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[Science] A Warp Drive Breakthrough Inches a Tiny Bit Closer to 'Star Trek' Physicists have figured out how a warp drive could work—even if it's more useful for our understanding of gravity than interstellar travel. Published:5/24/2024 7:07:51 AM
[Science] Neuralink’s First User Is ‘Constantly Multitasking’ With His Brain Implant Noland Arbaugh is the first to get Elon Musk’s brain device. The 30-year-old speaks to WIRED about what it’s like to use a computer with his mind—and gain a new sense of independence. Published:5/22/2024 1:16:41 AM
[Science] The World Is Ignoring the Other Deadly Kind of Carbon Not only is black carbon terrible for human health, but ever-fiercer wildfires are covering the Arctic with the dark particles, accelerating melting. Published:5/21/2024 1:22:50 AM
[Science] The Complex Social Lives of Viruses New research has uncovered a social world full of cheating, cooperation, and other intrigues, suggesting that viruses make sense only as members of a community. Published:5/19/2024 3:09:02 AM
[Science] How Big Dairy Took Over Your TikTok Feed—With Help from Uncle Sam A vast constellation of celebrities, from Kelly Ripa to the McDonald’s mascot Grimace, have helped push dairy sales. Published:5/18/2024 1:53:51 AM
[Science] There’s New Hope for an HIV Vaccine A trial vaccine has succeeded in generating low levels of antibodies needed to target HIV. It’s a first but much-needed step toward preventing infection. Published:5/17/2024 12:40:09 PM
[Science] These Electric School Buses Are on Their Way to Save the Grid Loaded with ever more renewables, the grid will need to store a whole lot of energy. Enter: a new kind of magic school bus—one that can both charge and give power back. Published:5/15/2024 11:18:33 AM
[Science] These Artificial Blood Platelets Could One Day Save Lives Platelets help blood clot, but they have a short shelf life. With blood in short supply, synthetic platelets could help meet demand. Published:5/13/2024 2:55:30 AM
[Science] NASA’s Quest to Touch the Sun The outer layers of the sun’s atmosphere are a blistering million degrees hotter than its surface. NASA sent a probe to find out why—by getting closer to the star than ever before. Published:5/12/2024 1:15:23 AM
[Science] In Defense of Parasitic Worms Nature can’t run without parasites, and climate change is driving some to extinction. What happens when they start to disappear? Published:5/11/2024 4:09:42 AM
[Science] Elon Musk's Neuralink Had a Brain Implant Setback. It May Come Down to Design Neuralink experienced a mechanical issue with its first human brain-computer interface implant. Its novel design may make it more prone to failure. Published:5/9/2024 3:30:44 PM
[Science] City Trees Save Lives Green spaces significantly cool our ever-hotter cities. New research suggests more trees could cut heat-related ER visits in LA by up to two-thirds. Published:5/9/2024 5:42:31 AM
[Science] How Not to Get Brain-Eating Worms and Mercury Poisoning Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had both a brain parasite and mercury poisoning at the same time. Just how rare is each condition? Published:5/8/2024 8:44:21 PM
[Science] Boeing's Starliner Is Finally Ready to Launch a NASA Crew Into Space Seven years behind schedule, on Monday Starliner will send two astronauts to space on a mission for NASA. The troubled company still has lots of catching up to do. Published:5/6/2024 1:41:52 PM
[Science] The One Thing Holding Back Heat Pumps It’s not the technology itself. It’s that we don’t yet have enough trained workers to install heat pumps for full-tilt decarbonization. Published:5/6/2024 6:33:19 AM
[Science] The US Is Cracking Down on Synthetic DNA Synthetic DNA could be used to spark a pandemic. A move by President Biden aims to create new standards for the safety and security of mail-order genetic material. Published:5/6/2024 4:51:43 AM
[Science] A Company Is Building a Giant Compressed-Air Battery in the Australian Outback Hydrostor, a leader in compressed-air energy storage, aims to break ground on a 200-MW plant in New South Wales by the end of this year. It wants to follow that with a 500-MW facility in California. Published:5/4/2024 6:23:57 AM
[Science] What Kind of Battery Would You Need to Power a Lightsaber? On Star Wars Day, we use some basic physics to measure the power of the Force. It’s strong! Published:5/4/2024 5:23:57 AM
[Science] No One Knows How Far Bird Flu Has Spread With little incentive for US farmers to test their cattle, and many undocumented laborers on dairy farms, the full scale of the outbreak is unclear. Published:5/3/2024 11:37:59 AM
[Science] China Has a Controversial Plan for Brain-Computer Interfaces China's brain-computer interface technology is catching up to the US. But it envisions a very different use case: cognitive enhancement. Published:4/30/2024 2:28:53 PM
