is even a helpful “recap” of the panel discussion published by SPIEF. Behold the “highlights”:


“I am for biometrics … Everything I do is based on biometrics, everything is based on fingerprints, because I’m took lazy to carry cards with me and it’s much more convenient to just [login/pass/go] through my face,” pontificated an expert panelist.

Was the BRICS Multipolar Happy Order incapable of finding a single panelist who had reservations about turning eyeballs into IDs? Igor Ashmanov, a member of the Presidential Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights, had to shout his objections from the bleachers because they wouldn’t let his dirty anti-biometric ideas onstage:

source: Telegram

Friend of the blog Simplicius posted a Twitter-summary of Igor’s very rude unipolar objections to biometrics:

This guy sounds like Edward Slavsquat. Great minds think alike.

“Yes, but Russians like biometrics, the most convenient of all forms for identification, which will replace ‘papers’ and ‘passports’,” you might be saying to yourself for some weird and tragic reason.

Take the wheel,

People in Russia are narrow-minded and have not yet realized how beautiful, convenient and progressive biometrics are. Therefore, whether they want it or not, the authorities will introduce it wherever possible. Approximately the same reasoning (without these words, but with this meaning) was heard at SPIEF in the section devoted to biometrics. Nakanune.RU provides characteristic statements about the attitude of business towards people.

At first, the presenter of the Russia 24 channel, Maria Kudryavtseva, advertised biometrics, showing how she enters the Unified Biometric System using her face and even the greeting “Hello, Maria!” appears there, which she enthusiastically shows to the audience.

At the same time, there was a feeling of a white gentleman showing “digital beads” to the local natives. And the whole “discussion” came down to one thing—intrusive advertising. It is characteristic that the governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov, who is a public servant, but showed himself to be a business lobbyist, was also involved in this.

As with artificial intelligence in healthcare , the panel included only proponents of biometrics. Those who might object were simply not invited. Those present were mainly engaged in advertising. Old people do not understand the digital world, but young people were already born with a gadget in their hand, they are very flexible, progressive, digital. They understand how convenient, cool and fast it is. In general, the conversation became very revealing in its vacuity and disregard for the position of citizens.

The first question to the speakers was provocative: is society ready to use biometrics? That is, don’t people want it, does the country need it, not what it will give, not what the risks are—but is society ready, as if the issue has been fundamentally resolved. Which is obscene. Let us recall that according to a 2023 survey , a third of Russians have a positive attitude towards taking biometrics, but almost half are opposed—48%.


Vorobiev spoke as if he had gone back in time a hundred years ago and was telling backward people of the past about the wonders of the technology of the future. Here are just a few quotes.

“You don’t need a paper or a passport, all this will be a thing of the past, it’s absurd to resist it. We all already use biometrics, including children at school… It’s convenient, you don’t need to twist anything, you just look and that’s it,” said Vorobiev. […]

It is characteristic that one of the main experts in the field of artificial intelligence in the country, a member of the Human Rights Council, Igor Ashmanov, was not invited to the section, who was forced to make remarks from the audience several times, and the section participants politely drew attention to the fact that someone might disagree. So, when Lebedev said that all people are for biometrics, he objected that this was not true. And when they started talking about different points of view, he very briefly but accurately described what was happening.

“You haven’t invited anyone to the presidium, you’re all blowing the same tune! As a member of the Presidential Human Rights Council, I hear completely obscene advertising, and nothing more!” said Ashmanov.

What’s wrong with this freak?

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6/21/2024 10:03:47 PM
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[Campus] Columbia Dean Calls Cops on Free Beacon Reporter

MANHATTAN—Columbia College dean Josef Sorett called the police on Friday in response to a knock on his door from a Washington Free Beacon reporter.

The post Columbia Dean Calls Cops on Free Beacon Reporter appeared first on Washington Free Beacon.

6/21/2024 8:37:12 PM
[Uncategorized] Biden Freeze Videos: Democrats Fear the Public Will Believe Their Own Eyes, Not Media Lies

"Deep fake" is the term being thrown around, which means "not fake" just not helpful to Joe Biden. Democrats and the media are afraid of this issue because it damages Biden.