[Science] The Uncomfortable Truth About the UK’s Climate Policies Britain’s former climate adviser says the country’s future plans are weak, climate protests are no longer helpful, and working closely with Big Oil is a jarring necessity. Published:4/29/2024 4:32:01 PM
[Science] 1 in 3 Americans Live in Areas With Dangerous Air Pollution Climate change is increasing the number of days people are exposed to hazardous pollution, affecting already disadvantaged communities the most. Published:4/27/2024 6:25:55 AM
[Science] How NASA Repaired Voyager 1 From 15 Billion Miles Away The far-traveled space probe is once again transmitting usable data, after a glitch caused months of gibberish. Published:4/24/2024 1:10:06 PM
[Science] Plant-Based Meat Boomed. Here Comes the Bust Sales of vegan meat are trending downward in the US, with companies scrambling to win back customers. Published:4/22/2024 1:04:49 PM
[Science] Green Roofs Are Great. Blue-Green Roofs Are Even Better Amsterdam is experimenting with roofs that not only grow plants but capture water for a building’s residents. Welcome to the squeezable sponge city of tomorrow. Published:4/22/2024 5:05:46 AM
[Science] Here’s a Clever Way to Uncover America’s Voting Deserts Mathematicians are using topological abstractions to find places poorly served by polling stations. Published:4/21/2024 5:16:30 AM
[Science] NASA Confirms Where the Space Junk That Hit a Florida House Came From Space law just got a little more complicated. Published:4/18/2024 8:15:00 PM
[Science] We Finally Know Where Neuralink’s Brain Implant Trial Is Happening After months of secrecy, Neuralink revealed that the partner site for its brain implant study is the Barrow Neurological Institute. Published:4/18/2024 5:04:59 PM
[Science] The Rise of the Carbon Farmer Farmers around the world are reigniting the less intensive agricultural practices of yesteryear—to improve soil health, raise yields, and trap carbon in the atmosphere back down in the soil. Published:4/18/2024 5:16:31 AM
[Science] US Infrastructure Is Broken. Here’s an $830 Million Plan to Fix It WIRED spoke with US transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg about recent grants to fix ancient roads, bridges, and other critical infrastructure before it’s too late. Published:4/16/2024 6:54:27 AM
[Science] The Paradox That's Supercharging Climate Change Humanity needs to burn less fossil fuels. But that means fewer aerosols to help cool the planet—and a potential acceleration of global warming. Published:4/15/2024 6:48:50 AM
[Science] The Quest to Map the Inside of the Proton Long-anticipated experiments that use light to mimic gravity are revealing the distribution of energies, forces, and pressures inside a subatomic particle for the first time. Published:4/14/2024 6:05:13 AM
[Science] Toronto Wants to Manage Storms and Floods—With a Rain Tax Outcry reached such a crescendo last week that the city canceled public hearings on the tax, which is intended to help offset the hundreds of millions spent managing stormwater and basement flooding. Published:4/13/2024 6:11:15 AM
[Science] Can You Really Run on Top of a Train, Like in the Movies? To pull off this classic Hollywood stunt, you gotta know your physics! Published:4/12/2024 9:59:32 AM
[Science] Bird Flu Is Spreading in Alarming New Ways H5N1 has infected cattle across the US and jumped from a mammal to a human for the first time. Experts fear it may someday evolve to spread among humans. Published:4/11/2024 1:05:21 PM
[Science] This Woman Will Decide Which Babies Are Born Noor Siddiqui founded Orchid so people could “have healthy babies.” Now she’s using the company’s gene technology on herself—and talking about it for the first time. Published:4/10/2024 5:24:00 AM
[Science] Mexico City’s Metro System Is Sinking Fast. Yours Could Be Next Subsidence is causing parts of Mexico City to sink, and it’s happening at an uneven rate. That’s bad news for its sprawling public transportation system. Published:4/10/2024 4:13:52 AM
[Science] The Honeybees Versus the Murder Hornets Under threat from murder hornets, climate change, and habitat loss, UK honeybees are getting help from AI-enabled apiculturists tracking everything from foraging patterns to foreign invaders. Published:4/10/2024 1:05:26 AM
[Science] Europe Rules That Insufficient Climate Change Action Is a Human Rights Violation In a landmark ruling, the European Court of Human Rights found that Switzerland had not done enough to protect its citizens from climate change—blowing open the door for further cases against governments. Published:4/9/2024 2:02:02 PM
[Science] The Best Total Solar Eclipse Photos (2024) Whether you're in the path of the totality or keeping track from afar, these are the best total solar eclipse photos we've found. Published:4/8/2024 4:11:14 PM
[Science] Total Solar Eclipse of April 8, 2024: Watch Online, What Time, Path of Totality Here’s how to view the total solar eclipse on April 8 as the moon casts a slender shadow across Mexico, the United States, and eastern Canada. Published:4/7/2024 6:44:57 AM
[Science] A Popular Alien-Hunting Technique Is Increasingly in Doubt Recent controversies bode ill for the effort to detect life on other planets by analyzing the gases in their atmospheres. Published:4/7/2024 6:11:04 AM
[Science] Searching for 'Forever Chemicals' From an Endless Landfill Fire Alabama residents are considering blood or urine tests to see if “forever chemicals” have resulted from a nearby landfill fire that has burned since 2022. Published:4/6/2024 6:12:17 AM
[Science] How Will the Solar Eclipse Affect Animals? NASA Needs Your Help to Find Out NASA’s Eclipse Soundscapes project will collect observations and soundscapes recorded by the public during the April 8 total solar eclipse. Published:4/6/2024 5:50:37 AM
[Science] He Got a Pig Kidney Transplant. Now Doctors Need to Keep It Working Researchers think a combination of genetic edits and an experimental immunosuppressive drug could make the first pig kidney transplant a long-term success. Published:4/5/2024 4:39:26 PM
[Science] Can You View a Round Solar Eclipse Through a Square Hole? Here’s a cool way to watch the eclipse on Monday—and learn about the weird physics of light while you’re at it. Published:4/5/2024 5:12:57 AM
[Science] The Subtropical Jetstream Versus the Total Eclipse We are now close enough to the April 8 total eclipse that the skill of our models is now appreciable. Published:4/4/2024 8:01:43 PM
[Science] ‘In 24 Hours, You’ll Have Your Pills:’ American Women Are Traveling to Mexico for Abortions Since the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022, more women have been crossing the border to Mexico for abortion medications and procedures. Published:4/3/2024 6:05:07 AM
[Science] International Space Station Trash May Have Hit This Florida House The object tore through the roof and both floors of a two-story home. NASA will investigate whether it’s space junk. Published:4/3/2024 4:04:15 AM
[Science] This Bag of Cells Could Grow New Livers Inside of People Donor livers are in short supply for transplants. A startup is attempting to grow new ones in people instead. Published:4/2/2024 8:13:17 AM
[Science] The Brain Region That Controls Movement Also Guides Feelings The cerebellum is responsible for far more than coordinating movement. New techniques reveal that it is, in fact, a hub of sensory and emotional processing in the brain. Published:3/31/2024 6:14:58 AM
[Science] One Couple's Quest to Ditch Natural Gas Two climate journalists decided to decarbonize their home. Here's what happened. Published:3/30/2024 6:12:32 AM
[Science] Smartphones Do or Don’t Harm Kids! So Which Is It? Two new books offer radically different approaches to how people should think about smartphones and social media. Published:3/29/2024 5:32:36 AM
[Science] The Next Heat Pump Frontier? NYC Apartment Windows New heat pumps easily fit over window sills, meaning they could replace clunky apartment air-conditioning units. Published:3/29/2024 4:14:55 AM
[Science] The Earth Will Feast on Dead Cicadas Two cicada broods, XIX and XIII, are emerging in sync for the first time in 221 years. Birds, trees, and dirt are about to get the banquet of a lifetime. Published:3/28/2024 7:10:54 AM
[Science] Meet the Designer Behind Neuralink’s Surgical Robot Afshin Mehin has helped design some of the most futuristic neurotech devices. Published:3/28/2024 3:06:40 AM
[Science] The Next Generation of Cancer Drugs Will Be Made in Space Injectable immunotherapy drugs can be made, in theory, but gravity prevents them from crystallizing correctly. A startup thinks the solution could be right above us. Published:3/27/2024 7:15:46 AM
[Science] The Real Reason Why Some Abortion Pill Patients Go to the ER The abortion pill mifepristone went in front of the US Supreme Court on Tuesday. Antiabortionists say an increase in emergency room visits shows it’s unsafe. Medical experts disagree. Published:3/26/2024 3:05:21 PM
[Science] Why the Baltimore Bridge Collapsed so Quickly Steel structures aren't as strong as you might think—and immense power of a container ship shouldn't be underestimated. Published:3/26/2024 12:57:20 PM
[Science] Enjoy Your Favorite Wine Before Climate Change Destroys It Extreme heat and droughts are making it harder to grow grapes in many traditional regions. Here’s how scientists are helping the industry adapt. Published:3/26/2024 11:14:18 AM
[Science] Large Language Models’ Emergent Abilities Are a Mirage A new study suggests that sudden jumps in LLMs’ abilities are neither surprising nor unpredictable, but are actually the consequence of how we measure ability in AI. Published:3/24/2024 7:16:21 AM
[Science] How to View April’s Total Solar Eclipse, Online and In Person Here’s some advice for safely experiencing the total solar eclipse on April 8 as the moon casts a slender shadow across Mexico, the United States, and eastern Canada. Published:3/24/2024 5:11:47 AM