The post Biden Freeze Videos: Democrats Fear the Public Will Believe Their Own Eyes, Not Media Lies first appeared on Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion.
6/21/2024 8:37:12 PM
[Markets] 'Total Lawlessness' & Looting Has Made Gaza Aid Delivery Nearly Impossible: UN Chief 'Total Lawlessness' & Looting Has Made Gaza Aid Delivery Nearly Impossible: UN Chief

"On the Gazan side of the Kerem Shalom Crossing, where over 1,000 trucks are awaiting collection and distribution… there are hundreds of aid pallets awaiting collection and distribution by the UN aid agencies," Maj. Gen. Ghassan Alian of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has announced.

For months, there have been two primary threats to aid convoys entering the Gaza Strip. First, on their way in, trucks carrying vital humanitarian supplies often come under attack by Israeli settlers. Second, once convoys are inside the Strip, they face the potential of being swarmed and coming under attack by desperate Palestinians who rip the supplies away before they arrive at intended drop-off points.

AP: Palestinians loot a humanitarian aid truck as it crosses into the Gaza Strip in Rafah, December 17, 2023.

Also, in many cases even population enclaves in the Strip which are not currently witnessing direct battles are in desperation and civil chaos amid fuel, food, and medicine shortages - given there is no overall governing authority.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday called the situation one of "total lawlessness" and decried that it has led to wide-spread looting at aid storehouses.

"The situation in Gaza became a situation of total lawlessness. Most of the trucks with humanitarian aid inside Gaza are now looted because this is a war that is different from any other one," Guterres said a news conference.

He said this is large-part due to the nature of this conflict, where Israel has not occupied and managed any single territory with enough permanence to bring any level of stability, also amid a state of internecine attacks and continued bombings.

Guterres further characterized "total chaos in Gaza" in which there is "no authority in most of the territory," as it remains that "Israel does not even allow the so-called blue police to escort our (UN) convoys, because it's a local police linked to local administration."

This has made it nearly impossible to run a legitimate and timely system of aid delivery and distribution, given that for this to work there must be minimum rule of law and order.

"The problem is not only to bring things to Gaza," he said, after explaining that once inside the shipments are an easy target for looting. "That's why a cease-fire is so necessary to ... properly organize and implement a plan," he stressed.

The past months have witnessed dangerous scenes from Gaza like the following:

Below are some of the latest breaking developments via Al Jazeera:

  • At least 25 killed, 50 wounded in Israeli attack on tents of displaced people in Mawasi, says Palestinian Health Ministry.
  • Israeli tanks push deeper into western Rafah in south Gaza, firing shells at displaced people’s tents, with one armoured vehicle blown up by a Hamas-planted improvised explosive device.
  • The White House has described Benjamin Netanyahu’s criticism of the suspension of one US weapons delivery to Israel as “vexing” and “disappointing” as the public rift between the two allies intensifies.
  • Israeli forces have carried out deadly air attacks across Gaza over the past 24 hours, including a strike on a home that has killed eight people in Gaza City’s Zeitoun neighbourhood.
  • United Nations experts have warned arms manufacturers against transferring weapons to Israel, saying they could be complicit in violations of international law carried out in Gaza.
  • At least 37,431 people have been killed and 85,653 wounded in Israel’s war on Gaza since October 7. The death toll in Israel from the Hamas-led attacks stands at 1,139, with dozens of people still held captive in Gaza.
Tyler Durden Fri, 06/21/2024 - 21:20
6/21/2024 8:37:12 PM
[World] [Josh Blackman] Can an Amicus ask the Supreme Court to Overrule a Case Where the Parties Don't? The ACLU successfully asked the Court to reverse Wolf v. Colorado in Mapp v. Ohio. 6/21/2024 8:28:24 PM
[Entertainment] Jennifer Lopez Hustles for Best Selfie in Italy Without Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez, Italy, June 2024, PREMIUM EXCLUSIVE Jennifer Lopez can't get enough of Italy. The "Love Don't Cost a Thing" singer was seen basking in the Italian sunshine as she enjoyed a boat trip with friends in Positano June 20. In one snap,...
6/21/2024 8:28:24 PM
[World] MASSIVE Fine Levied Against Salon Owner After Muslim Woman Refused to Wax a Dude's Bean Bags 6/21/2024 8:02:57 PM
[] G7 Heaven: What Do You Do When You've Got a Front Row Seat for a Bocelli Concert 6/21/2024 8:02:57 PM
[Energy] Larry Fink at WEF destroys net zero due to AI power demands: ‘The world is going to be short power. And to power these data companies you cannot have just this intermittent power like wind & solar. You need dispatchable power’ To power these data companies you can't have intermittent power like wind & solar 6/21/2024 8:02:57 PM
[Markets] Washington Approves Another $360 Million Arms Sale To Taiwan Washington Approves Another $360 Million Arms Sale To Taiwan