[Science] A Gene-Edited Pig Kidney Was Just Transplanted Into a Person for the First Time A 62-year-old Massachusetts man with failing kidneys is the first living patient to receive a genetically-altered kidney from a pig. Published:3/21/2024 1:59:56 PM
[Science] The Feds Are Trying to Get Plants to Mine Metal Through Their Roots Some species can absorb extreme amounts of nickel from soils. Such “phytomining” could help provide batteries essential for the renewable revolution. Published:3/21/2024 1:15:40 PM
[Science] Europe Is Struggling to Coexist With Wild Bears A fatal bear attack in Slovakia reignited accusations that conservationists are protecting the animals at the expense of human safety. Experts argue it's a people problem, not a bear problem. Published:3/21/2024 1:05:46 AM
[Science] There Are Already More Measles Cases in the US This Year Than All of 2023 The CDC is begging Americans to get vaccinated against measles as cases continue to rise. Published:3/20/2024 5:49:26 PM
[Science] Neuralink’s First Human Subject Demonstrates His Brain-Computer Interface In a livestream on X, the paralyzed 49-year-old man used his Neuralink brain implant to control a computer. Published:3/20/2024 5:03:50 PM
[Science] The World's E-Waste Has Reached a Crisis Point A new UN report finds that humanity is generating 137 billion pounds of TVs, smartphones, and other e-waste a year—and recycling less than a quarter of it. Published:3/20/2024 9:16:27 AM
[Science] Illegal Trawlers Are No Match for Undersea Sculptures Trailing weighted nets across the seabed wrecks fish stocks and kills carbon-capturing seagrasses—but one fisherman’s sculpture project has turned the tide. Published:3/19/2024 11:08:54 PM
[Science] A hidden Arctic cave holds secrets about our past and future For half-a-century scientists have wondered what clues this enigmatic Greenland cave might hold. Now they're about to find out Published:3/19/2024 11:01:54 PM
[Science] Google DeepMind's New AI Model Can Help Soccer Teams Take the Perfect Corner TacticAI, a soccer AI model created by Google DeepMind, makes predictions about where corners will go, and suggests tweaks to make goals more—or less—likely. Published:3/19/2024 11:32:12 AM
[Science] How to Live Forever A Nobel Prize–winning biologist explores the science and charlatans of life-extension. Published:3/18/2024 3:11:49 AM
[Science] Never-Repeating Patterns of Tiles Can Safeguard Quantum Information Two researchers have proved that Penrose tilings, famous patterns that never repeat, are mathematically equivalent to a kind of quantum error correction. Published:3/17/2024 8:17:31 AM
[Science] Insurance Rates Are Soaring for US Homeowners in Climate Danger Zones Research shows the soaring costs hint at widespread, unpriced risk as the global climate warms, with states like California, Florida and Louisiana hit hardest. Published:3/16/2024 3:03:44 AM
[Science] The Global Danger of Boring Buildings Unloved buildings turn to ruin, leading to a deluge of construction waste worldwide. Designer Thomas Heatherwick tells WIRED why cities need to prioritize human health and joy in architecture. Published:3/16/2024 1:56:24 AM
[Science] A Pill That Kills Ticks Is a Promising New Weapon Against Lyme Disease Your pets can already eat a chewable tablet for tick prevention. Now, a pill that paralyzes and kills ticks has shown positive results in a small human trial. Published:3/15/2024 7:12:25 AM
[Science] A Startup Will Try to Mine Helium-3 on the Moon The Earth is in short supply of helium-3. The lunar surface may hold the answer. Published:3/15/2024 5:16:04 AM
[Science] The Designer Who’s Trying to Transform Your City Into a Sponge Kongjian Yu pioneered China’s “sponge city” concept—less concrete and more green spaces to exploit stormwater instead of fighting it. Metropolises all over the world are following suit. Published:3/15/2024 1:18:50 AM
[Science] States Are Lining Up to Outlaw Lab-Grown Meat Around 46 million Americans live in states that have introduced bills to ban cultivated meat, the latest escalation in a surprising culture war. Published:3/14/2024 2:37:48 PM
[Science] Climate Change Is Bad for Your Health, Wherever You Are Rising temperatures are a threat regardless of where you live on the planet—they’re just dangerous in different ways. Published:3/13/2024 12:00:57 PM
[Science] Your Next Job: Brain-Computer Interface Surgeon When everyone's hooking their brains up to computers, we'll need BCI surgeons to install the hardware. Published:3/11/2024 7:29:26 AM
[Science] Get Ready to Eat Pond Plants Meet the amazing azolla, a nutritious fern that grows like crazy, capturing carbon in the process. Could it be a food—and fertilizer and biofuel—of the future? Published:3/11/2024 6:13:54 AM
[Science] Rampant Wildfires Are Threatening a Collapse of the Amazon Rainforest Rainforests in South America are burning this year faster than ever before, setting the course for a collapse of the Amazon in the coming decades. Published:3/11/2024 5:17:01 AM