Authored by Connor Freeman via,

The State Department said earlier this week that it has green-lit a $360 million arms sale to Taipei, including hundreds of armed drones, missile equipment, and other support material. China views Taiwan as part of its territory, and while it prefers to reclaim the de facto independent island peacefully, it has not ruled out using force if its "red lines" are crossed.

The latest sale comprises 291 Altius-600M systems, which are drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), armed with warheads. The State Department release notes 720 Switchblade drones, described as “extended-range loitering munitions,” are also included with the package.

Reuters: China has called recent drills around Taiwan a "strong punishment" for "separatist acts"

The statement went on to claim that the sale “serves U.S. national, economic, and security interests by supporting the recipient’s continuing efforts to modernize its armed forces and to maintain a credible defensive capability.” Taiwanese President Lai Ching-te thanked Washington for the new hardware, insisting they will increase regional stability. “In the future, we will continue to strengthen Taiwan’s national defense strength, whether through … military purchases or our own efforts,” he said.

Wednesday’s announcement follows reports this week that Chinese President Xi Jinping told European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen last year that he believes the hawkish US posture in the region and its increased military support for the island constitute an attempt to provoke an invasion by Beijing.

Earlier this month, Adm. Samuel Paparo, the head of US Indo-Pacific Command, told Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin he plans to wage a “hellscape” drone war, launching thousands of UAVs, drone boats, and unmanned submarines against China if it attacks the island. “I want to turn the Taiwan Strait into an unmanned hellscape using a number of classified capabilities,” he threatened. “So that I can make their lives utterly miserable for a month, which buys me the time for the rest of everything.”

His predecessor, Admiral John Aquilino, said last year that he was instructed by Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin and President Joe Biden to prepare for a direct war with China over the self-ruled island. “What I can tell you is the secretary and the president have tasked me with two missions. The first is to prevent this conflict. And then the second one is if I fail at Mission One to be ready and prepared to fight and win… the United States military is manned, trained, equipped, postured and ready to execute both of those missions,” the commander proclaimed.

This was yet another confirmation that the White House has discarded the decades-old policy of “strategic ambiguity” regarding what role the US would play in the event of a cross-strait war. Since taking office, Biden had made several ostensible “gaffes” suggesting the US, in fact, has a defense commitment with the island and that American men and women would be deployed to fight and die to protect its de facto independence. Last year, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines and the then-top Asia official on the National Security Council, Kurt Campbell, reiterated that the policy was changed from ambiguity to strategic clarity, or an overt war footing.

Since last year, in another about-face on long-standing US policies regarding the island, the US has provided Taipei with billions in military aid, angering Beijing. US officials say their goal is to convert the island into a “giant weapons depot.” A war over Taiwan with direct US intervention would likely turn nuclear. China has the ability to inflict severe damage to US security if such a fight were to take place, including strikes with strategic weapons across the continental United States.

Tyler Durden Fri, 06/21/2024 - 20:20
6/21/2024 7:37:43 PM
[Health Care] GOP Senators Demand Information From HHS on In Vitro Fertilization Clinics

As Congress considers legislation on in vitro fertilization, five U.S. senators are asking the Department of Health and Human Services to assess fertility clinic safety... Read More

The post GOP Senators Demand Information From HHS on In Vitro Fertilization Clinics appeared first on The Daily Signal.

6/21/2024 7:37:43 PM
[6c0c8a03-1eff-550a-b72d-7ab708b7074b] 'Rust' star Alec Baldwin loses another bid to get involuntary manslaughter case dismissed A New Mexico judge turned down an attempt by actor Alec Baldwin's attorneys to get his involuntary manslaughter case dropped weeks before he's slated to go to trial. 6/21/2024 7:29:23 PM
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