[Science] How Do Heat Pumps Work? Our in-house physics whiz explains how a heat pump can warm your home without burning fossil fuels. Published:3/10/2024 2:56:36 PM
[Science] Selective Forgetting Can Help AI Learn Better Erasing key information during training allows machine learning models to learn new languages faster and more easily. Published:3/10/2024 8:14:17 AM
[Science] Solar-Powered Farming Is Quickly Depleting the World's Groundwater Supply Farmers in hot, arid regions are turning to low-cost solar pumps to irrigate their fields, eliminating the need for expensive fossil fuels and boosting crop production. But by allowing them to pump throughout the day, the new technology is drying up aquifers around the globe. Published:3/9/2024 7:13:28 AM
[Science] A 62-Year-Old German Man Got 217 Covid Shots—and Was Totally Fine Hundreds of boosters over a 29-month period had little effect on the one person who tried it. Published:3/6/2024 2:26:58 PM
[Science] Cities Aren’t Prepared for a Crucial Part of Sea-Level Rise: They’re Also Sinking Coastal land is dropping, known as subsidence. That could expose hundreds of thousands of additional Americans to inundation by 2050. Published:3/6/2024 10:09:04 AM
[Science] Less Sea Ice Means More Arctic Trees—Which Means Trouble White spruce are spreading in the high north, thanks to extra snow. That “Arctic greening” has serious climate implications. Published:3/4/2024 3:18:55 AM
[Science] This Is What Your Brain Does When You’re Not Doing Anything When your mind is wandering, your brain’s “default mode” network is active. Its discovery 20 years ago inspired a raft of research into networks of brain regions and how they interact with each other. Published:3/3/2024 7:12:50 AM
[Science] The US Buried Nuclear Waste Abroad. Climate Change Could Unearth It A new report says melting ice sheets and rising seas could disturb waste from US nuclear projects in Greenland and the Marshall Islands. Published:3/2/2024 7:16:17 AM
[Science] Good Climate Solutions Need Good Policy—and AI Can Help With That Climate Policy Radar's tools scan global environmental laws to see what works and what doesn't. What its AI is discovering today will help shape the regulations of tomorrow. Published:3/1/2024 2:20:41 AM
[Science] Spain's Tragic Tower Block Fire Exposes the World's Failing Fire Regulations A deadly tower block blaze in Spain has focused attention on notorious flammable building materials—but around the world, there's little momentum to stop using them. Published:3/1/2024 1:21:30 AM
[Science] Emergency Planners Are Having a Moment Governments, businesses, and even militaries pay for the help of experts to help them prepare for the worst. In a world lurching from disaster to disaster, they're doing so more often. Published:2/28/2024 12:03:35 PM
[Science] Humanity Is Dangerously Pushing Its Ability to Tolerate Heat Extreme heat waves are already here, and they are killing tens of thousands of people. Blasting through 2 degrees Celsius of warming means they’ll happen many times more frequently. Published:2/28/2024 4:08:30 AM
[Science] Alabama IVF Patients Are Running Out of Time “I feel so powerless in this state.” Published:2/27/2024 10:42:59 AM
[Science] A Discarded Plan to Build Underwater Cities Will Give Coral Reefs New Life A 1970s plan to grow underwater limestone objects has been repurposed as a way of regenerating the seabed, reestablishing corals, and stopping coastal erosion. Published:2/26/2024 4:20:16 AM
[Science] There’s a New Theory About Where Dark Matter Is Hiding An idea derived from string theory suggests that dark matter is hidden in an as-yet-unseen extra dimension. Scientists are racing to test the theory to see if it holds up. Published:2/25/2024 7:19:15 AM
[Science] Frequent Heavy Rain Has Made California a Mudslide Hotspot Los Angeles saw 592 slides in one week, a reminder that excessive precipitation events set off more than flooding. Published:2/24/2024 7:18:05 AM
[Science] Odysseus Marks the First US Moon Landing in More Than 50 Years A Houston-based company called Intuitive Machines made lunar history this week. Published:2/23/2024 7:35:25 PM
[Science] Is This New 50-Year Battery for Real? BetaVolt’s nuclear battery lasts for decades, but you won’t see one in your next iPhone—powering a mobile device would require a cell the size of a yak. Published:2/23/2024 9:13:15 AM
[Science] What Would Happen if Every American Got a Heat Pump Getting these climate superheroes into more US homes would massively cut emissions, and it would be cost-effective. Here’s how the revolution would play out. Published:2/23/2024 6:17:22 AM
[Science] A New Startup Wants to Turn the Sugar You Eat Into Fiber Americans eat too much sugar. Food tech company Zya is developing a substance to add to sweet foods that can convert some of that sugar into fiber in the digestive system. Published:2/23/2024 3:16:30 AM
[Science] Neuralink’s First Brain Implant Is Working. Elon Musk’s Transparency Isn’t Elon Musk says Neuralink’s first human trial subject can control a computer mouse with their brain, but some researchers are frustrated by a lack of information about the study. Published:2/21/2024 10:05:27 AM
[Science] A Startup’s Mission to Bring Back the Woolly Mammoth Is Being Made Into a Docuseries Colossal Biosciences has started work on a five-year-long docuseries that follows its de-extinction efforts. That’s just the beginning of its small-screen plans. Published:2/21/2024 4:17:46 AM
[Science] Forget Carbon Offsets. The Planet Needs Carbon Removal Credits The carbon removal market is fast growing, with an array of different removal methods available to businesses keen to mitigate their environmental impact. Published:2/21/2024 3:20:25 AM
[Science] Measles Strikes a Florida Elementary School With Over 100 Unvaccinated Kids Nearly 11 percent of the students aren't fully immunized, prompting concerns of broader infection. Published:2/20/2024 6:13:16 PM
[Science] Metal Prices Are Soaring. So Is Metal Theft It’s a multibillion-dollar global problem, and in a rapidly electrifying world, the profits—and ease—of stealing metals are only going to increase. Published:2/20/2024 4:37:26 AM
[Science] The Transport Companies Leaving Fossil Fuels Behind Hydrogen-powered planes, more fuel-efficient aircraft designs, and all-electric parcel delivery services are just some of the ways in which the transport sector is looking to decarbonize. Published:2/20/2024 2:17:25 AM
[Science] Tech Still Isn’t Doing Enough to Care for the Environment Priscilla Chomba-Kinywa, CTO of Greenpeace, says technology firms must shape up—and consumers and business clients should walk away if they don’t. Published:2/19/2024 4:11:43 AM
[Science] Google’s Chess Experiments Reveal How to Boost the Power of AI By rewarding computers that combined different approaches to solve chess puzzles, Google created an enhanced AI that could defeat its existing champion, AlphaZero. Published:2/18/2024 7:15:30 AM
[Science] All That Rain Is Driving Up Cases of a Deadly Fungal Disease in California Valley fever is thriving as California swings widely between drought and flooding. Published:2/17/2024 7:19:26 AM
[Science] Kyiv Is Using Homegrown Tech to Treat the Trauma of War Millions of Ukrainians are suffering the mental health implications of two years of Russian bombs and shells. The country’s recovery depends on building systems to help treat the trauma. Published:2/16/2024 6:24:06 AM
[Science] Ocean Temperatures Keep Shattering Records—and Stunning Scientists Sea surface temperatures have been skyrocketing beyond expectations. That may be a bad sign for hurricane season—and the health of ocean ecosystems. Published:2/15/2024 6:42:50 AM
[Science] Fake Caviar Invented in the 1930s Could Be the Solution to Plastic Pollution An alternative to environmentally-harmful plastic is already within reach: seaweed. Published:2/15/2024 3:20:39 AM
[Science] Lab-Grown Meat Leader Upside Foods Just Paused a Major Expansion Upside Foods is putting plans for its Illinois-based cultivated meat factory on hold and laying off staff to focus on its existing plant. Published:2/14/2024 3:37:55 PM
[Science] The Feds Just Bet Even Bigger on American-Made Heat Pumps The US Department of Energy is announcing another $63 million to supercharge domestic manufacturing of the devices—in the name of national, energy, and climate security. Published:2/14/2024 2:20:17 PM
[Science] A Virus Found in Wastewater Beat Back a Woman’s ‘Zombie’ Bacteria Viruses called phages are a promising treatment option for bacterial infections when antibiotics stop working, but they have limitations. Published:2/14/2024 1:12:52 PM
[Science] Smoking Alters Your Immune System For Years After You Quit Cigarettes may shape your immune system just as much as aging, and appear to have a long-lasting effect by switching on and turning off genes. Published:2/14/2024 10:05:38 AM
[Science] Wild Animals Should Be Paid for the Benefits They Provide Humanity Healthy ecosystems in developing countries sequester carbon, regulate the weather, and help plants grow thousands of miles away. Wealthier countries benefit from these services—and so should pay for them to be maintained. Published:2/13/2024 9:13:08 AM
[Science] Cows and Cars Are Agriculture’s Priority—Not People Farmers and scientists are getting better at growing more crops on less land, but they’re not focusing on plants people eat. Published:2/13/2024 8:00:58 AM
[Science] The City of Tomorrow Will Run on Your Toilet Water Researchers are finding better ways to extract drinking water, compost, and even energy from wastewater. It’s not gross. It’s science. Published:2/12/2024 11:11:45 AM
[Science] Who Tests If Heat-Proof Clothing Actually Works? These Poor Sweating Mannequins These mannequins undergo daily torture at the hands of textile scientists, but their suffering means we humans can have future-proofed clothing capable of handling our warming world. Published:2/12/2024 9:17:43 AM
[Science] A Celebrated Cryptography-Breaking Algorithm Just Got an Upgrade Two researchers have improved a well-known technique for lattice basis reduction, opening up new avenues for practical experiments in cryptography and mathematics. Published:2/11/2024 7:52:05 AM
[Science] Modern Scientific Controversies 2024: The Monarch Wars — Part 3 Science.  New studies were done, new findings emerged.  See Parts 1 and  2.   Monarch counts at overwintering sites were called into doubt by the California Monarch Rebound of 2021-2022 – there had to be thousands and thousands of monarchs overwintering somewhere where they weren’t getting counted; and if in California, then perhaps in Mexico.  Published:2/10/2024 8:18:23 PM
[Science] Did Climate Change Help This Skier Achieve the Impossible? A slalom skier just achieved a remarkable result in the Alpine Ski World Cup—coming from last place to win. As mountains get warmer and conditions less predictable, expect more freak occurrences like this. Published:2/10/2024 7:37:55 AM
[Science] NASA’s New PACE Observatory Searches for Clues to Humanity’s Future They may be tiny, but phytoplankton and aerosols power pivotal Earth systems. Scientists are about to learn a whole lot more about them at a critical time. Published:2/8/2024 10:48:27 AM
[Science] NASA Engineers Are Racing to Fix Voyager 1 A computer glitch has put the future of humanity’s farthest-flung space probe in doubt. Published:2/8/2024 8:32:33 AM
[Science] A Study at the Center of the Abortion Pill Battle Was Just Retracted A scientific publisher found serious flaws in a paper that links the medication mifepristone to more emergency room visits. Published:2/6/2024 7:22:57 PM
[Science] Modern Scientific Controversies 2024: The Monarch Wars — Part 1 Guest Essay by Kip Hansen — 4 February 2024 – 1000 words/5 minutes When we say that “science is never settled”, we mean that there are always new things to… Published:2/6/2024 7:14:07 AM
[Science] How to Guarantee the Safety of Autonomous Vehicles As computer-driven cars and planes become more common, the key to preventing accidents, researchers show, is to know what you don’t know. Published:2/4/2024 7:07:48 AM
[Science] The US Has Big Plans for Wind Energy—but an Obscure 1920s Law Is Getting in the Way The Biden administration aims to deploy offshore wind turbines capable of generating 30 gigawatts of power by 2030. With less than a decade to go, the country remains woefully behind target. Published:2/3/2024 11:34:24 AM
[Science] You Can’t Buy Lab-Grown Meat Even If You Wanted To The only two restaurants in the US to sell cultivated meat have paused sales for now, leaving the industry in a strange limbo. Published:2/2/2024 9:38:16 AM
[Science] Fiber Optics Bring You Internet. Now They’re Also Listening to Trains “Distributed acoustic sensing” looks for disturbances in fiber to detect earthquakes and even insects. Can it also improve rail safety? Published:1/31/2024 6:15:54 AM
[Science] Elon Musk Says a Human Patient Has Received Neuralink’s Brain Implant Details are scarce, but Neuralink cofounder Elon Musk says initial results are “promising.” Published:1/29/2024 7:57:26 PM
[Science] Scientists Just Discovered a New Type of Magnetism In an atomically thin stack of semiconductors, a mechanism unseen in any natural substance causes electrons’ spins to align. Published:1/28/2024 7:45:44 AM
[Science] Texas Is Already Running Out of Water Parts of the state are starting the year with low reserves. With light winter rains failing to replenish supply, and a scorching summer predicted, key areas may be pushed to the brink. Published:1/27/2024 7:25:45 AM
[Science] 6 Deaf Children Can Now Hear After a Single Injection Several gene therapies aim to restore a protein necessary for transmitting sound signals from the ear to the brain. Published:1/24/2024 5:42:25 PM
[Science] The World’s Essential Aquifers Are in Deep Trouble New research finds that the groundwater systems that hydrate your life are in rapid, sometimes accelerating decline around the globe. Here’s how to stop the retreat. Published:1/24/2024 10:06:56 AM
[Science] The World's First Malaria Vaccine Program for Children Starts Now On Monday, Cameroon became the first nation to establish routine childhood malaria immunizations. The race is on to give protection to as many people as possible. Published:1/22/2024 1:55:59 PM
[Science] Trawling Boats Are Hauling Up Ancient Carbon From the Ocean Depths The world’s trawlers are stirring carbon dioxide into the water—and into the atmosphere. Published:1/18/2024 12:45:49 AM
[Science] Scabies Is Making a Comeback Cases of scabies, a highly contagious parasitic skin disease, are on the rise across Europe. The UK in particular is struggling with a shortage of treatments. Published:1/17/2024 1:17:35 AM
[Science] Unpicking the Mystery of the Body’s ‘Second Brain’ Sitting alongside the neurons in your enteric nervous system are underappreciated glial cells, which play key roles in digestion and disease that scientists are only just starting to understand. Published:1/14/2024 7:34:16 AM
[Science] A Mountain of Used Clothes Appeared in Chile’s Desert. Then It Went Up in Flames The fashion industry has created a sprawling informal disposal network across the world—that brings with it money, conflict, and environmental destruction. Published:1/13/2024 7:17:21 AM
[Science] The Surprising Things That Helped Make 2023 the Hottest Year Ever The numbers are in: 2023’s global temperatures not only soared, but smashed the previous record set in 2016. This year could be even hotter. Published:1/12/2024 2:37:43 PM
[Science] These Mining Companies Are Ready to Raid the Seabed Ocean exploration to prepare for deep-sea mining has been greenlit in Norway. These are the startups hoping to benefit. Published:1/12/2024 1:42:23 PM
[Science] The Boeing 737 Max Crisis Reignites Arguments Over Infant Safety on Planes A midair blowout on a Boeing 737 Max 9 showed seatbelts matter, but infants under two still aren’t required to have their own seats. Experts say changing the rules would make flying safer for children—but, counterintuitively, would result in more deaths. Published:1/12/2024 12:27:41 PM
[Science] Norway’s Deep-Sea Mining Decision Is a Warning Politicians claim the move could provide vital minerals for the green transition. Critics say opening up exploration creates geopolitical headaches and is environmentally unsound. Published:1/12/2024 6:57:37 AM
[Science] The Real Problem With the Boeing 737 Max Two tragic crashes over the past six years, then a third plane with loose bodywork—the aircraft designed to send Boeing’s reputation soaring has sent it into a tailspin. Published:1/11/2024 2:23:27 PM
[Science] There’s a Huge Covid Surge Right Now and Nobody Is Talking About It The US is in the midst of the largest Covid surge since Omicron, but with minimal testing and good population immunity, the wave is largely being ignored. Published:1/10/2024 11:24:01 AM
[Science] Why Humans Are Putting a Bunch of ‘Coal’ and ‘Oil’ Back in the Ground Startups are processing plant waste into concentrated carbon to be buried or injected underground. It’s like fossil fuels, but in reverse. Published:1/10/2024 7:05:36 AM
[Science] Air Pollution Is Ruining Your Skin Wildfire smoke and exhaust fumes are triggering spikes in eczema and other skin conditions. Published:1/10/2024 6:14:57 AM
[Science] Politics could get hilarious in 2024 I live in Ohio in one of the bluest counties in the entire Midwest. I have never been governed by a Republican at any level lower than statewide office. The last Republican congressman to represent my district left office in 1982, and the Last Republican mayor of Toledo left office in 1989, a few weeks before I was born. Published:1/7/2024 5:23:31 AM
[Science] California Is Solving Its Water Problems by Flooding Its Best Farmland Restored floodplains in the state’s agricultural heartland are fighting both flooding and drought. But their fate rests with California’s powerful farmers. Published:1/6/2024 7:14:15 AM
[Science] Critical Infrastructure Is Sinking Along the US East Coast Up and down the Atlantic Coast, the land is steadily sinking, or subsiding. That’s destabilizing levees, roads, and airports, just as sea levels are rising. Published:1/5/2024 6:15:03 AM
[Science] They Had PTSD. A Psychedelic Called Ibogaine Helped Them Get Better Ibogaine, a plant-based psychoactive drug, drastically reduced symptoms of depression and PTSD in veterans with traumatic brain injuries. Published:1/5/2024 4:17:00 AM
[Science] A Gel Injected Into the Scrotum Could Be the Next Male Contraceptive Biotech company Contraline has safely implanted a sperm-blocking hydrogel in 23 men. It’s designed to be a fully reversible vasectomy. Published:1/4/2024 8:24:14 AM
[Science] This Ultrasound Bra Could Detect Cancer Sooner Inspired by her aunt’s battle with cancer, Canan Dagdeviren developed a wearable ultrasound monitor that can screen women between regular checkups. She says it could save 12 million lives a year. Published:1/3/2024 6:04:52 AM
[Science] These Rogue Worlds Upend the Theory of How Planets Form Scientists have recently discovered scores of free-floating planets that defy classification—forcing them to rethink their theories of star and planet formation. Published:12/31/2023 7:05:11 AM
[Science] 20 Things That Made the World a Better Place in 2023 From the falling costs of renewable energy to new treatments for a whole host of diseases, 2023 wasn’t all doom and gloom. Published:12/31/2023 6:16:25 AM
[Science] 2023 review: Smash-and-grab epidemic crippled Democratic cities Smash-and-grab crime crippled retailers in Democratic-controlled cities across the United States throughout 2023. Published:12/31/2023 6:09:58 AM
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